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Hey folks, I’ll be back in a few hours with the results of a fun interview with Cesar, The Offside’s Valencia blogger (or one of them), but for now, enjoy the sunshiny fun times of having RM drop out of the CL.

And yes, for all of you wondering, I am often the kind of guy who, were I a Red Sox fan, would glad chant “Yankees Suck!” at, say, a Celtics game. Or something completely unrelated to either of the two cities. But remember, when your headline moments after the end of a match is to get rid of your coach of 8 months, you deserve all the heat you get. And for the record, Marca stands for RM.

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By Isaiah

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  1. wtf?!? Laureus sports award is a f***ing disgrace. They seriously voted Brawn GP as the team of the year. Are you f****** kiddin’ me?!?
    I won’t give a damn about any of their awards ever again.
    Voting Usain Bolt is comprehensible, although I don’t know if running 100m should be rated higher than playing football or tennis.
    But team of the year? I know how Drogba would react to it – and I agree with him 🙂

    1. lol, and in 2007 they voted Italian national team as the Team of the Year. Such a shame!

    1. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

      Who’s watching the re-run of this game later today~?

      Meeee~! 😀

    2. Me too! I’ve watched it already live, but I’ll watch it again with Spanish commentary 😀
      Won’t get much sleep tonight…

    3. I will download the second half and giggle myself into sweet dreams of Barça winning the Champions League at the Bernabeu.


    4. HAHA, I’m just about to do the same. Definitely only going to watch the second half and 😀

  2. by the by, Marca voted Pellegrini with the worst of all notes (2 out of 10). Shameful paper…

  3. Ha, think of this. In the last year Barça has 6 titles and this is the 6th year in the row that EE is kicked out of Champions in the round of sixteen.

    Coincidence? I think not!

  4. Check out tim stannard 442 preview of the game. On the marca front cover it called the bernebeu an Inferno ‘Instead, the visitors to the Bernabeu on Wednesday are “going to experience an inferno,” warns Marca on the notoriously hostile Santiago Bernabeu which only really gets narky when either Madrid aren’t winning after 22 minutes or the overhead heaters aren’t turned on’——genius lol

    1. Hear, hear. All we have is an away goal and nothing else. We came close to drawing Malaga at home a short while ago, and if that happens in this fixture, it’s penalty kicks, no matter how good we look in the first half.

    2. oh this isnt about us at this point haha this is about kicking your enemy when they are down ! they’d do it to us too regardless of their position in the championship. 🙂 and i enjoy that they lost regardless of what happens next week.

  5. Despite the team being given the day off by Guardiola, Henry, Abidal, Milito and Keita trained. Very cool. Gotta love the hunger.

    On the humility note: Even if we go down to Stuttgart, we didn’t spend some 260m to assure that such a thing didn’t happen. I think people are allowed a bit of joy at a hated neighbor’s miaery.

    1. Exactly, Kxevin! That’s why I’m happy today, independent of what will happen to us next week. Whoever wins the CL, it won’t be Real Madrid. And to be honest, after Real made this huge investments, I thought to myself at the beginning of this season “Every title that is not won by Madrid will make this season a (partial) success for me”. So it’s already 2/3 of a full success. And the last third has now to come from us, from Barça!
      But even if this won’t come true, I will still not be disappointed by this season. It’s always hard after such an historic season, and Real made it even harder by waving with their million euro cheques. Biggest nightmare of Madrid is us winning the CL in Bernabeu, and tbh my biggest nightmare was Madrid winning it there 😉

  6. Corey over at real’s offside had to close comments because of all of the barca fans posting commiserations of sorts. I just had a look but it is pretty hilarious.
    The EE fans have already been drawing up a list of replacements for Pellegrino. Rafa Benitez, Jose Mourinho etc etc etc.
    Crisis yet again.

    It is kinda funny contrasting EE with us. They have a far better squad than we do but no set way of playing so will constantly fail. They pass for the sake of passing and shoot for the sake of shooting but none of their players lead on the pitch and there is no cohesiveness.

    Many managers believe that your goalkeeper should never be your captain because he can’t influence enough of your team. How Madrid would have wished to have the likes of Hierro commanding the troops tonight.

    1. they have a far better squad than we do????? i dont know what team you watch but i wouldnt trade any of our players for theres… would u take ronaldo for messi? kaka for xavi? ramos for alves? benzema or higuain for zlatlan??? guti for iniesta??? lass for toure?? their squad is far better than ours????

    2. You’re joking, right?

      Sure, Yaya hasn’t been playing all that well this season; a combination of lack of playing time and loss of form is to blame for that, but I would think that after his domination last year, all that sort of talk would be put to bed.

      I thought wrong.

    3. Have you seen Lass this year? He has been terrible. Yaya hasn’t been good, but I’d take a terrible Yaya over a terrible Lass any day.

    4. higuin is awesome i would take him for ibra. i would prolly take kaka for biscutes and gravy.

    5. With Higuain’s age, I have to agree with that. He plays with poise and oonfidence, and none of that Argentine soft football and whining like a schoolgirl (Remember, Messi is Barca, not Argentine).

      He appears to be developing into a leader…we must have him killed immediately.

    6. Yup, I saw that. Always has to do that after Real lose a game (probably only blog at the Offside that has to do that).

      And he states that it’s just because they are “the losing team”. No, let’s be honest, it’s because it’s Real Madrid. Because Real Madrid is quite frankly the team that many many people (not just cules) hate. It’s because they were an already ridiculously successful organization that decided some time ago that it will just look out for the best, most expensive talent and buy it. It’s because under Perez that team has become more about selling shirts than winning trophies.

      Not to mention that the arrogance of those players (one of whom predicted a 3-0 win before the match) got the best of them.

      So if anything, let’s at least drop the pretension that Real Madrid is just another rich club out there, looking to win some honest trophies. That there’s some sort of moral equivalence to the way Real Madrid conducts its affairs to how Manchester United, Inter, Bayern Munchen, (to cite some random, wealthy teams) or we do.

  7. on a sidenote,
    Rosell will definitely won’t get my support. he might consider getting a shirt sponsor for our jersey. if that is true, there goes another thing that’s so unique about our club.
    and bolt won Laureaus awards for the sportsman of the year. thought messi was going to get it though. i mean, cmon, 6 titles. Try to beat that Bolt!!

  8. Happiness comes in many shapes and forms 🙂 (¡Madrid! ¡Cabron! ¡Saluda al campeon!)

  9. Hehehe. Just saw Higuain’s miss. The arse-kissing Gerry Armstrong and the other commentator are giving EE and their demeaning attitude towards Lyon is pretty funny.

    As is watching Thong Boy throwing a tantrum because Higuain didn’t pass to him. Around min. 27 people who want to watch the game later.

    1. No EE loss will be sweeter than a League winner or UCL final/semi-final…but they tend to fail almost as spectacularly…4-0 to Alcorcon…1-1 after boasting about a 3-0 (Ramos) and bossing in the bernabeu (C. Ronaldo) and spending 250+euros.

    1. or (if registration is open, best forum for soccer games on the net)

  10. None is passing to Crynaldo. He really looks like he’s going to cry.

    “Child, please”, is what I have to say to that.


  11. Beautiful goal by Lyon! Silky play, one-touch passing…not to take anything away from/downplay Lyon, but it looked like a vintage Barca goal.

  12. I just hope their loss against Lyon demoralizes them enough so they slip up in their next league game.

    1. I’m sort of thinking that that might happen. What I’m REALLY hoping happens is that they freak out and get rid of Pellegrini, thus ensuring their absolute tank job for the rest of the season.

    2. Remember their last year’s run was in a way their reaction to the CL elimination in such a humiliating way… So they might show that attitude of theirs again now!! But as he is if Perez sacks Pellegrini then our job is half done, we can be sure of at least the league 😀

    3. Unfortunately, next opponent is Real Valladolid. I simply can’t see them dropping points there.

    4. Ya know Valladolid might just be contemplating their dream of HEADLINES… so maybe they’ll show some face and by that i mean all 11 of them in their box holding them back like they do to us.

  13. Misperception that madrid has the best squad in the world. They just have the most expensive. If we bought Hleb for 60mil, does it make him a better player than Iniesta? No, he is just more expensive, but he is still Hleb.

    I’m surprised though, because i thought Madrid will lose to the well organised teams, like chelsea, man u or inter because of the incomplete game they play, I didn’t realise Lyon could do the trick. Viva Lyon!

  14. Crynaldo upset because others were taking shots for themselves in an attempt to grab the limelight? Can someone say poetic justice?

  15. @tutomate
    Maybe it’s sad but let’s be honest here. Barça just gave us a historical season. EE winning the CL this season in their own house would have been a stain on our claim of greatness, so yeah let’s rejoice in the fact that the bast$rds lost! lol

  16. im enjoying the comments on marca’s website, thx to google translate.


    1. i LOVE google translate for chrome. SO EPIC. makes my life that much more awesome that i can now read any site on futbol.

  17. Happy and sad to see EE knocked out. Happy because EE are no longer in running and sad because i would have loved to see Barca beet them in final.

    EE played well in first half. Higuain is currently being blamed by all and he should have passed. I personally do not feel that he did anything that was wrong. Maybe he missed but he did what most of the strikers will do. Once he hit the inside of post and second time he took a shot that was more then possible. His chances on second shot were way better then what i remember from few weeks back of Keita’s shot when he did not pass the ball to Messi. It does seem that Higuain days in EE are numbered, especially considering EE seems to be built around Cronaldo who does not get along with Higuain. I will not be surprised to see him at City come August.

    Lyon played well and were especially impressive in second half. They are good but i do no see them progressing past next round.

    Rooney on other hand is in the zone. Right now, he has to be the best player in world along with Messi. Rooney will be a contender for ballon d’or though he will still need to either win CL or perform really well in WC.

    1. Rooney… this man is a real threat!
      Damn it, I’ve bet quite some money on CRonaldo being the topscorer of the CL this year, and suddenly, Rooney scored 4 in 2 ?!? WTF
      I really hope ManUtd gets eliminated in the next round, because I don’t think there’s anybody else except of Rooney who can take away the goalscorer crown from Crynaldo…

    2. my thoughts exactly on rooney. i was surprised to read today that he has 30 goals already. but this year is about the World Cup. He would have to at least get to the Semis and if they lose he will need to score in their last game. but Messi might not do any better than that.
      I was trying to think of a player from Brazil or Spain that might be able to take the award (since they are the favorites to win)

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