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By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


    1. Don’t worry; it’s nothing personal 🙂 . Saying ‘first’ has long been a pet peeve for a lot of people on the blog.

    2. I did. Don’t fucking post that, what’s the use? It’s annoying and stupid. Are you proud of being the first one to post? Congratu-fucking-lations.

  1. Substitutes: Pinto, Txigrinski, Marquez, Toure, Henry, Jeffren, Muniesa.

    Puyol isn’t even on the bench. Hope he is okay.

  2. The Stuttgart game is on Tuesday, so maybe this means Henry and Puyol are starting against them.

    1. Wednesday. But I would imagine that is why Puyol is on the bench. And I think this line-up means we will see Toure for sure against Stuttgart. As for Henry, it’s anyone’s guess what he is up to. I predict that we’ll see him as a substitute, especially if Guardiola said that he looked like the “Henry of old”.

  3. It’s also interesting to note that our 5 front men are all listed at 5’7” on Wikipedia (even though we know Messi is like 5’5” tops 🙂

  4. Me likey the Milito-Pique CB combo. Not only did they play as the main CB pairing at Zaragoza (thereby forming an incredible understanding), it also means that we have balance (a destroyer in Milito and a passer in Pique).

    I have a good feeling for this match~!

  5. Cesar. Miguel, Bruno, Dealbert, Maduro, Albelda, Pablo, Banega, Jordi Alba, Silva, Dominguez.

    1. No Villa. I thought as much.

      We need to watch out for Silva ( 😀 ) and Banega–although sincerly doubt he’ll have enough of the ball to show off his abilities. Dude’s got Xaviniesta to compete with.

    2. hahaha.. jordi alba was a barca cantera who was rejected by the youth system after a while for being too short.. giving a good account of himself no?

  6. Would rather have seen Henry than Bojan but let’s give it a go. Also, if Pep is gonna play Yaya on Wednesday I’d rather he played himself in some more today. He wasn’t great last time out.

  7. Not looking good at the moment. We don’t even have control of the midfield. We need more pressure on them when they have the ball and we need to move the ball quicker and be prepared to run at them more quickly to force the issue. We’re still turning back all the time.

    Have to say, and it sounds cruel, but Bojan is out of his depth at the moment. Get Henry on – its worth a shot.

  8. Great job Messi! 3 goals! thats amazing!

    Im happy for Henry. You couldnt have scripted a better comeback for him. Terrible first half, then the dude comes in, and our offense suddenly looks good! Messi was great on the right side

  9. very bad 1st half and below average 2nd half, this is like the 1000th time Messi saved our ass, and this is kinda annoying me,
    but the good thing is that Ibra didn’t play so it become obvious that he’s not the one destroying our game

    1. Below average 2nd half? Are you serious?!! I don’t know the last time we looked that good.

    2. I can’t believe you watched that second half and call it below average ! Below what average? Certainly not the average of how we’ve played this year. We could have had six or seven second half. Messi’s second and third were down to moving the ball much more quickly than we have recently

      I’m not going overboard about it s there is still a bit to go but the movement was much better once Henry came on and we were more dangerous once Messi could afford to return to the right and we found him early. That’s Barca!

      Big decision for Pep now though on Wednesday. Henry needs to play. Does Ibra? Still not sure Pedro did enough to warrant a game but then Ibra hasn’t either. I’m fairly sure that’s the last we’ll see of Bojan. Loan in the summer beckons. To be fair to him he needs time on the pitch and we can’t give him it.

  10. So happy that Messi got a hat-trick. Great job from Henry once he came one. Still lots of problems that need to be addressed, but this is a good result to take the team into Wednesday.

    1. Agreed. The only downside to this match (for me) was Bojan. Honestly, in my opinion, whether it was CT or P! (who didn’t exactly set the stadium alight either) that Tito replaced for Henry, the result wouldn’t have been different…What we got was a hungry Henry and, more importantly, a serious mentality change after HT.

      Still, no excuses. CT had a stinker 🙁 .

  11. Hopefully, all talk of Ribery/Rooney/DiMaria/Suarez/Villa will dissipate after watching David Silva, especially in the first half.


    1. If that would come true, people @ Sport, EMD, AS, Marca and would shoot themselves..

  12. Me thinks we’ll see a Titi/Ibra/Messi against Stuttgart. Henry’s finally got his sh** together, for a lack of a better expression.

  13. So how about we play Ibra on the left, Henry in the middle and Messi on the right?

  14. I didn’t watch the first half, just read that it was a bad performance from the whole team.
    So a question to you: Was Bojan exceptionally bad or was it just a “feeling” to substitute him? Pedro didn’t make the best of his chances in the 2nd half, has he been much better than Bojan in the first half?

    1. To be honest, for me it wasn’t even a close decision and that’s despite Pedro not having a great first half.

    2. I agree with Jim, CT got his chance and looked terrible on the ball. Pedro wasn’t fantastic, but he was at least involved and looked like trying to play forward.

    3. TBH, I think P! and Bojan were at the same level. The thing is whenever Bojan had the ball in a 1v1 position, he’d look to pass (either inside or outside to Maxwell, who more often than not didn’t make that run). Sometimes, he’d be muscled off the ball, or lost it to Miguel. Defensively, he worked hard and kept possession well. Overall, he was…well, neutral. Not bad, but not great either. If you compare him to the Racing match though, he was bad.

      On the other-hand, P! was the opposite extreme. He took on players, but either lost the ball (a dribble to far or a bad pass) or put in a poor cross. He missed, I think, 2 guilt edge opportunities. He improved in the second half (especially his crossing), but wasn’t too involved.

      I think Henry could have replaced either Pedro! or Bojan. Honestly, what really changed in the second half was the mentality. We were hungry, kept up our intensity… It also helped that Henry played like a man with something to prove (which he does).

    4. Pedro was pretty poor, but Bojan edged him out. He was getting tossed around out there and looked nervous. Pedro was confident, but he was just wasteful.

  15. To the dude who said the second half was below average…um, what? That was the best half Barca has played since Sevilla at home, and was probably better than that.

    I’m surprised no one has popped in with the obvious “See, we DO play better without Ibra” comment yet. I don’t believe that really, but I’m just surprised it hasn’t been said yet.

    1. For me, it’s not even about that. Don’t think Pedro, Bojan or Jeffren are going to be effective against the top sides. For us to win anything this year we’re probably going to need Henry and Ibra playing well which means we might have to persevere but our big Swede needs to sit down and take a look at a video of some of Henry’s movement tonight.

    2. It’s me Ahsan, but with Valencia missing their back line + Albelda and playing with 1 man down we should’ve done much better,
      only if Zigic scored his one to one chance, things would’ve gone really wrong!
      I hope that the lads don’t think that they did a great.

    1. If Madrid wins by one, unless it’s 4-3 (or so) we’re ahead on goals scored.

      If Madrid doesn’t win, we’re ahead, if they win by more than one, they’re ahead. Pointless anyway, as the tiebreaker will eventually just become H2H.

  16. One thing is clear to me. If you want to play Bojan you have to play him with a big man like Henry or Ibra. Bojan + Pedro cannot work in any way, shape or fashion.

    1. And everytime I check the latest Champions League results, I can’t stop ROFL 😉
      So who the hell cares about their la Liga trashings of smaller opponents as long as they lose the big matches (with the exception of the match against Sevilla, but even such a huge comeback didn’t make them handle OL in the CL^^)?

    1. What happened to his cousin? Or did you mix it up with CRs cousin, who recently died in a car accident?

    2. Eh? I know that his shirt said “Para vos, Valen” meaning “For you, Valen”.

      Valen being his baby neice.

  17. Para vos Valen- To you Valen. Valentina, born on february 6th, 2010 at 1 1/2 kilos. Daughter of Maximiliano Biancucchi- striker for cruz azul and Messi’s cousin. Apparently it was a very difficult pregnancy and Messi had promised to to make a small dedication in the next match.

  18. Btw, I feel bad for Bojan. It was clear he wasn’t match fit (lacked those vital game minutes that keep you sharp) but the ‘tale of two halves’ wasn’t his fault. No one played well besides Pique and Valdez in the first half. Everyone was losing balls, making bad decisions and we lacked movement and passing. He made a few errors yes, but it wasn’t just him.

    We may be destroying this kid. He will leave, become great and hate barcelona. You cant bench a 19 year old and only give him 5 mins here and there, then suddenly start him against a team like Valencia and expect him to shine. It just wont happen. When Henry sucked for france against spain, he said its because he didnt have enough gametime minutes to be sharp. The kid needs atleast 30mins a game, especially the ones we are up by 2 goals so he can get more experience.

    1. It would be like starting Dima vs Stuttgart ( if he wasnt cup tied) after all these months.I confess i forgot about Dima lol.

    1. The first goal HQ, because it’s my fav (beats the second by justthismuch) *

  19. the team started to look great again in the 2nd half, playing with busi and xavi in the middle and 4 up front. henry deserves some credit also, he was THE supersub, he also made a change… and messi oh man. Still I’m worried about how bad we were in the 1st half with the usual 4-3-3 and xaviniesta which is supposed to be best line-up (+yaya and ibra) 🙁

  20. According to Tito, Pep did come talk to the team at HT. Very interesting.

    Wonder what he said 😀

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