Almeria/Barca LiveBlog

Party starts about 10 minutes before the match, so get those quality links ready.

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By Kxevin

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  1. Hectored thrice. This just keeps getting better and better.


    Here’s to a Sevilla win, and a good performance from us!

  2. Isaiah got the line-up right! Congratz

    I wanted to say “hopefully the prediction will also come true”, but then I realized there’s no prediction 🙁
    So I’ll give mine: Almeria 1-2 Barca, goals by Pedro and Ibra.

  3. Neither Goitom nor Uche starting for Almeria… is that team really coached by Juanma Lillo? 🙂

  4. my computer wont load the live blog, so i will say it here. this game makes eto’opologist look right. its true when we havent had ibra in the game our football is dynamic and full of goals. dude comes out, were down to 10 men, we score right away. lets see what the rest of the game has…

    1. Or is it us saying “Whew! The new guy is out, so now we don’t have to figure out how to try to play with him?” Every situation has two sides. If you give a kid a toy, and he uses it to hammer nails, is it the toy’s fault?

      Just asking.

  5. Crazy match. I would have liked a last minute goal ala Osasuna last season though…

    1. BTW he cleaned up the defender similar style to ibra last week when his goal was disallowed.

  6. Crud, Sevilla injury. Looks like Konko. Adriano is coming on. He was pretty good against us, wasn’t he?

  7. I got scared everytime I saw Puyol near that ball :(. On the other hand Maxwell and Milito were good and Yaya was pretty solid. Busquets was disappointing. Alves was horrible defensively and average offensively except for a few good moments after Ibra was sent off. Either Henry or Bojan should have been subbed on. My 2 cents.

    1. Didn’t like his positioning defensively. And I expected him to have more of an impact offensively.

    2. I dunno. It was his sliding tackle that put Soriano off when he had the goal begging. He was calm on the ball and didn’t give any cheap balls, like we were guilty of doing in this match

  8. Lass just rugby tackles a player, and steps on his leg, and it’s a FK to EE? The heck?

    35th min. Still 1-0 Sevilla

    1. Presumably injured. Kaka misses from literally 2 yards. EE pressure but Sevilla defending out of their minds. Can they hold out until halftime?

    2. Prob is seville have no one to dictate the pace of the game, its wave after wave of rm attacks. Renato in, capel out.

  9. Think sevilla are playing 4-2-3-1 with 3 being all wingers. sadly i do think that RM have a goal or two in them so am really hoping that sevilla score another one. they got serious pace so that is always a possibility.

    1. Oops, that wasn’t meant to be a reply..

      Anyway, I think EE are really anxious because of our result. Thus, they really want to score and are committing a lot of men forward, but that can always backfire. The more this goes on, the more frustrated EE will get and that will work to Sevilla’s advantage.

      They’ll get hit on the break, if they’re not careful.

  10. go sevilla. they have become my second team in la liga this year just because they are fun to watch.

    since their goal though, they have gone on back foot and are not really playing well. hope this will change after ht.

  11. Just watched the replay a couple times, its very difficult to see if Ibra punched the guy from the angle but the ref certainly didn’t see the play. The game actually played on for about 10 seconds before anything happened with another marker picking up Ibra.

    Ibra had a torrid match up front, not all his fault as we lacked urgency in the early part of each half. Something Pep has to find a way to weed out. They looked too comfortable and conceded then started to run. In good matches that energy is there from the start.

    Good match from Pedro and Messi, I liked iniesta when he got inside and Xavi on his rare run foward also looked dangerous. Milito and Maxwell were outstanding defensively but spent too much time on the ball imo.

    Sevilla…keep that 0-1 score going eh? We’ll thank you with an ass whooping when next we meet :-).

  12. Sevilla are more or less 5-0-4 right now. hope they do get some one to keep possesion now otherwise, it will be just RM all the way.

  13. You know what Sevilla need to do?

    They need to give Navas the ball. He’s up against Marcelo at LB. MARCELO at LB. Even if he braided his hair to make him more aerodynamic, Navas will eat him alive.

  14. I have now been haughing for last few minutes. mr iker was not exactly great there was he. man, that has made my day.

  15. shucks. sevilla will have to play to win otherwise sadly i do see ee with another goal in them. go sevilla.

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