Todo es mentira en este mundo. Todo es mentira la verdad.

One of my favorite songs popped in my head today, Mentira, by Manu Chao. The lyrics translate as follows:


Lies are what they say

Lies are what they give

Lies are what they do

Lie, the lie

The truth is a lie

Lies are what they sew

Underneath the darkness

Love is a lie

The taste is of lies

Lies are the boss

Lies command

Lies, the sadness

Once the lies start

They won’t go away


Lie, lie

The Lie….


You can’t erase a lie

A lie is not forgotten

Lie, the lie

Lies when they arrive

Lies will never leave

The lie is a lie

The truth is a lie

Everything is a lie in this world

Everything is a lie, that’s the truth

Everything is a lie is what I tell myself

Everything is a lie, why would that be?



“We started negotiating two months ago,” and “We were under pressure from Atletico M*drid to finish the negotiations.”
Josep Bartomeu


“I first learned of Barça’s interest fifteen days ago.”
Arda Turan.


“We were in no rush to complete the negotiations.”
Enrique Cerezo, president of Atletico M*drid.


“Todo es mentira en este mundo, todo es mentira la verdad.
Todo es mentira yo me digo, todo es mentira ¿por qué será?”
Manu Chau

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By Levon

Culé since way before football boots were of the neon yellow and lizard green variety, Levon is a deep thinker with increasingly shallow thoughts. He lives in Barcelona with his gorgeous wife and daughter. The lucky bastard...


  1. Just a bit off topic, but for those who live in the U.S. and want to watch la liga (and other leagues) yet can’t bear the thought of forking out enormous sums for cable, etc., I’ve used for the past year and had very good results. 7.99 per month, and you can cancel at any time.

  2. Yeah, you just never get to the bottom of what goes on in transfers. Is Barto having us on, I believe Turan but that isn’t surprising that he is kept in the dark before the club makes its mind up and are AM hacked off at us for poaching one of their best and trying to cause mischief or saying it as it is ?

    Only sure thing is either the guy comes or he doesn’t.

  3. For people who ask ” why not Barto?”
    Stuff like this:
    Abidal: “I went crying from the Club because there were people (Bartomeu) who did not keep their word”.
    Sigh, he’s probably going to win.

  4. Speaking of lies… an article on espnfc (!) called out the simple truth (as I see it) to why our dear Leo plays so much better for Barcelona. Basically saying that Argentina are not properly appreciating him as the team’s centrepiece. Too many other “stars” who want to shine? Or coaches who cannot make egos play together? Who knows. But while this is obvious to many, the narrative that has been dominating is the one where HE fails (which really lets the other stars off the hook a bit too easily):

    “There are people who still complain that he plays better with Barcelona and scores more goals. The thing is, at his club he’s never deprived of company. He always has a teammate to pass to or someone to assist him.

    With Barcelona, which invariably plays in enemy territory, he has more than enough options and help finding the back of the net. And there they also think he’s the best, but they act accordingly. They make sure he has whatever he needs to show what he’s capable of. Argentina should do the same.”

    Yeah. But a bit too late, anyway, I reckon.

  5. Yesterday i was in the game Greece U19-France U19.I must say that the future of European football is France.We must use Abidal and have scouts to find the best talents there.Spain after the gold La Masia generation will never produce the same great players.Madrid have Zidane so must make moves to can find the talents before them.And Portugal also are producing great talents.Laporta with Abidal and good scouts can make the job.Oh and what a player Nole is.3 finals and 2 wins and now on to USA open for his 10th grand slam.Injury free Nole can be a legend!!!!

    1. I was looking for a proper moment to bring this up, this is it. I was checking the squads for that tournament – not one La Masia player in the Spain squad…

  6. I watched most of games and i did not saw anything special in Spain.I believe that they will not win any cup for a long time.Thats why i believe La Masia must look for more talents outside Spain.Players like Isco Thiago Koke are good but they have not the amazing quality of Busi Xavi Iniesta.Btw i believe Isco is the most overated Spanish player.Good dribbling but his final pass is poor.Well with Turan and Vidal and maybe Gerson in January i can see us building and unbelieavable squad!!!

  7. I’ll be extremely sad if Pedro does leave. It’s been brewing for the past 2 seasons now that he’s leaving. It’s so hard to imagine without him. Such a great servant to the club. I hope he stays at least till next summer.

    Turan can’t play LW or at least as effective as Pedro. He wouldn’t be able to link up well right away with Messi and he wouldn’t be able to score as much as Pedro did.

    Not Turan, Adama, Sandro let alone Munir can offer what Pedro did.

    Turan and Adama can dribble, but Adama has more pace but how about his passing and decision making?

    Sandro is alright but looks more like an out and out striker. I don’t mind him being a back up for Suarez. Munir shouldn’t be anywhere near the first team. Can’t hold the ball, is too weak, takes weak shots. A Bojan 2.0 at this point of his career.

    The club should show more appreciation to Pedro but they just renewed his contract. So maybe it’s Lucho. And Samper is not getting promoted too which is a pity. Hopefully he’ll go out on loan instead.

    1. Quite worried about Pedro.
      And cant understand the promotion of Munir at all. Its written BOjan 2.0 all over, with the version 1 looking better.

    2. Very different players.

      Bojan was the Masía’s all-time top scorer. Munir is a lot more like Pedro. Runs his butt off and is a nuisance.

  8. I’m in no way a conspiracy theorist, But it’s laughably convenient how every conceivable tough away fixture, All miraculously got scheduled to played in the first half of la liga for us.
    The away against atheltic, Atletico, Celta vigo, Sevilla, RM, Valencia, Espanyol all within the first 5 months

    Yet something tells me that the champions of the world are up for such a challenge.

    1. You think that’s a conspiracy?
      Have you seen Liverpool’s first half?
      1st game – Away vs Stoke (always an awful away trip, we’ll say hi to the cuddly one for you)
      3rd game – Away vs Arsenal
      5th game – Away vs United
      8th game – Away vs Everton (why oh why did you sell them Deulofeu?)
      9th game – Away vs Spurs
      11th game – Away vs Chelsea
      13th game – Away vs City

      Ugh… essentially we have the top 6 teams in England, all away, in the first 3 months or so, with what will be a very new team.

      God help us. Oh and if you could spare a Pedro or even Munir/Sandro, that would be lovely 🙂 Anyone but Benteke.

    2. Benj, great that you’re here. I’ve been wanting to ask you this since the first half of last season? What caused Liverpool’s drastic fall in form? Can’t be solely because of Suarez’ transfer right? Brendan Rodgers was praised quite a lot the season before so how can he get it so wrong last season.

      Thankfully they picked up form but at the end stumbled again. What happened then?

      Secondly, why is Sterling hated so much right now? A few months ago when he rejected the renewal with the massive upgrade, he was lauded for focusing on football instead of getting busy asking for a raise.

      Now that he made it clear that he doesn’t care about money but just wants trophies thus moving to a bigger team, why is he suddenly public enemy #1? He wants trophies, not money. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes.

    3. Hey 96, thanks for that, i love being here!
      I echo your thoughts to be honest, i hold no grudge against Raheem, hes a very talented young player and he wants to go to city because theres more chance of winning trophies and if you look at recent history, hes absolutely right. We got good money for him, City got a great, promising player and Raheem got a lucrative deal at a club where he will no doubt win trophies. Most fans are just very ‘butthurt’ to use the popular vernacular. The vitriol towards the kid is ridiculous, bordering on dangerous. I wish him all the best, but wish there was a way to keep him.

      In terms of the teams form last season, we overspent on underperformers unfortunately. All of the players we signed had good, if not great seasons the previous term, but werent able to translate that to lfc. Lovren, lallana and lambert were all great for southampton the season before and we all know what Balo is capable of when hes on form. New formations, injuries and the loss of suarez were the main problems. When your key striker leaves, your second striker (sturridge) is injured the whole season, your captain and talisman is a year late in leaving for the MLS, your defence cant form a unit because they are always injured, your new signing have trouble gelling and you heap all the pressure on a 20 year old to be the driving force behind the team, its not going to go well.
      Weve made some good moves in the transfer market so far, we should see a very different liverpool roll out on day 1.

  9. Lev, I don’t know about who’s saying the truth, but here’s what Arda’s agent said in an interview for the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet:

    “Two months ago I called Arda and told him I had to meet him and it couldn’t be over the phone.”
    When they met, the agent told him “Swear you won’t say this even to your parents. We’re going to Barcelona.”
    Two weeks later the agent showed him photos of the negotiations, which took place in Paris. (The rumours flying around were that the agent is in Paris to negotiate a move of Demba Ba to PSG)
    A few weeks later after the first meeting, they went to Ibiza to convince Atletico’s president to let Arda go.

    I don’t know about the part of Atletico needing to complete the transaction ASAP, but at least the part of the two months of negotiation is confirmed by the agent. As for the celerity of the deal with Atletico… Well, Atletico are also in the market and were negotiating for other players, so they may have needed the cash.

    Not that the president of Atletico will say so. When a player is sold, it’s always “With deep regret and after long negotiation, against our will”. You don’t want to show the fans that you’re willing to sell gems of the team.

  10. Laporta to Barto: “Losses for the Ibrahimovic deal? You were the ones that decided to sell him!”

    1. And who was the guy who signed that loose cannon with a superiority complex, attitude problem and ego the size of the Eiffel tower for such a huge sum?

    2. I’m sure you weren’t around that time. I was 100% against that transfer. I wrote a handful of emails to the club 😆 That’s how much I was against Ibra.

      Ok, Laporta bought Ibra which was a big mistake but selling him for peanuts was another mistake.

      But that reply was epic. Barto doesn’t seem to be able to answer on the spot. He seems like he a puppet president. Maybe Rosell is still pulling the strings in the back ground.

      Plus, I read that we made an increase of 40m in debt.

    3. Selling him for 24m after one-year loan, in which Milan was paying his salary.

      Ibra and his agent decided to get out of the club and told Rosell they wanted out – to Real. The agent is Raiola. He is also the agent of Pogba. And Laporta wants to bring Pogba. Fck that.

      Selling him for peanuts? Pep wanted him gone after just one year. So yeah, the fault lies in Laporta and Guardiola for bringing that guy. The same way you excuse signing Ibra, because Pep wanted him, shouldn’t you excuse also the president who decided to find a way to accommodate the wishes of the coach?

      [comment edited by mod]

    4. There are people now who thinks buying Turan is a mistake right. But the club bought him because a treble winning coach wants him.

      It was the same with Ibra too, if my memory is right. Pep wanted him, so Laporta bought him. More than anything, Pep wanted to get rid of Eto too.

    5. Also, more than in the buying, it was the selling of Ibra which was atrocious. What was it 20m or something around right..
      But then we give a Villa for less than 5, so no surprise there.

  11. Hello!

    Wanna give a big thanks to the mods here for all the work and time put into publishing great pieces! I’ve actively been reading on the site for well over a year and continue to find this forum to be one of my main sources of information for all things Barca!

    Elections. I’m not overly surprised with Barto’s tactic and to be honest I don’t feel slightly deceived. Seems he may have garnered a slight advantage with the signing. Thankfully, it was under the request of Enrique. Speaking of our coach I really like his tone in press conferences. No beating around the bush and gives the media very little. He has said some positive stuff about Pedro, bartra and adriano’s importance to the squad.

    With Pedro I’m skeptical of these Chelsea rumors. Find it hard to believe that mourinho could promise and deliver a startng berth for him. Chelsea play a 4-2-3-1 and I have my doubts regarding Pedro’s ability to stake a place over one of the following: hazard, oscar, William or MoSalah. I could be wrong.

    Glad the preseason has begun. Anyone with knowledge of our out on loan players and what will come of them? Song, Tello etc? Did these guys get permanent moves sorted out? Plus ,what do we make of this upcoming season and tactical changes Enrique and co may implement?

    Sorry for typos. Sent from iPhone.

    1. Welcome Jason. Pedro really only has value to the team if one of the forward line gets hurt. The problem is that will have to rely on Sandro or Munir if this happens before January. I don’t think Pedro would regularly start at Chelsea but he would probably get more minutes, more recognition, and most importantly for him about twice his current salary. Right now Cuardrado is making about the same as Iniesta and I would suppose Pedro would get the same.

    2. Doubt the authenticity of the Chelsea rumors. Not to sound mean, exactly what spectacular value does Pedro possess that would endear a demanding coach like Mourinho? If anything, based on his declining form, Pedro would have been long gone if Mourinho was the honcho in our club’s dug out.
      Meanwhile, if the Fenerbache rumors are anything to go by, i’m hoping Arda a.k.a King Leonidas is sent on loan to gain match fitness. I believe the preseason training would have, to a reasonable extent, equipped him with the rudiments of our style. Ditto Vidal.
      Also, seeing all our presidential candidates have vowed to retain King Leonidas if elected, there could only be one reason for the swift semantic backflip; Lucho’s confirmation in his presser that he had indeed wanted the man, which laid credence to Barto’s initial statement that was obviously taken with pinch of salt.

    3. What value? Hard working, disciplined, fast, intelligent tactically, to mention a few qualities… remember he put Eto’o on the wing with defensive responsibilities. I think Pedro would work fine in a Mou team; good on the counter, too.

    4. Quite right, Davor.
      Pedro is a player I love, for what he’s done, professionalism, selflessness and sacrifice, etc. Still and all, that might not suffice with Mourinho. For an attacker, goals would be required, his industrious attributes notwithstanding.

    5. Perhaps. But Hazard does not score too many, I think. If a player adds team quality, I think Mou sees him as useful. Either way, I don’t see Pedro as a starter at Chelsea, but I think he would get more minutes and have a greater chance of being one (Oscar has not been great, I hear). Who knows what Pedro could do with a bit more space and a new challenge?

    1. We can’t have it every way. Fans were delighted when we sold Cesc, Montoya isn’t good enough, Pedro not a starter, etc. etc.
      In my opinion the squad players should definitely be La Masia players rather than the likes of Adriano (who I rate very highly). Expecting to produce 11 starters from the academy is a dream that has only been realised once in history and is unlikely to happen again.
      What we should have is a base of 5-6 starters who are graduates and maybe another 7-8 in the squad meaning that approx 13-14 players in the squad have come through the ranks with a scattering of world class foreign players and other who fill roles that aren’t fulfilled by the current crop of Masia graduates.
      For me, we are not far from that.

    2. The current composition of the squad is not a problem.

      It’s the trend that should be a concern. And whether and how it will change after the elections

    3. Is there a real trend? Then, is it that the players are not good enough, or that thy don’t get a chance to make it in the first team? There has been mismanagement of the B-team, no doubt. But one must ask whether we are raising the bar too high regarding the quality of the reserves. I see a similarity to the idea of Pep’s team – many simply compared the team to its’ pivotal moment in history and found it wanting.

      And this is true also of the Masia graduates; we should be happy if a few makes for every generation, and overjoyed for any world-beater that comes through. Munir and Sandra were given time last season, and will have an opportunity during pre-season now, too. As will, to a lesser degree, Halilovic and Samper, primarily.

      For me, if Samper shows his worth, he should really replace Roberto (who could go out on loan). Let him have a season to ‘season’, so to speak. Obviously both Munir and Sandro cannot stay. We’ll see. But these are still real chances of promotion to the world’s best team from their own ranks. Not so bad.

    4. There isn’t necessarily a trend, we will only know in hindsight. So far there has been one player who left and shouldn’t ave, Thiago. Everyone else simply wasn’t good enough, period.

      But it will be telling what happens to Samper, who is supposedly good enough, if that turns out to be indeed the case.

      There is definitely a perception that the youth system is being neglected and it’s not working as well as it should. And that things will get worse under some of the candidates for president as opposed to others.

    5. Yes, there definitely seems to have been neglect, one way or another, in terms of how the youth system (or at least the B-team) is managed. We’ll see about Samper; it will indeed be interesting. My bet is he will be kept in the B-team and given a few chances in the cup…

      It will also be interesting to see how Halilovic is dealt with; he is supposedly promoted according to his contract, but LE obviously does not consider him a first team player.

      My fear is that the conception of an excellent youth system in regression will – true or false – become a narrative that influences young players willingness to join. A self-fulfilling prophecy, as it were.

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