Weekend Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a good weekend, or at least a better one than Pique and Marquez. Hopefully your buddies/life partner/imaginary friends bailed you out and despite your horrid tackles, you were able to come away with all 3 points. I had a good enough time trying to find a place to watch the match–we went first to Woodwork (whose name I suddenly understood as I walked from the subway to there in the cold), but they apparently don’t have ESPN Deportes despite promising me on the phone before that they would have the match. So then we returned to my house and watched the match on the DVR, which was fun. Damn you, DirectTV and your nonsensical positioning of ESPN Deportes in a different package than all other things. Also something happened in Miami. You may have noticed. So a pretty good weekend, yeah.

To the random things we keep track of on this site…

-The newly released standings for the League Prediction Challenge (spreadsheet here) puts reader Kevin O in first with 24 points. I’m sitting way back in 6th with 13 points thanks to Zaragoza and Xerez’s continued lack of total suckage. Zaragoza has been absurdly good since the transfer window allowed them to pick up some players–they’re 2W-0D-0L (5GF 2GA).

-The Fantasy group has improved slightly since I’m now in 17th after a monster week where I garnered points for Messi, Xavi, and Villa scoring and for Depor defender Alberto Lopo picking up a few points for a solid 0-0 draw against Malaga (who were without Weligton). If you want to keep track of this stuff better, check out the Fantasy Liga blog run by Yahoo! here. You’ll know just who is suspended, injured, and/or unlikely to play. Mes Que Un Club had the best week with 104 points after Fernando Llorente went off the hook with 2 goals, including a match-winner and Domingo Cisma scored as a defender. That’ll always help. Whoever is OhCrickeyIt’sMESSI!!!! had a phenomenal first week with 93.50 points (Banega, really? You chose Banega?), but has a looooong ways to go to get into contention. Hat Trick still sits in first with 1,136pts, 25 more than MQUC. I am currently gunning for FCBASH (reader Achraf) who has the audacity to be just in front of me with 914pts to my 912. If only I had a keeper who played…damn you German Lux.

-The Kevin Rating Synthesis is back in full effect. I haven’t updated you on it in a while, so here’s the latest installment of interesting anecdotes from that. The match at Getafe was the first time four perfect 10s were given out (Team, Guardiola, Iniesta, and Busi); previously Messi and Puyol had received 10s in the match at Racing (W, 1-4), but weren’t accompanied by Team or Guardiola. Beyond that, the Getafe match was our best rated match of the season, with an overall team average of 7.92* and a team median of 8. Only the match at Racing achieved a similarly high median, but with an average of 7.43 which is the second highest to date. The lowest overall rating was 5.57 against Almeria (W, 1-0).

The player with the highest average league rating is Abidal at 8.33 (median 8.5), followed by Valdes at 7.84 (median 8). The player with the lowest average league rating is Jeffren with 4.00, but he’s only played in one match, so the award goes to Bojan Krkic with 4.25 (median 3.5) followed closely by Rafa Marquez at 4.30 (median 4.00). The overall team average is 6.57 through 19 matches.**

Let’s hear your say in the comments.

*I don’t include the Team or Guardiola averages in the “overall team average”
**Neither the Athletic nor Real Madrid matches were counted because Kevin did not do the reviews (I did) and so there are no numbers to compute in the KRS. More specifically, it would be folly to attempt to put in the numbers I used as if they were his because we approach the ratings in a different manner.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. You know, I have to agree with Kevin’s ratings. Abidal and Valdes have been our best players and Bojan and Marquez, for the most part, our worst.

    1. LOL! I just noticed this and it’s hilarious

      Go to this link: *http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atletico_Madrid
      Read the first bolded word (ie. Club Atletico…..) and especially the abbreviation.

      Is that where the nickname PATHETICO came from?

    2. Ooops, that wasn’t meant to be a reply…but I do agree with you agreeing with Kxevin on Abidal and VV being our best players.

      I prefer to stay out of the ‘worst’ player arguments.

  2. Haha well Iv actually been unable to log in again so I haven’t changed my team since the first week. So that i have been able to get 914 points is amazing. So call it jaw-dropping luck rather then audacity :D.

  3. Abidal has been a beast this year–is it the impending WC or what?– BS.com has just noticed VV’s renaissance, that started TWO YEARS ago (2008–the first part of the 08/09 season), and apparently Busi isn’t suspended for the Atletico match.

    As Ibra’s goal scoring drought continues, maybe a look back at happier times is needed…P! and RayRay style.


    1. Maybe the second yellow against EE counted as a red and not a yellow and the fact that he served a suspension for that may be the reason that we have a proper DM for the Atleti clash..

  4. wow, Ribery dropped hints to opt for Barca!! Not trying to start another debate about our next signing, but I am just happy for us to be able to sign someone EE spend so much effort trying to sign. and at the end he come to us. just feel so wonderful this way.

  5. I’m second place Yo!

    But, Isaiah, if I understand correctly, the points we have right now won’t really matter, right? only the points at the end of the 19 matches?

    Like, we don’t get points every week… only one set of points, right?

    1. Yes, just one set of points. Still a long ways to go, but in the next 3 or 4 weeks we’ll see who we need to have do better or worse (do worse, Zaragoza!).

  6. By the way… in ex-Barca news, our former short term hero, Maximiliano Lopez scored for his new club Catania in only his second game. Funnily enough, he scored in one of his first Barca matches v Chelsea with an absolute beauty. He just couldn’t ever score his second goal. Oops.
    He went to Russia, Mallorca and then Gremio but has found a new home in Italy. Best of luck to him.

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