Malaga 1, Barça 2, aka “Football as religion”

Football is a religion, and winning is its altar. During the Malaga match, BeIN commentator Andres Cordero made a very astute observation in a single sentence, when he said “From Lucho out to a treble-winning coach.”

Winning does that, but the right kind of winning, in quantities sufficient to defuse even the most hard-boiled curmudgeons who, like a misguided Twitter tactician, shapes a solution to fit an argument. Win enough, and it’s okay. Win more than enough, and all doubt is washed away.

Malaga played a match of football sufficient to beat most teams in the Liga, even Barça on another day. Iniesta said that the 1-1 halftime score was fair, but even that was being generous as Malaga laid siege to the Barça box, pressing, running, harrying and taking advantage of plentiful mistakes.

After the match Luis Enrique said, rightly so, he has never seen his team play a worse first half of football. Meanwhile in Barça land, opinions were plentiful about formations and possible subs, etc. As the second half began, the only sub made was Mathieu for Vermaelen, but the football on display was completely different. Was it tactics, or was it as simple as the better team saying, “We’re better than this.” We will never know what was said in that locker room, or if anything needed to be said, but football or any sport, really, always comes down to the athletes.

Messi hit the rockets in the second half, removing his cloak of invisibility. Iniesta entered what I call Asshole Mode, where he just destroys you and there is nothing you can do about it except mutter, under your breath, “Asshole!” The defense looked more solid because the team played off the front foot, moved the ball quickly and kept the pressure on Malaga, which removed the possibility of their high press. One of the rare times it was seen in the second half was after a lazy giveaway, which allowed Malaga to set up shop in the Barça end, albeit temporarily. Iniesta got the ball, and normal service was restored.

Even more interesting was that the second, match-winning goal came after one of those Malaga pressure sequences in the second half. Barça moved up the pitch quickly, Messi ran into space and Adriano found him with a glorious pass that Messi scissored home. It was a dynamic, delightful goal that was a thing of beauty while also encapsulating a great many complexities that this team and football club face.

In the first half Adriano wasn’t just a wrecking ball, but also just about the team’s most solid defender. But he hasn’t played well enough, or consistently enough, to be perceived differently than what he is, which is either a waste of space, or the player who cost the club Grimaldo. Likewise there was a piece after the match about Mascherano, how he had good moments, bad moments and on aggregate, he’s kinda what the team has right now. But the difficulty is of perception. Every player, in every match, has moments of high quality, and moments of what the hell? It is only supporter perception that colors those moments.

Nobody asked where Messi was in the first half, because who would dare? Busquets was as stanky as the rest of the team, and a less-favored midfielder would be burned alive if he’d had a similar half of football, on aggregate. When Adriano put that pass on the head of a pin for Messi, even crickets were wondering about the silence, as the first two reactions from my chair were “What a goal,” and “What a pass from Adriano!”

Barça won today because it was the more talented team, rather than the better team. As its coach said, the team had a terrible first half and a below-average second half. It beat a Malaga team that was playing over its heads as a collective, because Barça has better players. Both goals came not from a system, but from individual brilliance and smart counterattacking. A year ago at this same time those types of goals were anathema, derided because they weren’t Proper. No system, no idea, just luck and magic. Today they are celebrated as masterstrokes, because enough of the right kind of winning changes perception. “Individual brilliance” isn’t all that bad when it results in goals like the ones Barça scored today.

The difference between Barça and other teams is that Suarez can control a ball, bull into the box, keep control while walking a tightrope, bamboozle a defender and slide a perfect ball across to Munir for the tap in. Other teams have players who don’t have the same quality, the same control, the same decision making skills under pressure. The striker fumbles it over the end line, or the pass across the face of goal isn’t as fine and the keeper palms it away. The margins are small, but significant.

On the second goal, another team doesn’t have a “crap” player of the quality of Adriano who can, at the end of a dash up the sideline, drop in a ball like that, and they sure as hell don’t have an attacker who can make the space and finish the move like Messi can.

Those crucial differences resulted in a win and a valuable one, the kind upon which championships are built. For too much of the match Barça was a disjointed mess, and had to play their way out of the dilemma. The substitutions that Luis Enrique made facilitated that, but the digging out process had already begun. A year ago, this match is a disgusting win that isn’t the Way, but we’ll take it. Today, it’s different. That’s what the right kind of winning does.

On the same day, back at the home front, Barça B won its second match in a row. But as with last week, it was a win that nobody liked very much, and is it in part because the team hasn’t won enough, in sufficient quantity, to require a philosophical shift?

For those who haven’t been following, Barça B essentially cleaned house, rescinding the contracts of a pile of players with talent but who weren’t quite making the grade such as Dongou, Aitor and Babunski. There was much chagrin and bewilderment, even more when their replacements were non-Masia players, some older, to provide necessary skill sets. The idea is to fit the other pieces in with the most talented Masia players who are left, and craft a team that can battle its way up the table.

And for two weeks in a row, the team has won. This presents a quandary atop the existing one for Barça B, of precisely what the B team is for. In an ideal world, La Masia feeds Barça B which feeds the first team. In that ideal world, there are players with the talent to make that leap, so that a fully indoctrinated group is always ready to assume its rightful spot in the Camp Nou.

In the current world, where a magical class defines La Masia and expectations from that academy, there isn’t room for players not to be good enough. If they aren’t, it’s the fault of the coaches. After the Barça B goal, the players ran over and hugged the coach, an impressive gesture that says something about how the team perceives his work, even if he isn’t the right coach for so many supporters. People count the number of Masia players on the roster, and deem it insufficient. But for what?

Is the B team a professional group, or part of La Masia? That is, does La Masia provide players for B or is B a continuation of La Masia? If the former is true, then the team will move players around, buy, sell and rescind contracts as necessary to keep the B team in a league where it can be useful in providing potential players for the A team. And therefore, whatever B does to win matches and avoid being relegated, rock on. We assess the transfers as we would first-team transfers, on their potential effectiveness in helping the team get results.

If the latter is true, then it doesn’t matter that B was in the relegation zone as long as it is doing the job of training players in the right way and the right system, for the first team. Is the job of Barça B to train talent, or to win? Ideally, both, but that isn’t going to happen, a perfect system where Barça geniuses go cradle to grave with the club. And is this kind of “let’s win” B team essentially worthless to the first team, because it’s acting as a miniature first team rather than a training group within the club’s system? And what’s the solution to that problem? Make the B team a closed ecosystem, where only Masia players are used, like Athletic Club and its Basques-only restriction?

The academy is a source of immense pride for culers, as it should be. It has allowed Barça to build a team that would be a financial impossibility in the transfer market, and those players are legends. But it’s necessary to keep B in perspective, and decide what the expectation of that part of the system is.

There is probably no bigger dilemma than if the B team, newly restocked with “foreigners,” climbs up the table to safety and even plays well enough to earn promotion, because the right thing will have happened in the wrong way. One of the ways that at present, B is most like the first team is that complexity, that right result born of, for many, wrong action. It should be about number of Masia players and victories. But when both isn’t possible, which one is preferred?

This is, above and beyond the mismanagement of the B team, and the damage done by incorrect coaching choices, namely a man more interested in using B to get a proper Liga job than building players for the first team who can play in the proper way. At present, many want it both ways, an all-Masia XI for B, as well as a team in the promotion places in the table. That academy-rich side was relegated last season, and in the relegation zone this season. Wrong coach? Maybe. Yet that wrong coach has now won two matches in a row. Where does perception fit into all of this, and what of Barça B and its job of providing players for the first team?

Well, those players have to be good enough. As big as Dongou’s smile was, he was never going to be first-team material. Ever. Neither was Babunski, inspirational quotes aside, which leads to the question of what to do with players who aren’t going to be good enough to make the first team? Are they career B players, or does a club cut them loose so that they can build a career in a less-demanding system?

It’s easy for us to watch the first team beat teams such as Athletic and Malaga, and marvel at its tactical flexibility and depth, able to slot Arda Turan in anywhere, or have Aleix Vidal capably sub for Dani Alves. There is a footballing ideal that the first team has, and while the number of Masia players in that XI was a point of pride in the glory days, that time is past, even as we celebrate a team that is festooned with silver, that has won enough to be exempt from the examination that B is taking, and being found lacking.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Great match review for both the 1st team and the B team
    Yesterday’s 1st half match was horrible and was an eyesore to watch, the midfield was completely non-existent which loaded heavy pressure to our back four, masche was shaky vermaelin was horrible as if he didn’t play football for ages,Adriano was impulsive and aggressive committing unnecessary fouls. I would conclude his whole performance as crap and painful to watch, his assist to messi won’t cover him with glory, it was a fluke and am pretty sure he didn’t see messi their. much credit should be giving to messi for his clever positioning behind the defence and executing such sublime scissors strike in such tight space

    Bravo was simply extraordinary he kept us ahead in the score shit in couple of occasion, so kudos to him. besides, we couldn’t build from the Back due to bravo’s poor passing abilities( am not taking any credit from him because we all knows that Mats would have done better distribution than him) as well as lack of passing option due to the non-existent midfield. Just review the first goal and see how mascherano tried to find besquet with a long pass that was intercepted and led to their equaliser, besquet and iniesta rarely supported the back line when building from the back. But instead they hanged in the middle of the pitch which led to freguent hoofing the ball in so many occasion by bravo. Lucho sum it up with this quote : they had couple of chances which was mistakenly generated by us.

    1. I agree with you about Adriano. I was screaming out for him to be subbed. he was terrible and then that assist happened, like a miracle. But I cant agree that it was a real fluke. May be, it was clear he saw the running forward and he did intend the ball. The problem is if he tries it 10 times, it would fail 9 times..
      Mathieu coming in made a big change.

  2. First of all, completely agree with Kxevin’s assessment of the Bs. It is something I know little about as I never watch them but for me it’s not an either or. If we have a sufficient number of excellent La Masia players that is our preferred option but iwe can’t afford to go down another division or what they will learn from gubbing poor sides becomes meaningless and no real preparation. As has been said, celebrating with the coach is a good sign in any team.

    I finally watched the game last night having eschewed a visit to the pub and after about ten minutes I was metaphorically reaching for my coat. It then became interesting though to try to figure out why it was happening. It wasn’t a lack of effort on the part of the players but it was a horrible day at the office. The first half had few bright moments and as Kxevin said, we are lucky to have players of the quality of Suarez who can turn nothing into an assist.

    To begin with them, they had a good set of tactics and stuck to them with enthusiasm. They pressed high, shut down the out to Busi and made it difficult for the mids to provide an alternative out ball. Solid. However, what normally happens in such cases is that we suffer for 20/25 minutes then the spaces start to appear and we take advantage. That didn’t happen. Why not ?

    Well, begin at the back. Bravo didn’t have his best game for us. One downright error in passing out and difficulty all day in consistently finding an out ball. I’m gonna say here that any criticism of his saves in that he didn’t push them out of the danger area has completely missed the fact that for many he was at absolute full stretch so I’m not blaming him for that. Save wise, he had a great game. Would TS have done better passing out. Well, last game aside where he was pretty poor, you have to think there might have been a slight improvement . That wasn’t the main problem though. For me, Busi, who had an awful game, gets a pass as it wasn’t possible for him to get free . They made sure of that. My attention would be on the CBs and the mids. Neither of our CBs, more of whom later, made good enough angles early enough for Bravo . They made a gesture at it. Leaving him with a ropey angle for the pass. Not good. Watch Pique in such situations. It’s one of the few times you’ll see him sprinting because he knows time is precious. Masche improved in the second half , ironically resulting in him sprinting back so quickly Bravo’s pass to him went straight out ! I also thought the mids needed to work a bit harder here.

    If we move onto the mids I’m gonna again give Iniesta a pass as he was the one bright light, better in the second half yes, but decent throughout. His problem was that the left side in the first half barely saw the ball. TV hardly ever was the one to pass out with the result that most of our play went down the right. And that leads us to my main problem with our play yesterday. I love Turan and think he will be great for us but I have to say he had his second stinker in a row. Vidal was no better. Between them there was no real understanding of the need to move the ball or move with the ball more quickly. It’ll come but it was poor yesterday.

    Second half. Things improved a lot. Why? Well, as everyone must have seen, many of our problems in the first half were caused by the CBs. TV played probably the poorest half I’ve ever seen a Barca CB play and Masche wasn’t much better which created panic and gave them hope to carry on running themselves into the ground. Bravo, quite correctly in my opinion, took to hoofing it long. That’s not giving in – that’s common sense. To be fair to Masche it must have been hell when your partner is having a mare and to be fair to TV it MAY have had something to do with the knock but after a bright start against teams who didn’t press us I’m starting to wonder about him longer term.

    However, as everyone must also have seen our defence improved immeasurably when Matthieu came on. The hairy moments continued. But he dealt with them calmly. And that spreads throughout the team. Does anyone still doubt that would be our best partnership ? Not saying Mattheiu doesn’t make mistakes but most of them are at LB and at CB he seldom does, offering us height, pace , left foot and pretty good positional sense.

    The other main factor for me was that Iniesta was given more scope to roam. From a right side being a wasteland all of a sudden he was spreading the ball right and left as well as carrying the ball, impossibly at times, past two and three opponents. All of a sudden their hard work was less successful and spaces were coming.

    Final word on Messi. No, not his greatest game but he could have had four on another day. His goal was amazing, only word for it. The ball from Adriano was good but not perfect. Messi’s run to lose his marker was good but his technique to steer it into the far corner was something else. Usually a player will hook it into the near corner in that situation as the twisting of the body is so hard. He would also I’m sure have had another if Welligton hadn’t got away with a blatant nudge in the back just as Messi took a touch when through on the keeper. He has another beautifully struck shot which he couldn’t quite angle away from the keeper. It is that difference in quality that we have.

    Something the commentator said struck me. It was about how he couldn’t wait till Messi moved back to midfield to see how he would run the game with his passing, Xavi like. I worry about that time. For me, Mesi will have to decide if he’s prepared to do the running involved. Xavi didn’t just stroll about when the mood took him. Even last year in the CL twice he covered the most ground of anyone in our side. Can anyone see Messi being prepared to do that? Just a thought for the future.

    Anyway, difficult ground and good result while not at our best so well done to the players for sticking in and LE for bringing on Matthieu. Early enough and ( (lim assuming). Encouraging Iniesta to go on the wander and get more into the game.

    1. Good overview, Jim. Mathieu seems to have made a case for himself, but I still doubt LE will abandon his current gala11 – Masche seems to bring something more intangible that Lucho seems to want on the pitch. And Messi as a mid? I don’t think so. My guess is that he will either remain in his current role, where he often in fact functions as a mid, or he will be used as a AM/playmaker, as has happened in a few games. Can’t see him do that kind of running.

      And great article, Kevin! To me, it is obvious we must make sure to have a functioning B-team, with a mix of La Masia’s finest and transfers, preferably experienced players who can scaffold the youngsters, so to speak. A place in the B-team, I think, should be earned, though of course many La Masia graduates should be given a run, but be kept on their own merits, in the end. Otherwise the team will not function as a proper talent-refiner.

  3. The purpose of Barca B should be to produce players. However, if they go down in the Tercera, they will not be able to do that as well as they should, because the Tercera is a very poor league.

    A proper assessment will only be possible a decade from now when the career of those players is winding down, but I would argue that the years in which Barca B was in the Segunda marked a peak in the production of players good enough to for first-team football at the top level. It is not perceived that way because the expectations became absurdly high in the light of the success of the first team in that time,, but just try to make a list of all the players that were in the B team between 2009 and 2014 and who now play for first division teams in the top leagues in Europe and you will see what I am talking about. And if we just still had Thiago and his brother was not injured, I bet there would not so much complaining about the first team not having enough La Masia players.

    It is true that this might have been because the system was working well at the lower levels prior to that time, and now we’re seeing the results of it not working so well as it used to at this levels making their way to the B team.

    But still, going down in the Tercera would have been a disaster for the system,

    So hopefully what is happening now is with the idea of preventing that from happening in the short term and stabilizing the B team so that in the medium term the system can be brought back to its normal level of functioning.

  4. EE-watch: Had a look at the 2nd half of RM against Betis, 1-1 final score. Man, was that a fight by Betis! They were so incredibly much worse that I couldn’t believe they made it. RM’s goal was even offside (and Betis deserved a penalty, though it was easy to miss, I guess). I still can’t help but to like Modric as player, he runs that team. CR was invisible and, judging from this and few other glimpses, he is nearly becoming a problem for the team. He rarely touched the ball, didn’t involve himself (as opposed to Benzema) and shot when he should have passed. A few decent moves, but galaxies away from a Balon d’or runner-up. I reckon this was his last appearance on that stage. At the moment he is not even top 10, and nowhere near Messi, Neymar or Suarez. Will be interesting to see how Zidane (honey moon is over…) deals with his decline. We might have a similar case in a few years, depending on how Messi adapts. Brave coaches, they need be, to do it.

  5. Messi could Adapt well to what the team need even if he reached cr7’s age. His skills are natural.he might loss some of his acceleration but his dribbling and passing abilities are 2nd to known. I would like to see a messi in a no. 10 role with a 4 3 1 2 formation.

    I watched EE’s match against betis that draw came out of the blue honestly. Many usual routines happened like equalising with an offside goal, ronaldo still diving crying for penalties, then kicking opponent for the 5th time this season.

  6. Perfect weekend of football for me.
    How I hate to love Sevilla and Unai Emery. They made us drop points, and they did the same to the two other title rivals, with 10 men for 30 minutes against Atleti. I hope they do a treble of the Europa. Applause.

    Guess Zidane has been brought back from wonderland. EE practically lost that match because their goal was offside(whether marginally or not). A lot of 50-50 calls going in their favour makes me want to agree with Simeone’s sentiments from earlier in the season. Betis deserve credit for their point(or maybe more). Applause too.

    Our team somehow ground out a win when we should have probable lost. It helps us capitalise on the dropped points of our direct opponents. Irrespective of the kind of play, I will take the result both in hindsight and foresight. A big applause please!

    We are finely positioned for the visit of Atleti next weekend. When do we expect our number 11 back??All around it was a good weekend to get 3 points. Hoping for a better week ahead.

    Visca Barca!!!

    1. To be fair, there was a clear penalty for them in the first half that wasn’t given (a Betis player stepped on Benzema’s foot and brought him down inside the box). I was amazed it wasn’t given. But then the goal was offside so it all evens out.

      This is what I was talking about last week after they demolished Gijon. They were doing that with Benitez too — free scoring against the crappy teams at home. But away games and games against serious opponents were a big problem for them so nobody should have been too worried before they played a good team. And I actually did not have Betis in mind when I said that, I expected them to win easily today. They had some chances and if they had Bale, they would have probably gotten a win. But the structural problems were there for all to see — difficulties in unlocking a packed defense, and unstable at the back — Betis almost did not leave there half but had they had three decent players in front, there would have been so much space to readily exploit on the counter and chances to do that, that they would have won comfortably.

      Now it’s a 4 + 3 + 1 point gap (additional 3 assuming we beat Gijon plus one more point taking into account the fact that they have to beat us 5-1 to overcome the head to head differential) after 21 games. Unless some calamity happens, we should not have a problem finishing above them.

    2. There was mirror-image incident in the second half @ 1-1 in EE’s box, Varane (I guess) stamped on a Betis player’s foot and brought him down, no call from the referee. That means if d penalty calls were given and Benzema’s goal ruled out, we have 2-1 to Betis. Like Busquets said we shld worry about Atleti, we play them next in laliga and we’re level on points- though with a game in hand.

  7. Excelent post and the part about Barca B was so much on point.The truth is i dont know if Barca B must have only LaMasia players or not.Maybe if they played,like England,in a U-21 league.Tbf only in Spain,Portugal,Netherland and Germany,from what i know,the b teams play in professional leagues.And if we look at Athletic Bilbao B,the only b team in Segunda,they are after a year probably going down again.Madrid B or Villareal B,they dont won the promotion after they relegated.It s tough for very young players. For me the board,must do,what Atletiko Madrid trying now,to buy Lans.We need a team to send our best youngsters and gain experience and playing time.

    1. The Segunda is a perfectly fine place to develop young players — it’s not La Liga but it’s still Spain, thus the quality of the football is better than equivalent levels elsewhere.

      This is where the transfer ban hurt us the most — if it wasn’t in place, they could have added a few more experienced players last winter and avoided relegation. Now it might be years before the team returns. But further relegation has to be absolutely avoided.

  8. And we must dont need to see madrid drop points to understand how hard is La Liga.When we play a not so good game away against Malaga or Espanyol or whatever,it s good to have in mind the difficulty.All 3 will drop points again.I am optimist that we will win La Liga but it will be tough:-)

  9. Couldn’t catch the match but very happy with the result.
    Malaga scared me morethan ATM or EE as we have more problems with mid table defensive team than top dogs.
    Now the fate of league is in our hand. Grab it or lose.
    Hope we’ll continue to keep our marching.
    I hope the boss can field a team that can give us result in midweek and rest our important players for weekend “NEW CLASICO”.

  10. What a week. We win a crappy match and both Ateltico and RM lose points.
    Am also glad that Correa will miss the match against us. What a talent. Atletico wont have any problem managing the FIFA ban. They have bought some excellent youngsters and they will see through this ban, just like us. Their rank in Europe might even go up during this period.
    It is a tough schedule for us. Athletic and then Atletico..
    I hope we have training drills to pass out of the heavy press. We are going to see that against every team..

  11. For me, getting out of a heavy press demands very quick control of the ball, players moving at the right time and the vision to not always choose the most obvious pass. Nobody but nobody comes close to our ability to do that.
    Some interesting decisions for LE for the midweek game though with Busi and Turan out. Iniesta could do with being rested but will have to play at least a half. For me, it’s Samper time, no question.

  12. Good points Kxevin as always. Regarding your previos post about ZubiZa I agree wholeheartedly with you. He laid the foundation of the Treble winning team and got lucky with Aguero not coming as he is quite injury prone. So we got Suarez. In another sentence you mentioned that Overmars was a flop along with Henrique etc. But let me remind you that the season 2002-03 when we got Van Gall back and reached i think 16th position in the league, it was Overmars who was absolutely instrumental in getting us to 6th. We fired Van Gaal and got in Radi Antic as a caretaker coach. Now Antic went about making our defense that wee bit stronger and as an outlet we used Overmars extreme pace to score counters and goal. Hence in my book, Overmars was never a dud. Our proud record of playing in Europe was left intact as we reached a humble 6th after defeating Celta the last day (they were 4th that season and had nothing to play for in the final game). And without Overmars it just wouldn’t have been possible.
    I wonder if there r training drills for passing the ball out from the back under heavy pressing!! But agree with you there Jim. We are the best team when it comes to that. And its a tried and tested tactic to play against us. Therefore from the Guardiola days to now, with more or less the same backline and midfield I think thats one place where we have had enough practice.
    Agree with you too Foto… Correa is very good. And im glad he’s out (slightly perversely). And this has turned out to be an immense week. Both direct rivals dropping points and we somehow managing to win the game against Malaga. Horrible football we played in the first half. And I am with you Jim, Mathieu is a more than decent CB. And in my mind I always keep hoping for a Pique/Mathieu CB partnership before a game. hehe..

  13. Enter Your Comment…To play keep ball we also need a goal keeper who is good with his feet and can make the difficult pass under pressure. Not to crap on Bravo but he is significantly weak in that regard. His passing whilst mostly accurate does not generate the next easy pass for the team. His weakness in that department is magnified because we have Mat on the bench.

    Bravo should keep his place because he is earned it. its a shame we have such a conundrum.

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