Barca v Getafe liveblog

By Kxevin

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  1. For the record (and note that this is a first comment that lacks the mere fact that it is first), the LiveBlog is something that folks here look forward to, and we should take every opportunity to make one happen for every match.

    So ignore that comments post.

    1. Dude, what about my comments in the last two posts? They’re the first ones but they don’t mention it! πŸ˜€
      The ‘unlike this one’ goes without saying it πŸ˜€

  2. My preferred lineup:

    Alves – Pique – Milito – Maxwell
    Xavi – Yaya – Keita
    Messi – Ibra – Henry

  3. Wow. Not sure about how our passing will fare but never mind. Let’s see what Pep has in mind. Iniesta is in top form anyway.

  4. I’m at work so due to firewalls I can’t access the liveblog. All i Can see is a red card for Pique on the gamecast on soccernet. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on?

  5. Were one up – Messi absolute gem of a curler into the corner. Playing well but Getafe are coming back into it since Pique’s red card. We still look dangerous when going forward. Iniesta has just performed the best turn I’ve seen since he did it against Man U last year.

  6. I thought Milito was a giant in this match. He’s played less than 45 minutes the entire year and comes up huge. I was also impressed with Maxwell, didn’t do his normal routine of conceding corners all over the place. Abidal was of course everywhere, shutting down attacks and contributing to our attack.

  7. FUck Marquez. ANOTHER cheap goal allowed because his lazy ass wasnt paying attention. It was a great game until he decided to ruin it. I have no sentimentality left for that dude. Get lost.

    1. Agreed. Now with Milito back we definitely dont need Marquez anymore. How great was Milito tonight!?!?! To come back from such a long term injury and put in a performance like that is just astounding. Most players who are out that long never come back the same. It was so good to see him play well.

      Messi and Iniesta were both incredible today. So proud of the team who had to work really hard to secure these points. So annoying that Pique got sent off, though deservedly so. We were all over them up till that point. Even with 10 men we could have won this by 4 or 5 goals.

      VV must be starting to get pissed at MArquez. Another clean sheet squandered as a result of silly, lacklustre defending on his part. Who lets the attacker get in front of them like that? He should take some lessons from Milito…

    2. WELL SAID! Yes, I imagine VV is even more pissed at Marquez now than he has been at Chygnasty. Maxwell, surprisingly, played well at right back today.

    3. He probably should learn something from Puyol. I am talking about Marquez. I could see Puyol would not foul that guy if he was in his shoes, because Puyol knows, he knows, he just knows how good the goalkeeper of Barcelona is. When there is nothing more you can do, try to let go and let VV do his magic. Conceding penalty is the worst thing for a defender to do.

    4. He deserve to be benched for the rest of the season. sell him to italy or england or vietnam, wherever.

    1. Looks like Espanyol is rolling over like dogs. Ah, well. As long as we take care of business, it won’t matter what the EE does.

      Nap time. Later, everyone. Great liveblog!

  8. So whose idea was it to extend Marquez’ contract?
    92min into a match that you are already down to 10 men so why does it seem a good idea to bundle over their striker in the box?

    Good game all round except for Pique & Marquez’ moments of madness.
    Maxwell was fantastic in the first half and less influential, but solid in the second.
    Milito was also great and looked like he had never been out.

    Hopefully that refereeing ends all that stupid conspiracy shit. 2 reds and a penalty against us.

    Espanyol could do us a favour tonight but are already 1-0 down to the EE.

    1. Nope, to the conspiracy bit. AS is already saying that Abidal gave up a pk in the first half and that Messi’s goal shouldn’t have counted because Ibra was offside and he could have thrown off Codina. Sigh.

      Oh well, fuck ’em. Tack on another 3 points, baby!

  9. Ok. I’ve now watched it about seven times. Abidal loses the flight of the ball and ends up handing over possession with a flailing kick. Marquez sees the ball going forward so moves out – as should all the defence. However, Maxwell and Milito don’t move out playing the attacker onside. Marquez is caught wrong side by a deflection and can’t tackle. Attacker realises this, stops dead and gets the penalty as M basically runs into him. Can’t argue with the decision although he was making no attempt to go for the ball. Has to be a red as well but easy on the abuse of Marquez. If I’ve called it wrong tell me.

    Btw, that was another gritty performance with some lovely touches considering we were down to 10. Not best pleased at Pique for going through with that tackle. He should know he’s not quick enough for that.

    1. i dont wanna defend marquez, he just sucks. it might not be directly his fault, but his wayward causal bad passes got on my nerves time and time again. i just don’t wish to see him play for us for some time.

    2. Has to be a red as well?!!! For what?! Contact, running into him? You make it sound as if it was a bad tackle from behind. They got the penalty, but a red card?! Not even a yellow one if you ask me. Just award them a penalty.

  10. In my mind Milito just cemented his spot as first substitute at CB for us.

    Next week will be interesting, Pique and Marquez suspended. Hopefully Alves will be better by then. Question is, do we go in with only Txigrinski on the bench?

    I’m hoping either Muniesa or Fontas practice with us this week, ideally both.

    1. i get some comfort in knowing that yaya can more than handle himself at DM if he needs to, but next week will nevertheless be interesting. it’s wonderful to see us “park the bus” barca-style, with 3 holding DMs on the pitch at once + xavi and iniesta.

    2. nevermind re: yaya covering things β€” he’s out for about 2 weeks, according to initial reports.

  11. Correction, I think Maxwell did make it out far enough. I think it was just milito left playing him onside.

    1. Marquez could not have positively influenced that play from directly behind Kepa.
      If he was diagonally behind him, when Kepa stopped, Marquez would have had an opportunity to get a block in. If he had done that, and Kepa got the shot off then one of 3 things happens, he scores, it gets blocked or it goes wide.

      As it happened, Marquez was directly behind him so when he stopped, Marquez just pushed him over for a definite penalty and deserved red card. Bad decision making, not bad tackle

  12. Gaby has done great in every game since he’s been back.If he can keep him up it can only bee good news for us, and for Argentina as well, that is is, if Maradumber doesnt leave him home.

  13. 10 men was still good enough after Piques’ red, but was better after marquez’s intro. until his red.
    I’m still proud of Barca team with that so-called makeshift defence. But injury time penalty ruined the victory a lil’ bit.
    Hats off to Pep for great substitution IMO.

  14. How impressive was Xavi’s goal. I mean, how many teams are a such a threat to score with a 2 on 4!? plus the keeper! That was inspiring.

    1. If only Keita could have finished one of his chances, both of them would have been spectacular goals.

  15. I forgot to mention, Busquets’ entrance was incredibly important. He certainly has the street smarts to win freekicks and get opponents booked in situations like todays.
    Yaya is still a better DM, as he showed with his no nonsense one and two touch plays in the first 25mins, but when Busquets came on, he really did his role exactly as asked.

    It was nice to see Ibra take his substitution well also. He could have thrown a hissy fit, like CR9, but didn’t.
    I missed having an energetic striker like Eto’o tonight. Ibra doesn’t have the tenacity and energy to endlessly close down defenders like Eto’o would have. We should at least have someone like that in our squad.

    1. I didn’t like the sub at first, but Busquets definitely showed his puto de calle skills today πŸ˜‰

    2. i agree with eto’s comment. he was sorely missed in a game such as today’s which we created so many opportunities that only needed a killer touch at the end. but ibra is yet at his best, and like they said before, ibra is here to make a new system, not to fit into one.

  16. You know what? This ref would have sent off 8 players in the Merseyside derby today. I guess Madrid press has made its wished impact on the refs. But AS will probably once again blame the ref for our win because he didn’t send off enough players.
    I’m really pissed now… no PiquΓ©, no Marquez and maybe no Puyol and Alves if they don’t recover for the match against Atleti? That’s a nightmare πŸ™

    But great performance and mental strength from our side, all in all we never looked in danger of losing this match. Congratz to the whole team.

    1. Couldn’t Liveblog, but watched the game. Our early aggression and play before the Pique red card was just awesome! Maxwell was really tearing it up on the left–now we (arguably) have 2 Brazilians at right back (Maxwell needs a bit more work, but I like, I like. Oh! And he didn’t give up any corners…! I think πŸ˜€ ).

      Puyol was suspended, so we have him back against a Bipolar Atleti. We have a bad@** Milito back and ready, who I prefer over Marquez anyway. The red might be a blessing in disguise TBH. I don’t hate Marquez, but everyone (except Captain Caveman) has taken the heat of a CB. Pique had it but turned it around (sloppy for the red.) Now, it’s his turn. ). Abidal is fit, so right back is the only real issue. With the emergence of Maxwell at right back, and Dani’s superhuman healing powers–I’m not TOO worried about Atleti. Oh, and this is the perfect time for Chygnasty to prove his nastiness.

      Going for either

      Alves (sub: Maxwell)-Puyol-Milio(sub: Chygnasty*)-Abidal

      *You could also switch Milito and Chygnasty. If Chygnasy has a bad match, then Milito can replace him, which I feel more comfortable with, but I’d like Milito to start because he had a monster game and deserves to start.

      BTW, Messi led the line like a real 9 today–and his passing was a 10 πŸ™‚ .

      Abidal was so boss πŸ˜€

      EE Press, two words: Cinco.Puntos. When you get it down to 1, then we’ll talk. ’til then, you can print all the crap you want. No-one except delusional Madridista give a damn anyway.

      Speaking of which, Pericos are giving them their customary 6 points a season, but meh. EE fans also think that teams are rolling over for us–maybe the Pericos are just that bad πŸ˜€

    2. Just saw jordi’s post. Guess it’ll be:

      Maxwell(sub: Dalmau/Montoya/Muniesa*)-Puyol-Milio(sub:Chygnasty)-Abidal

      *Wishful thinking, but gotta add them! Plus, who knows with Pep? Situation may call for it πŸ˜€

    3. My sentiments too: Maxwell did very well for the right wing. With Alves out for 3 weeks Maxwell will get a lot of game time on the right wing with his performance today.

      Maxwell Puyol Milito Abidal
      and the Rest.

  17. dani out foe 3 weeks and yaya 10-15 days. Abidal Milto Puyol Maxwell defence for Atleti then ?

  18. Cieran, it wasn’t Marquez who chose to be directly behind the attacker. The ball takes a deflection ( off Keita I think) and ends up slightly screwing over his head and directly behind him. Once that happens the attacker is directly in front of him and almost immediately slows down. I’m not sure Marquez even had the option to let him score and stay on the pitch because of the sudden slowing down although that is unclear.

    You could I suppose argue that the defence shouldn’t have tried to come out but if you watch it again you’ll see that all three (Maxwell, Marquez and Milito) immediately head out when Abidal kicks the ball. The only difference is that Marquez makes it while Milito isn’t even looking across ( and he has nobody to mark). He strolls out and ends up as the sole player playing the attacker onside. Not having a go at Milito here. I think he is making a great comeback.

    Th point I was trying to make was that again Marquez is pilloried without having made a huge mistake. There were a number of small factors which added up to that position developing.

    1. disagreed. because it all started out with Marquez’s own super causal bad pass lobbed from our own box to the edge of our circle, trying to find iniesta. the pass was so bad, and so sudden, EVERYONE thought we were in control and then we were on our back foot in the next second. He was in that position to defend because he was the one who made that damn bad pass.

    2. I think the replays I saw didn’t cover Marquez’ bad pass. And I seem to have forgotten the offside issue discussed above. But anyhow, I just can’t defend for MArquez. forgive me… I am sad.

  19. just a few points to make about todays game and comments during the liveblog.
    1. Marquez as always proved that he has shit for brains. the man either plays really well or terribly, there is no middle for him which can be scary. Militio having a good game though makes me less pissed about it though since we wont be needing marquez if he keeps it up.
    2. Messi is a five alarm fire right now everytime he touches the ball something magical can happen. Iniesta is finally back in form making sound decisions with his dribbling and passes, he just needs to get the monkey off his back and score a damn goal for us already.
    3. The referee today had to make a statement today in response to the EE’s bitching so i’m glad we got our result even though we may not have gotten any of the calls we deserved.
    4. just to prove that i wasn’t making things up when i said i had seen kaka burn messi with the ball at his feet before here’s a link. If we can i would like to see what people say about who the fastest footballers are with or w/out ball at feet…..

  20. -Almighty Messi-

    Messi is a more convincing man of the match after i saw the replay of that curve ball in the 5th minute. if you haven’t seen it yet, TAKE A LOOK! It curved so much and so perfectly to the goal. Goalkeeper couldn’t see the least bit of the ball until the last second as the defenders got a pretty good coverage of the goal. Even Pique and Iniesta who were running out of the offside position couldn’t see it coming. Pique, who was in the further side of the goal, has his gesture suggested something like:”oh hell! am i blocking the goal?!” and then the ball is in the net. what a goal. just, What. A. Goal.

    i am also very pleased with messi’s assists, runs, determination to attack and stay on his feet. i don’t take things for granted. he could easily take a dive or two with the way he plays, but he chooses not to. and this time i didn’t see him a dribble too far. he was doing things with the ball very reasonably, and more importantly, fantastically!!

  21. This was a great character win for us. Were you watching, RelaΓ±o and friends? This is how you handle “ref adversity”. Shut the eff up and win! That said, the two reds were harsh but technically fair I guess. The ref pardoned Boateng his second yellow too many times and did not even give a yellow for probably the worse challenge on the night (on Messi studs up from behind) but I can’t complain about the reds.

    -Maxwell had probably his best game in the colors so far or at least his best 30 or so minutes (when we were even numbers wise) and a solid remainder of the game…on the right? This should at least make us feel a little more comfortable about missing Alves for a few more weeks.

    – Milito was a man-beast. Maybe he had a role in the Getafe player being played onside on the Marquez penalty but he was a beast for the whole game. He seemed like Puyol’s long lost headbanger twin. I can’t believe this is only his second start after being out for a year and a half. Congrats to Gabi for his perseverance and his effort. His tactical sense and command of the backline was astounding considering the circumstance and how long he was out.

    -Abidal was another beast. How many times did he gain 10-15 meters in stride on a counterattacking Getafe player to break up counters? The guy has a human nitrous-oxide system. When he hits BOOST, he is a jet.

    – Iniesta had his best game so far this season IMO. Excellent on the wing and in midfield during the same game. He finally put one together for a full 90 game. Now if somebody could FINALLY teach him to shoot the damn ball πŸ˜€ .

    – The Yaya sub was out of necessity due to his injury. I was more curious about the Busi for Ibra sub since I would have thought that having a target man up front to hold the ball up would have been beneficial under the circumstances but that’s why Pep gets paid the big bucks. The 4-3-2 we played against RM when we went a man down worked because RM did not have enough width with their 4-2-2-2. However, Albin and Rios were wrecking too much havoc on the wings and our three man midfield was being shifted from side to side with cross field passes. So, Pep went with Busi to re-enforce the midfield and spread it out a little more to avoid being caught to one side and give us more defensive width. Great call in the end. Also, good response by Michel in immediately bringing in Manu del Moral (a winger) for their fullback when Pep too away a forward (“you take away a forward, Ill add an attacker”). However, Keita and Abidal had the left on such a lockdown that Busi (in a defensive libero role) was able to assist Maxwell a lot on locking down the right. It was the Parejo sub that to me disrupted their rythme. I cant understand that one.

    – Messi was text book today. Not much more to say there.

    Shoot… Im tired. Come to think of it… Everybody minus our two redcarded centerbacks and Ibra played amazingly well. Great effort and execution. I can see why Pep would be pleased with this one. Now lets worry about bi-polar Atleti. Talk about a scary game with Alves, Yaya, and Pique out. That’s as good a bet as any for us dropping points. When those guys get it together (usually the second week after every full moon), that offense can score a bunch of goals on any team in the world. Which Atleti will show up?

  22. Messi’s goal (in English)


    Look at that curl! Freaking amazing. Poor Kxevin is stuck with the Ratings. Just know that we wouldn’t want anyone else, Kxev. And let the Blaugrana be with you πŸ˜€

  23. How you guys think Ibra played 2day???

    i am really starting to worry for him now…Hes not BANGS from the start of season anymore…

    1. I wouldnt worry, the goals will come.On another day he would have had 2 assists and a goal in the 1st half.For me he played better than the last few matches so thats positive.Form is temporary as they say, and as for class, He has that in abundance.

    2. Oh man, he was brilliant today. He made all the right plays when he had to and it wasn’t his fault that several times people didn’t put away great assists.

      Messi, for instance, had one on his foot with just the keeper to beat and couldn’t do anything with it, much as Ibra couldn’t quite get the ball in the net after a brilliant turning of the keeper in his 1v1. If Ibra scores that goal, does everyone say “what a great game!!!” or do they continue to ask questions of him?

    3. I thought he was better and had his moments of genius but he was also inconsistent. If I have a pet peeve when watching games its stupid/soft turnovers. He committed several today and quite a few of those were in compromising positions. So yeah, he was not bad by any means but not great either. You know BANGS is my guy but he can do much better than that.

    4. Bangs, currently, lacks the motivation to go for the ball. He holds back for just that microsecond(this is the mentality in Italy that attackers don’t defend), but I belive Pep will make him want to retrieve the ball as his first instinct. He can do much better.

  24. -Pique-
    i still disagree with Pique’s red. They were both going for the ball. But Pique was a tad late, yet the foot was laid, so I think he kinda tried to raised his foot to block the ball. Consider how early it was (25th minute) and how pique was doing (no harsh tackles, nowhere near The Burgers’ crazy-ass kicking) He should at most be yellow carded. I mean, if both sides are running at the ball, you can prepare to see them collide with each other and one of them or both get hurt. The ref of cos don’t see the motive of Pique, but a straight red is just not right. Call me classless or whatnot, we won a game, but he got 2 defender suspended. if madrid’s press really gave the ref some pressure and tried to show the world that barca are in not favor, they succeeded. this ref was making unfair calls throughout. one standard for The Burgers, one standard for us. I am just feeling to sick of it. This is not about the 3 points. this is about justice.

    1. I disagree. Pique’s red was truly deserved. It was late, high-booted, and into the knees. He never had a chance at the ball and still went in hard and high. That’s how you get a red card.

      Marquez’s was less a red for me.

      Boateng deserved 4 or 5 yellows.

      Yet we outplayed them when we had 10 men for more than an hour. That is how you prove your beat-team-in-the-world-ness and even scored and could have scored several. And then with 9 men we probably could have scored too. That is how badassedly badass we are.

      The thing that worries me the most is not the defensive line, but rather the defensive midfield role. Keita will have to fill in again because Busi is suspended for yellow cards and The Yaya is out injured (who put kryptonite in the ball!?). That means Iniesta-Xavi-Keita and then Henry or Pedro! back into the front line.

      Notice how much we missed Iniesta’s presence when he subbed off for Pedro!; despite my love of Pedro!, he is obviously not a midfielder capable of doing the whole “dominar el balon” thing that Iniesta proved so versatile at today.

    2. I just realised Busi was suspended myself.That kind of complicates things for sure.I guess like every year the Atleti game will piss on our goal difference.I can really see another 4-3 game (hopefully in our favor this time).We havent lost a league game with iniesta in the team since 31st August 2008, BTW so lets hope he plays for the rest of the season πŸ˜€

    3. Where did you guys read that Busi is suspended? Count me as even more worried if that’s the case.

      Marquez’s foul was technically a penalty. The obvious dive would have made some refs not give it or at least reduce it to a yellow but according to the rules, it is one. He was also technically the last one with the foules player through on goal. IF you commit a foul as the last man, its a red. A harsh interpretation but its by the book. Marquez is a veteran and should know better.

    4. It should be “IF you commit a foul as the last man outside the penalty area, its a red.” cuz then u deny the other team an almost certain chance for a goal if the player was runnin towards the keeper. But if it happens in the box, they get a penalty, no need for a card, unless it was a bad foul.

    5. It “should” be but alas, technically, it’s not. Following the letter of the law, a straight red should be given if you are the last defender and break up a direct goal scoring opportunity. Just because refs aren’t always consistent does not mean the decision is wrong. it was a soft ass penalty which happens ocassionally to everybody but the RFEF is not gonna overturn that red. We can complain about it but it won’t do any good. The bottom-line is that Marquez is a veteran who should have had more “picardia” or street sense and thus have not pressured him from that angle. Its situational awareness. You are up 2 goals with less than 2 minutes of injury time remaining, don’t risk a red. If they score, they most likely will not have chance to get another shot anyways. Let VV deal with that one. I’d forgive a young’un but Rafa has to know better.

      That said, OMG how the Rafa hate flows. He was having a good game up to that point and it was his recovery/pass that set up the Messi-Xavi counterattack.

    6. Hector, could you actually post what the “letter of the law” is? My previous understanding was that the actual wording does not include the “last man” reference

    7. Well i saw he had 5 yellows here :


      So if its up to date we’ll have to play with Keitee there or maybe pep might surprise us and throw Dima into the fire

    8. We just have to wrap keita in cotton wool till the next game cause if he goes down too, we are screwed.

    9. Ahhh. Good job catching it before all the Spanish dailies then. Next week is going to be stressful as hell then. We gotta have our defenders and mids wrapped up in cotton all week long like you said, Jordi.

    10. i think he had a good chance of getting the ball, he was a split second late. i agree with a card, but just not red. the height of his foot wasn’t really knee high, it hit the other player’s knee because he slid for the ball as well. questionable still, not convincing to me.
      replay //

      iniesta is magic. he can easily be the next ballon d’or winner, only if he starts scoring. but we might be asking for too much of him, are we?

      about the dm, i think keita will man up when he is needed to. he did really well last time.

  25. Wow, now I expect lots of youngsters to practice with the squad. Missing two midfielders? – bring up JDS and Thiago. Missing two defenders? – bring up Fontas and Muniesa

    We have a light squad, but I’m excited these guys get a chance to be looked at

  26. clieee he was well late we can all go on about it for days. he was late and got sent off and lets move on.

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