News of the day, March 11

Sure, dude. Can I get back to my UNICEF thing now?

Awwwww! Our own Lionel Messi has been appointed a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF, a charity that also adorns the front of our shirts.

The deal is that he trots around, makes magic and does things that bring awareness to the plight of the young’uns everywhere. He joins Shakira, Roger Moore and Queen Rania of Jordan, who are also in the UNICEF ambassador ranks. And personally, I would do anything that Shakira tells me to. I’m just saying.

–And speaking of shirts, recall that presidential candidate Sandro Rosell was thinking of whoring out making our shirts available for corporate sponsorship. He has since reconsidered, in one of the quickest turnarounds since a Tasmanian Devil was given uppers. He’s all good with the UNICEF thing, after all. Imagine that.

–Our on-again-off-again Frenchman, Thierry Henry is fit and ready for battle against Valencia, if needed. Many will recall that last season, he had an okay match at the Camp Nou against Valencia, and Baby Kxevin bruised his hand, banging on a steel railing in exultation at his single-handed destruction. Of course, it was also Aleksandr Hleb feeding him a pass for one of those goals, so the times really were different.

–Remember Henk Ten Cate, Frank Rijkaard’s right-hand man? He quit. After his Al Ahly side took a 5-0 pasting, Ten Cate said “To hell with that. These guys are shit, and I hate to lose.” He actually said something a bit more eloquent. It is not yet known if his resignation has been accepted.

–In the “nasty rumors quashed” file, as quickly as it started, we said no way in hell would Bojan Krkic be used as a makeweight in any Franck Ribery deals. What are you, crazy?

Eric Abidal is back in training, having begun the second phase of his recovery, consisting of running on the pitch. He was close enough to wave hello to his mates, and send Maxwell a note not to get too comfortable in his spot. Here’s wishing our French Greyhound a speedy recovery. Keita is also on the mend, and money is that he returns to the side for Valencia this weekend.

Diego Maradumber will be coming to Barcelona to meet with Messi and Guardiola, probably to figure out why in the hell Messi is mostly brilliant for Guardiola, but shit for Maradumber. Those meetings should be interesting, and shortly thereafter, look for headlines in Sport about our latest rumored summer signing, as Maradona gives up coaching and comes out of retirement.

–We don’t just sweat blood on the pitch, yo. We’re also taking part in a campaign aimed at establishing awareness of blood donation as a life-saving possibility. Many of the players will line up to be the first in line, and a donation station will be set up on the Camp Nou grounds. Despite the rumors, Messi’s blood will not be available for just anyone. So get those thoughts out of your head.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. first

    Kev, what do you make of Maxwell in Abidal’s absence? Not at all sure that he’s better than Abi, but he’s been pretty decent-to-good if you ask me.

    1. the thing that someone pointed out recently with abidal vs maxwell is Ibra’s performance seems to be much better when he has abidal and keita on the left supporting him and that despite all of about 6 years playing with maxwell, they just arent linking up well.

      whether or not this is ture, i do not know.

    2. Abidal is our most consistent defender. But Keita’s injury harmed us more, taking in consideration that we didn’t have enough quality to cover his absence. The multi dimensional role he plays is becoming more and more irreplaceable.

    3. Ramzi’s right about Keita. He was not only a box-to-box threat, but that pacey midfield destroyer. The reason that Ibrahimovic has seemed to play better with Abidal in the house, is because Abidal has the pace to get forward and back in the case of a counter. That isn’t true of Maxwell, so it inhibits his attacking abilities. Even with Keita in, Maxwell is more ambitious.

      Having said all that, he’s been a very good defender, who has been improving with reps. The more he plays, the better he gets. He isn’t giving up the silly corners, and his positioning is usually very solid. He also seems to work well with Milito (but who doesn’t?), one of our best winter signings in a while.

    4. I agree that Keita plus a DM would mean Maxwell could take more chances going forward, and I’m sorry, but to me he carries much more threat than Abidal doing that. Defensively it’s a close call for me. Neither is great with a winger running at them, Abidal is quicker but his positional sense is poorer.

    5. maxwell just needed some playing time to show what he can do, and he did show us that he does deserve to play for us. i think he started to play well when pep started him as rb when alves was injured.

      for me, we’re not playing that well, not because we have inadequate reserves, but it was just bad timing for us to have keita and abidal injured. abidal for me was our best player before he had that injury. we have the KRS to back it up. keita too was playing well. i think he had 5 or 6 goals, plus a number of should-have-not-missed chances, before getting injured.

  2. and i think ten cate’s game before the 5-0 thrashing was a 4-0 defeat too.

    good to hear abidal and keiteee’s ready to return. as much as maxwell was doing good, i think the team misses abidal’s speed and keiteee’s box bashing.

    in addition to messi being a UNICEF ambassador, he also said in an interview that we should learn from EE’s mistake, and not be too cocky with stuttgart.

    1. He has something against a lot of our players.Last year it was Pique, when Pique was in the form of his life.Busi is his new victim it seems.

  3. Rossell is a scoundrel. He wants to remove the role of sporting director as well so he can have more say in our sporting direction and signings (this is what he is known for, his signings in the past). Couple this with the fact that he was considering corporate sponsorship for our shirts, and he is not a good choice. No wonder he’s remaining quiet, the more I find out about him the less I like.

    Everything above is in my opinion, which is quite biased.

  4. Never heard of Troy Legacy 🙁
    The trailer looks cool.
    Anyone wanna clear me up? 🙂

  5. WTH!
    EE’s ‘catastrophe’ doesnt make it into the News Of the Day?
    Who saw thong boy’s face after the loss?

    1. Nope. Because this is Barca news. That Other Spanish Team isn’t really news for us, until El Clasic. Though yes, there is certainly joy in Cule Land about the success of Lyon. 😀

    1. *

      And a video of some hypocritical fuckers:

  6. btw, what is with the “GIFT FROM GOD” gold lettering on the bottom of Leo’s shirt in the background? haha.

    a little joke from the staff here at BFB or something?

  7. interesting “over-rated” article. Half the players i have never heard of and the other half are 21-23 years old. How can they be overrated when they have only been playing at the top level for a couple years?

    not a very good list in my opinion

  8. Seems like the “We won’t trade Bojan for Ribery” talk is purely to up the money we can make of CT. It’s clear to many of us here that we would make that swap in a heartbeat. I’d love for Bojan to play this weekend though ahead of Pedro! because he seems to have more chemistry with Henry (who will probably play in the middle) than Pedro! From what I’ve seen of Valencia this season, their defense is ripe for the taking, Miguel is their quickest and good going forward but his positional sense is questionable. They won’t have Albelda who is a huge player for them. We should win this easily guys. Puyol look sharp! Villa’s going to be around!

  9. I actually still want Bojan to stay, but I think that’s a minority opinion these days…

    on a totally unrelated note, read this interview with Alan Shearer, it gets absolutely hilarious at the end

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