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For all you fans out there, here’s a note from reader Patrick:

While I’d like to think my biggest contribution to our little community is distracting Isaiah via gchat—for some reason he seems to trust my aesthetic opinion. It’s a terrible mistake, but one that you’ve all made too, so ha!

With that said, the powers that be approached me last week about ideas for a new background for the site. While I can understand if you’ve grown a bit attached to our awesome lightning-bolt-circles-winged-gift-from-god-Messi, change is good. Besides, I like excuses to not work that involve my beloved club. So I took up the challenge and came up with 3-4 truly terrible ideas. True, some of them looked cool. But, none of them ended up being very unique.

Then I got an idea. An awful idea. That is to say I got an awfully wonderful idea. But to implement it, I need your help.

See, one of the reasons why I love this club—and this site—is because of the wonderful culés I get to meet and interact with on a daily basis. What would our lives be like without getting Hectored in the comments, liveblogging, or reading just about anything soccermom thinks to write. So I want to integrate all of you, my fellow readers and writers, into the design. To do this in the way that I think will work best, I need pictures. Lots of pictures. Several hundred to be precise.

The pictures can be of you be rocking the colors, visiting Barcelona, watching the game at a bar, showing off your scarf collection, or even reading this blog. They can even be pictures of your home city, the camp nou, or the rave/party/riot you may or may not have participated in after that last trophy win. Get creative. Have some fun. I’ve posted some examples of myself below so you can see what I want. Feel free to send multiple different images. All images should be sent to .

As a final note, I want to assure you of the respect I have for your privacy and the seriousness with which I will approach the use of these photos. They will not be put to any other use, nor will they be posted anywhere on the internet. As soon as they are no longer needed, they will be deleted from my hard-drive and the email account used to collect them will be deleted as well. The basic technique I will use is called photomosaic so even when they ARE used, the image will be small enough that you don’t have to worry about any possible privacy infringement, or the bags under your eyes from staying up all night reading about Barça.


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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Here’s the pics I’ll be using to seed the image for example purposes. I’ll also be heading out around Boston w/ my digital camera and my Iniesta jersey to get some new colors and represent my home city!


  2. so ribery cant give an interview without saying barcelona, cesc is already looking for a place in barcelona and villa is waiting for our phone call!?
    we’re only in feb. and it already feels like the silly season…i need some hector pills already!

    1. Lol. It’s good to be wanted. It’s definately better than the feeling other teams have. If Messi, Xavi or Iniesta were constantly talking about how nice it would be to play for Milan or Manchester…that would suck.

  3. Breaking, APOCALYPTIC news:

    Abidal is out for 2 MONTHS ! ! !

    Is this the turning point of our season?

    1. I mean, negative turning point, if something like that exists…

      so, our defense will be:

      Time for Txigri to step his game up^^

    2. We might see a Puyol-Chiggy-Milito-Maxwell backline this weekend..

      The very bleak silver lining of all this is that Abidal may be back in time for the CL QF(if we do the business against Stuttgart)/ the Clasico at the Bernabeu..

  4. Time for Maxwell. Milito, and Chyggy to step the eff up. It seems like an abductor injury which was the same thing that sidelined him for a while last season.

    Jesus…Apparently Pique and Iniesta picked up knocks in that practice although apparently nothing serious. Did Valdano clone Pep and make the clone run practice? What the hell is that?!?!

  5. Well last year’s champion’s league final was won with a back line of Puyol Pique Toure and Sylvinho.

    Midfield control will be very important so Keita should definitely start. I’d say:

    Puyol Chyg Milito Maxwell
    Xavi Busi Keita
    Messi Ibra Iniesta

    1. Not sure that’s true. In a previous thread someone (Vj?) pointed out that he got 2 yellow cards in one match (against RM) and served a suspension based on that, meaning at least the second yellow doesn’t count towards his 5.

      I’m not positive on the rules, but that strikes me as the reason why no outlets (Sport, EMD, even the official site) have mentioned his suspension yet.

  6. On the up side, here are the next 8 matches in the league:

    Valencia (home)

    Note that the ninth match is El Clasic.

    I’m sorry, but we should be able to win all of those (Valencia will be trouble) without Abidal, just as we should be able to dispatch Stuttgart without him. The most immediate concern is this weekend, in hoping that the bad ATM shows up.

    Then we get Pique and Marquez (yes, I said it) back, which will help immeasurably, and Alves probably not long after that. We have to play up though, because recall that last season, much of our funky spate coincided with Abidal being out for about the same period of time.

    1. Completely agree with you.
      At first, I was completely shocked, but actually only ATM might get tricky.
      But if we play with Lou’s suggested line-up, Keita plays a bit more defensive than usual and Busquets doesn’t give away too many balls, we should also take that hurdle.
      Oh, and if Abidal’s recovery goes well, he’ll be back in 6 weeks. Gl, Abidal

    2. Yeah, and the story with injuries this season is that what is initially a long time, they tend to make ‘miraculous’ recoveries.

      I’m actually banking on Abidal to be back in 3-5 weeks 😀

  7. Sad to see Abidal pick up a knock, he had been playing outstanding in 2010. This weekend’s lineup (if Puyol is fit) ((did I just type that?!?))

    Puyol Txigs Milito Maxwell
    Xavi Keita Iniesta
    Messi Ibra Pedro!

  8. Actually thinking about it I might prefer to see a lineup of:

    Bartra/Dalmau – Puyol – Milito – Maxwell


    Maxwell – Milito – Puyol – Muniesa


    Puyol – Fontas – Milito – Maxwell

    instead of seeing Txigrinski play. I hate to say it, but he got smoked by Aguero last time they met, and I’m worried about his lack of pace when faced with Aguero and Forlan.

  9. Firstly, I like Maxwell on the Right wing. I am not comfortable with him on the left wing.

    So my lineup:

    Maxwell Txignasty Milito Puyol(he has played here before)
    Busi Xavi(*) Iniesta(*) Keita(*)
    Messi(*) Ibra

    * – free role to interchange positions as a forward/midfield.

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