Cesc Fabregas is bad luck!

I am wearing all black, because I am a jinx.

So. Here’s what we officially have to say on the Cesc Fabregas matter:

“Given the exceptional repercussions created by the stories that have appeared in different media with respect to an agreement with Arsenal FC player Cesc Fabregas, Barca flatly deny that there have been any negotiations or agreements with the player.

“In accordance with FIFA regulations, FC Barcelona’s contract policy has always made it a priority to negotiate with the club of origin before making any particular agreement with the player. FC Barcelona wishes to stress that it has always maintained excellent institutional relations with Arsenal FC.”

But let’s look at something, shall we? Since the bootlicking Barca-centric press started nattering on about this Fabregas thing being a done deal, we have had nothing but bad luck.

–Alves hurt in warmumps ferchrissake!
–The Yaya hurts his groin.
–Marquez and Pique are suspended.
–Abidal gets hurt in what was supposed to be a nice little traveling practice exhibition.
–Txigrinski hurts his thigh.

Note that this latest blow comes right after El Mundo Deportivo swears up and down that we have a 5-year deal with the Arsenal captain, that will pay him slightly less than Xavi and Iniesta.

So the obvious conclusion to be drawn is that Cesc Fabregas is bad luck. Before all this stuff happened, we were fine. Cruising along, undefeated in the league with everybody and their mamas healthy. We were chattering about our glut of defenders, and what a luxury it was.

And now look.

My view is that Arsenal can keep their plague-backed talisman. What’s next? Locusts? First-born sons becoming EE fans? Carles Puyol being dragged away by flying monkeys?

This Fabregas business has to stop, and I mean right now.

That is all.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. but if that did not happen, I would be content wit either Ribery, Silva, Suarez or Douglas Costa(just transferred out of Brazil…look him up) as a summer acquisition.

  2. CLUEess(john), The thing is that I prefer a XaviKeita role with Iniesta in a more advanced role than a Xaviniesta . Which means that I even put a Xavi-Busquets or Busquets-Iniesta partnerships above a Cesc included partnership.(But I am already aware I am the minority in that matter).

    Yet, Silva is better than Cesc complementing Xavi. Silva is closer to Iniesta than Cesc while Cesc is not really the new Xavi. Sorry, but he isnt.

    If I will take your 4-4-2 diamond and analyze, the question is:

    For 50 M, is it better to buy Cesc and play:

    ——ibra messi

    ——andres xaxi





    Or is it better to buy Villa and play:

    ——Villa ibra

    ——andres xaxi





    I know what I will choose. The only reason some may prefer Cesc is that he is younger than Villa. But five years from now (thats how long you can expect villa to serve on highest level) Messi will be permanently converted to a (10), exactly where Cesc is expected to serve. And At least one of the zillion youth we have will end up proving himself. Which makes the 50 M spent on Cesc a waste of money.

    If we needed another creative player, we could have at least tried to get an almost free canales rather than paying all our fortune on Cesc. He will be a good player for the squad, but as a cost-benefit analysis, he is like a two couples buying a cow to barbecue once.

  3. Cesc would give us something that we could use, but don’t need. He is a more direct goal scoring mid who can drop deep and start an attack. We have players who can drop deep, but we don’t have a ton of goals coming from deep.

    Cesc is not afraid to take a shot from outside the box, which Iniesta doesn’t do.

    The problem comes when we give the ball away. Pep wants to maintain possession until we get a great chance, not a pretty good chance. This is the problem that Ibra has now. He doesn’t speculate like he did with Inter, which affects his qualities in a lot of ways. He will learn how to fit into the system, but it will take some time.

    Fabregas would similarly be hampered in our system, but only for a while until he learns how to operate. So, for the price, we shouldn’t get him this year, but rather wait a season or two. Bleed our youth a bit and see who can make the jump quickly. Not worth the money, and Fabregas can work on his decision making for another year or so.

    The better alternative is to get a left winger who looks to score and can feed off of Ibra. I see Ibra getting close to 20 assists next season if Messi and said winger can play off of him.

  4. If only there is a candidate that is brave enough to say ‘we don’t need cesc’, and the socis would vote for him…

    1. There’s no chance thats going to happen Bebop. I honestly feel we’re a minority when it comes to Cesc. I too feel that he should come only because he’s a long term answer to Xavi who isn’t getting any younger.

      Rationally, we’re going to need someone who plays xavi’s role eventually. How many players can we possibly think of who can fit that role. Truth is noone will come close to what Xavi brings to our team in his position. Some of the anti-cesc buying comments here suggest that JDS and Thiago will be able to fill that role – but what if they can’t? it’s similiar to comparing Kerrison to Ibra and saying he’ll come good eventually so we won’t buy Ibra. Honestly thats not good enough IMO.

      Cesc brings 6 years of experience at the highest level, he’s captain of a team that a very similar style of football and he’s ONLY 22! So he comes in, adds a few things to his arsenal of talent from Xavi and his mentor Guardiola and we’re sorted in the most crucial position of our team for the next 12-14 years!

      Cesc for Barca! The 50m tag is waaaaaay too much though. One gets the feeling Jeffren and Bojan will used as make weights in the deal 30m and the two of them. that will open up space in the team for silva or villa to come in too.

    2. It may sound odd, but I can only see a Messi-Iniesta duet taking the play making responsibilities after Xavi. Cesc has no place there.

  5. Comment by Isaiah in May 2008.. talking about the addition of Pique to our squad.. “In fact, I’m enamored with the possibilities because what if (and imagine this in your mind, right now) when we got a corner kick, the other team shat itself instead of waiting patiently to outjump our tiny child-like attackers? That would mean we could have our cake and freakin’ eat it too because we wouldn’t need a legion of tall, ugly brute forwards like Ibrahimovic! Yay!”

    That’s some funny stuff!

    1. And I still stand by my 2008 readings of what Ibrahimovic brings to the table. He was, perhaps unfairly, shown in a light of egotistical brutality, rather than as a talented, multifaceted, and willing attacking player. I’m still not his biggest fan, though I’m willing to accept that I was wrong about his style.

      What’s funny is that it’s Keita who gives us that aerial danger at the moment and I definitely didn’t see that coming. Remember when Keita did this? I do, but it made me think that that was the entirety of his game, when it’s decidedly not. Good thing Guardiola watches more games than I do.

  6. If Fabtegas could comefor about 30m, with patience and without outsized expectations, I would do the deal in about 2 seconds.

    But as we all know, if we pay Arsenal’s (fair) valuation, it comes with immense “play him now” pressure that would unsettle our club and vex its coach.

    Ramzi sums up the feelings of most of us very well. I too don’t believe that Fabregas is another Xavi. The latter is one of those once in a lifetime players that comes along, whose skillset just fits. Perfectly. Heck, I think that Dos Santos will eventually make a better Xavi than Fabregas.

    Fabregas does, as Ramzi notes, what Iniesta and Messi wil be doing for years to come. So I would rather spend my dosh, assuming that 50m number, on a Silva/Suarez combo, or some such.

    –And don’t kid yourselves. We renewed Jeffren to make him easier to sell this summer. He isn’t and will never be starter quality for us, so he has immense value as money, or a makeweight in a deal.

    –For U.S. footy fans, the CL final is going to be on FOX, an actual grownup, carried by one and all channel, instead of some footy channel only ghetto of sorts. Yes, this is good news. The story about our final drawing crazy-ass numbers probably didn’t hurt that decision.

    1. I wonder if I’m the only one hoping keirisson comes back and battles with Pedro for the left wing.

    2. Keirisson at his best is a Romario type of players. A finishing hit. He cant play as a wing. I can even bet on Bojan there more than Keirisson.

    3. I was watching Keirrison when he came on for Fiorentina, and though he never got a touch, he was holding himself onside brilliantly, and you very clearly see him watching the ball, waiting to break. Those are skills that you just can’t teach, because they speak to body awareness and strength, which gives a player the confidence to not really worry too much about battling with defenders.

      I still say we need that kind of a striker in the side, that pure poacher. I just haven’t seen enough of him to know whether he’s the one or not. One strength of Eto’o was how quickly he moved to loose balls.

    4. You’re absolutely wrong , Kevin

      Fabregas might not fit the exact Xavi mold, but he’s certainly closer to him than to Iniesta or Messi. He will never do what Iniesta and Messi can do (it terms of dribbling and direct penetration) on a consistent basis. Not quite Xavi? Sure, one could argue he’s more offense-minded, especially over the last 1-2 years. But more like Iniesta/Messi? Hell no.

    5. We’ll agree to disagree. I’ve watched every Arsenal match that I could this season. Fabregas is a playmaker, and an exceptional player, but Xavi is Xavi.

      Note that I didn’t say that Iniesta or Messi would be filling the Xavi role. I rather think that we already have someone who will be ready to fill that role, and will be able to do it a lot more inexpensively than Fabregas and in our context, just as effectively, and that’s Dos Santos.

      When you look at who we have and what they do, I just don’t see any point in spending that kind of money on Fabregas. Sorry, but I just don’t. As I said, for 30m and limited expectations (he doesn’t start for Spain, so why would he, with the same players in front of him, for us?), I’d do the deal. But in terms of who I want flitting about as a foil for Xavi, or bombing around as a false 9, it’s Iniesta and Messi all day.

      And you’d better believe that as Messi loses some of that magical first 4-5 step mojo, he’s going to settle into more of an Iniestaesque role, which means what? That Fabregas is still going to be behind two players, just Messi and Iniesta instead of Xavi and Iniesta.

  7. We don’t need Cesc. and that 50m would be better spent on Villa or Silva or Ribery or whoever we’d need to buy then plus I still haven’t forgiven him for considering to join EE last summer!

    1. You can read on their website how they make their ratings. They claim it’s the most accurate way to rate players, but I call bs on that whole Castrol ranking. I call bs on Castrol entering the world of football in genereal. And who’s stupid enough to support them in doing commercials for them? You know who…

    2. If you look at the way that the Castrol rankings are computed, you might be able to quibble with the weighting of matches in particular tournaments, but they are making an effort to apply pure statictics to evaluations of who the “best” player is, irrespective of fan fondness, or perceptions of “good” or “bad” seasons.

      Is it flawed? Dunno. Do they have bugs to work out? Yes. But if it works the way it’s supposed to, it will be a lot of fun to watch, and debate.

      Further, if you click on Henry’s name and go to his profile, you can see exactly what and how he’s doing. He is moving down the rankings, and will probably continue to do so if his drought continues. It could also be argued that a scientific method (flawed though most of them are) that ranks those things heretofore considered “intangibles,” will mean that players such as Keita, who are dynamic and very good but rarely show up on stat sheets in meaningful ways, will start getting some credit for stuff.

      But Castrol does explain how the rankings are compiled. We debated this before, when people were saying “How can Henry be No. 1? He’s shit!” 😀

      But what if he isn’t? More correctly, what if his effect on a match doesn’t just show up in balls going into the back of the net? Something to think about.

  8. recently villa’s name sprung up in of the catalan dailies.
    it says that villa is still waiting for us.
    if im not mistaken, pep told him to wait last summer.
    hopefully they will make the deal happen in the summer.
    i think he would be perfect for us, even at lw.
    he is the best striker for me but we got ibra.sigh.
    if only barca board read to my numerous emails regarding villa.sigh
    if we sign villa now, we can keep our midfield. no need to shift iniesta to LW. no one will be sacrificed except for pedro

  9. According to Sport, if Rosell gets the presidency he will give Pep full control over all the footballing decisions. This is definitely a step in the right direction and I would be surprised if any of the candidates didnt give Pep full control. As long as Pep gets what he wants and is able to make all the crucial sporting decisions then I am not really bothered about who the president is…

  10. Hahaha!! Once you get a bit of “Arsenal” talk in your business, you get the Arsenal injuries curse! It makes so much sense.

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