Love/Hate poll: The Results

Y’all didn’t think that I was just going to leave that sit, did you? šŸ˜€

Without further ado, here are the results of the Barca love/hate poll. But first, a word on methodology. Anybody who ran a laundry list of players past the filters, got their first name chosen, the theory being first to mind=most beloved. So there.

Most loved: 3-way tie between Xavi, Iniesta and Messi
Most hated: Marquez, in a landslide
Interesting to note: A few players made both lists: Krkic, Alves. Busquets was second place on the hate list, and Keita even made the hate list, though with caveats.
Most surprising name(s) on the hate list: Alves, Ibrahimovic
Surprising they didn’t get more votes: The Yaya (just one)

Finally: Yes, Hleb made some lists, but those votes didn’t count, since he isn’t a current player. Neener, neener.

By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, Iā€™m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, Iā€™m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Sign me up for doesn’t understand the Marquez hate. The man was not only a rock in our defense last year, but has been a loyal servant to the club for many years. For some reason or another he’s seemed to lose it this year, but in my opinion that’s no reason to hate the man, just reason to pray you don’t see his name in the starting lineup.

    1. i hate to disagree with you.but IMO he has never been a rock.
      tom me, before he was like busquets. i always skip a beat when he touches the ball. he loses the possession quite often. but people seem to forget that because of the occasional good passes that he makes.and he used to commit a lot of people just waltz pass by
      and now he really doesn’t deserve to be on the bench.
      milito and muniesa should be ahead of him.

    2. of course, if you started watching Barcelona from 06/07 season onwards, he was never a rock in the defense for you. Fact is however that Rafa was one of the main pillars why we won the 06 Champions League and when healthy and in form is still one of the best in reading the game, headers, opening the play etc.
      He was excellent in 08/09 but 05/06 he was probably one of the best 3 defenders in Europe. The simple fact that we didn’t concede a single goal in 05/06 from open play in the Champions League is testimony to his greatness.
      Now, I would understand a little bit if some US soccer fans hate on Marquez because he plays for Mexico and whatever, but Barca comes first and denying Rafa’s service to the club is quite ridiculous.
      To me personally it’s ridiculous at all to hate on any player in the team who gives 100% in ever game but anyway.

    3. i watch barca since 1996.
      from there my name.
      i know he was top 5 defender before 2006 but i just never liked him. like i said earlier, he loses the ball quite a lot.
      like busi now.

    4. well..if you say he was a top 5 defender before 2006 but never a rock…you kind of contradict yourself, don’t you?

    5. His service to Barca means I tolerate Marquez and will nod approvingly when he does well, but his play for Mexico means I don’t hesitate to rip into his mistakes mercilessly.

  2. hey kxev cant tell people no to hate hleb cause we will always love eto’o he’s not a current player either šŸ™‚

    amazing everybody hates marquez though i agree milito, muniesa and even chiggy should be ahead of him. he had a good world cup 06 but started slipping after that. home vs liverpool comes to mind

  3. guddy to spurs, a move i like:

  4. In terms of tenure and quality week in and week out, there’s only one winner here – Xavi.

    In terms of “Hate” which is a very harsh term, I’d probably give the Razzie to Yaya šŸ™‚ Personal opinion.. No bashing please

  5. Guardiola got a ton of mentions, for sure. But always as part of a list from people who …. well …. you know. šŸ˜€

    No bashing, Reagan, but expect your own personal eclipse any day now.

  6. marquez ok I can understand but why busquets? his screwups are in his ADN he can’t help it! Remember his dad? šŸ˜‰ he’s from la masia, still young and he’ll get better

  7. Well, I think that the Marquez ire comes from this season’s performances. He was very good right up until he hurt his knee last season, and he hasn’t been the same since.

    poipoi, if you can’t understand the lack of fondness for Busquets, how can you understand it for Henry? Some would say that at least the Frenchman hasn’t cost us goals, right?

    It’s why love/hate polls are unscientific. As with my Matt Suhey example from years ago. It was irrational. He was a very good NFL fullback. But even when he scored a touchdown in the Bears’ Super Bowl win, I booed inside, because I just didn’t like him.

    So I think that when people like or dislike a player, that’s just life. You can discuss it, and lay out your reasons for that feeling, then keep on rolling.

    1. busi is catalan, from BCN and from la masia. it shouldn’t be the main criteria but that should help his popularity.

  8. Yaya is back: *

    But won’t start training till tomorrow, which means he probably won’t play in Gijon.

  9. What?! I’m the only one who voted for The Yaya?!
    Oh well, The Yaya doesn’t need half baked votes he already controls who votes what šŸ˜€

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