Barça – Racing Match Comments Post

Sorry, but no liveblog today as the blog squad is out of the house for this one.

Barça: Valdes, Puyol, Piqué, Márquez, Maxwell, Yaya, Busi, Iniesta, Messi, Bojan, Henry
Bench: Pinto, Milito, Chygrynskiy, Jonathan, Thiago, Pedro, Jeffren

Racing: Coltorti, Crespo, Henrique, Torrejón, Oriol, Lacen, Diop, Toni Moral, Óscar Serrano, Canales, Xisco
Bench: M. Fernandez, Luis Garcia,  Luisma, Moraton, Espolita, Arana, Pinillos

Take it away, folks.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Iniesta is knackered!!! He’s covered every blade of grass several times. Hope he doesn’t get injured.

  2. wow, the game ended with 8 or 9 la masia players on the pitch! Amazing

    Iniesta was all man today. He was everywhere and controlled things in the middle

    Busquets played very well in Xavi’s position and the Yaya is amazing as a DM, very comfortable on the ball and doesn’t get harassed there. Much better ball movement than last week.

  3. Why messi not joining celebration for goals especially when kids like
    Thiago scores. DO he remember how Ronaldinho supported him in his early days with senior team.

  4. I think Messi might have a problem with his knee, Deepak. He was seen on Sky rubbing it two or three times. Could account for his virtual invisibility at times.

    I’m getting a bad feeling about the reports that might come out in the next day or so for the Stuttgart game.

    1. I’m sure if it was anything remotely serious Pep would have taken him off. He probably just told him to take it easy just in case, or at least I hope so.

    2. I felt the same way when Xavi went off last week, my hope is since he didnt come off it wont be bad, but on the flipside he may have aggravated something. Anyway Positive Thoughts and fingers crossed.

  5. A- I love this Thiago cat
    B- great to see titi find the net
    C- this lineup can beat Stutgart
    D- ok, no goals for bojan, but was pretty good overall, including tracking back
    E- big stones to predict an inesta goal by issiah, you run shit clearly
    F- robinho says he snubbed us….douch
    G- How fun was our starting midfield today, further proof that we can wait a few years on Cesc, I say bring him in when he is 25 or so when Xavier is winding down.

  6. Awesome, so happy that Thiago scored! I love that he also ran back over to the bench to celebrate with I’m guessing Jonathan.

    Everyone was pretty solid really. Special mentions to Marquez, Busi and Henry who were all fantastic and of course Iniesta, who did a superb job controlling the midfield. It’s a nice confidence boost to be able to win without Xavi, particulary right before a tough away game in the Champions League.

    Any word on whether Ibra is actually injured? I actually thought Bojan did OK (he was unlucky not to score), but having Ibra for the trip to Stuttgart would be a big plus.

    1. Yeah, Thiago ran over to Jonathan.

      Ibra had some discomfort in his ankle during warm ups, but it’s not too serious. He’s still probably going to play Tuesday.

  7. Not gonna lie, I can’t wait to see the review for this one. I only watched it on a little screen while at work, so I’ll have to wait till I get home for my definitive opinion. But I think I agree with Pep in that the team needed a little more control/precision.

    But I’m happy with the result. The clowns that populate the Madrid press are crying foul over lil Canales getting booed and whistled at. He better get used to it!

  8. Toure is man. his power pace and willingness to commit tactical fouls are essential. its like the rest of the team is less nervous with him.
    he make a huge difference in the classico. delighted 4 thiago great for security purposes that a young player gets a goal. maybe a young iniesta with goals( although i heard more of a deco) Like the jeffren idea at less consequential moments. Iniesta wow. Flashbacks of last years movement with eto in the side great too watch. My 2 cents but overall enjoying a feel good victory

  9. Good game 4 barca player & fans. Barca didnt create 2 much in dis game. But can anyone tel busi 2 get sharper wit d bal.

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