Suarez Hates To Lose

Midway through the World Cup news regarding Luis Suarez joining Barcelona started to emerge. Fans were furious at the fact that we are signing someone with such a terrible character. Let’s just say Luis Suarez is not a person you want to look up to. From Suarez being involved in acts of racism, to actually biting his opponents, the fans had every right to be furious. Not only did the club sign a player of terrible reputation, they also signed a player who was banned for four months.

However, according to Luis himself, his arrival at Barcelona signaled a new beginning. This new beginning meant that all his horrendous acts will be put aside. Luis Suarez considers that he now has a chance at a better life. He believes that his dream came true the moment he put on the Barça shirt.

You could write a movie script about Luis Suarez’s complicated character. The romantic story regarding his girlfriend and how he played football to get her back tells you one side of the story. The other side of the story tells you that he is a psychotic freak of nature.

When asked why he was involved in such hideous actions, Luis Suarez replied: I hate to lose. I don’t know how to lose.

This is a terrible reply. It doesn’t justify his actions. Then again, nothing justifies his actions.

However, this reply brings me to the part I’m interested in and it was never his character. Actually, I was never interested in players’ characters to begin with. This brings me to Luis Suarez, the football player.

Luis Suarez’s ban ended on October 25th 2014. He was directly involved in El Clasico. This match witnessed Barcelona losing 3-1. Unlike most players on their debut, Luis Suarez had a huge impact on the first half. His pass to Neymar led to the first goal. Another beautiful pass to Lionel Messi could’ve made Barcelona have some sort of advantage against a very lethal opponent.

And this is what Luis Suarez is all about.

I remember watching him play for Liverpool hoping I’d see him in our colors. Not many players in the world can make an entire team look good. The last time I checked only Lionel Messi could do that. This, of course, does not disregard what Brendan Rodgers did or what other players were capable of but it was obvious that Liverpool had a player who was on a higher level than the others.


Regardless of the fact that I hate evaluating players based on stats but the qualities & quantities shown above do not portray a normal player. Suarez is no normal player. We notice so much dominance and completeness in only a very few number of players in the world.

Luis Suarez is not your usual striker. His selfishness is a myth.  He is a playmaker with the ability to score beautiful goals. He’ll lose the ball and fight with every inch of power God has given him to get it back. He is of killer instincts. His intelligence on the field is indescribable. He is always one step ahead of the defender and has the ability to predict the defender’s next move. His technique while receiving the ball to set himself up for a pass or a shot is sensational.

A lot could be said about his talent but more could be said about how passionate he is.

Whether with Liverpool or now with Barcelona, one thing hasn’t changed. He’ll absolutely play his heart out in every single match he is involved in. When he scored a simple tap-in against PSG he was ecstatic. For a second there, he did not care how he scored or against who. All he cared about was the fact that he finally scored in the Camp Nou & in the competition he always wanted to win (his second goal in this competition).

Luis Suarez’s character might not be the fans’ favorite however a part of his character brings back something the fans really needed to see: passion and working your butt off.

Enough with poetry, though. The fans want hard facts and results. Can you blame them?

Barcelona spent around 80 million for a striker whose stats read: 2 goals, 6 assists.
However this does not look so bad when comparing it to others(again, excuse the stat):



Adapting to Barcelona’s style of play is in itself a challenge to players no matter how great they are. This, of course, is not my assumption. Thierry Henry, Alexis Sanchez and others have all admitted to the fact that players learn a different type of football as soon as they step foot in Barcelona.


Playing alongside Lionel Messi is the toughest yet most beautiful thing in the world for a top player. It is beautiful because the player finally finds someone who is on a similar mental level. It is tough because the player is no longer the main man and you can feel it. From Suarez’s hesitation in front of goal to his constant need to pass one touch passes he isn’t sure of. Suarez is always in a rush and seems rather shaky on his first touch.

With that said, there is no need to worry about Luis Suarez.  Intelligent players like him always find a way.  He took Liverpool to the top and his impact on that team was no coincidence or fluke.

Scrolling through my timeline, reading news, and opening articles I noticed a certain tone among the majority. Some have already declared him a failure. Many simply disregard that Suarez has been an active Barcelona player for only a month and a half. And in this month and a half he produced moments of absolute brilliance that should remind the fans of what he is actually capable of.

When Suarez first arrived here he said: “I am here to win trophies”.
I am pretty confident that he’ll be a crucial and decisive factor in winning any trophy in the upcoming months. After all, Suarez hates to lose.

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  1. barca96
    December 18, 2014

    I’m sorry for the OT but I read that Abidal has never scored a goal in his career and even on Wikipedia he doesn’t have a goal. I thought he scored one decisive goal in a Copa match I think it was against Madrid or Sevilla. A Copa goal should be counted as a goal too or am I dreaming that he did score?

    • December 18, 2014

      It’s written under his stats in wikipedia that the scores are just for domestic league appearances.

      He has scored two goals for Barcelona, both in CdR, one vs Real Madrid in 11/12 and the away goal vs Athletic that let Barca go further on away goals.

  2. luisthebeast
    December 18, 2014

    What a great post!!!Luis hate to lose!!!Yeah thats why he was my favourite non barca player and the best transfer since ronaldinio!!

  3. Benj
    December 18, 2014

    I miss him… Can you all please do me a favour and just omit his name from any further articles? Its just… to much for a Liverpool fan to bear…
    I’ve said it before on this space, Luis is one of the 3 most amazing footballers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of being able to see, with Leo and Ronaldinho the other two. Your comment that he isn’t a striker, but a playmaker that can score a boatload of goals is so accurate and reflects everything that we came to see last season. Selfish? I think not. If we are 1-0 down or tied with 10 minutes to go, he may go on a couple of ‘all or nothing’ runs, but what forward worth their salt wouldn’t?
    He may have done some inexcusable things, things that can’t be brushed aside with statements like ‘I hate losing’, but he is just a joy to watch and I hope he continues working his magic in his new life at Barca.
    Visca El Pistolero. YNWA.
    PS: If he can’t recreate his magic, name a figure and we’ll take him back!

  4. ooga aga
    December 18, 2014

    anyone notice that the next round of copa del rey, played the first two weeks of January, pits us against Elche. Next to us in the bracket is Atletico Madrid-Real Madrid, we play the winner!!

  5. Mapple
    December 18, 2014

    Very nice article. Barca has real chance of winning champions league. If suarez settles quickly, he can lead us single handedly to champions league glory with Neymar and Messi.

    Very excitedly waiting for Man City clash.

  6. Tata2
    December 19, 2014

    Nice article and also snappy. Have a man united fan friend who keeps on going on and on about how Suarez isn’t his self at barca and even compared the progresses Diego Costa and Sanchez have made at Chelsea and arsenal respectively to that of Suarez. This was made was by evaluation of Luis as a failure. Hmm… seriously? a failure after just 10games considering that he didn’t even have a preseason with barca. writers are so over their heads they would publish any article to sell

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