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We’ll talk about the Cesc transfer a little later; for now, here’s a place to let your thoughts loose re Brazil – Croatia.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. YUP, interesting news floating around.
    Higuain is coming, Xavi agrees to move to Qatar.
    At least it’s much more interesting than watching France vs. Honduras.

  2. What’s up with the starting line up from Argentina… 5-3-2 with Mascherano as part of the three man midfield.
    It’s very defensive for a favourite. It’s basically Kun, Di Maria and Messi charged with all attacking

  3. Messi’s work ethic is no better for Argentina than it was for us for most of this season. It may be the reason for so many defenders but even Kun is out running him

    1. The even bigger problem is that he has lost the ball every single time he tried to play it forward, either through dribbling or when trying a penetrating pass.

    2. Something has to be wrong with him… its painful to watch. Disappointing display by the whole Arg team.

  4. If this is what Argentina has to offer,then many teams will run riot on them,they’re way too poor

  5. They’ve got no Single midfieder,this is a joke seriously,who the fuck picked this ARG team

    1. Seems super conservative. Masch is the new Xavi? Maybe their coach thinks that playing defensively and winning ugly is going to get them the cup. I think I have seen Di Maria touch the ball once.

      Maybe the strategy is to wear teams down and then run at them with Messi, Di Maria and Kun late in games.

  6. I’d replace Campagnaro with Gago and Maxi with Higuain and go 4-3-1-2
    Much better balance

  7. I think lio should start thinking a little selfish,limit his passing and start shooting,cos if it ends this way,the press is gonna be calling for his neck alone

  8. Finally! Goosebumps all over my body. You could see how much it meant for him. So emotional. Hopefully he can relax now that the elephant is off his back.

  9. Checking in after a while.
    Lots of talk around the world cup here.
    I don’t know if the Cesc transfer has been discussed here already, maybe I’ve missed it, but how many here think the 33M fee constitutes a good deal? Is a Cesc at his peak, well versed with and proven in the PL, worth less than a Yaya Toure? How is this fee justified? Doesn’t his gaudy stats alone command a better fee? Or is Barca so desperate to offload him that they feel this compensation is more than adequate? I just don’t understand. If anybody has a clue, please do enlighten.

    So, where are we at? Xavi is nearing 35 & clearly declining, Thiago and Cesc Fabregas – the apparent heirs for the midfield have been sold for a pittance. What’s the plan here?

  10. A vintage Messi goal! It was telling to see his reaction after the goal – never seen him celebrate so violently. Who knows, perhaps he has not been “saving himself” for the WC, but merely been unable to be distracted by it, looming in his mind? Will be interesting to see next game; I though he worked rather hard in the game after the goal, seemed engaged and hungry. Lead by example. If it Higuain’s first touch and Aguero’s general display would have been better, Leo would have himself a few assists as well.

    Some thoughts:

    -Messi did not function well as a forward, but he was very promising in the AM position with attackers ahead of him, instead of far wide.

    -Higuain’s back heel to Messi showed what we have known for some time now: he needs someone to play off. But should it be Higuain in Barcelona? Why not Sanchez and Neymar in the forward positions, with Messi as playmaker (as cieran has suggested before: 4-3-1-2)?

    -Please do not buy Aguero (and keep Alexis). He can do better than this, of course, but I don’t see him offering what we do not already have in abundance. Instead, buy Zabaleta…

    -Mash had a good second half; in the first, he was given too much attaching responsibility – he is not one to rule the midfield in this manner and was caught in position a few times.

    1. Neymar and Alexis can’t play with their back to goal and they’re too weak to hold off defenders.

      Ya Messi changed when he moved into #10 slot or false 10.

      I like Zabaleta too but it’s near impossible to get him. Strong RB. I liked him for 2 seasons now. Always solid.

      Masch did ok but his passing was pretty poor when he is under any sort of pressure. There were times when there wasn’t anyone pressuring, just some Bosnian players around, he still rushed and misplaced passes.

      It’s a different ball game playing the ball from the back and middle of the park. I really doubt he can play DM for us. He has always struggled whenever he played DM. This was mostly in his first season.

    2. I doubt Alexis is too weak. Still, there would be movement and teammates up ahead, not just a wall of defenders when Messi comes running.

      Well, Masch should not be a starter for us, but I cannot think of a better, realistic back-up for BOTH DM and CB at the moment. Let Samper grow a year or two…

    3. Neymar as a central forward with Messi playing behind him would not work at all. Both need the ball at their feet, both are essentially playmakers who beside being good passers also create a lot of opportunities by dribbling and scoring. Or dribbling and passing. Instead of creating space for each other they’d get into each other’s way.

      Higuain is in many ways the perfect striker for us, although I can envision Alexis playing the role as well.

    4. I don’t know. Not as a single center forward, I agree. But pulling back Messi a little more; allow Neymar freedom to roam to the left (like Aguero), Alexis to the right, not hugging the side line. Midfielders slightly more defensive; wing backs on the flanks. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but what would be the alternative? Draggin on with the pure false 9? Some 4-2-3-1 tactic?

  11. Thanks to Mourasaint I found this;

    “A bravura MESSI goal!!! A goal of pure,naked genius!!!! His touches were softer than a butterflies wings and then a surgeons knife cutting slingshot into goal!!! LEO THE LION ROARS! You can only deny genius for so long….no one playing the game on this planet could construct and finish a goal like that…NO ONE!”

    — Ray Hudson’s Twitter feed.

  12. I keep on reading rumors about Xavi joining a Qatari club. This sounds real. I don’t understand why the club would want to let him go. He was again the player who kept it all together for Spain (not so in the 2nd half though). A couple of through balls in that match should’ve resulted in a goal.

    And even if he wants to leave, why Qatar? I can’t imagine none of the big clubs want to sign him.

    1. My guess is that supposedly Xavi has a chance to earn 32 mil over the next 4 years in Quatar. It’s a great deal for him. Xavi probably has only one more good season to give to Barca, so maybe its best that he go. We’ll see at the end of the summer what happens.

  13. Here is an interesting article that claims that Spain is in more trouble than certainly I thought. The claim is that with such a lopsided loss, Spain has a very low probability of even getting out of their group (25%). It is based on Nate SIlver’s 538 blog. The guy was at first a baseball statistician, but called the U.S. elections almost perfectly, so I respect his work:

    Does anyone else think that Spain is in so much trouble? Even if they beat Chile, a lot else has to happen including, of course, Holland beating Chile also. Holland just has to play for the draw with Chile and then they go through on top of the group anyway.

    1. If Spain is as good as I thought they were, they should beat Chile and Australia, and have a good shot at beating even Brazil in the knockout stage. But after the 1-5, I seriously doubt my judgement regarding how good they are. I can’t even tell whether it’s a mental problem or a tactical one with the team.

      Not the best round for Iberia, this one…1-9 aggregate from two matches.

    2. I Spain doesn’t beat Chile they’re in serious trouble. Even a draw will most likely see them out of the group, because goal difference is the first tie-breaker.

  14. What’s up with Germany and their top scorers? Klose came close to Ronaldo but it looks like Muller will definitely overtake Ronaldo.

  15. It is rather strange that Germany doesn’t have more than 1 world class defender besides Hummels when all other positions in the team is stacked with world class players. Per Metesacker is the best one they could come up with to partner Hummels.

  16. Stronger, Taller, More hardworking, A proper midfielder & not a false 9 who clouds Iniesta and Messi’s zones.
    It’s official. We got him.

  17. The dirty Portugal team destroyed, Pepe red carded, CR crying for penalties and now Rakatić officially announced. Great day ^-^

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