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I know I said that I’m in this calm streak and I’m just enjoying watching my favorite team play, yadda yadda, but no, right now, I’m hyped. I’m watching hockey and yelling things at a sport I don’t really understand, but did-you-see-that and how-is-that-legal and Blue-Jackets-haha-I’m-from-Ohio-I-know-what-that-is.*

Did you know that tomorrow is El Clasico? It is!

Troll break:

Diving Cristiano Ronaldo


Anyway, Sid Lowe makes some good points about Lucho’s legacy in his latest column and they’re worth thinking about. Or at least they’re worth thinking about on Monday. Cause right now the only thing worth thinking about is alsdjfaodfiuasdfoiuafdoi and please don’t crap your pants and messimessimessimessimessi.

Speaking of which


and also


because Andres Iniesta is still the key to absolutely everything. If he plays well, we dominate and win and this is title race again. It’s just that it seems like it’s harder and harder for him to do so, not necessarily because he’s aging, but because he’s missing something. And I think that something is the final product from some of his midfield partners. And, specifically, I’m talking about Ivan Rakitic, who was so instrumental in the Lucho Treble, but who has since been not quite the full product. He’s missing that big shot (see his mile-high corkscrews the last few times he’s tee-d one up from outside of the box) and it seems like no matter what he does it just doesn’t Happy Gilmore its way into the net.

But mainly

Diving Cristiano Ronaldo


This is going to be an awesome match, isn’t it?

*Quick historical break: so, the Columbus Blue Jackets are supposedly named for all the Civil War figures that came out of Ohio (William Tecumseh Sherman, Ulysses S. Grant, Philip Sheridan), but there’s no way there isn’t some element of The Legend of Blue Jacket involved here, a book that most (all?) Ohio schoolchildren read in the 1990s, but which is probably based on faulty/incomplete/wishful information. I refuse to believe that Columbus management didn’t have Marmaduke van Swearingen in mind at some level when naming the team.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Wow that’s near identical to Iniesta’s chance against Juve. Should have aimed for top right corner

  2. Without Neymar, calm and slick passing of the ball has to be the key to victory.

    CR7 will score in whatever way, Sergio Ramos will blast in a header in the 92nd minute. But it won’t be enough. Because Messi will initiate a crazy sequence in which he collects the ball from our defense, bypasses the midfield through one-twos with Iniesta, puts in one of those lovely curveballs into the box, and scores from the return pass. With his head. And Mascherano will finally realize that he was actually brought into the squad for his goal-scoring, and score a brace from corner kicks. Believe me!

    The game will definitely also involve a lot of players falling down clutching parts of their body their opponents didn’t even touch. Let’s hope it won’t get too silly (is anyone else thinking of a Monty Python-style policeman yelling “silly, silly, get on with it” now)?

  3. Absolutely, Kxevin!

    First of all, why do we never tire of that gif ? I suppose there are so many elements of it that ring true in just a couple of seconds.

    Anyway, shopping in, golf clubs cleaned and grass cut already so I now have a problem. Stretching ahead of me I have Celtic/ Rangers ( in a few minutes and you just can’t miss that one – not for the football) , Burnley/ Man Utd, Arsenal/ Man City, Liverpool/ Crystal Palace before the Clasico. That’s just not possible .

    I’ll be overplayed and burnt out before we kick off and at my age I need to be held back for the really important games so maybe need to call in my wife to watch Man U in a skilful piece of rotation ? Sadly though, I have doubts if the bench will be up to the job ( she starts talking nice jerseys about five minutes in ).

    Glad to see we’re not committing political suicide by playing Neymar and completely agree with Kxevin that Iniesta will be crucial. Messi can’t do this on his own ( whatever am I saying – of course he can but you get my point) and Iniesta is the only other one with the skill to make this happen ( part of our bigger problem for another time) . That means you can’t have him tied down to a mainly defensive job. So for me, its another gamble with a back three with Busi and Rakitic sitting in front and two big engines wider ( Alba and probably SR who may just have to mainly keep an eye on Marcello). That leaves Ini and Messi to play together just behind the front two who we have to accept won’t get a whole load of chances but can create space for Ini and Messi. That video just reminds me how good a left foot shot Ini has. He hit a stonker against Juventus which was blocked. He needs to believe he’s good with that foot.

    Won’t lie, I’m not that confident. I think this is the best balanced RM side we’ve faced in a long time. How we cope with the demons of our exit will decide a lot. There are only so many times you can get yourself up after a crushing defeat and tell yourself you’re better than they are before you start believing you genuinely aren’t as good as you thought you were. I reckon there are more than one or two in our side who have doubts already. We’ll know a lot when we see Iniesta and Messi’s faces. With the news that Ini has asked the club for time to consider their offer ( and it can’t be a bad one) you have to think he’s asking himself if he can still make a difference or if it’s time to call it a day. Not sure I could handle that after this season and if we clear out some of last summer’s purchases and get in one or two real passers/ ball players they will need Ini around to show hem how.

    Anyway, talked myself into a pessimistic mood already. 3-2 Barca and
    I’m off to watch some inferior football to cheer myself up.

    1. Understandable mistake, but it was Isaiah who wrote this one! I agree it does not look fantastic, but these games tend to live their own lives and anything can happen. Missing Neymar is a major blow, however, but let’s hope Alcacer finds the force within himself, that Suarez shows up, defence finds its balance, SR (and Masche?) keeps Marcelo relatively quiet, Busi has his vision on, Raki his working boots…

      And all this while assuming Messi and Iniesta will deliver, which is far from certain post-Juve. (and yes, deeply worrying that Iniesta hesitates – perhaps he, too, wants to know who the coach will be?)

      I will try to be calm and embrace the joy of this sport – no fear!

    2. Great comment about rotating yourself. People talk about rotation of the squad, but who ever thinks of the fans and their workload? ; )

      You wrote a great sentence about the players having a difficult time believing in themselves now. For the past two seasons under Enrique, I was amazed by how the team always seemed to believe in themselves, game after game, even if they lost one. Kxevin wrote that Enrique imprinted his fighting spirit on the squad (though with prettier words) and that seemed right. In the Champions League, they still seemed to have this fighting spirit, though not in La Liga (Malaga? Bilbao?). I really hope it will hold out a little longer, then next season things can be changed around.

  4. Thanks for the correction, Davour ! Isaiah, you need to write more often and not have me assuming it’s Kxevin.

    Ok, Old firm game is 10 minutes old and I’ve already seen one of the best goals in a while and the worst tackle of the season. This game never disappoints …

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