Liga Liveblog: Barça – Malaga

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Bring it on.

    I would not start Messi today. Let him rest and get him around 60 minutes mark.

    And i want some revenge on Wellington.

    1. LOL! Don’t worry 😉
      Just make sure you check the approving people section very often, it’s the most important, the rest will flow…

  2. higuain just hit double… i wonder what ronaldo is thinking. for as much i hate madrid, higuain is really good imo.

  3. Higuain is very good, but somehow I don’t hate him although he plays for the EE. Maybe because I rather want him to be Real’s leading goal scorer than Crynaldo 🙂

    1. el pipita looks humble and works a lot for the team, without him the EE would be far less dangerous, specially in the long term. how many goals has he scored in la liga already? oh… and benzema? lol

  4. Shit look at Ramsey’s leg :O


    1. I saw it live. They didn’t broadcast a single replay of the foul, but you could tell from the faces of the players (both Arsenal and Stoke) that this must have been absolutely horrible. Many of them were almost paralyzed and had glassy eyes.
      I hope that Arsenal wins the title this year, for themselves and for Ramsey.

    2. Horrible accident. Shawcross left the field in tears.

  5. official Malaga line up: Munúa; Gaspar, Stepanov, Weligton, Manu Torres; Juanito, Toribio, Fernando, Duda; Baha y Obinna

    & Weligton is a marked man.

  6. official Barca line up: : Valdés; Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Maxwell; Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro, Messi e Ibra

    1. Damn it… I should not even read about their matches anymore, it’s not good for my nerves 🙂

  7. What a joke Toure not playing again whats the reason now for benching him since ACN is done and dusted.
    This just confirmed what I was saying long ago Guardiola is biased towards Sergi and Keita both players don’t have the quality of Toure and only should be played as back ups.

    Everytime I tune in to watch and see Sergi name on the starting lineup and Toure on the bench it really makes me sick to my stomach for all this player has contributed to be treated like this. I won’t watch out of principle.

    1. chill out…
      as much as i love yaya but i love barca more. but i do understand your feelings..the excuse before was to groom busi so that he will be ready during ACn

  8. I’m good I’ll voice my opinion…
    It’s a crime that Sergi plays over Toure I’m straight up disgusted how a superior player in every aspect is rotting on the bench while the understudy is being favored where is the logic in this.

    1. You’re wrong dude. Busquets is solid and compared to the crap game Yaya had on Tuesday, Busquets deserved the start and he owned it. Plus there’s nothing wrong with rotation its about the TEAM not individual players. So relax.

      and it’s HIGHWAY ROBBERY that they took the goal away from ibra. he deserved it, because he had worked hard all match!

    2. dont be so harsh on yaya just because of ONE game. how many bad matches did busi had this season and costly mistakes. and don’t forget, yaya wasn’t 100%, just came off an injury and played 2 matches in 4-5days, that’s quite a lot to ask for.

    3. aaaanddd… There’s your possible answer as to why he did not play today.

      This game was mindblowing. One of our best in many respects. We just could not put the bastards away. Only that last final touch was missing and we would have massacred them. I’m particularly proud of Pedro and Bojan. They’re job on the wings was awesome. I think we can say that Xavi is back as well. Ibra just needed a damn goal that he deserved.

      The good thing to take away? We controlled the tempo, played our style, and created tons of chances. Considering the last few weeks, I’ll take it as good progress.

    4. While I agree with your positives, there is a worrying lack of directness in our play. We are not attacking the box very well

  9. What’s up with the refereeing this season?

    One penalty given in 24 games (and it wasn’t really a penalty), while at least another 10 were overlooked, several disallowed goals, a number of red cards not given to the other team….

    It looks like an organized campaign to me

    1. *GASP* Villarato!!!

      Oh, wait…


      I CANT wait to see what AS and Marca say in their Villarato watch on this one.

    2. To my surprise, has plenty of praise for our match and even writes that we deserved to win. Plus, they mention the disallowed goal from Ibra.

  10. I don’t have no bias towards any individual at Barca but I will call it as I see it:
    You really going to judge Yaya on 1 game you serious bruh?
    It’s not fair for people to call out Toure If Yaya was given the same playtime as Sergi has been getting this discussion would not happen, how do you expect the man who has not featured at all this season to just come in and give world class performances like last season it’s not realistic.

    However Sergi continues to show that no amount of playtime will give him the qualities Yaya has.
    Anyne who think Sergi is on Yaya’s level who on his day is the most complete DM in the world is delusional.
    It’s disgusting that Yaya has to be treated to the bench while Sergi continues give average performances which if I recall has cost Barcelona many points this season.

    1. Like Barca96 said, Yaya just came back from an injury and played 2 games in 4 days. He was due for a rest. We love the Yaya around these parts but dude… Let’s talk about the game. If you are 100% sure Pep is totally biased against Yaya then fine, nothing we can do to convince you otherwise.

  11. My nerves are shot. I’m not even going to pretend to say anything insightful right now. Just happy with the three points and pulling for Lyon midweek.

  12. Its a farce that gol was annulled .villarato? ja!

    Valdo wouldnt have been on the field if Torres had been sent off in the 1st place but i wont whine about it, i just think its silly we get accused of referee help despite things like this happening.

  13. EvilthatMendo, to be honest with you< I don't get it either. The calm that our midfield has whenever Yaya, Xavi and Iniesta play is something to behold. When Yaya plays, just like last year, Xavi and Iniesta perform beautifully because they have someone backing them up, and he also moves into open spaces seamlessly. I don't know what Pep sees in busquets as Dm, but I like Busquets very much when he plays further upfront. He isn't a bad back-up for Yaya and Xaviesta either, but just not in place of the midfield trio.

    Why Henry gets benched soo much when his performances have been pretty good lately, and why Bojan doesn't get more minutes are all mysteries to me. Well, I guess Pep knows best, right?

    1. Yeah, but can you really say that the goal was a designed play? It came against what we were trying to do upto that point.

      But let me just say, Pedro and Busquets didnt have a bad game today at all. Its just the overall picture of what we have been doing this season.

  14. Bill it’s obvious the coach has a bias towards Sergi and even Keita (I know they don’t occupy the same positions) I’ve called it since way back when Guardiola was first appointed it took Xavi and Inesta to have words with the coach and beg him to play Yaya over Sergi that was in the early stages of last season.
    All this undeserved playing time Sergi is getting while 1 of the most complete defensive midfielders in the world is rotting on the bench just confirms my belief.

    Against a strong opposition in the champions league Sergi will be exposed and on that day Messi or Alves might not come to his rescue to hide his mistakes.

    1. Against a strong opposition in the champions league Sergi will be exposed and on that

      You mean like the cl final?

      And when busi was starting games at the start of last season he was doing great, which is why when it was known contract was expiring in january, the biggest clubs in europe were clamouring to get him.I honestly dont remember Xavi or Andres asking for Busi to be benched.It doesnt sound like a move they would make at all.

    2. Did you actually see the last matches that Yaya played for us? You cannot really argue that he’s not in his best shape lately.

    3. busi did well in the final but the yaya as CB vs chelsea was just enormous. both of them can play the offensive midfielder role and yaya is better than busi when playing DM. when he’s in good shape he’s far more precise, safe and stable. I think busi is less defensive and maybe (I don’t really know) is more creative or flashy than yaya.

  15. can’t wait to see barça’s game ON A BIG ASS TV tonight, it’s at 1:57 spanish time in TV3. It’s been so long since I saw a good game properly 🙁 ’cause it was good, right????

  16. best performance since god knows when, with such a bad luck joined with such a mean refereeing, another team would’ve lost the game!

    what was concerning me over the last weeks is the quality and quantity of chances we’ve been creating so far, I can say today we created enough chances to win the rest of the season ;P

    the best news is that Xavi is back, and so is the lethal vertical passing!!

    p.s. is it only me or we were playing with 4-2-3-1 ?

  17. You know, since the game finished i’ve been watching Match of the Day and the football League show on the BBC. It’s having the desired effect of calming me down but it has also brought home to me how privileged we are to be following a club that plays football the way we do.

    Not going to get into it tonight and yes I know the tension was pretty high at points, but I have a feeling that we couldn’t play that game again in that way without scoring three or four.

  18. I had so much fun watching this match– when Malaga put in that goal, you could just sense the determination of the Barca players to score again. Although, seriously, where was the finishing?? They made so many chances, and yet only 3 goals were scored (yeah, 3. I still don’t understand why Ibra’s goal was taken away!!). The way Ibra was greeted by his teammates after scoring says how much he has been wanting that goal.

    And could the Yaya vs Busi thing be given a rest? Busi has been in a good run of form lately and has earned his starting position.

  19. Jordi are you really going to make a case for Sergi starting over Yaya? Games with the likes of Malaga his flaws will be hidden. The final Yaya had to play out of position because of all the suspensions you forgot to mention that.

    Not to mention when Keita was asked to play LB for the suspended Abidal he flat out said no. Yaya given the class he has made that CB position his.

    Name me 1 DM against the likes of Chelsea and Drogba in attack playing a man down, while Alves and Pique Marauded forward looking for the equalizer who stayed and cover the back line himself, who time after time stopped Drogba and Chelsea from getting 2?

    Let me take you back to the kings cup final when Bilbao scored and parked the bus who was it again playing out of position took the initiative dribbled past Bilbao’s midfield and hit a roket for us to get back in the game?

    Fact is with out Yaya we would not have won the treble now seeing him rotting on the bench for a player who should be his understudy and isn’t half the player Yaya is straight up it’s making me sick.

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