We’re in the money, we’re in the money ….

We got a lot of what it takes to get along!

–We made money last season! 8 million Euros to the good, to be precise. Between all the prize booty, exhibitions, etc, our beloved club finished with a profit. An actual, true-to-life profit.

–In the “ex Barca” file, Harry Redknapp has him some Monument. Our own Eidur Gudjohnsen has a home in Tottenham. Yay! It’s a loan deal, but it’s expected that he will be able to stay. Monument should do quite well in the Premiership, as he shone with Chelsea.

–Our Brazilian hummingbird, Dani Alves, has a muscle pull, and might not play against Gijon. Back line possibilities, anyone? Puyol/Pique/Milito/Abidal, is what I say. After an in-depth examination by our physios, serious injury has been ruled out. But a match-time decision will be made as to whether he will feature. Personally, I say don’t risk him.

–Cuddly Toy Speaks: “I’m very happy to be able to work at a club like Barca. I’m surrounded by a fantastic group, who really believe in me and I’m trying to respond to that by helping as much as I can. I’m keen to continue fighting for a place in the team and I want to make it hard for the boss when he has to pick his starting 11.”

When asked about the possibility of him leaving the club, Krkic added “I’m not even thinking about leaving. My teammates and the boss are all good to me and I’m very happy here – I’m just focussed on Barca.”

Tell you what, the kid’s got class. Think about how many players would be clamoring and howling. Hell, Giovani Dos Santos howled himself right out of town.

–On the “to do” list: Piquenbauer should be signed soon, and will have a man-sized buyout clause. Next on the agenda will be locking up the four young’uns in question: Jeffren, Assulin, Dos Santos and Thiago.

–The Yaya is back in Barcelona, but will not feature against Gijon. And frankly, if we need our Great Destabilizer to dispatch them cats, we’re having bigger issues. Busquets also practiced with the squad today, and apparently kicked out the jams in doing so.

And that’s what I know so far.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. I would be severely pissed off if we let JDS and/or Jeffren slip away from us. I do not feel the same way about Assulin and Thiago. They’re all young though and will probably all be stars.

    1. On the other hand, some would say (have a hunch Hector might say) that Thiago is the most indispensible of them all.

  2. -You forgot to mention (again lol) that Gio dos santos joined Galastaray, and therefore is reunited with rijkaard! 🙂

    -Btw, is it match day yet? Man, it feels weird to not have mid weeks matches! Does anyone else feels that we’ve been seeing less Barca recently?

    -I read that Bojan comment a few days ago and I too was impressed by his class. He’s never moaning and we don’t have to worry about his rumors unlike those linked with Jeffren, Thiago, JDS , The Yaya, etc…

    -“Cuddly Toy speaks”. That part made me laugh out loud hard for some reason. Maybe it just imagining him as a cuddly toy who, well, speaks………..bwahaha 😀
    What’s wrong with me?

    1. im kinda happy cos i dont have to miss 2 days of sleep.
      missing sleep on saturday is no problem for me to catch barca play.im in asia so they show the matches around 3-4am.sigh

    2. Seriously! I’m glad my team’s getting rest but lately Arsenal’s totally overshadowed my other favorite team by playing just an endless string of games. Next up is Man U, then Chelsea…then Liverpool! Meanwhile in Spain, a Barcelona with virtually no injury problems and an almost unbelievable proportion of rest (must be because we’re out of the Copa) comparatively squares off against Gijon. DOMINANCE.

  3. ugh i hate not having a mid week match. life is soooooooo boring without barca games.

    off topic, but does anyone play dreamfooty at footytube.com? I am currently 29th out of like 18,000 and I feel quite proud. Although fantasy football involves literally no talent on my part haha.

  4. Does anyone really think it’s important putting a giant buyout clause in Pique’s contract? I think he’s fairly settled and delighted to be back.
    It would be like if someone paid Xavi’s buyout clause… would he move?

    I do like having a heavy Catalan/Spanish presence in our squad.
    First-choice Catalan keeper &, if the re-surfaced Asenjo rumours are to be believed, a back-up Spanish keeper.
    Assuming Chygrynskiy learns how to play football by next season we should have Puyol, Pique, Marquez, Chygrynskiy & Botia available for central defense, meaning 3 of 5.
    Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta & possibly Thiago, JDS or even Cesc in midfield.
    Messi, Pedro, Bojan and maybe Silva also available upfront. It’s a very solid foundation.

    1. Muniesa shouldn’t be promoted yet, he’s just 17. I don’t Pep will promote anyone under 19 anyway….not after what happended with Bojan and GDS.
      Muniesa may be the most talented but Botia (and Fontas maybe) are ones who are ready…

  5. Actually, I forgot to mention poor Henrique… He scored a lovely header for Racing in their 3-0 away win v Osasuna in the second leg of the Copa del Rey quarters.
    Goal two of 3. Sergio Canales also scored a beautiful freekick. Such a pity he’ll end up at EE.

    1. True about Canales, but in EE land they’re already anguishing over whether he’ll languish. He certainly will if be goea there now, but he’s expected to remain at Racing until seasoned. And it ain’t like we need help in the midfield department

    2. Canales could i think be fitted to play on the front wing of a 4-3-3, but he’ll never play in a similar position for Madrid. or, at most, he’ll languish at subpar clubs “on loan” or sit on Madrid’s bench, because those kinds of attacking players are the ones they’ve always bought from overseas under Perez. he’s certainly not going to displace Ronaldo or Kaka for years, the 2 players who’s positions in Pelligrini’s asymmetrical 4-2-2-2 he could best fit into.

      so that’s a pretty disappointing move, not because i expected (or wanted) Canales to go to Barca but because a club like Sevilla or Villareal would have benefited so much more from his presence and Sevilla especially have a history of giving promising young players a shot to prove themselves. the years from 18-21 or so are crucial to a player’s development at the highest level, but he’ll spend them “on loan” instead of getting a taste for the highest quality football. shame.

    3. My thing about Canales is that Pep is probably not too crazy about him. I mean if the reported deal is true, then 6-10 million euros is something we would have paid in a heartbeat for a youngster that is supposed to be that good. Obv Pep is not convinced otherwise we would have made a stronger move for him.

    4. The thing about Canales where everybody is missing the boat is that he is a left footed player, and sometimes tactically it is a big deal to have a guy who can play that way up front.

  6. If Pep is going to look for a possible backup for alves next summer, any idea who it would be? Are there any names being circulated out there for that RB position? I know Filipe plays as LB, but can he play on the right as well? Or will Muniesa/Fontas be playing as a second string RB next season?

  7. – 8 million is good news. One of the reasons this is probably come up now is because of all the noise being generated from some of the candidates about the club being bankrupt. The public announcement still doesn’t throw any light on our overall financial status though.

    – Bojan knows he’s part of perhaps the only team in the world besides Arsenal where you learn oodles of stuff even ur not playing. He’s also seen his fellow youth friend Dos Santos crash n burn when he left early.

    – I remember Corey mentioned in the podcast with Isaiah that he wasn’t too impressed with Canales overall play and I’d agree with him. He’s cool and sublime infront of goal.. but I guess the reason Pep doesn’t fancy him much is because we have Pedro who does the same and is much much quicker and Barca through and through!

    – Jose, If we do sign a right back, it isn’t going to be a world class guy who has to play week in and week out. Alves thrives on the fact that he plays that many games – if we let him rest regularly, it may unsettle him. Phillip Lahm would be a good bet. I personally like Glen Johnson.. is he good enough to play for us?? Meh

    – Hope all the young’uns sign new Pro contracts esp. Assulin! He may not have erupted like Pedro! yet but there’s so much Messi in him it’s “untrue” (Gerry Armstrong’s favourite word)

  8. while we’re talking about Pedro! or Henry, MD is talking about Silva or Ribery…Pep’s dilemma.
    how i love our papers

  9. why should we spend money on a player who will not get much playing time.
    we might as well promote, muniesa, fontas or bartra.
    win-win situation.
    or puyol can be moved to RB. and milito or any of the youngsters can get some playing time.

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