Gracies, Equip, aka “Thank you so much for being superhuman”


These are tough times. Poor babies that we are, we have to suffer through a team that finished second in the Liga, in it until the final match, made the Copa final and Champions League quarterfinals. In a sport in which a two-year cycle is extraordinary, our team has been at or near the top since 2008. Six years.

The club has been, and is under assault from every direction from media to its own supporters and people who have been lined up, waiting for Barça to fall as “I told you so” rings throughout the halls of the Camp Nou, shrieks from the fronts of newspapers and websites, a conga line of people who are lining up to kick dirt on the face of the prom king.

So this post is going to start and end saying what I think every last culer needs to say, right here and right now: Gracies, equip. Thank you for the fun, the joy and tears, taking kicks and various fouls, scoring goals and making the effort to do the colors that we love proud. Thank you for everything.

Not winning sucks. But it’s part of life, and it’s part of football, even if we culers aren’t all that experienced with it for these past wonderful seasons. And maybe, just maybe it explains the ugliness, the taking after players on the team and club that we love so much.

In an effort to sum up this season for me, it comes in one word: heartache.

From the Iniesta family sadness to the death of our Mister to great players deciding, for one reason or another, to leave the club it has been a heavy season for anyone who loves this team.

It has also been a tough season for anyone who loves this club as vile men consumed by power and money, have brought us a team that has been neglected for so long, that falls just short of the ultimate prize. Do they care, or are they counting the bonuses and incentives that will not have to paid as part of the bottom line, for the next presser in which a board member crows about record profits.

And is that even a fair question, we must also ask. The neglect that appalls us, the Pollyanna in me, has to have a root. The stadium, or more than that? If these men who are tasked with seeking the best for the club love the team as much as so many of us followers do, then what happened? Why didn’t our crown jewel get the baubles it deserved and needed so desperately?

Now comes the even more difficult part, where people unsheath knives to take after players, clamoring for sales, loans and various jettisoning. Pique this, Fabregas that, Mascherano the other, Song just because.

That isn’t going to happen here.

What is going to happen is my very simple view of what went “wrong” this season, something that comes in one phrase: everything all at once.

It is impossible to point fingers because from top to bottom the entire club came up short, from the board that runs it to the players on the pitch. The collective performance added up to a season without major silver, something predicted by many before the year even began.

It all started when Tito Vilanova had to step down because of a recurrence of the cancer that would eventually claim his life. Names flew hither and yon before the arrow settled on Gerardo “Tata” Martino, a man who had to take over a team in which he had no say, didn’t really know any of the players except from watching them on TV, and shoulder the task of fashioning them into a force that would meet the standards of a demanding global fan base.

He also had to figure out how to integrate a player that much of that fan base deemed unnecessary, a Brazilian show pony named Neymar.

Things started out brilliantly as a swashbuckling Barça began tearing up the Liga, battling for the top of the table, winning its Champions League group and looking like it was off to the races. Then things began to happen and suddenly, everything was different.

Rumors flew, accusations surfaced that people either defended or figured were probably true, depending upon which individual or group was tagged with the allegation. The team soldiered on, beating over two legs a Manchester City side that was supposed to be its Armageddon, but things weren’t the same.

Then came Atletico Madrid, a group of players who were everything that we weren’t: a team that believed. And they dispatched us in Champions League, helped by an away wonder goal then creating a noise-augmented buzzsaw at home. They took the lead in the Liga as we began to falter until another, our final chance, reared its head in the final match of the season. Win and we are champions. Lose, and they hoist the crown. There, they did what they do as did we all too often from March on in this season, and that was that.


We should get our minds around the notion of failure, as opposed to having a very good season in which a team came short of the ultimate prize. There are piles of teams and hordes of fans who would kill for what we call failure. But Barça is supposed to win everything in sight, right? It happened once, and it is supposed to happen again and again and again, because it feels wonderful and is our birthright.

This is, of course, the profoundest nonsense. Matches don’t happen in a vacuum. Ever since that one year when the team won everything under the sun, teams have been trying to figure out ways to stop our team from ever doing that again. They came up with various ways, even calling upon a volcano eruption. And while we didn’t win everything under the sun, major silver was the norm until the last season of Annus Guardiolus, in which “only” the Copa was won.

Such is the standard set by the memory of a glorious season, in which mere excellence becomes failure.

Of boards and neglect

If you want to keep something great going in a competitive environment, you have to keep figuring out ways to keep hitting the refresh button. But that is also very difficult, because things are going really well, so what’s the problem?

In the visionary world of talented leaders, the good ones understand the need to kick things in the pants. Guardiola wanted changes. Vilanova wanted changes. Martino didn’t have time to know WHAT he wanted. Those changes weren’t made. Versatility was lost, mental and physical fatigue worsened and suddenly, that really good thing that was doing great was a stagnant thing that people — not all of the people, but the ones at the very top of the tree — could get their minds around and stop.

In came a new coach, a caretaker as it turns out, who had to figure out how to win races with a car that has been needing a tuneup for four years, and was misfiring on a couple of cylinders. And it worked until it didn’t, because when that coach looked down his bench for a solution, a diversification, a way to change things up, it wasn’t there. Staring back at him were auto-promotions and role players, and things got worse.

Often in the case of sports, the most expensive buy is the one that you don’t make. The board failed this team, this collection of home-grown superstars, a once-in-a-lifetime collection of talent that deserved better than men so focused on the setting for the diamond that they allowed the diamond to become chipped and dirty.

I am sure that they have their reasons, even as whatever the reasons are I probably wouldn’t agree with. Tell me it’s the building, and I will say the Camp is good for another few years. This irreplacable batch of players isn’t, that brilliance has a shelf life defined by age, opponents and fatigue.

And who shall lead them


The party line is that Martino was in over his head. It’s a conclusion that was borne out by results. It’s also a conclusion that, like the stories about training intensity, blablabla, were NOT rearing their heads when the club was kicking ass. It’s a malleable conclusion that fits a narrative.

What happened? Dunno. From this questioning outsider’s view, Martino backed off. I have no idea why or for what reasons, but he backed off. The Barça from the start of the season until February wasn’t the Barça that shuddered to a stop at the end of the season. Whatever happened, Martino is culpable as he, for whatever reason, turned turtle. If you are going to go down, at least go down with your own ideas, fighting your way, rather than being damned for the wrong reasons.

Possession-based, attacking football degenerated into some bastard form of something alleged to be tika taka but was really something of a mess, with players forced to hold the ball too long while under assault from pressing opponents, poor passing angles and immobile players. Counters came from turnovers and attackers ran at our defense, a group designed to pluck and knock balls away after they leaked through a press, not play Katie Bar the Door. And opponents scored. Not at the rate approaching the previous season, but they scored.

More painfully, they scored from set pieces.

During matches, changes have to be made that can turn the tide of the match, tactical or player shifts that are capable of altering the outcome. Too often, Martino didn’t make those shifts and changes. Looking down a bench that too often didn’t have a match changer sitting on it isn’t an excuse. Assuredly, there were many times that he had no options as he watched things fall apart but ultimately, the coach came up short of extracting the maximum from his charges, for reasons that only he and the players know.

And now, like so many people this season from presidents to Masia administrators and team legends, Martino is leaving, doomed to be thought of as a bad coach, rather than someone who we really have no idea WHAT kind of coach he was. He is a good man who got a crap deal. He is being replaced by Luis Enrique, a man who, if he doesn’t get HIS signings and the full backing of the board, will find himself in the same boat as Martino, with eventually the same results.

We get some intimation of that support with the announcement that “the club agreed to accept the recommendation of Andoni Zubizarreta that Luis Enrique …” In other words, it’s your ass if it doesn’t work, ZubiZa, not ours.


Blame touches everyone

When we look at our team of hyper-talented players, these are players who know what they have to do. They didn’t have a manager who smacked them on the butt and said “Okay, go get ’em!” They had a plan, a system, a notion for how to approach a match, and they fell short of executing those ideas.

Barça football is “pass and receive, pass and receive,” even in its possession-based sense. Keep the ball, move the ball. Players have to be aware of passing angles and moving to present options for teammates, as drawing board becomes real world. Reality became a stagnant mess of an attack that relied upon individual magic. That works against other teams not as talented, or teams that also rely upon individual magic, such as RM. Against a locked-in team willing to run until its legs fall off, individual feats almost always fall prey to collective endeavor.

On set pieces, there is a plan, notions that too often went awry as opponents went unaccounted for and did damage. Even in a match with the Liga championship on the line, Atleti equalized via a bit of truly shambolic defending.

You can’t blame the board or Martino for that. Passes weren’t being completed, balls were being lost and opponents weren’t marked. You can’t blame the board or Martino for that. Too many times in too many matches, the team was a mess, a group of geniuses who didn’t know how to come in out of the rain, so to speak. Then they would discard the system and team for a shot at individual magic, which played right into the hands of opponents. You can’t blame the board or Martino for that, even as the years of sporting neglect created fatigued, fried players.

You can go on and on, through every player on the roster and you will find moments where he came up short, moments that make singling out any one player an exercise in time wasting.

From top to bottom, everyone came up short this season. And even at that, the team was close enough to glory to be able to taste it. A goal here, a goal there. A little more focus here, a bit more there. A winter signing that wasn’t made, a summer signing that should have been augmented, a coach who stopped doing the right things for players who fell short of even doing what they know. Top to bottom as everyone instead searches for the contention that will absolve certain players as others are tagged with marks of scorn.

Tag one, tag all.

That the bar is so astronomically high for this club says something not only about the expectations of its players, but the history of the organization. Close isn’t good enough, even as the team had an excellent season. Key players are moving on or retiring, others will be sold. A new coach and a new starting goal keeper will be arriving along with a pair of loaned sons. There will also be other squad additions as finally, a board does what it should have been doing all along. And people will talk about possibilities, and how everything is better and more promising, etc, and then the matches will be played as the players do their jobs. And the cycle will repeat itself. There will be signings who aren’t good enough for culers, new unfavored players and more malleable narratives. Because that too, is how it goes.

Yet in looking back at this season of court proceedings, injuries, tragedy and sadness, I can’t be mad at anyone. They tried, even as they came up short. Did they try their best? In my worldview, encapsulated in the notion that no matter what you did, you tried your best in the very conditional notion of that thought, yes. And they got close, ultimately undone by a confluence of things, everything all at once.

For the struggle, the joy, the great moments and hope, all that I am left with is to say, as should we all, “Gracies, equip.”


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Written by:

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. Rami
    May 20, 2014

    To quote a variation of murphy’s law….”Whatever can happen, Will happen”.

    That trophy-less season has always been heading our way, It was simply a question of ‘When’, All we could ever do is hope that it stays away as far as possible, But reality doesn’t give a single shit what your hopes are, It decided that it’s time to pay a visit and knock the door.

    What we saw is progression, A natural progression, There is ascend, Peak, Descend, And bottom, It’s a one way street, You can’t go backwards, You want to ascend again?, You’re going to have to finish the road all the way to the end pal.
    So if we look at what happened in another perspective, Nothing really went ‘wrong’, Everything is moving in it’s destined, Inevitable conclusion, Our love and faith in our team, Made us overlook the reality.

    So like you said kevin, All we can say is Gracies, equip, And thanks for the journey, It’s time to start a new one.

    • Inamess
      May 21, 2014

      Given what Enrique did say about Masch, it would be odd for him to be leaving though I was under the impression that this player was. I’d imagine at this point most players and their agents have made their preferences about whether they want to stay here next year none.

      I would also think that the club also know which players they want to leave at this point too.

  2. Inamess
    May 20, 2014

    For me, last Saturday’s game was not disappointing because we lost, but how we lost. Again a great effort by a team that is just about at the end of it’s sanity and strength concedes an ordinary set piece after another wonder goal.

    But in football, I have become an agnostic and will no longer let a missed goal or questionable ref’s call decide the fate of how we look at our team. Atleti deserve their trophy, but our team could have had it too. I love my team, but I am just glad that our club didn’t get the chance to celebrate because we have not conducted ourselves well enough this year to celebrate anything other than the end of an era and the end of a great team.

    Now it is on to becoming a better club, turning the page, and as a wise man said in his first Inaugural seek “the better angels of our nature”.

    Gracies, Equip!

  3. morph73
    May 21, 2014

    Kudos Kxevin… This is a very good article describing all the points perfectly.
    I have been kind of absent from the commenting section for a long time due to various set of reasons but have been reading all the articles and comments diligently.
    Also I think Rami’s comment above about the path of progression aptly describes what I had to think about the season and the team.
    I might get a lot of stick for this but would like to say that this team had to fall so that it could rise again.
    The changes within this team, that were required, weren’t being made at appropriate times due to the team giving as much as it could to win all the times.
    The board saw that the team was still managing to pull off results, record breaking Liga & CDR in 2 years as an example, and hence thought change wasn’t required yet, which wasn’t the case.
    Now after this season it became very obvious that we can’t pull it off with the current crop of players, be it because of mental exhaustion, tactical inadequacy etc, and we require an injection of fresh ideas, tactics & players.
    I am a bit disappointed that the changes came late but am hoping that the changes being made are for the better and am eagerly waiting for the new season to come…
    Visca Barca…

  4. First signs and quotes all looking good.
    Was particularly happy with Enrique’s stance on Mascherano.
    If only he had said a similar word about Sanchez, I’d be thrilled.
    Cannot wait for the damn season to start and it’s gonna be a long wait. Looks like our new mister is going to bring back the intensity we had lost. Promising. Have never cared about winning, only effort and desire. Looks like Luis Enrique is intent on making the players RUN. Deja Vu much?

  5. May 21, 2014

    So far, I have to say, everything I have heard from Lucho has been great. Style will stay consistent but must evolve, players will need to work hard in order to earn their place, nobody is an automatic starter (hope that includes Messi) and intensity must return. Oh and he mentioned that more than a coach this team needs a leader and OMG YES!!

    It doesn’t sound like great news for Cesc though since he is the only player that got the “lets not talk about individuals” treatment. Neymar, Messi, Macherano all got praised when asked about.

    Does anyone know if there was any mention of Alexis in the press conf? He is one of the players that I REALLY hope stays.

    • Inamess
      May 21, 2014

      To me Cesc is the biggest question for next year. I don’t know how you can build a team for next year without first knowing whether he will stay or go. You either partially tailor the team to fit Cesc playing in midfield or you ask him to leave.

  6. Messiah10
    May 21, 2014

    I know I may get stick for saying this, but I really hope Spain don’t advance out of the group stage this WC. Our players need a rest. Alba perhaps not, but Xavi, Ini, Pique, Pedro, & Busi all need a nice Summer vacation to recharge their batteries. I’d say the same for Messi, but he was injured for a significant portion of the season. Alexis never needs a rest & came to us a few seasons ago, so all the wear & tear of 60+ games a season hasn’t caught up with him. Our players have won so much do consistently that they’ve had no rest for almost 7 seasons! That’s insane. ’08 Euro-’14 WC. Crazy. They were going 2 have this type of season as has been mentioned. I only disagree that it could have been pushed a few years down the road by investment, rotation, & increasing our squad size. None of those happened, so it came sooner rather then later. I’m excited & cautious about next season. Ter Stergen & Enrique will need some bedding in time. As well any new signings. I hope the press, supporters, & team give them that.

  7. I don’t want to make a meal out of Enrique’s presser, but I am really happy for the acknowledgment of Mascherano’s leadership quality. He’s one of the players I’d really be said to see go.

  8. ciaran
    May 21, 2014

    Lucho tried very hard not to be drawn into discussing the futures of any of our players.
    He was asked different questions about players that people are going to read too much into.

    He was asked about Xavi but in a vague sense so basically said that he is a friend and that he would discuss all their plans together. When asked about Masch, it was whether he was going to use him in defence or midfield, he said that he didn’t want to be talking about individuals but Masch is a leader. He was then asked about Cesc’s future and basically said that he doesn’t want to talk about individuals again which I don’t read too much into. Bartomeu made sure to mention that Cesc still has two years left on his contract though.
    He was asked about Neymar’s first season so answered that.
    They asked about Messi’s happiness so again not exactly the same

    • Inamess
      May 21, 2014

      I wanted to respond to your post, but my web browser is going crazy. Would be interested in your opinion of Enrique and what you might expect from him given his original experience managing a big club at Roma. Also, it would be strange to praise Masch and then see him go but that is at least my understanding of what probably will happen.

      Seems like the club’s position at this point is “let’s forget everything that happened this year and pretend we made the manager signing that we wanted originally”.

      Maybe that is for the best, but we shouldn’t whitewash the many problems that remain.

      • ciaran
        May 21, 2014

        I love Luis Enrique. I did when he was a player, I loved what he done with Barca B, I liked what he tried to do at Roma and then he took a relegation candidate and finished 9th on a very small budget. To put it simply, if we finished the season like Celta did we could be champions.
        He is ultra competitive, and demands huge levels of fitness from his teams. It was a learning curve for him at Roma but they are a better team now partly because of him.

        He is just enough of an outsider to make hard decisions but close enough to the club to be backed and given authority to do so. I wanted him last summer but better late than never right.

        The next two weeks are going to be vital. We need to find homes for all the dead weight and make decisions on some first team players’ futures.
        For me you can only keep one of Song or Masch and Alexis or Pedro. Dani Alves needs to go too in my opinion.

        If his plan is to give Masch a place in midfield I understand even if I don’t fully agree. People say that he can replace Busquets for different games but I have issues with that. Firstly, we are a small team and the 2 CBs and 1 DM all need to be good in the air at a very minimum. Secondly, I think that either our sub for Busquets needs to have similar skills (Daley Blind) or more offensive abilities (Vidal, Pogba or Rakitic) as an even more defensive midfielder like Masch will take away from our attack more. Also, I don’t like the idea of having another DM that can’t really play alongside Busquets in big matches and I don’t see Masch being suitable. It’s just my opinion but they are my reasons.
        Masch is a great footballer, one who I believe will be more appreciated in a different team and while I’ll back him fully if he stays I don’t expect to see him wearing our jersey next season.

        I’d see if I could move on all of:
        Alves, Song, Masch & Pedro along with the likes of Cuenca, Tello, Bojan, JDS etc and loan out Sergi Roberto.
        Then get in the right skillsets rather than big names and go from there.

        • ciaran
          May 21, 2014

          Just to be clear, I’m not saying that I’d be happy to replace Mascherano with someone like Fontas or Bruno Soriano but if we are to sign someone like Arturo Vidal etc, who can play in a DM or CM position then I’d be fine with letting him go.

        • May 21, 2014

          Busquets is about as good in the air as my mama is, though. As far as the skills required of a replacement for him, in a purely offensive lineup, the DM could quite easily be a destroyer. Or you could move Busquets forward as another attacking midfielder and put Mascherano in front of a 3-man back line.

          We’ll see soon enough, I rather imagine.

          • ciaran
            May 21, 2014

            Ya but have you seen Vidal attack an aerial ball? Beast.

          • ciaran
            May 21, 2014

            Also, funny to point out that Montoya won just two less aerial balls than Mascherano last season in league and CL, so in less than half the matches. He’s the same height but has a decent jump.

          • Inamess
            May 21, 2014

            I agree on Busquests. He is a great player who, now that he is recognized for being as important to our side as Iniesta, should also be examined for his weaknesses as well.

            Busquests will always be a bit slow and not that great in the air. The most impressive thing I’ve seen him do with his head is score an own goal vs. Arsenal.

            If not for Van Persie’s hearing difficulties that could have been really costly.

        • Inamess
          May 21, 2014

          Good Hunter piece:
          Time will tell if Luis Enrique is right for Barcelona

          For me, the most interesting part of the article:

          “But, in every case, only when the players decide to “do it for themselves” and the motivation for daily excellence comes from within is nirvana reached.

          Personally, I don’t yet claim to be sure about whether Luis Enrique is that guy. The guy who can bully some, inspire others, achieve complicity with a few important opinion setters within the dressing room and make this talented group have total faith in his judgment and his decisions. However I am quite sure that Luis Enrique is not simply the hot-tempered, “my-way-or-the-highway” disciplinarian some portray him to be.”

  9. He did say something about the team needing leaders though, which is what a lot of folk here have been echoing, i.e., it’s not a problem of talent (we have that in spades), but rather cohesion.

  10. Inamess
    May 21, 2014

    Why I would Hate to see Alexis Sanchez Go: On Mercenaries and Guest Workers

    What do these players have in common: Zlatan Ibrahimović, Dmytro Chygrynskiy, David Villa, Alexis Sanchez, and Alexander Song?
    No, I am not trying to insult anyone’s Barca IQ. It’s a rhetorical question and we all know the answer.

    All of the above players were bought in the last 5 years in order to fill important positions on our team that our first team players could not do and our youth players were not ready for. The total cost of the transfers for the above players is over 100 million if we take the fees we paid minus the fees we will get back from these players’ transfers in to and out of the club.

    The next question that could now be asked is how did these transfers work out. We can argue about one or two, but in the majority of cases the answer is not that well. Why? Well in each case their are particular narratives about Injuries, bad attitudes, and circumstances; but the trend is too great to dismiss as mere coincidence.

    The answer is complex in each case, but in the end I think it boils down to one issue: these players did not “belong” on our club. By belong, I think I can simplistically defined it as this: the transferred player did not go through the La Masia System–the most prestigious football academy in the world.

    Players who transfer to our team may face many obstacles that any outsider would. There is a new club, new culture, new playing style and a fraternity of players in the first team squad that grew up together and had their development shaped in such a way that they now have “Barca DNA”.

    Alexis Sanchez is a very talented player who joined the team at the age of 23, the same age that Marc Bartra is today. He has looked promising, talented, and exciting, but sometimes confused, shackled and inept. But let us not forget what he has accomplished. Though he has been injured at times, and not always in form, he has become the hardest working player on our team and one of the biggest big game players we have. Not only did Alexis score the golazo that could have won the League for us last Saturday, but he also scored three extremely important goals in Classicos against Real even though he was not started in several.

    So yes, Sanchez’s career at Barca so far has been a mixed bag. He has improved greatly this year but some would argue not enough to warrant a place in our future. Our club puts great value in such promising youth players as Deulofeu and Rafinha and they must also have their chance. Our best youth players should get their opportunity, but I also feel that if Sanchez leaves this summer it would be a mistake at least on our club’s part because I think he has earned his spot, and I believe those now at the club including our team’s newest member, Louis Enrique, know this to be true.

    If Alexis thinks that a move out of the club is best for his future that is his prerogative, but he will leave Barcelona a much better player than he was when he came. For this reason, I believe that accepting a transfer fee significantly less than what we paid is not omly a bad piece of business, but also diminishes this player’s value and just further reinforces the idea that any outsider who transfers to Barca will likely put his career in jeopardy.

    For a player talented enough to warrant a move to Barca, his stay at the club should be the highlight of his career and not a bitter experience of working hard for three seasons to fit into a club that now rarely embraces outsiders as its own.

    For Sanchez and other transfers who were much less successful, I would imagine their experience must have been similar to that of a guest worker or mercenary, hired by the club to do a job for only so long and then dismissed as a failed experiment when found to be less than ideal or when a promising youth player comes along to take his rightful place.

    So yes, I am glad that we have a new manager who most so far have embraced because of his pedigree with the club and his no nonsense attitude. He will make the decisions he believes are best for our future. Let’s see which possible players he will want to leave or bring to our side in this extremely important transfer window.

    But let’s also make sure that each player we bring in is a good fit for our team and that each is given a chance to be successful at our club before what was initially viewed as an ideal marriage quickly descends into a bitter divorce.

    • Inamess
      May 21, 2014

      Sorry, internet problems, so for some reason got posted twice!

  11. PrinceYuvi
    May 21, 2014

    So apparently Masch is captain material.
    Who knew, right ?
    I’d refrain myself from gloating.

    We desperately need Masch & Lex for
    monstrous pressing,
    cheeky tackles & challenges everywhere
    & awesome anarchy which follows.

    Not everyone of starting XI has to be 7 feet tall & very strong.

    In that case, Stoke city would’ve been ruling the footballing world.

    Looking forward to a badass looking Barça come the next season.
    Good day, y’all.

  12. Good discussion.

    I think Masch is worth keeping because he is so versatile, he’s a leader, and he can be a match changing type of sub. We need players on the bench that can drastically alter strategy. Furthermore, Masch can make a pass and he can retain the ball. I think he’s perfect for that position and for Barça.

    I agree most of what Ciaran said though. Masch or Song, Pedro or Alexis, etc. We need more diversity, but that is exactly what I like about Masch. Plus, he can cover CB in a pinch.

  13. Inamess
    May 21, 2014

    The way I am looking at the transfer window is that unless you are specifically part of Enrique’s plans you will not stay. Getting rid of one “fan favorite” would have been tough last year, but now I think fans and club are ready to accept major changes so if the club wants some players out this is the time to do it.

    My feeling is that this was Cesc’s last year to impress and the new coach and the club just don’t trust him enough to build the team around him.

    I would also be sorry to see Masch go, but I think in the end he was the perfect player for our squad in terms of his attitude and toughness, but unfortunately there is just not a position in our squad in which his best assets can be put to use.

    That is why at this point I am almost looking at it in terms of who the coach wants to stay rather than leave. The only players who are “untouchable” are Messi, Iniesta, Pique, Neymar, and Busquets. We could be making twice the number of transfer moves than we have had in all of the last 5 years combined.

    • Ideally yes! But let’s all just indulge each other’s fantasies.

      I mean, I hope Enrique has EVERYTHING to do with the signings.

      • Inamess
        May 21, 2014

        Interesting Times! Now I can see why it was so exciting to be a Real Madrid fan for all these years, Players coming and going like a train station.

    • Jamal102
      May 21, 2014

      I guess I can’t comprehend how being the second highest assist maker in Spain with 13 assists does not earn “trust”.

      Those assists don’t even include Cesc’s ‘second assists’ like the one he gave to set up Alexis’s goal vs Atletico.

      • Inamess
        May 21, 2014

        Hey, I like Cesc too and I was almost burned at the stake for suggesting that he start over Xavi. That is just the way I read the situation that the club does not want to build around this player. We should find out soon, but some have suggested that his absence from our new kit picture is some kind of indication the club may trust our future to him.

        I have been one of Fab’s defenders but I still don’t know if I would want him controlling the midfield in a huge game. What do you think?

          • Jamal102
            May 21, 2014

            Last year Thiago was in our promotional picture but we all know how that turned out.

            And yes I agree Xavi is still our most dependable midfielder for big European games in which we need control. Cesc tends to disappear in these sorts of games..

          • Inamess
            May 22, 2014

            Unfortunately, the accountants at Camp Nou were more focused on counting sales from Thiago’s jersey than on counting this same player’s minutes. 🙂

            If you are into stats for La Liga midfielders, then Rakitić’s are not bad either: 12 goals 10 assists.
            Definitely worth a look.

  14. BA
    May 22, 2014

    delighted with the Lucho confirmation we all knew was coming. now he and the board need to act quickly and decisively before the WC to build on a couple of good signings; the sooner the better.

    Cesc will definitely struggle in the kind of super fit, mobile, aggressive pressing style of Lucho. he needs more freedom in a team of more structure; whereas the kind of football the rest of the team is built for (and the kind that Lucho had Celta playing last season); elastic, quick transitions, more fluid but with clearly defined roles and spaces, is simply not for him. he’s a good lad, an excellent footballer and it’s a shame it couldn’t work out but i can’t see any place for him in a Luis Enrique team. Sanchez, on the other hand, has the workrate and versatility to really be an asset in such a team; good news for his supporters here.

    and to our brave BFB reporters: do we have any word on Victor Valdes? we know Ter Stegen is coming but wow would it be helpful to know a bit more about the future of our 2nd keeper position.

    • PrinceYuvi
      May 22, 2014

      Valdes packed off to germany to commense second phase of his healing process. He’ll be back with a bang.

  15. I have to ask.
    Ok, Atleti might be a deserving team and all that.
    But how the fuck is it that no one inside (and outside) the club is making any noise about the wrongly disallowed Messi goal which essentially stripped us off the title which we worked on all year. It isn’t a cup competition, but the league title, a culmination of the efforts put throughout the year. And it was a perfectly legitimate goal!

      • No one has to complain, but atleast worth a call out, isn’t it, considering the stakes. I didn’t even find a mention of it from anyone.

        • Archie
          May 22, 2014

          Admirable that we have not made excuses. Seemed like very difficult call with very high stakes. Safe to say that FCB was a hair’s width from winning. Pique could have had a penalty. And, A. Madrid didn’t make many high probability scoring chances.

          • Inamess
            May 22, 2014

            I agree. My take on the whole Athleti game is that we knew going into the match that we had to knock Atleti out to become champions and should not have been expecting the benefit of any ref’s call. Most fans around the world were looking on to see a Cinderella story fulfilled, and in the end Athleti played well enough to get that.

            Had the ref called the penalty on Pique it would have been a very ugly scene throughout Spain and in the interests of everyone involved I am glad we didn’t win the League that way.

            Our club and its fans should be able to accept a year without major trophies and do what is best to build for the future. If any fan wants to privately celebrate that maybe under 30 other circumstances we could have won the League that is OK too, but we have had enough parades that we don’t need to celebrate a season in which we did not play well enough for dozens of reasons, many of which were our club’s and our teams’ own fault.

            But Atleti are fully deserving of the league this year because their entire club and fans were 100% behind their effort and they achieved something admirable for such a small club.

            A great club shouldn’t need the benefit of the doubt, and warriors should not celebrate hollow victories because getting more points than Atleti in any other year is no cause for celebration.

            I am glad we are finally making many of the changes that we should have started last year and am very optimistic about our future and our great core of younger players!

  16. agar2515
    May 22, 2014

    Who else is up for Ter-Stegen’s presentation? 4:30am here in California. I’m very excited to see him grow, he’s going to be a beast.

    • PrinceYuvi
      May 22, 2014

      Ter stegen for 12 M, that’s daylight robbery.

      • Dar_vincy
        May 22, 2014

        It sure is, Princeyuvi.
        German keepers are reputable for their goalkeeping prowess.

      • Dar_vincy
        May 22, 2014

        It sure is, Princeyuvi.
        German keepers are reputed for their goalkeeping prowess.

  17. Dar_vincy
    May 22, 2014

    One imperative element of Enrique’s presser I was looking forward to was his opinion on the defensive aspect and configuration of this team. But it wasn’t given the primacy or attention I think it deserves. On the contrary, he really was quite enthusiastic about the attacking football he promises to unleash. Nothing wrong with that.
    Graham highlighted an invaluable point in his article about the need to assiduously address the defensive quality of this team. And I couldn’t agree more.
    Diego Simeone has exemplified almost perfectly how a team should defend- a single impregnable unit. Personally, it was about personnels that I thought would remedy our defensive miscarriages but I realised that the system- might also add the right coaching- is as much important.
    Retrospectively, this same Atletico that looks secure, virtually impenetrable and solid used to concede truckloads of goals against us and EE (and not to mention how comical they were in their defending) but times have changed. And Simeone is responsible for it.
    These, I hope, we can emulate from them:
    1. Aggression- This is a virtue I think has grossly being undervalued and underutilised. Make your team aggressive and you can achieve wonders. On the flip side, notice how they aggresively attacked us in the opening minutes of the second half. We simply couldn’t match them.
    2. Agressive pressing- I seriously hope this returns.
    3. Compactness- It’s only a synergy btw attack, Midfield and defense that can ensure this. I hope Lucho implement this. Pulling a Pep with a suicidal highline against destructively quick players will get us badly burnt repeatedly.
    4. Desire and hunger- I hope these return as well.
    5. Be more military and commited in our defensive duties.

    May I also add that deploying Mascherano in midfield (with or without Busquests) could achieve defensive security. What he brings in this terrain are well documented.
    A combination of him with Busquests may not be necessary against smaller teams, however.
    All in all, the only thing I crave for more than anything is to have that defensive security (which Simeone and Altetico have given their fans) that we badly need.

    • Jim
      May 22, 2014

      It may have been because he sees it as relatively easy to solve. You bring in a good tall CB with a little pace to partner Pique you cure the height and positional problem, allowing us where sensible to play a reasonably high line and keep the shape compact. Only one FB attacking at a time you keep the numbers we need, something that Tata started but didn’t seem to insist on.

      Happy for Masche to have a go at DM. It gives us aggression, makes his impulsive nature less problematic and gives us a decent sub for Busi. Height isn’t a problem because as Kxevin said Busi’s arial ability is somewhat akin to that of Tyrion Lannister 🙂

      It’ll be interesting to see if he has quick enough feet to play there for us, given that teams will press him heavily but it’s worth the try. I wouldn’t make him captain, though, unless Enrique feels he will be getting a regular game.

      • Dar_vincy
        May 23, 2014

        But Jim, that would mean he’d concoting a poisonous recipe for self-destruction.
        Even a blind man knows our defensive system is our achilles heel and combating isn’t a cakewalk.
        I do wish him the best. I’d hate for us to discuss this same issue this time next year on our crappy our defense system is.
        And that Tyrion part really cracked me up.

  18. barca96
    May 22, 2014

    It seems that that slimy agent Seluk is the one controlling Yaya because Yaya was all good after receiving a birthday card. Only to support his agent and attack the club a few hours hours later.

    In any case, Good riddance. Even before this childish saga I wouldn’t want him back but now, I wouldn’t want him come close to Barca. Such a horrible attitude with a nightmare agent.

    • ciaran
      May 22, 2014

      It’s really funny how much power some agents have.
      Pini Zahavi became the agent of Gio dos Santos and six months later he left Barca for Tottenham. 6 months after that he was playing on loan at Ipswich and his career nosedived. He is only a shadow of the player he could have been had he stayed at Barca at that stage.
      Mino Raiola has been more of a hindrance than a help to Ibra and now has Pogba in his pocket too.
      Seluk was a nuisance when Yaya was here and now that he’s at City and one of the best paid players in the world Seluk is even more slimey.

      Agents have too much power and earn waaaay too much money.

  19. May 22, 2014

    At present, we have a giant pile of “Don’t know.”

    — Who’s staying? Who’s going? Don’t know.
    — Formations? Don’t know.
    — Defense, etc? Don’t know.
    — Transfers? Don’t know.

    Here is what we do know. Hipster players such as Reus and Rakitic have already expressed allegiance to their current teams. Rakitic is about to get a renewal and raise, as it should be.

    I hate when top teams pluck players from teams in the same league. Give everyone a damn equitable TV contract and that kind of nonsense will go away. It’s absurd that the bottom team in the Prem will earn more in TV money than the Liga champion and Champions League finalist, Atleti.

    We also know that our board has done some excellent business in the likes of Ter Stegen, Halilovic and Denis Suarez, as much as we snarl about other things they do, we should give credit when they do good work.

    We know nothing about how Enrique is going to run Barça, and I will, if I think about it, start a pool on when we get the first “He doesn’t know what he’s doing” comment.

    • ciaran
      May 22, 2014

      If you were to guess how many players we will add to our first team squad this summer what would that number be?

      • May 22, 2014

        Interesting question, ciaran. I am going to guess 7, with 4 of them already known (Ter Stegen, Deulofeu, Rafinha, Masip)

        • ciaran
          May 22, 2014

          I still see Masip being B’s first choice keeper next season but being called up if needed. There’s no point making him next season’s Oier and it looks like another keeper will be brought in. It’s a tough one though because Masip looks like a good keeper but he is very inexperienced. A good option may be to loan him to a primera team to gain experience.

          I actually think we’ll bring in more than 7; 1 more goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 1 midfielder & 1 forward plus ter Stegen, Rafinha and Deulofeu. Crazy when you think of it.

    • May 22, 2014

      Well, I did see someone comment that he can’t respect a coach who “took a year off to ride his bike”, but that was before his presentation & excellent presser, so maybe that’s no longer true. 😛

      • Jim
        May 22, 2014

        Careful Blitz. There’s a powerful bike riding faction here 🙂

        • May 22, 2014

          Hey, now! I have mad respect for Lucho’s bike riding. I followed him when he completed the Absa Cape Epic last year, and it looked grueling!

    • I’d like to echo the statement that TV revenue needs to be fixed! I’m all for teams like Sevilla getting more money. They deserve it, and it makes for a more entertaining league (like this year). This years league was really great to watch, even with our troubles! And, had we not gotten Atletico, I think we would have benefited from the better competition in Europe. Man City comes to mind.

      Compare us last year and Bayren this year. Does winning a league easily hurt you in Europe?

  20. ciaran
    May 22, 2014

    Did anyone else get the feeling from Luis Enrique’s presser yesterday that there’s a possibility that Xavi may not be playing next year?
    Lucho said that he would talk to Xavi to discuss what both parties want. It’s strange

    • Inamess
      May 22, 2014

      I think that Enrique shines when coaching younger players who don’t have the authority to question his tactics and decisions.

      No, Xavi is not a “dictator”, but he is a legendary player and may have a different perspective than what the coach recommends.
      Here Enrique’s previous experience with Totti may be relevant or not.

      Xavi would still be important for the leadership and confidence he may bring on and off the pitch. But, in the end, it is Lucho’s call and whatever he wants is OK with me.

    • Jim
      May 22, 2014

      I would have said from Enrique’s comments about having the ball being the best defence and controlling games being vital was a direct reference to Xavi. For me, the bigger worry is that fans doubting Xavi’s ability makes Xavi feel that the best thing for the club is to move on. A conversation is the sensible way forward. If Enrique doesn’t want him then Xavi won’t stay. That would be a foolish move, imo, and condemn us to the distinct possibility of another trophies season . However, a glimpse into what he sees as the future of our midfield by Xavi sitting out some less important games would be sensible. Hopefully, that involves Iniesta playing the position.

  21. ibbe
    May 22, 2014

    So I was thinking, when is the best time to buy players? We want to strengthen some areas with a big list of players..we could buy now before the WC so that these players’ value won’t increase. On the other hand if we wait untill after the WC there is a chance we will find other players with more quality and possibly smaller price tags. Like when EE plocked Özil for merely 15m..

    • Inamess
      May 22, 2014

      We probably didn’t get Ozil because we wanted Fabregas. Then we didn’t keep Thiago because we still wanted to keep Xavi. Now it we sell Fabregas, we will have . . . nothing.

      There is no one specifically to blame, just fans and a club that sometimes values sentimentality and nationalism over its future success. I am personally glad that may be beginning to change.

      You should not expect to be praised when your team consists of all La Masia products and then escape criticism when it later no longer works out.

      • Jim
        May 22, 2014

        We didn’t keep Thiago because Thiago didn’t want to stay, took advantage of an escape clause despite having been unavailable for selection for a time and hadn’t used his time on the pitch to persuade anybody that he should be starting.

    • ciaran
      May 22, 2014

      Buying players based on their performance in international tournaments is absolutely crazy but it happens all the time.
      Greece’s winning of the Euros resulted in a few of their players going for reasonably big money but nothing too crazy. The likes of Senegal’s Diao & Diouf spring to mind as glaring examples. Milan Baros is another one. Kleberson too.

      It’s just a bad idea. You should be scouting players at club level to see their consistent performances.

      Most clubs try to get their business done before the world cup in terms of buying in case the player they desire has a great tournament and their value goes up. The selling club often wants to wait to get a bidding war amongst extra suitors looking for the inform player.

      It’s important to get the right players in as early as possible to have a pre season with the squad and make their transition smoother in my opinion.

  22. Inamess
    May 22, 2014

    Dear Leo,

    If you insisted that Pinto remain part of the club this year, then you may in part be responsible if this player came up short when called upon to back up our injured goalie in the most crucial part of the season. As our team’s most important player, you are in effect making personnel decisions, so it is fair to ask questions if your recommendations later fall short.

    I hope you sort out any problems you are having and are able to shine in Brazil this summer. But whether you achieve immortality or not, I hope you come back without all that weight on your shoulders.

    When you return to our club, I hope you will recapture your infectious enthusiasm for the game and team that you love and will be at your best and let Lucho make the decisions on players.

    Good Luck and all the best with the La Albiceleste; I personally will be rooting for you!

    A Devoted Fan

    P.S. If the Herbal Life didn’t help your fitness this year, then I hope you drop that endorsement and try a different regime to remain as healthy and productive as you can.

    • Keep in mind how solid Pinto was at the beginning of the season when he was in for Valdes. For years Pinto has been a perfect back up keeper, i.e., he was part coach/part cheer leader and capable of filling the role when required. We’ve won quite a few Copas with Pinto.

      However, he really did not take to the pressure well at the end of the season, and yes it is certainly time for him to go. But even this leads to a difficult question: who do we replace with Pinto. A lot of folks elsewhere have been shouting for Navas or Caballero, but both players seem too good to want the role, Navas especially is too young. We want Ter to be our long-term keeper, but he needs a back-up willing to play the bench minus the Copa (which is an important tradition I hope we continue with).

      Pinto will also be missed.

    • Jim
      May 22, 2014

      But if he didn’t then he may not , even if the player came up short ?

      Is that even worth debating ? Let’s stick to things we know. We’ve enough on our plate with them.

      • May 22, 2014

        Agree with Jim. Rumors abound. Xavi made the team change style. Messi demanded that Pinto stay …

        It’s bonkers stuff, really. We have made definite, decisive moves:

        — Ter Stegen. How is he different from Valdes, how will he play in our system and does having a keeper who controls his area in a decisive manner affect our back line, and CBs in particular?

        — Rafinha. Does he have an ideal position? How has he changed/improved since leaving on loan for Celta? What will he bring to the team and what kind of playing time can he expect?

        — Deulofeu. Is he ready to come back? What player(s) will be most affected by his return? Is he ready to start tracking back, as a Barça winger in our current system is expected to do? If not, what do we think of having three attackers potentially in a match at the same time (Messi, Neymar, Deulofeu), none of whom are interested in tracking back.

        Lots of questions about known things.

        • ciaran
          May 22, 2014

          Deulofeu coming back is a bigger surprise to me than Rafinha. I think that both might be better off with another season loan but Deulofeu certainly didn’t have as good a season as Rafinha.

          Deulofeu coming back and staying in the squad certainly spells the end of Tello and maybe Pedro/Alexis if a central striker is brought in. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, tactically picking a front three from Neymar, Messi, Alexis, Deulofeu and say Llorente would have at least have more diversity than this seasons’ line up; especially considering the promise than Munir is showing in his very short time with Barca B.

        • Inamess
          May 22, 2014

          Kxevin, no one knows what goes behind closed doors at our club and in a way at this point I don’t really care.

          What I do know is that our team was not unified this year and that a lot of decisions were being made for non-football reasons.

          I am just glad that that now seems to be changing and we no longer have to become a gossip column as things will be heading in the right direction.

          I am perfectly willing to go to TMZ for my share of daily gossip and backbiting and now want to follow a club that is on the path to reestablish its greatness.

          • May 22, 2014

            No, we don’t “know” anything, including that decisions were being made for non-football reasons. That is always the case at any big club, or any club in particular.

            We will become a gossip column again, because of the way that the press and supporters treat our team. It’s difficult to scoff st “daily gossip and backbiting” in a space where so much of it goes on, to my view.

            It’s why I would much rather deal with the things that we know, and try to deal with specific questions about what we know.

            All the rest is calling for transfers of players that some supporter or journalist doesn’t like.

      • Inamess
        May 22, 2014


        I personally like Pinto and have affection for all our players and each can make a case for staying, but if a team takes too many considerations other than what each player offers for our future then no one is well served in the end. A great empire does not fall in a year, nor does a great football team.

        It’s just that now we need to start building for our future, and I hope that the club, its players, and fans are all for letting the coach decide what is best.

        • agar2515
          May 22, 2014

          My, my there’s a lot of apprehension still in here. Every team in the world has question marks. We are getting a young, fresh new coach who looks to have full backing of the board, who immediately instilled his authority and his no nonsense attitude. He is not a puppet on a string. He will make them run, he will make them work, he will talk with those not needed, those that should be taking on small roles (Xavi).
          We have 3 young players coming, a GK who will be the future German #1 (just wait), the more talented Alcantara brother, and a winger with a high, high upside.
          There are plenty of quality rumors that a quality GK ( Navas #1 choice) will come in NOT to just come sit on the bench but to provide competition with Ter-Stegen, meritocracy. Either way there being plenty of fixtures+ TS’s first year= not being immediately simply a bench player
          The rumor of a Benatia, a Laporte, of Enrique not wanting D.Luiz. Wonderful development imo. Shows we are looking for QUALITY over a name.
          The only rumor I am disliking is Alexis for Cash+LLorente, don’t like that deal at all.
          Still, let’s try and be a bit positive shall we? Things are pointing up.

          P.S. I have no idea what a “hipster” signing means? Maybe you’re using that word in a different context than I often hear it? Haha, because I mean there’s no way Reus and Rakitic are anywhere under the eye of the mainstream…

          • Inamess
            May 22, 2014

            Hipster in this case may mean that the player likes to have a little “tea”, listen to Charlie Parker, or dream of a life “On the Road” in his private moments off the pitch 🙂

          • May 22, 2014

            I define “hipster” in that context as the way that those players suddenly become cool.

            Enrique will have to wrestle with the crap, just as Guardiola, Vilanova and Martino did. How he deals with it will be worth watching. This is the biggest job he has had to date, and he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

            It pleases me greatly that the board is finally doing what it should have been doing for the last 4 seasons. Better late than never. As for the rest, we will see.

        • agar2515
          May 22, 2014

          Interesting take… Reus has been ” cool” for years and Rakitic was linked with moves away (United, Liverpool) as early as last fall. If you mean suddenly
          Cool to fair-weather fans then sure, but it’s not like everyone suddenly latches on to names randomly… I’ve admired both for a few years now. I’m just tired of the cynicism, there’s nothing to suggest we don’t come
          Back stronger and with an extra Pep in our step, zing!

  23. simple_barcafan
    May 22, 2014

    This bit of news seem to have gone unnoticed, but Valencia FC has been bought by Singapore billionaire Peter Lim(70% of the club). So if going by his promises to reduce the club’s debt, complete the new stadium, provide money for transfers(60M if you believe rumors) are true, expect them to also be a competitive team starting from next season.

    With Sevilla being the Europa champions, Atletico on the rise and now Valencia being taken over by a billionaire, La Liga might become more competitive and exciting.

    Also, I think the Spanish Sports minister mentioned that foreign investors are now showing interest in financing Spanish clubs. I am still skeptical if clubs bankrolled by billionaires a la EPL, is a good thing or not (Malaga vs Man. City), but if this is true and the Spanish Govt approves these take overs, then we might have some interesting times ahead in La Liga.

    Ohh I forgot to add FFP into the mix..

    • Inamess
      May 22, 2014

      Looks like we may be getting closer to a four or five horse race a la EPL if some oligarchs want to play FIFA Manager in La Liga. May be an interesting development.

      There are hundreds of billionaires in the world and quite a few might be football fans, so I am expecting more to come out of the closet.

    • posthipsterpope
      May 26, 2014

      Exactly. FFP makes any speculation on billionaire purchasers of Spanish clubs pointless. Until the big two put aside their greed and agree to a system that broadly mimics the English one, Spain will never be more than a battle between the Real and Barca (let’s be adults and acknowledge that this Athletico team is a freak occurrence).

  24. Inamess
    May 22, 2014

    The Villa Gambit: Why El Guaje’s History with Barca is Not Yet Finished

    In a season of misfortune and mishaps, one compelling story that had escaped much comment here was dramatically happening before our eyes last Saturday.

    In 2010 our team spent 40 million to bring in one of Spain’s greatest players to shore up our attack. Spending this amount of money on a player who was probably past his prime was a questionable piece of business. Was this just a impulsive decision to solve our Ibra problems and find the “right” player to play with Messi? I will leave that question open to those more informed.

    What did we get for our 40 million then? Some say not enough. We got a very good player for a triumphant season, and then after a period of two years of injury and bad form, few other memorable goals. Afterwards, the team had to decide what to do with yet another transfer decision that didn’t quite work out.

    There were no lucrative offers from England that we were expecting, so Zubi and the board made a decision. We would unload El Guaje to a potential competitor for a sum much less than we would have liked. This might seem like another really poor move, but there were some advantages. Villa’s salary on the last year of his contract was immense for a fading and unpredictable player. The other thing we got in our deal with Atleti is first rights to a youth with much potential who could one day become of midfielder with tremendous ability–Oliver Torres.

    So when we watched the game last Saturday, many Barca fans were particularly fearful of yet another compelling story in what has been a season filled with ironic and tragic twists . The player who Barca gave up wanted nothing better than to prove his doubters at Barcelona wrong and stick the dagger in his former club at Camp Nou and finish our season off once and for all. He almost got his wish too, striking a power shot that hit Pinto’s inner post with tremendous force. Thank goodness he just missed as he often did when he was at our club. Instead Atletico had to settle for a merely ordinary set piece to claim their crown.

    This Saturday, Villa in my eyes transform from a potential deadly enemy to a promising ally for our club, helping Altheti secure a second improbably huge trophy. I know I am not the only Barca fan who hopes he will score his second and perhaps third goal in a Champions League Final against our perennial rival. He certainly knows how to score against Real Madrid as can be seen in this golazo:

    If Villa does score, it will be one last tip of the hat to Barca, a club in which he was never really able to sustain his best form. But, in the end, El Guaje’may be able to give us one more moment of magic and a potential star in our future midfield.

    • Jim
      May 22, 2014

      I have a soft spot for Villa as he gave us a very good season despite being played out of position, played the start of next season with the knowledge that his leg wasn’t right, suffered the horrendous injury, took longer to come back, possibly because of his age and undoubtedly lost a step at the same time. He was never given the chance to play that again.

      Having said that the position we played him in in the return against Milan was and is exactly what we are still needing today : someone to play ahead of Messi who can play back to goal , occupy the CBs and pull them about to create spaces. Villa is no longer that player but that’s what we should be looking for, imo.

      • Inamess
        May 22, 2014

        That was my favorite Villa goal because it came so against the run of play as Real were superfit and bossing us around the field and his goal seemed to come out of nowhere.

        I meant to put up the video with Ray Hudson though:

        “What an eye for goal David Villa has. It would make the Cyclops jealous!”

  25. Inamess
    May 22, 2014

    Am I the only one to be disturbed by the club’s official website gloating over a New York Times piece that praises the board for acting swiftly to revitalize the club?

    It seems like the board is patting itself on the back to celebrate a successful marketing plan to save the club’s image after a season in which much have been criticized.

    I like Enrique and what the club are doing so far, but nobody should be celebrating until we see the club’s moves over the next few months and how these pan out over the next season.

    Sorry, for the skepticism, but we are not a political administration under attack that needs to cherry pick some of the good press we may currently be getting after our share of much fair criticism this year.

  26. May 22, 2014

    The rumor mill continues to grind:

    Benatia (Roma): “I’m fine at Roma but a renewal isn’t possible and I’m 27, an age at which offers from big clubs make you think” [arriyadia]

    “Clubs like Barça, Bayern, Man City, make every player dream. My agent is dealing with things, I think we’ll have news soon”

    There is a persistent rumor that we are going to announce a “big” signing on Saturday.

    I repeat: It is all BS until it isn’t.

    — Looks like the David Luiz rumor can die. DiMarzio, an excellent, reliable journo, reports that Luiz will be joining PSG next season, and that Marquinhos (remember him?) will be on the block. Because it is us and our CB interest is known, buzz is that we are interested.

    So there is some stuff going on, and it strikes me that Enrique will want to get as much as possible done before the World Cup starts, so that the tournament doesn’t end with team uncertainty.

    • Inamess
      May 22, 2014

      Saturday would be strange. Wouldn’t it seem like Barca saying “look at me too” on a day when two other Spanish teams are vying to see who is the best in Europe?

        • Inamess
          May 23, 2014

          The I hope we say that we are buying Ronaldo. It would really rain on Real’s parade.

  27. Inamess
    May 22, 2014

    For now on, we might have to just rely on our next generation of youth coming along and the “lesser known” players we can buy to play with them. The days of the megastar coming to Barcelona may be over. I’m just glad we got Neymar this year because if we didn’t it would have been much uglier and expensive.

    Benatia works for me. I think PSG are going all out to win it all next year. If anyone wants Aguero, they will probably end up paying more than 80 million after the World Cup.

    Marquinhos 40 million, Progba 60 million . . . .
    Marc Bartra, Rafinha, Deulofeu . . . . priceless

    We have Messi and Neymar. Let’s leave the future big marquee signings to the Galácticos who are going to bid each other out of existence.

    Even billionaires will know when enough is enough and find something else to do to entertain themselves with their money.

    • Jafri
      May 22, 2014

      I thought FFP had hit them? (I’m not sure how that affects their buying power though)

      • Inamess
        May 22, 2014

        I’m not sure the details either but I would imagine if you are going to be limited in buying players in the future, then PSG might think they should go for it all next year. Marquinhos is for the future, but Luiz is for today.

    • ciaran
      May 23, 2014

      How would you come to the conclusion that the days of a megastar coming to Barcelona be over?
      We’ve always been one of the two biggest clubs in the world and always able to attract the biggest names in world football going back as far as Johann.
      We have continued to do so throughout our history and will most likely continue to do so in the future.

      • Inamess
        May 23, 2014

        I am not saying that we can’t get a megastar. I just think at this point we should probably pursue a different course.
        Any transfer coming to Barcelona is risky for both the player and the club because of our bad transfer record in recent years. (e.g. Ibra, Villa, some have said, Henry but I only watched his later matches, so I understand he was very good here for at least a couple of years.)

        The better course from my perspective is to go with our youth and if anything bring in younger as yet unproven talent (that is promising prospects 24 or under who may not yet be megastars. That way they may be less costly and also can be sold for about the same or more in a few years if they don’t work out.)

        Ibra (28) doesn’t work out = loss of 40 million

        Villa (28) doesn’t work out = loss of 36 million

        Sanchez (23) doesn’t work out = no net loss

        Song (23) doesn’t work out = no net loss

        Neymar (21) doesn’t work out = probably net gain

        Falcao (29?) doesn’t work out = loss of 40 million

        We do have a lot more money than Athleti and can buy more expensive players, but we also have our youth system and Athelti has shown that you don’t always need to buy the most expensive players. Just buy good players who fit the system we want to play.

        If we play winning football, then all of our younger players will be worth more in a few years.

  28. Jafri
    May 22, 2014

    Who is this Ron Zieler and why was he considered a better third choice for Germany than ter Stegen?

    • morph73
      May 23, 2014

      Maybe because of the following reasons :D:
      1. He is the first keeper since 1954 to concede as many as 3 goals (or more) in a debut match for Germany.
      2. He is the first German goalkeeper to earn a red card since the founding of the German national team.

    • morph73
      May 23, 2014

      Btw I googled the info. I didn’t know who he was till now 🙂

  29. Jamal102
    May 23, 2014

    Pique is out of the first Liga game next season because he accumulated 5 yellows.
    These rules don’t make any sense.

  30. Inamess
    May 23, 2014

    I just hope that Barcelona get the proper transfer fees for our players who are leaving. We have to properly value the players who are leaving because they may not fit into Enrique’s plans. Many could be amazing players on other teams. Pedro, Sanchez and Fabregas are all great examples.

    If Luiz is worth 50 million, then I don’t see why

    Fabregas: 55 million
    Sanchez: 45 million
    Pedro: 30 million

    Here is a good piece on what Pedro’s value might be for Liverpool next year. He may not longer fit for us given the way other sides play us. But he is still a great player and a mainstay on what is still the best national team.

    From Bleachereport:
    Imagining a Liverpool Team to Include Luis Suarez and Barcelona Forward Pedro:

    • ciaran
      May 23, 2014

      David Luiz isn’t worth €50m. Whether he sells for that much or not he is not worth it. Just like Marquinhos wasn’t worth the €35m that he was bought for last summer. Now if they want to sell Maruinhos they have to get at least €30million for a player worth little more than half that.

      Barcelona aren’t a selling club which usually means when we are selling someone it’s because they are not good enough for us. The only times when this isn’t the case is where a player isn’t happy. We got good money for Toure & Thiago who didn’t want to be here, and yes €25million for Thiago was very good money considering he was our 5th choice midfielder last season.

      Teams can’t throw money at us and expect us to sell a player. If someone offered us €80million for Neymar for example, we’d say no thank you and don’t bother improving your offer. Same if someone offered good money for any of our starters.

      • Inamess
        May 23, 2014

        I don’t want Barcelona to be a selling club either. It is just that with the shake up right now, we will lose some good players this summer, and if some go I want to make sure we get what they are worth.

        I also want us to buy younger players in the future because we can still get good value if they don’t work out. I agree that selling Neymar for 100 million now would be a terrible move because if he turns out to be a player who fits well into our team then he could be worth much more than that. Even if it turns out that in 2 years that he doesn’t fit, he will still be worth 100 million.

        I think you may agree with this point too or your point of view might be different from mine.

      • May 23, 2014

        ciaran is right. “Worth” is relative. I recall all the chatter about the David Villa transfer fee, but his biggest value to the club was the salary dump. He just wasn’t useful to the club any longer, which defined his value for us.

        ciaran is also right about the Thiago fee.

        We discard players more than sell them. The only two players in recent memory that we have received good fees for were want-aways.

        It’s the same thing with younger players. If they don’t work out for us, why is anyone else going to spend big dosh for them? Krkic, Sergi Roberto, Dos Santos, Afellay, Cuenca. We’ll be lucky if we get 10 for the lot of them. Again, their biggest value is getting those salaries off the bottom line. Better to pay someone more who plays than pay someone a little, who doesn’t play.

        Any younger players who we buy will almost always be for B, rather than going directly into the first team. When a player such as Halilovic or Suarez come along, we snag him with an eye toward a first-team future.

        But Barça functions differently than other clubs in regard to extracting maximum transfer value.

        • Inamess
          May 23, 2014

          I agree with most of what you said. But if you believe in the theory that a player is worth whatever another club might pay, then Pedro, a player who many have said is no longer essential for our side, may be worth a lot to another team because of his talent. As long as say Liverpool and PSG are willing to pay 30 mil then that is what we should get whether he is still good for our side or not.

          What bugs me about fan’s giving our club a pass in Thiago’s case is not that he may be the new Xavi (it is unlikely that he will be, though Pep certainly likes what he sees in him) but that had we given him more minutes then either Bayern or Man United might have paid 35 million for him, particularly after coming off a great performance in the Euro under 21 tournament. Remember that is the same fee PSG paid for Marquinhos, a player I believe with less promise.

          I do not know if people at the club were or were not counting Thiago’s minutes, but I do not find it inconceivable that no one at the club was, particularly given his presence on our promotional kit picture that came out about this time last year. I, for one, am still very puzzled by the whole incident.

          • Peter
            May 23, 2014

            It was impossible to give him more minutes.

            The clause was that he has to play at least 30 minutes each for at least 60% of the total matches. Thiago played a total of 36 matches(of 60 total), with an average of 30 min. per match. Here’s the rub though – every game he played less than 30 min. doesn’t count, and every game he has played for 30-90 min counts as one game. Thiago was injured and didn’t play for almost 2 months IIRC. That means he should’ve been an automatic starter regardless of whether he were in form or not, whether he deserved it or not. As far as I am concerned you’d have to be either Messi, Ronaldo or possibly Neymar in order to get away with doing it, and last time I checked Thiago was none of those.

            The fact that the negotiators failed to include an “unless injured” or “total matches available based on form” in the minutes/matches clause is, well, bad oversight, but the club wanted Thiago to stay, they wanted him to get a new better contract. It’s a bit like pre-nups, if you want to marry you beloved how do you approach him/her with the words “Let’s sign an agreement so that if we divorce you don’t get half of everything, but you stay with what you had before I proposed, my dearest.”?

          • Inamess
            May 23, 2014

            Peter, Yes I just looked it up and you are right. I had heard some others say that Thiago only needed 30 min per match for those he was available, but that was not the case. Strange clause, though, because all Thiago had to do was kick the wall really hard and he could be out of his contract.

            It would be interesting if he has injury problems for the rest of his career, and thus the reason he got our of his contract ends up also being the reason he should have been sold in the first place 🙂

          • ciaran
            May 23, 2014

            Thiago left because he wanted to leave and to get €25million for a promising player but your 5th choice unhappy midfielder is good business. For every one promising talent who becomes world class there’s fifty who don’t. We’ll see in a few years of Thiago becomes an elite player but even if he was in our squad he’d still be 5th choice.

          • Peter
            May 23, 2014

            Inamess not really, since if Thiago injures himself it could be proven easily that it was deliberate, in which case he’d get the same treatment like people who burn down their houses for the insurance or deserters on the front line.

  31. Inamess
    May 23, 2014

    Question for FIFA Ballon d’or 2014:

    Isn’t Ronaldo almost a shoe in because the only way he doesn’t win is if Messi has an amazing World Cup and Argentina win and then Messi also has a great 1st half of next season with Barca ?

    Suarez I guess could also win if Uruguay become the most unlikely Cup winner in history but this player is pretty unpopular with fans and other players as well.

    Yet odds makers have both Messi and Ronaldo at roughly the same chance. 15/8

    • Jafri
      May 23, 2014

      I believe the Champions League top scorer has been the Ballon d’Or winner for the past six years, at least since Kaka won it. Pretty much nailed on bar a miracle.

  32. TITO
    May 23, 2014

    Chelsea just agreed a 40 million pounds sale for David Luiz to PSG. Insane deal for Chelsea.

    • ciaran
      May 23, 2014

      The biggest positive is that we won’t be buying him. I’ve long been on record as saying I don’t want him.
      It could mean that PSG sell Marquinhos but we would want to be paying a lot less for him than they bought him for, probably around 15-20 which is what his value should be.

      The only downside is that Roma for Benatia or Dortmund for Hummels etc will be looking at it and saying if David Luiz is worth €50million then X is worth close to that.
      Add to that Valencia’s new owner means Mathieu would be more expensive than last year too but still a good buy.

      Benatia and Mathieu for less than the price of David Luiz… looks like good business to me.

      • TITO
        May 23, 2014

        The thing is that we dont know what our coaching staff has decided to do regarding the back line. We are just assuming who should we buy.
        I still think we should go after Hummels.

      • Peter
        May 23, 2014

        Roma and Dortmund could be told this:

        1. True, but nobody else will give you what we give you: Real have their two men, Chelsea just sold their extra defender, City have Kompany, Bayern also have a duo(and aren’t you sick of Bayern poaching your best men anyway?) and the biggest buyer on the market just spent 50m Euro in order to have three really good CB.
        2. PSG have the CB we wanted to buy last year, and they need to compensate the 50m they just spent. Do you prefer us to buy him for quite a bit less money than we would give you for your guy?

        • posthipsterpope
          May 26, 2014

          And those clubs are simply going to go, sure, of course, you’re Barcelona, so please take out best defender for below his market value because you’re the besteest club in the world and it would be an honor selling to you.

          Oh, no wait, they’re more likely to say: Chelsea are going to be looking to replace Luiz and likely Terry after this season, City are looking for a partner for Kompany, United are in the market for at least one, if not to centrebacks, and we, Roma/Dortmund don’t mind selling to Bayern/Juventus. Oh, and also neither of those players is entering the last year of their contract. So, pay the market rate, and otherwise, good luck with Masc/Bartra. Seems like you need to buy more than we need to sell.

          • posthipsterpope
            May 26, 2014

            Wow, an edit function to correct all my typos would be ideal right about now…

  33. PrinceYuvi
    May 23, 2014

    Luiz off to PSG for 50 M. Those are some proper gits, right after ffp sanctions.

    • Inamess
      May 23, 2014

      Giving a lot of money to Mourinho in never a good idea.
      He will only use it for evil purposes.

      • Peter
        May 23, 2014

        I wonder what other kind of purposes does Mourinho have? 😛

  34. TITO
    May 23, 2014

    Laporte, Benatia, Marquinhos, Hummels, Mathieu – we need 2 of them. Even 3, if Dani is leaving and Masch is moved to a DM.

    • ciaran
      May 23, 2014

      We wouldn’t need 3 and it’s unlikely we would sign three anyway considering it’s so hard for them to sign a ‘Barca’ style centreback.
      I’d be more than happy with Benatia or Hummels for a starting spot & Mathieu as a backup who can fill in at left back. Mind you, the same could be said for Marquinhos at right back – where he started his career and played for a while with Roma.

      The 4th centre back would really need to be able to play another position in order to get the desired playing time. If Masch is moved to midfield then filling in at fullback would be a good quality for the player to have.

      • TITO
        May 23, 2014

        Moving Masch to DM is a must. I think we really pushed him over his natural limits to play a position which is not suitable to him.
        There will be games when Busi will need a rest, but also games when they both can play together.
        I wouldn’t mind having the back line of:
        Marquinhos – Hummels – Pique – Alba, with Bartra and Adriano as back ups.

        • ciaran
          May 23, 2014

          The Cuadrado rumours gain more traction every day and I fully expect him to be signed and rotate with Montoya for a starting spot at right back next season.

          A lot will be decided by the size of squad that Luis Enrique wants. He worked with a very big squad with Roma and a much smaller one with Celta (due to choice or budget I’m not sure). Assuming he wants 20+ players who can all compete then Marquinhos or Mathieu would both be very good options giving tactical options for more defensive formations.

  35. Inamess
    May 23, 2014

    sbnation summed up the Luiz deal to PSG like this: (redacted)

    “It’s a very curious move by PSG, and a coup for Chelsea. They’ve sold a player they weren’t going to start next season for a record fee for a defender, to a team that supposedly shouldn’t be spending lots of money.”

    But that fits my theory that PSG are all in to win the CL in the next 2 years. They get an excellent CB pair in Silva and Luiz who also play together for one of the best national teams. They will have to give up their CB of the future, Marquinhos, but he probably won’t be “world class” for a few years anyway if ever.

    Whether they win the CL or not, PSG now has a formidable team that may, with the addition of Luiz, be just as likely as any other team to win the CL. It cost a lot of money to be in the position they are in, but what they have been able to accomplish even with the new FFP decision going against them is pretty impressive.

  36. 86ed
    May 23, 2014

    Luiz to PSG seems done for €60m. Crazy money.

    Chelsea is not a ‘selling’ club either. Still they got almost twice more money than we were allegedly offering. Maybe this board can’t negotiate a hard sell. Who knows.

    What are the chances of our going for Marquinhos?

    • Inamess
      May 23, 2014

      sbnation summed up the Luiz deal to PSG like this:

      “It’s a very curious move by PSG, and a coup for Chelsea. They’ve sold a player they weren’t going to start next season for a record fee for a defender, to a team that supposedly shouldn’t be spending lots of money.”

      But that fits my theory that PSG are all in to win the CL in the next 2 years. They get an excellent CB pair in Silva and Luiz who also play together for one of the best national teams. They will have to give up their CB of the future, Marquinhos, but he probably won’t be “world class” for a few years anyway but would still be a good pick up for Barca because hopefully we are building for the long haul and Ney and Marquinhos could play together on the Brazilian team for the next 10 years.

      Whether they win the CL or not, PSG now has a formidable team that may, with the addition of Luiz, be just as likely as any other team to win the CL. It cost an insane amount to accomplish, but even with the new FFP decision going against them it is pretty impressive.

      • 86ed
        May 23, 2014

        They need a better coach than Blanc to win the CL. Won’t be surprised if they go for Simeone eventually.

        If we dumped say, I don’t know, Pedro on PSG, how much would our junta ask?

        • Inamess
          May 23, 2014

          This is what we say:

          “Pedro is the heart and soul of our team. If we get rid of him it is like taking the very life’s blood from our club. The fans will revolt. Our squad will be devastated.

          If you really want to do that do us then: 30 million and you have 5 minutes to decide before we come to our senses and take this once in a lifetime deal off the table”.

          I don’t know why that is so hard.

      • 86ed
        May 23, 2014

        I have to echo, btw, the sole comment in the sbnation article you quoted. Chelsea was able to raise close to €100m out of the sale of two unwanted players. I dislike Chelsea but they know how to to sell and to whom. It both filled their coffers and uncluttered their bench. Brilliant move.

  37. Inamess
    May 23, 2014

    Counterfactual history: Where it all went wrong?

    I wonder if an Ibra for Thiago Silva straight up swap was ever on the table with Milan. If is was and we took it may have changed the last 3 years of European and Spanish football.

    • ciaran
      May 23, 2014

      My dad always says that if your aunt had balls she’d be your uncle. Ifs are pointless.
      If Pep had used Ibra to his capabilities then there’s no reason that we wouldn’t have won all around us. Pep gave up on Ibra, a phenomenal footballer, who was practically unplayable when he started with us. By the end of his time with us Bojan was starting ahead of him and that’s certainly not due to his qualities.

      • May 23, 2014

        ciaran is spot on about Ibrahimovic. It’s funny how the situation has become all his fault.

        A player like Lewandowski is an excellent player, but couldn’t hold Ibrahimovic’s bags, then or now, particular now that the latter has matured and become a true team leader.

        He deserved more time, but that was never going to happen with Guardiola. The club took a shot and pulled the plug. Txigrinski is another one, deemed a failure after a single season. Time? Patience? Nope. Culers were ready to burn that dude at the stake.

        There is no patience for letting a player grow into a role at the club. He’d better be brilliant right away, or he’s a waste of money and our technical staff are idiots.

        The club put up a Thierry Henry, Barça Legend video, and the snarking was long and loud. “He isn’t a legend,” etc, etc.

        Our team and standards are such that we just aren’t going to put an unknown talent into the first team. That’s what La Masia is for. Retrospect is an awesome game to play. Worse still, an established player isn’t good enough, either.

        We want Barça quality players at cut-rate prices, which is a fantasyland that doesn’t happen in reality. In reality, you’re looking at a roster featuring the best or among the best players in the world at their position. Rare is the cut-rate player of the quality sufficient to crack that lineup.

        • Inamess
          May 23, 2014

          I think a continuing problem at our club is what to do with our excellent La Masia products when they become too good for Barca B. Put Thiago and Tello on the bench for 3 years and they are going to want to leave. Loan them out and then that could be a problem too as they disappear in limbo or rebel like Amish kids once they see other possibilities.

          The best solution was loaning them to a Celta under Enrique, but that is no longer an option either. So I don’t know how our club plans to handle this problem because it is just going to happen again and again.

          Should we have kept Deulofeu at Everton for another year or brought him back to sit on the bench and get limited appearances? The only solution is to give some of our best young talents a chance at some consistent minutes and deal with the consequences. We may have the future Xavi and Puyol. It is just going to be a shame if we don’t give them a chance when they may be ready to contribute.

          The least I want to find out from next year is whether any of Montoya, Rafinha, or Deulofeu are the real deal. Having them sit on the bench all year hoping for 5 minutes at the end of some games is not going to help anyone.

          Enrique seems to be a young player’s coach so I hope that some or all will be given their shot

    • 86ed
      May 23, 2014

      Better yet, what might have happened had Guaridiola not signed Ibra in the first place? We could had sent Eto’ to Inter and, if our scouting system had done its homework, we, and not Dortmund, could signed Lewandowski from Pozań in 2010.What if we had signed J. Martinez in the same year from Athletic?

      It frustrates me to think what might have been. It’s fun too, perversely. I wish we could find players before, you know, they become worth €40m on the market. Milan signed Silva at a fraction of what they sold him. Why can’t we do that?

      • ciaran
        May 23, 2014

        The simplest answers are that one, we produce the kinds of players that other teams buy and two, that we couldn’t afford to give the chances to the type of player like those because of the constant demands of our fans

        • 86ed
          May 23, 2014

          I say we cannot afford not to give chances to players who come for cheap. We spent, I think, something like 35m of Fabregas, 30m on Sanchez, 20m on Song, and ahem, 60m on Neymar–that’s 145m in the last three years– to win a league and the CdR. But somehow we can’t do our homework and sign someone like Lewandowski (I used him only as an example) for 10-15m (Dortmund paid 4.5m), because we the fans would be too demanding?

          C’mon. We’re more demanding (and we should be) on a an unnecessary player for whom the administration went for broke and left the club’s reputation in tatters, than we’d be for a player that came under the radar.

        • Inamess
          May 23, 2014

          I agree and I think a lot of this comes from looking at the team in the capital and reacting irrationally. We won a treble and then Real got Kaka and Ronaldo, so our club and our fans want to compete for the big splash.

          I actually liked Luiz, but I am so glad we didn’t pay 50 million for him because it would have given me nightmares about us again giving Mourinho too much money for a good player who we just can’t predict how he would do here.

          We should stick to what we do best: nurturing younger players and having them organically grow as players on our first team. That is why I am fine with the Neymar, and delighted with the Ter Stegan signing. We know both are really good and can be productive for the next ten years. If for some reason they don’t work out, they can at least be sold for as much or more than we got them for.

          I just don’t want any more marquee signings of players older than 25 because for many reasons they don’t seem to work out, and we can get only a fraction of our money back when they don’t.

          • May 23, 2014

            We sit in judgment of signings, when we don’t know anything, much less a fraction of what paid, professional evaluators know, having scouted the players and read scouting reports on the players.

            “giving Mourinho too much money for a good player who we just can’t predict how he would do here.”

            That is transfer reality. It’s all a gamble. Mascherano was a no passing card magnet who would leave us a man down every match he started. Remember that? Fabregas wasn’t Barça quality. Almost every transfer that this club has made, culers have been against. Uncertainty is part of the transfer market.

            For all anyone knows, Luiz might have been the second coming of Puyol in our system, even as he evinced complexities at Chelsea, a completely different defensive system than ours.

            Ter Stegen could be a ham-handed bust who can’t take the pressure. We just don’t know. Football Manager is fun to play, but my vast preference is for real life. When a player is standing at the Camp Nou grinning for the cameras, it’s go time.

            I know that it’s fun for many to play “what if,” and tease out certain players. I just wish culers would refrain from the etched-in-stone notions about players of whom we really have no idea.

          • posthipsterpope
            May 26, 2014

            What Kxevin wrote a thousand times over. Bringing players into a new club, with a new system, new teammates and new environment causes disruption far beyond what we imagine when we sit in front of our screens and pass judgement.

            And be prepared, if Barca makes seven signings this summer, probably one or two of them will be busts, a couple decent but ultimately underwhelming, a couple solid signings, and if you’re lucky, one that will cause everyone to forget about the busts and underwhelming ones. Basically my theory is that transfers are “successful” about half the time. And I think this holds up when you remove far enough to gain a large enough sample size.

  38. May 23, 2014

    Hee, hee! Luiz to PSG. It’s why I say nothing is done until it’s done. I reckon now there will be another player who isn’t good enough for us, goes the cycle.

    Transfer season, even when it isn’t officially under way yet, is a very silly time. Deals might be agreed, the fall apart at the last minute. Deals might be dead, and then resurrected at the death. Nothing is official until it is.

    And so it goes.

    • Inamess
      May 23, 2014

      Maybe the best thing we have going for us now is low expectations. If we get any major piece of silverware next year there are going to be a lot of excited Barca fans.

      Getting a treble in Pep’s first season may not have been the best thing for our club in the long run.

  39. Inamess
    May 23, 2014

    Notes from a Petty Fan:
    Why every Barca fan must really, really hope that Real do not get their Decima.

    I would love to see Los Blancos spend the next 5 years chasing their white whale. It may mean a continual change of coaches and players as their entire club is consumed in their obsession.

    Meanwhile we can build and put together a team that aspires to be another dynasty!

    • Inamess
      May 23, 2014

      Just watched this amazing video about Howard Webb’s reffing of the World Cup final in 2010: “The Dirtiest Final of all time”.\

      My prediction: today we will see worse, and I don’t think that any player is going to be sent off this time.

  40. john
    May 24, 2014

    I think if there’s anything I learned from this season, it’s that though most of us consider Barcelona as ‘Mes Que un Club,’ in a lot of ways, it is actually, really, still just a club. It really was a special time, the previous five years. It’s been really easy to root for Barca, more so than most other teams in Europe. They were a homegrown team, played attractive football against the odds, and had charitable chest-plates, as opposed to corporate sponsors. And they won. They won a lot. They just kept winning.

    This year, they took on a corporate sponsor. They spent a lot on a big name, star caliber player. And then it turned out they spent a whole lot more than the whole lot they reported. It turned out that in the pursuit of continuing their homegrown roots, they were buying the futures of a lot of young, international athletes to feed their program – a habit that is completely against the rules, and though other teams (cough, Madrid) also partake in, Barcelona was supposed to be above. And they were also supposed to keep winning, which they didn’t. Partially because the next generation of homegrown players haven’t turned out like the last. Pedro, Tello, Bojan, Cuenca, Alcantara, even Busquets and Pique: they’re all good players, but they’re not Xavi, Iniesta and Puyol good. Meanwhile the talent that surrounds them is much the same as all other big market teams. Bought. Mascherano, Alves, Sanchez, Neymar, Adriano, Song, Alba… even Fabregas, like Pique, both Barca products, had to be bought back after they were initially sold.

    It just didn’t feel magic this year. It felt like corporate football, and all the failings that befall it. And it was weirdly hard to root against Atletico Madrid in the final game, because the visitors really did seem to be the ‘purer’ of clubs.

    Barcelona seeks success, both competitively and monetarily, just like any other big league organization. And if they didn’t, they wouldn’t have the fan base they have today. They’re a great club, but this year I realized that they are still, actually, just a club. For those that think this reeks of ‘fair weather’ fandom, I have to disagree. Those that keep cheering on their team after years like this are the real fans, and I’ll be counted in their ranks. And maybe this is the silver line: next year, the people beside you in their Blaugrana kits are more likely to be true fans, not just people who made the easiest choice of who to support.

    • Inamess
      May 24, 2014

      John you make a lot of fair points, but I don’t know how you can blame people millions of people who flocked to this team to watch the most beautiful football ever played.

      Some may stay and some may go, but I think more will stay than some people think. It is partially up to how the club makes its decisions and performs on the field from here on in. The club has done much this year to deserve a fan in Bejing, Botswana, or Brooklyn’s undying loyalty.

      • Inamess
        May 24, 2014

        Sorry typo. Last sentence should be “The club has not done much this year to deserve a fan in Bejing, Botswana, or Brooklyn’s undying loyalty”.

  41. ciaran
    May 24, 2014

    I think that too many people think that our scouting department do nothing.

    There’s been a lot of sentiment that everything would have been better if we signed Marquinhos before he went to Roma, Lewa before he went to Dortmund etc etc.
    The problem I have with this is that we pretty much did. Keirrison was the most promising striker to come out of Brazil since Ronaldo. He absolutely tore it up at Coritiba then moved to Palmeiras and continued his goal scoring streak so we spent over €10million on him. A couple of bad moves later and he is in the wilderness.
    Similarly, Henrique went down the same route, Coritiba to Palmeiras then we spent just under €10million on him. Again a couple of bad loan moves later he was gone from our club. Funnily enough, he has made the Brazil squad for the World Cup due to his form with Napoli but didn’t do it for us; never given the chance.

    You could say similar things for Martin Caceres who has made a good career for himself with Juventus, Kiko Femenia who is playing for Real Madrid Castilla, and plenty of others.
    We have tried on a number of occasions to buy players before they are world class but it doesn’t usually work out very well for us.

    We are not the only ones though. Fernando Gago, Ezequiel Garay & Royston Drenthe didn’t have the Real Madrid careers that Real had hoped. If you look around every club in the world most transfers don’t work out.

    • Jamal102
      May 24, 2014

      Still can’t get over Kiko’s switch to EE.
      For me, it’s definitely worse than the Di Stefano situation.

    • Inamess
      May 24, 2014

      Ciarin: A club may buy the right player for the wrong reasons or the wrong player for the right reasons. In the end the only thing the club should be judged on is how things work out. By this standard our recruiting and transfer decisons have not been as good as most major clubs.

      Even if we just compare our transfer to those of Real Madrid’s since 2009, our moves have not been as good. Both teams have had their busts, but by and large, theirs have worked out better:

      Ronaldo, Kaka, Benzema, Khedira, Ozil, di Maria, Coentrao, Modric, Varane, Isco, Illarramendi, and Bale

      Ibrahimović, Chygrynskiy, Villa, Adriano, Sanchez, Mascherano, Fabregas, Alba, Alex Song, and Neymar

      • ciaran
        May 24, 2014

        I don’t know about that. We have been more successful than them for that whole period even though they have spent significantly more than us in that time. If they have been so much better than us in the transfer market then they would have won more trophies than us.
        They have the three most expensive transfers in history in that list and have little to show for it

        • Inamess
          May 24, 2014

          I would be delighted if after today Real will have little to show for it!

          An Atlelti victory would be great for our league,and I think would draw a lot more global interest and money to some other great teams: Sevilla, Valencia, Real Sociedad, Atletic Bilbao, etc.

          • Inamess
            May 24, 2014

            Still Real have done quite well since 2009, even if their fans have been even more demanding than our own. Let’s give them some credit where it is due:

            2 Copas, 1 League, 3 straight SF of CL, and now 1 Final, all while competing against the one of the greatest team ever.

      • Peter
        May 24, 2014

        Compare the transfers and promotions of Real and Barcelona since 2009:

        Real Madrid: Garay, Arbeloa, Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Ronaldo, Negredo, Albiol, Benzema, Granero, Adan.
        Barcelona: Ibrahimovic, Maxwell, Chygrynskiy, Keirrison, Pedro, Jeffren

        Real Madrid:Canales, Pedro Leon, Khedira, Ozil, Carvalho, David Mateos, Adebayor, Mourinho
        Barcelona: Villa, Adriano, Mascherano, Affelay

        Real Madrid:Callejon, Nuri Sahin, Altintorp, Coentrao, Varane
        Barcelona:Alexis Sanchez, Cesc Fabregas, Thiago, Tello, Cuenca,

        Real Madrid:Morata, Essien, Nacho, Modric, Diego Lopez
        Barcelona: Alba, Song, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Montoya

        Real Madrid:Bale, Cherishev, Jese, Carbajal, Casemiro, Isco, Illaramendi.

        Full picture is important.

    • barca96
      May 24, 2014

      And Lewadownski (the best #9 now) had a poor first season at Dortmund.

  42. barca96
    May 24, 2014

    So no big news today (Saturday) so far. Usually they happen by evening. It’s already 5pm in Barcelona. Still some hope that we can get a world class CB to fight the starter position with Pique and Bartra.

    • barca96
      May 24, 2014

      I wouldn’t want 2 world class CB’s. 1 is enough to keep Pique and the new signing on his toes with Bartra nipping at them. And sMasch as a back up DM/CB. Perhaps a veteran such as Matthieu as the veteran CB. His last few years to win trophies.

      If we sign Matthieu, he could play back up CB and LB thus letting Adriano and Montoya slug it out for the RB.

  43. barca96
    May 24, 2014

    Please no Decima, please….

    Arda Turan out, Costa in. Please don’t re-injure yourself again.

  44. Ryan
    May 24, 2014

    Good to see that this game is going more like the EE-Atleti games in la Liga rather than la Copa!

    What the heck was Casillas doing for that goal anyway? Pretty rookie mistake from the captain.

  45. Jamal102
    May 24, 2014

    If only Bartra brought down Bale the same way Raul Garcia brought down Di Maria and took the yellow…

  46. May 24, 2014

    Casillas should be licking ramos’s balls right now after that goal

  47. Cule
    May 24, 2014

    Congrats to Real Madrid. It was a crazy final but they were the better team.

  48. Jamal102
    May 24, 2014

    Congrats Madrid.
    Nice dive Ronaldo.

  49. TITO
    May 24, 2014

    It had to happen, sooner or later. And no, i wont congratulate them.

  50. ciaran
    May 24, 2014

    I wish I could say that I’m happy for them but I can’t.
    Atletico deserved it in normal time but once it went to extra time it was always going to be Real Madrid’s cup.
    Di Maria was the difference time and time again. He’s their most dangerous player regardless of Ronaldo or Bale.

    • Cule
      May 24, 2014

      Idk how you can say Atletico deserved it, when RM dominated most of the match. I thought Atletico showed too much respect in the second half and could have put more into attack. RM had a lot of chances to equalize and were by far the better team.

      • ciaran
        May 24, 2014

        They created very little.
        Atletico executed their game plan better and without their two best attacking players they were a couple of mins from winning. That’s my opinion

        • ooga aga
          May 24, 2014

          i agree, Courtois was barely troubled all game.

      • Jamal102
        May 24, 2014

        ciaran is right in the respect that for normal time, Atletico did ENOUGH just to clinch the title. Real had several half chances.

        After that it was one way traffic.

      • Inamess
        May 24, 2014

        The difference between almost every other good team and us is that they can score and defend set pieces and aerial balls and we couldn’t this year.

        Atleti and Real both played well enough to win because both have excellent squads that can score and defend aerial balls and set pieces. Every great team must do this or wait 200 years for another Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi to come along and play together at their otherworldly best and win a different way.

  51. G6O
    May 24, 2014

    Only 2 minutes… why does this have to happen to us 🙁

  52. Inamess
    May 24, 2014

    Congratulations to Real and Atletico Madrid. You have worked hard to build two great teams over the last few years.

    Congratulations to the Barca board too. You have run an extremely successful publicity campaign this past week.

    • Peter
      May 24, 2014

      Nothing left for them to do really, but now they have to up it with defensive signings in order to stop the howling of the embarrassed culerada.

      In true “every cloud has a silver lining fashion”* now the culers may give Ter Stegen a chance since Courtois it turns out it vincible, despite brilliantly punching away a dirty Ronaldo free kick.

      You may think me insane for saying this, but despite all the heaps of bad luck, tragedies and deliberate attacks on the club, I look back at some moments and I know Barcelona can rise again bigger faster and stronger. Look at the two Liga Clasicos, look at what was supposed to be the end of Barcelona(Citeh), look at the game vs Sevilla in the driving rainstorm, look at the first half of the Atletico game and you will see.

      This is what I wish for next season: motivation, unity, drive and a proper pre-season. Oh well, and a good left-footed CB if it could be arranged. 😀

      • Inamess
        May 24, 2014

        Peter, I am excited about next season, but let’s recognize today for what everybody knows it is–a very bad moment for everyone who loves our club.

        • Peter
          May 24, 2014

          True. Still. At least now there will be/has to be real will to reform and revitalize. Silly season ahoy!

  53. ian_percival
    May 24, 2014

    I did not watch the match,I choosed not to,worst season ever! Seeing EE win,I hope zubizeretta gets his act together and sign us players to challenge next season. I heard luiz is going PSG,they always snatch our targets from us,who is our top two targets in defence now since luiz is gone?

    • Peter
      May 24, 2014

      I have a serious question: Would you pay 52 million for David Luis? Yes, I know Barcelona need to reinforce the defence, but honestly, would you pay 52 million for David Luis or would you sign Garay/Benatia/Marquinhos/Hummels/Laporte for 50-60% of that sum?

  54. Inamess
    May 24, 2014

    Dear Barcelona Fans,

    I just finished watching the CL Final and it was very exciting. However, afterwards it occurred to me that I have not had a chance to really thank you for an unforgettable season with your club. We shared some unforgettable moments together in what has indeed been a season of amazing ups and heart-wrenching downs.

    Too bad any historical trace of our recent history together has been thoroughly erased by your club’s website. Also, anyone with a promotional club photograph of me in my pistachio polo shirt should save it, as it is now a collector’s item since the board immediately burned over 500,000 pictures of me in the first 30 minutes after our unfortunate draw against Atleti .

    I personally warned the entire team to watch for Godin on a set piece, and begged the board numerous times to get Balanta in the winter transfer window, but let’s let bygones be bygones.

    I look forward to telling you more of my side of the story, but I know I must be careful because my personal safety is now at great risk. I am currently living in an undisclosed location in an small town in the United States and support myself by doing some house painting and odd-jobs for the nice people in my new community.

    Do not feel sorry for me because compared to what I went through this year, I am now living a dream. Hell would be like Club Med as long as I no longer have to do any more press conferences at the Camp Nou again.

    Regards and best of Luck for next year!

    I would sign my name but I think it is best that this letter remain untraceable.

    For now, let me just call myself Jerry the Fix-it Guy who likes to sing cantatas and eat frittatas.

    Enough said for now.

    • agar2515
      May 25, 2014

      Dear unknown,

      Don’t wait up for the ” Thank you” card , there’s nothing to thank you for.No one will remember you in the annals of FCB history. You’re just beating a dead talking point. Let it go. Truth hurts. Enjoy middle of the road club or international management,
      Ta- Ta if you will.

      • Jim
        May 25, 2014

        Tatar- and the team- came up short but that’s not a very classy reaction to his tenure. He was brought in last minute, got us to one home match from the title in a season where the competition in Spain was pretty hot. Of course, he made mistakes and maybe he had to go but he seems a decent person and gave it a good shot. He’s been denied that second season we automatically offer players who come to us to adapt. Maybe there’s more to come out from the players that would change my mind but at the moment he was our manager and has my thanks. Don’t want to end up like another Spanish club and disrespecting as well as changing our manager every season.

  55. ooga aga
    May 24, 2014

    spot on kxevin, this is beautiful.

    gracies equip! it is unbelievable and inspirational what you guys do, even when there is no silverware.

    and thank you kxevin and soccermom for the beauty of your prose.

    and congrats Atleti for making this a fantastic, memorable season.

    hard to swallow Real, Pepe and Ronaldo winning anything. That was a highly entertaining match, in a way, but I wouldnt call it the best advertisement for the beautiful game. Alas….

  56. Inamess
    May 24, 2014

    Here is my prediction. I am going on record that on Monday FC Barcelona will announce the signing of Mehdi Benatia and it will be for over 36 million.

  57. ian_percival
    May 25, 2014

    I heard about claudio Bravo too,real sociedad GK being in negociation with us

  58. Laurentiu88
    May 25, 2014

    – seems we will be doing ucl preliminary tour! sometimes such games can be tricky, even if highly unlikely for us.

    – really boring game, until 92 min. i think we had better chances against atletico in their home then rm. this is to show how close we were even if for some it seems we are very far.

    – Cristiano is one shallow dude. I HAVEN#T SEEN SOMETHING SO PATHETIC IN SPORTS…

    – i can’t say real played better then us, had more imagination or speed then us vs atletico. my theory is that we are lacking in physic and that makes us easy to battle, to push off the pitch.

    – some rumors there say that juve are willing to pay 15 mil for sanchez. if we do again some of our usually poor business and sell him for less then 30 mil i promise to ….

  59. G6O
    May 25, 2014

    The only silver lining I can see in this is that now Cristiano is hot favorite for the Ballon d’Or. Hopefully that will finally wake Messi up from his sleep next season.

    • barca96
      May 25, 2014

      I hope he doesn’t win. He was anonymous in the final only to show his body at the end. He celebrated more for his penalty that didn’t even matter than when his team mates score the more important goals. A really strange character.

      Besides this match, there’s just no magic from him. Di Maria is more instrumental to the team and Modric too. Ronaldo just bangs in the goals.
      But yeah, with the amount of goals he has scored, he’s almost certainly going win it.

      • Inamess
        May 25, 2014

        I think what these last weeks have shown is that no player is worth 200 million dollars. Athelti took Cristiano out of the game because despite his talent he was a non factor against a team that was willing to collectively defend and risk life and limb to win yesterday.

        Real, despite a poor collective effort, showed that some of their players can get the job done even against a physical team with no “world class” players that gave every ounce of energy that they had and came up just 2 minutes short.

        Di Maria, Modric, Isco , Ramos, and Varane: they are the type of players I wish our team signed, and the problem is they will still be around for a while.

  60. Davour
    May 25, 2014

    After EE winning the CL-final, I couldn’t help but to compare the situations of Ancelotti and Tata. Ancelotti had freedom to impose his tactical ideas, and had 5-6 new players and – apparently – the benefit of a doubt during the shaky start of the season. Tata, on the other hand, had no signings to his name and Neymar was both asset and challenge; he (Tata) was heavily criticized despite a very successful opening of the season and, apparently, had to wear an ideological straight-jacket, stating: “here’s the answer; what was the question?”. Hopefully, Tata’s sacrifice was not for nothing, if it gives Enrique slightly more room to try-and-fail.

    That said, one must admire Ancelotti’s achievements (and timing in taking over the squad): he is one hell of a coach, despite a weak opening and ending of the liga campaign. Also, must (reluctantly) hand it to Ronaldo: 17 goals in 11(?) games in the most competitive competition on club level. That will be hard to ever beat.

  61. barca96
    May 25, 2014

    Atletico were just a couple of minutes away from winning the CL. It must’ve hurt them really badly. Such a cruel way to lose out, in the injury time.

    That said, it wasn’t really a surprise that Madrid scored in the end. Atletico weren’t able to do anything after the hour mark. They were gassed out.

    They were still able to hold on to it except for a dead ball situation. That separates us from Madrid. They were no better than us against Atletico. It’s just that they have 1-2 dead ball specialists as in headers of the ball who can score while we don’t have anyone.

    Once a team like Atletico or Chelsea set out to defend, there is a 0.1% chance to score so you need to make use of the corners and free kicks. Unfortunately we don’t have a weapon for that.

    I’ve always hated when Marcelo plays against us as I find him so good (offensively!) and I knew he was going to be key for them. Marcelo and di Maria. They were the only ones who played well from Madrid.

    Gabi really impressed me but like the rest of his team mates, he faded in the 2nd half.

    Simeone made a stupid and costly gamble to start with Costa imo. He could’ve used that sub later in the game when they were running out of steam.

    ps. Usually I never cared how Ronaldo celebrates his goals but his celebration last night was really distasteful to me. He hasn’t done anything for the whole match + extra time and he scores a penalty in the last kick of the match and go and celebrate like he scored a decider and runs off alone shirtless instead of celebrating with the team.

  62. barca96
    May 25, 2014

    Oh and how on earth did they give 5 mins extra time? It should’ve been 3 minutes at most. And did anyone notice how late they announced the injury time. It was well over the 1 minute mark when they announced the injury time. Really bizarre.

    Madrid score before the 3rd mark but still, why was there 5 minutes given in the first place??!!

  63. Inamess
    May 25, 2014

    Barca Website Reads the Tea Leaves and They all Look Good!

    Good to see an enlightening article about our new coach on our Official Website. Excellent signs that we are moving full steam ahead. Our future has now been assured by the club’s excellent astrologers who have now assured fans that things are now on course and looking up.

    Luis Enrique: History Repeats Itself

    Let us examine now the great coincidences that have been astutely noted between our past and future greatness and provide comment on the astounding similarities:

    “There are many similarities between Luis Enrique the player and Luis Enrique the manager. What the manager is experiencing now is oddly similar to his experience, at least in small ways, back in 1996 when he signed for Barça from Real Madrid.

    1996: Luis Enrique joins Barça just a few days after Atlético Madrid claim the league title.

    2014 Luis Enrique joins Barça just a few days after Atlético Madrid claim the league title.”

    Comment: Wow, no way! Nice sly reference to Real there, but despite the lack of mention of this on our club website, Los Blancos may be in the news today for other reasons too.

    The article goes on:
    “This year it was Barça who pushed Atletico till the last game, in 1996 it was Valencia – with a certain Andoni Zubizarreta in goal.

    1995/96 – After winning four of the previous six league titles (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994), Barça fail to win the league, the Cup or the Champions League. Johan Cruyff and Carles Rexach are replaced by Bobby Robson

    2013/14 – After winning four of the previous six league titles (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2013), Barça fail to win the league, the Cup or the Champions League. Tata Martino is replaced by Luis Enrique.”

    Comment: I feel so much better now that decisions are going to be made by Barca legends rather than a incompetent foreigner who messed up our club.

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me that our team has been great in the past. I almost forgot because I thought I was suffering from amnesia since I completely forgot all the painful events surrounding our club this year since they can no longer be mentioned in polite company.

    Also, I am so glad that we had the strength to force the run away favorite in La Liga this year to a show down on the last day of the season just like Valencia was lucky enough to do in 1996.

    Finally, one last coincidence is noted:
    “David Villa, the last Asturian to play for the team, was presented on May 21. Just like Luis Enrique.”

    Comment: Cool! Great shout out for El Guaje who we bought for 40 and sold to a great Atletico team for 2 million. At least I am glad his name can be mentioned now because he didn’t put one past Pinto last week and is the closest thing to a Barca player in a Champions League Final this year.

    Conclusion: Our astrologers believe that given the above amazing set of coincidences along with the fact that mars is now in retrograde we are destined for greatness next year. Just don’t gloat about it to your Madrista friends because it is only fair for them to enjoy their delusional bit of bragging this week even though we know that the future belongs to us again really soon.

    Again, my purpose is not to be “negative”, I am actually quite positive about our future. However, a great club should not insult its fan’s intelligence nor hide its current reality.

    How about we “officially” congratulate Real and move on. Fans will stick with our club even if not given candy canes and other sweets to distract them. There was more to the Roman Empire than just bread and circuses.

    • barca96
      May 25, 2014

      A lot of homework done. Great stuff.

      Ahh 1996, the year I officially became fan. When Ronaldo joined after making kids in Holland fighting to ‘be him’ as the player whom we want to represent when we played football 😆

      So childish when I think back. But man, Ronaldo was an eye opener to football for me at PSV.

      Villa who I thought was going to be their weak link, was actually their top 3 player. I couldn’t believe my eyes the way he hustled. Simeone did that to him.

      • Inamess
        May 25, 2014

        I was amazed by Villa too! Simeone must have made a pact with the devil to get what he does out of his players.

  64. ciaran
    May 25, 2014

    I find it somewhat amusing that the general consensus is that we failed this season because the board failed to buy some centrebacks.

    We managed to lose 8 games this season which is a lot, especially for us; but only in two of those 8 games did we concede 3 goals, @ Soceidad & at home to Valencia.
    We managed to lose 1-0 to Athletic Bilbao, Valladolid, Atletico & Granada as well as having 0-0 draws with Atletico, Osasuna & Elche.

    To me, our attack cost us more than our defense did. If we had taken our chances in some of those smaller matches their we’d have been league champions.
    We only managed 1 goal in two CL matches against Atletico too which is the problem, not conceding two goals. At the start of the season if you were to suggest that we would play Atletico 6 times and concede 4 goals you’d expect us to have won at least 3 or 4 of those matches but we didn’t win a single one.

    A centre back or two will help us next season but we need more goals when it matters most. We got 7 v Levante but all in 1 game so dropped 2 points; 4 against Elche but again in 1 game so dropped another 2 points.
    For me, Pedro is the forward who should be sold and replaced with a genuine striker. I don’t know if it can happen but we should go all out to sign Luis Suarez. He is the closest thing to Samuel Eto’o of 7-8 years ago in terms of attitude and skills and would be perfect in a rotation with Neymar, Alexis, Messi & Deulofeu for the 3 forward slots and we can let all of our midfielders actually play in midfield.

    • ciaran
      May 25, 2014

      A very interesting comparison of Cristiano Ronaldo & Luis Suarez’s 31 goals this season 1v1.
      I personally prefer Suarez’s goals in terms of diversity. A lot of Ronaldo’s are tap-ins, deflected freekicks or penalties.

    • AGREE!

      I’ve been harping on this point for the last week. Our offense was fairly mundane for most of the second half of the season – especially after Valdes got hurt.

  65. Jim
    May 25, 2014

    I think both ends were a problem, Ciaran. Too many games where we started brightly only to lose a goal and end up playing against a super motivated defence while in others we killed ourselves with suicidal defending. It’s a difficult one. If what we’re looking for is defending ability in our forwards for me we have something wrong. We need forwards who can beat a man so that if we move the ball about we can find a one on one. Also a false nine, if we insist on calling it that, can’t just mean there’s nobody in the box.

    At the back I think we made some strides this year but I don’t think any of our last three coaches have really understood how to coach the defensive line., even given that we insist on playing midfielders there. I think the board might have felt burned by Caceres and Chiggy and were reluctant to spend big on another.

    For me, it’s a close call who to sell between Alexis and Pedro. I’ve been very disappointed in the way Pedro has not kicked on from the Guardiola times and I’m not quite sure what Alexis is. I have a gut instinct that the way to get the best out of Messi and Neymar is to separate them onto the two wings with a genuine back to goal striker ( not a giant) in the middle but I don’t really know any more. What I do know is that if Messi and Neymar got the one on one situations that Pedro, Alexis, Tello and Alves have had they would do better with them.

    • ciaran
      May 25, 2014

      I would love to agree with you in terms of Messi & Neymar but I can’t see Messi playing on the right wing any more. I think Messi has developed into the no.10 that many expected him to and is no longer a false 9. I’d love to see Neymar as what you’d call the second striker and Suarez as a no.9.

      For me Alexis is now better at every facet of the game than Pedro. He is a better scorer & gets more assists. He is better defensively and and better in the air. I don’t see a single thing that Pedro has as an advantage and it would be a shame if he is kept and Alexis sold.
      Pedro had an improved season over the past two but did absolutely nothing in any big match and finished the season with 1 goal in his last 12 games. Alexis scored against both Atletico & Real Madrid and finished the season stronger.

      Defensively we need 2 defenders and if we get rid of both Alex Song & Masch we’ll need a DM too. I wasn’t saying that we don’t need defenders but our forwards failed too when the chips were down.

      • Davour
        May 25, 2014

        So, a 4-3-1-2 tactic? Perhaps if Messi drops a little, there would be room for two attacking wing backs, after all. I also dreamed about Neymar and Messi creating havoc on one flank each, stretching the defense and making it harder to cram the areas. But I agree with the point on Messi: he is no winger anymore (if he ever really was) and needs to be in the hub of things.

        Regarding which failed more, attack or defense, I think it’s hard to separate the two. But it’s interesting that the defense seemed rather solid in the early parts of the season; in the final stretch, it was back to being shaky (even with Valdes).

        • ciaran
          May 25, 2014

          There were numerous failings with our season, in all areas.
          Pinto is a disaster and when Valdes got injured I assumed that our season was over. Not only is he not good enough as a shot stopper, he is terrible with the ball at his feet so our entire team has to change its game. That’s why, even though Keylor Navas is a better shot stopper than Reina or Bravo I’d prefer the latter two for their ball playing ability as a backup to ter Stegen.

          The defense failed but individually most of them played well enough. Masch’s failings were in the air but he isn’t a central defender and done his best. Bartra improved massively, Pique got his form back and the fullbacks were all reasonably good in general.

          The midfield was disappointing. Busquets was left doing all the defensive work but still, he hasn’t added attacking play to his skill set and isn’t a hugely better player than he was 3 seasons ago. Xavi & Iniesta disappointed me. Song wasn’t given the opportunity to impress and didn’t exactly light the world on fire when he did play. Cesc didn’t finish the season strongly and Sergi Roberto barely played.

          As I’ve suggested, up front I’d sell Pedro and Tello and replace with Suarez & Deulofeu. If needed promote Munir & Adama in Copa games next year but keep the midfielders playing midfield, not pushing Cesc & Iniesta into the forward line.

          A 4-3-1-2 is probably the only way to get the most out of more of our squad. We always have attacking fullbacks and there’s very little good defensive ones available. We need to have numbers in midfield but we also need a presence in the opposition box, occupying defenders.

          • May 25, 2014

            I’d like to appoint ciaran as my spokesperson. His observations about “CBs being the fault” is exactly the point I have been trying to make for some time.

            So many problems in attack, based on stagnant players, and the unvoidable(?) complexity that the two players who have the ball the MOST, are LEAST likely to score (Xavi and Iniesta). So if movement isn’t happening, no goals will be forthcoming.

            The point about Messi sliding inexorably to the position that matches his number is an excellent one, as well.

          • Jim
            May 25, 2014

            Not sure what you mean by a natural 10, Kxevin. Are you talking of behind a front three and taking up a midfield position or something else ?

            Agreed on the lack of movement up front. It’d also be good to see Xavi and Iniesta go past the forwards at times but I think part of that is fear of the counter. If we can sort ourselves defensively they might be more inclined. I’ll say again- Iniesta’s long shooting has improved dramatically this season.

          • May 25, 2014

            Jim, I wouldn’t mind seeing a midfield of Messi/Busquets/Iniesta, to see how that feels. Messi does more of the Iniesta stuff, Iniesta makes like Xavi, complete with a more aggro Busquets, particularly if Mascherano stays. I’d like to see him as a rover type in front of a back 3. So:

            Ter Stegen
            ??? Pique Alba
            Busquets Messi Iniesta
            Sanchez Neymar ??? (Pedro? Deulofeu?)

          • Inamess
            May 25, 2014

            To me we have to stick with Kxevin’s point that everyone on the team is an offensive and defensive player. For this reason, I still don’t know how our offense ever gets fixed without being able to be a threat on corners and set pieces.

            If teams respected us as a threat on these, then I believe we would face fewer buses to begin with.
            If you give up 10 set pieces or corners to any other top team, then there is a very high probability that you will concede one or more of these.

            No, I am not saying to sell the team and buy all tall guy,s but at least 3 of our players must be a serious threat in the air to limit the “bus” tactics.

            If we picked up two players like Benatia and Martinez, it would significantly change how other teams defend us because they would know that we would be a threat on set pieces and not as vulnerable to theirs.

            As things stood this year, playing relentless defense against us and hoping for a shot on one or two set pieces worked pretty well for teams too numerous to mention.

          • G6O
            May 25, 2014

            There’s one serious problem with Messi being moved to midfield – unless this is accompanied by him changing his game and beginning to seriously play defense again, we will be even more exposed to counters that way. Hopefully the front three will be pressing hard and that will allow him to mop up the forced turnovers behind them the way Xavi and Iniesta did back in the days. But if is just standing around as he has for most of this season, even this will not happen and we will be worse off.

        • ooga aga
          May 25, 2014

          Ciaran’s point is borne out by the fact, previously mentioned by kxevin, that we conceded far fewer goals this year than last, but also scored many fewer. We weren’t as dynamic in offense. Could also be a case of our seeing more and more buses every year.

  66. ciaran
    May 25, 2014

    Not that this is anti-Pedro day but he came out today and said he doesn’t know if he’ll stay next season. He said that he was happy with his contribution. That he helped the team a lot when he played.
    I have a slight issue what that statement.
    He played in 44 games this season and scored or assisted 24 goals (16 & 8). That all looks very promising but I looked into these further.
    He scored or assisted in only 15 different games of the 44. So in 15 games he produced 24 goals.
    Of those 15 games though, in only 2 of them did his goals affect the outcome, Getafe & Athletic Bilbao. In the rest he added goals to matches that would have been won anyway; 2 goals in 7 and 3 in 4 etc.

    That isn’t good enough when you are playing that much for a team of our quality and expectations.

    • Rami
      May 25, 2014

      If we choose to always dissect the stats in this fashion, It wouldn’t be difficult to make any winger look bad, Here is me doing it:
      “Alexis only managed to score 2 goals away from home in all his la liga appearances this season!, One was a blatant offside, And the other one wouldn’t made a difference, And since most of the points lost were away from home, This is very concerning for a barca winger”

      I’m not saying this to undermine alexis or to defend perdo, I actually would pick alexis over pedro any day, But my point is, That stats may give a little bit more perspective, And are usually fun, But that’s the extent of it, Using them for anything more than that, Isn’t productive in my opinion.

      • 86ed
        May 25, 2014

        Clearly you don’t work in the world of finance. Numbers and statistics and all there is.
        Opinions may change, but numbers never do. Only our interpretation of the numbers changes. Numbers will always give you a better representation of what goes on on the pitch than opinions unpacked by evidence.

        • posthipsterpope
          May 26, 2014

          Clearly you don’t work in the world of finance if you subscribe to the maxim that numbers and statistics don’t change. Not a single number or statistic means anything without context, and since I determine the context, I can change the truth of any number. Which therefore means I can make the statistics lie and obscure the true representation of what happened on the pitch, thus giving you a much worse understanding of the issue. Numbers only have truth in pure mathematics, of which finance is decidedly not, and neither is football statistics.

        • Rami
          May 26, 2014

          I was talking about the general value of stats and numbers in the world of FOOTBALL, Not finance, How did you manage to relate them?

          • posthipsterpope
            May 26, 2014

            Because I was responding to 86ed disagreeing with you by using finance as the basis for stating that numbers don’t change and thus statistical analysis was superior to an opinion not using statistics.

            So, basically, I agree with you to a degree.

          • Rami
            May 26, 2014

            My comment was toward 86ed, Not to you.
            I definitely agree with what you said.

  67. 86ed
    May 25, 2014

    What a difference a goal makes. Had Ramos not scored Bale would have been called a waste of €100m. But Ramos did score and all those misses of Bale’s have been completely forgotten. Now Bale, who had no preseason, with huge pressure on his shoulders, has two goals in two finals in his first year in Spain. Having players who are good at set pieces is really quite handy, isn’t it, Rosell? It was essentially (as someone above has pointed out already) the marker for our losing to Atletico in the CL. It’s a game of inches, as Kxevin said last year after our home loss or Real. Sadly we lack those inches that could make the difference. And it’s of our own making, this lack of inches.

    Nine of the last ten CL winners have been physical teams. I could probably go further but ten is a nice round number. This includes two of our three wins. We have forgotten I think how physically imposing Barca was during Guardiola’s first season. In the final alone all but three players were 1,8m or taller, even with Abidal out with suspension.

    Only Barca’s team of 2011 has bucked the trend of physical teams, good at set pieces, strong defensively, rapid on the counter, neglectful of sterile sideway passes ultimately carrying the day. That’s the task ahead of Barca now. To keep with the times. To go with physical players as well as technical ones. To be less dogmatic and more pragmatic. To make signings guided by reason and evidence, not passion and hype. To take more chances on unknown players who might not be able to sell jerseys but who are nevertheless crucial to all winning teams.

    • Jafri
      May 25, 2014

      TBH as good as we were in the 2011 final, we were immensely helped by SAF’s incompetence in choosing a Giggs Carrick midfield to combat the three best midfielders on the planet. Added to that was the fact that it was Messi’s first full season as a false nine, and that meant no one knew how to play him. Imagine what a team with physicality and hustle would have done to them, even with all the players at or near their peak. And that win made other teams evolve specifically to combat our style of play while we just… stagnated. We won’t be winning the CL again anytime soon if we keep the same tactics going into next season.

      • Inamess
        May 25, 2014

        I agree I agree and I think a lot of the wrong lessons were drawn from our dominance in 2011-12. After that many at our club became lazy and felt that as long as you put the same players out year after year, we would get similar results. I think the first person who saw that wasn’t going to be true was the coach himself and he really did not leave the club in as good a shape as most of us believed.

        If we compare each player on that team in 2011-12 with the very same players this year the only one who had nearly as good a season is Valdes, and unfortunately his year got cut short. The jerseys were the same but the productivity of those players this year was not even close. Whether the club and our fans acknowledged this reality or not, we still avoided change, while other teams evolved.

        As Peter pointed out above, look at how our last two transfer seasons compare to Real’s:

        Real Madrid: Morata, Essien, Nacho, Modric, Diego Lopez
        Barcelona: Alba, Song, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Bartra, Montoya

        Real Madrid: Bale, Cherishev, Jese, Carbajal, Casemiro, Isco, Illaramendi.
        Barcelona: Neymar

        • posthipsterpope
          May 26, 2014

          I agree, I think that at some level there is a willful ignorance that players sometimes just are not at the level they once were. If you look at the 2011 team, Barca had three of the five best players in the world. Now, they have one, and this year, I think you could argue that Messi wasn’t even in the top two. Which considering it’s been him and Ronaldo unquestionably since 2008 as gapping whomever was third (Balon d’Or results notwithstanding for many reasons) is a pretty astonishing thought. And compared to that 2011 team, where on the pitch is Barca better?—I’d argue nowhere bar in goal and that’s not a real difference anyway.

          Also, as a Manchester United supporter, that 2011 final was helped in large part by Barcelona being the worst match-up for that 2011 United team. Every player on that squad in style and preferred formation was almost perfectly picked to match terribly with the way Barca liked to play, with the exception of Ferdinand and maybe Evra. That being said, that’s the best I’ve ever seen this Barca vintage play.

          • Inamess
            May 26, 2014

            posthipsterpope. thanks for the great comment! So many interesting parallels between our two teams whose last great year was 2011.

            One big difference is that your great manager retired after decades of legendary service, while ours did when he felt too much stress and lost his passion for coaching our side.

      • 86ed
        May 25, 2014

        I still consider the first XI that started the 6-2 victory on 2 May 2009 as the best lineup ever fielded by FC Barcelona. 7/11 of that team were over 1,80 tall and athletic, and all were brilliant on the ball. After 2010 the pattern started to change. Smaller players were recruited, and Guardiola jumped ship at the first sign that things were starting to turn sour. Great coach but I do not think I will forgive him that. I wrote here at the time that he was abandoning us when we needed him the most. I suggested that a complete overhaul of personnel and style. Since then : —
        Since then, the only tall and athletic player hired was never given any trust even by the man who said “he will surprise many.”

        Money has been wasted, gentlemen, and the people who burned it are still in power spewing the same rhetoric as last year and the year before. I maintain my doubts they’ll do anything to solve our ailments. If they really cared they would have taken precautions since 2012. If they were competent, change would have happened in 2011. Instead they singed Fabregas for purely sentimental reasons.

        • Inamess
          May 25, 2014

          My fear is that we are going to try to fix a publicity problem similar to the one Real had after our treble instead of making smart footballing decisions.

          I would not feel bad at all if the coach and board privately decided that there was no way we can win the champions League next year and instead built our team for the future.

          As long as we get younger next year and look to improve each season then that is fine with me. The only other option is to spend a billion dollars over the next 5 years and take our chances for the golden ring each year like Real.

    • Inamess
      May 25, 2014

      86ed, completely agree. The beginning of our decline was also the moment many recognized as our greatest achievement:
      playing one game consisting of all La Masia graduates.

      What made Pep’s team great was that the team had extraordinary individual talent that played amazing football for the same club and national teams.

      The idea that La Masia was going to keep perpetually renewing our superiority by putting in the next Xavi, Iniesta, and Puyol was the very fallacy of all elitism: there is no way a generation of 25 talented La Masia graduates will be able to continually compete with other teams made of the best football players from all around the world.

      Barca was able to take on the world for about 4 years but now that window is closed. If, for example, the group of very smart Harvard graduates who started Microsoft had a policy that they would only hire Harvard graduates for their executive and technology positions, then that company would get crushed in a few years.

      Our team must now embrace diversity: collecting the best talent to fit into a team that plays well together consisting of only our top La Masia players and probably the majority from a pool of other great football players from all around the world.

      The problem now for Barca is that we are not going to be able to recruit those great players from around the world until they reach 16 or 18 or whatever age the new FIFA rules will allow, which really sucks for us.

      The best thing our club could have done the minute we lost Thiago was to try to get Isco to replace him. The only reason not to have done so was if some at the club really believed that Sergio Roberto was ready to fill in for significant minutes, which I doubt many at our club did.

      • Inamess
        May 26, 2014

        The beginning of our decline?

        La Masia Dream Team: Barcelona field an all-homegrown side for the first time

        Most surprising sentence: “Another boy from Catalonia, Busquets was scouted from local team Unio Jabac in 2005 and immediately made an impression. He scored seven goals in 26 matches for the Juvenil A side in his second season.”

        For Barcleona 1st team: 11 goals in 284 matches

        • barca96
          May 26, 2014

          Bojan, nearly a thousand goals in youth teams but only 4 goals in the Mickey Mouse league 🙂

          And Levon posted a funny reply to a person who shared a rumor that Roma is willing to buy Bojan for 24m. Like Levon said, it could be cents 😆

  68. agar2515
    May 26, 2014

    Persistent rumor that Juve want Alexis for 15-20m. If that goes through then all the good will and hope I’ve built up for this transfer season will shrink to almost zero. What a bunch of fuckups they would be, sorry there’s just no more succinct way to put that.

    • ciaran
      May 26, 2014

      I completely agree with you. He is a great player who is worth twice that but seeing as we seem to be only listening to offers from Juventus we are not going to do well in the market.
      I don’t see any reasoning to sell Alexis anyway though. He has spent three seasons working hard and getting to grips with our style and system and had his best year. He is a player on the up.

    • santapelota
      May 26, 2014

      The irony being that in a team like Juve, with Conte’s model of play favouring open spaces, Alexis would thrive and look very much the 40 million player he is.

      Thing is, I wouldn’t be that sad to see Alexis go because in purely footballing terms his game would be enhanced at an ideal club. If he’s happy to stay at Barça, great, but we’d be forever stuck with a case of an ill-suited marriage in which neither partner gets the best out of one another.

      With Pedro, sentimentally it would be harder to see him go while knowing that he was very much a creation of ours – from nothing, we created a World Cup winner and Champions League final scoring forward, and we’d be selling him on to someone else. And to be honest, I can’t see Pedro going for crazy money.

    • Peter
      May 26, 2014

      The funny and quite a bit ridiculous thing here is this: Juve has nothing to offer Alexis except a starting spot. Their president has stated they can’t offer him the salary he gets in Barcelona, nor can they give Barcelona a proper transfer price.

      • santapelota
        May 26, 2014

        In that case, if Alexis is to stay, then how does he fit into the team?

        Leaving aside the intricacies of formation, let’s start with the premise that Messi and Neymar are going to be the only fixtures in attack. Depending on the system, that leaves one/two spare berth(s). More than likely it will be just the one extra berth and that will probably go to a centre-forward. Even allowing for that spot to allocated to a wide attacker, that leaves Alexis basically vying for a very defined spot – either a the right-forward or a centre-forward position. And that in itself brings a series of implications:

        1) Alexis is more comfortable starting from the left, but that’s off-bounds due to Neymar now.
        2) Alexis can ‘do a job’ on the right, and even thrive, provided he is given the space. That has rarely been the case, however, under Barça’s model of play and the kind of opponents we’ve faced. It will be even less likely as Lucho seeks to return to those old principles of constant static attack.
        3) Could Lucho entertain the possiblity of a very leftfield structural move: say, converting Alexis into a right-back (assuming Dani leaves)? It’s unlikely, and on the face of it, it shouldn’t work. But he’s done some pretty unorthodox stuff at Celta .. like playing Krohn-Deli – a winger – as holding midfielder. The one certainty that would give is that Alexis would have far more space to run with the ball.

        • Peter
          May 26, 2014

          1) It has looked to me that Alexis is more comfortable from the right and center, meaning he would have to fight for a spot with Pedro/Deulofeu(and Pedro would be competing with Neymar on the left)

          2) Everybody can thrive if given the space – blatant examples include Ronaldo and Bale, who need space. However, space is not given, it is won. Atletico have the most narrow and tight defence in the League, but in the first half of the Camp Nou Liga match space was found. Furthermore, up until December the team played faster, with better and swifter transition, which meant goals. Furthermore Alexis has shown he has leadership qualities – there was a moment in the season when he had to assume the responsibility up front – and unsurprisingly he scored a hat-trick.

          3) Converting Alexis into a right-back doesn’t really make sense. If anything that’s making the defence even shorter and why would you really do that when Alba is already making it short on the other side?

          • santapelota
            May 27, 2014

            Peter, let me clarify:

            1) More comfortable from the left in any scenario by mere virtue of the fact that he’s cutting onto his shooting foot. Unfortunately for Alexis, the same is true for Neymar – who brings another dimension to the role anyway. I agree that Pedro, who is also better when on the left, would be competing with Neymar. If Pedro is willing to stay and fight for a place, fair enough. Problem is, I can’t see him unseating Neymar near enough for him to be happy.

            2) My point about space was not so much about how deep our opponents sat and more about what you touch upon later in your response – the way we set up. Under Tito and Tata, we spent every second game with a vertical set-up … it was that kind of context which made things more tolerable for Alexis playing along the right. But in other games where we exerted more control, soaked up more possession, attacked more intricately and stayed grouped together in very tight spaces, Alexis struggled. And my hunch is that under Luis Enrique, we’re gonna be playing a lot more games of positional-play orthodoxy irrespective of the opponent … going by what I’ve seen of Celta.
            You make the point about Alexis at CF, true; that did work in some games, but the indications are that Lucho wants a bonafide centre-forward, so the chances of building a team around Alexis as a 9 are null. Alexis as back-up CF? Maybe, but apart then we’re back to the same old question: is there any kind of role on our team that we can find for this guy to make him look like the 40 million player he is? And I don’t think there is .

            3) I don’t expect Alexis-as-RB to make sense. Nor do I think it’ll happen. There is no overriding need for such a move to come about, but I’m only opening myself to the possibility that Luis Enrique could make some very radical adjustments position/role-wise. His season at Celta is testament to that – and Celta assumed huge risks with a high-defensive line and two extremely offensive full-backs … all shielded by a Danish winger filling in the Busquets role. Obviously Lucho was on to something and saw qualities/potentiality in these players by assigning to them these roles that defied tactical orthodoxy. It could be that he felt his team would eventually harmonise and get away with these incongruous arrangements. In any case, at Barça he will feel in a better position to take on such risks with a playing staff even better versed in defending through possession.
            And by the way, your point about Alexis’ height … ditto Dani Alves .. but Alexis has quite an imperious jump.

      • Inamess
        May 26, 2014

        I don’t see why pleading poverty gets you a player but it also seemed to have worked with Milan getting Ibra for 24 million. If no one else is willing to pay at least 35 mill for Alexis then he should stay.

        I really want a 50 foot yacht, but anyone who is willing to sell it to me for cheap because I can’t really afford one is an idiot.

        • Peter
          May 26, 2014

          Milan got Ibra for 24 million because Barcelona were looking for “Somebody, anybody!!!”, to offload him and his salary to(and don’t forget, it takes three signatures to make a move. At that point IIRC PSG weren’t yet the “Shut up and take my money!!!” types so it wouldn’t have been possible). I don’t really see such inclinations this year.

          The only, absolutely only reason to sell Alexis on the cheap would be if Barcelona were to contemplate a key Juventus player, but even then I wouldn’t agree. Alexis has had a great season and his bottomless energy and dedication would be key in a new high-pressing game if that’s what Lucho is thinking about. Even more importantly, if Alexis is given a vote of confidence in an year when the squad is getting new faces and money is spent to buy the best available, that would probably even increase his workrate. And that’s what is so important for Barcelona – returned workrate, running and pressing like insane. Even if a strict rotation is imposed, player strength and egos can be husbanded and channelled.

  69. ciaran
    May 26, 2014

    Interesting article on Sport comparing some of the centrebacks we have been linked to statistically.
    It had Pique, Bartra & Masch then Laporte, Benatia, Marquinhos, Mathieu, Subotic, Hummels & David Luiz.
    It compared them on all of the major stats for a defender including passing and gave them points for their comparisons.
    Perhaps surprisingly Neven Subotic ranked first although he only played 10 or so games for Dortmund before his season-ending injury and they were doing quite well at that stage so I see that as a little misleading.
    Hummels finished second, Benatia 3rd, Mathieu 4th, Marquinhos 5th, Laporte 6th & David Luiz 7th.

    Pique got 80 points as did Subotic so statistically they were the strongest.
    Masch got 77 so finished ahead of Hummels & Benatia although did finish last in aerial duels won which is incredibly important in our side which Hummels finished first in. He finished first in a number of categories like interceptions & tackles but lowest in dispossessing opponents also.
    Bartra finished ahead of Marquinhos, Laporte & David Luiz which is about right for me. I don’t see Marquinhos or Laporte as €35million better than Bartra so I’d prefer younger signings to be further down the pecking order than Bartra. Also interesting is that Bartra & Pique didn’t finish lowest in any category.

    Benatia finished lowest in two categories long passing & fouls committed. I’m not concerned about the long passing stats as it’s not how Roma play. Fouls committed is a little bit more concerning although if Bartra had committed another foul in the Copa final we might have had a different result. It obviously doesn’t take tactical fouling into consideration. He dispossesses an opponent almost twice as often as Masch and was near the top for nearly every stat.

    David Luiz finished lowest on 4 categories, more than anyone else and didn’t finish first or second in any. The only other player who didn’t finish first or second in any category was Laporte.

    Without defending the use of statistics it obviously shows some interesting info on some of our targets and highlights why I was delighted to dodge the David Luiz bullet. Benatia & Hummels still look like the best signings for me and Mathieu looks like a great backup.
    We were linked to Marcos Rojo yesterday again who has some characteristics of Mathieu but I don’t watch Sporting Lisbon except when they play Benfica or Porto so I’m not 100% on him. Also it’s very hard to get accurate stats on the Portuguese league.

    • Inamess
      May 26, 2014

      Ciaran, I never really looked into statistics for defenders, but to me it seems that they might be very misleading in that CBs work as a pair and are hard to judge in isolation.

      Over the past five years our best pairing always included Pique and no other pairing worked nearly as well. I know you like Benatia so what do you think about his potential partnership with Pique. I’ve heard “rumors” that Tito did not like the idea of a Pique-Hummels CB team for the reason that both players were too similar and wouldn’t be able to complement each others weaknesses (e.g. speed and tackling ability)

      Also, our squad next year has to be able to compensate for a potential Pique injury because I do think that this player is very prone to missing weeks at a time and this could happen during a crucial time like it did this year.

      • ciaran
        May 26, 2014

        Benatia is very very physical. He is fast and strong, good in the air and out-muscles forwards constantly. If Pique and Hummels are similar the only Spaniard that I could compare him to would be Sergio Ramos but he obviously doesn’t make the rash tackles & get booked constantly.

        He always plays right centre back for Udinese, Morocco & now Roma. He would have to move to left centre back though. He makes simple passes as opposed to through balls or long balls but he does dribble well. He scores from set pieces too.

        I don’t subscribe to the Pique & Hummels mismatch idea. I would be confident that they would be capable of making a good partnership.

        If Pique gets injured next season I’d want Bartra to be given the opportunity to fill his boots. If we have a 4th CB like Mathieu or someone that can cover then we have a lot of options.

        • Inamess
          May 26, 2014

          So if Benatia is our guy then the only question that remains is whether we will be able to get him. For these kinds of questions I think betting sites are sometimes good guides since they represent the opinions of those who are risking a lot of money on these questions and may also in part be guided by “inside information”.

          Currently the two favorites to get Benatia are us and Man City. What this means is that this player will be very expensive and given what Luiz’s fee was, I assume his cost will be over 40 million.

          Benatia also might rather go to an English club where he can partner with Kompany on a team still on the rise rather than come here and take his chances with a still largely unknown new Barcelona.

          Also, the lack of success of many of our recent transfers might hinder our chances to get him as well. Hopefully he will be ambitious enough to think it is worth a shot to risk his future with us.

          I also think that it is worth picking up an experienced player at CB this year, though I have come to see most of our signings of “proven veterans” as bad risks given their lack of future transfer value if they don’t work out or their skills diminish too quickly. We will probably lose many of our veteran players such as Xavi, Alves, and Mascherano and will need some more experience in what is sure to be a much younger side.

          • ciaran
            May 26, 2014

            Benatia at 27 is weighing up what will be his biggest ever move. He has experience in that he has played in Serie A for a number of seasons and has looked the best defender there for at least 2 years.
            He was bought for less than €15m last season so the fee should be €30million at most which would be a good deal for all parties. The fact that he has said that he wants Roma to listen to offers from the biggest clubs will also reduce the cost.

            Maybe it’s just because of my own love for the club but I couldn’t see how anyone would choose to go to virtually any club above Barca.

            The issue in terms of experience is that we have possibly no transfers next summer so we will be gambling on getting two more years from the likes of Xavi etc. Alves I expect to move on this summer. Masch I am unsure of. Buying a 30+ year old isn’t going to happen which is why even though I’d like Mathieu it probably won’t happen.

        • santapelota
          May 26, 2014

          With all this speculation, aren’t we assuming that Zubi is going to furnish Lucho with two structural posibilities:
          a) the Abidal system, i.e., one all-round full-back plus one conservative full-back.
          b) two pure full-backs (and with competition for at least one of the berths)

          It’d be great if Lucho ends up having both at his disposal, but I wonder whether specifically the Abidal system might have an in-house solution: Bartra as a makeshift right-back-cum-3rd centre-back (thus liberating Jordi Alba on the other flank). If so, that would leave us in a position to buy that starting CB plus a veteran CB as back-up.

      • Jim
        May 26, 2014

        You can hardly call Pique injury prone for the latest injury. It was a horrible and deliberate move by Diego Costa.

    • barca96
      May 26, 2014

      Yeah I saw that stat too a few days ago or maybe it was a different stat as it compared all those aspects minus Subotic. In any case, such a comparison is really handy. I don’t think stats can be applied for football players but I think for defenders it’s alright.

      1) Marquinhos or Benatia?
      2) Make Bartra a starter CB and play him alongside Pique and buy a young CB or a veteran to be a back up or
      3) Buy a top CB to partner Pique? or
      4) Buy a CB to partner Bartra as a starter? I think it is better to buy a CB that can match both Pique and Bartra as they have similar skill sets and both play RCB.

      In any case, we need to buy a defender who is an offensive threat for dead ball situations.

      • Inamess
        May 26, 2014

        I like bringing in an experienced CB for the reasons I said above. I know that Masch has gotten some unfair criticism but this year, but I think many fans now realize the many problems using a short CB who has limited skills in the air creates. Giving up height at the CB position not only makes your team worse on taking and defending set pieces, but also makes other players worse on these as well.

        For example, what makes Sergio Ramos so dangerous on set pieces is that Real’s opponents must also mark Ronaldo, Pepe, Benzema and Bale. Thus the man responsible for marking Ramos may only be that team’s third or fourth best defender on set pieces.

        If we had Ramos rather than Pique on our side this year, it is unlikely that Ramos would have had as many goals on set pieces and certainly not as many in important matches against very good defensive teams like Bayern and Atleti.

  70. ciaran
    May 26, 2014

    Talk of player swaps in tabloids is common but transfers like such are rare. We’ve only ever done it for Ibra (w/ Eto’o) & Deco (w/ Quaresma) to my knowledge but practically every day we are linked with such moves.
    There is one that is looking likely these days though, Marquinhos for Alves + €20m as reported consistently over the past few days. Apparently it’s very close but then again, Benatia’s agent is supposedly in Barcelona too.
    Benatia & Marquinhos is too much like fantasy football but it sure would be a statement of intent. Still, why would Marquinhos want to come to Barca to sit on our bench as opposed to PSG’s?

    • Inamess
      May 26, 2014

      Looks like we may have more definitive news in a few days. What about some of our favored youth players who I mentioned below? Any that you are really high on or think may be over-hyped?

    • Jim
      May 26, 2014

      Not sure that he would be sitting on our bench.

      • ciaran
        May 26, 2014

        If we were to sign both him and Benatia like I said. Benatia is the better player by a distance currently. I’d imagine that he and Pique would be the starters. Marquinhos started as a right back though so that would be an interesting option

  71. Inamess
    May 26, 2014

    I think that bringing in Marquinos or Laporte pretty much sends a signal to Ie and Bagnack that their chances of a future with the club is limited just like getting Cesc at just the time Thiago thought he was ready to make his breakthrough may have caused Thiago to defect to Bayern.

    I, for one, feel that many of our B team players may be overhyped partially, of course, because of our remarkable success with the La Masia products who dominated in Pep’s and Villanova’s team. Niether Ie nor Bagnack have been listed in any “best young defenders in the world” lists so I don’t know what to make of their prospects.

    I think that our club and fans might have to come to terms with the fact that the only La Masia products who maybe talented enough to become starters on our team in the next 5 years are Bartra, Deulofeu, Rafinha, Suarez, and Dongou.

    • Rami
      May 26, 2014

      When a club decides to addresses a need in it’s squad, It always look for the best option that can meet the requirement now not later, You simply don’t take compromises because in one, two, Or three years someone from la masia might meet the need, And it makes sense, because by doing that you avoid hindering the team by leaving a ‘gap’ or trying to fill it with a low price half a solution player, Add to that there is no guarantee that ‘The Promising’ la masia player will ever rise up to the need in the future.

      When a B player head to the ranks of the 1st team, Should never expect a golden seat waiting for him, The only thing that’ll be waiting for him is a lot of competition, He can choose the easy route of leaving the club, Or choose to fight, And if he decides the latter, He either eventually trumps all his competitors, or he fails, That’s the way things work, And in my opinion, It’s the healthy way for any team.

      • Inamess
        May 26, 2014

        I agree in theory with what you say but here are some of my reservations:

        1) Marqjuinos is just as young as Ie and Bagnack and I don’t know if Marquinos has done anything yet to solidify his place in our current squad either other than the fact that we are currently really in need of a defender and a big signing.

        2) No B team player barring a new Messi is likely to be able to become a starting player on our team until he is 23 or so. Very few will really “earn” their place on the squad before significant experience on loan, so Barca may not want to become a full meritocracy either because we will likely just lose our future stars like Fabregas, Pique, and Thiago.

        If we don’t want to give our future stars some preference then we will become a club similar to any other of the major teams in Europe, which I guess is OK, but then why have a La Masia system in the first place.

        3)The major advantage of the La Masia system is that it supposedly trains future players to be successful on our first team at less cost than the 30 million we would otherwise have to spend in transfer fees.

        With the recent FIFA rulings our club may decide against placing such importance in La Masia players, but that is what our club must decide.

        I think we in a way in the position of a father or mother who decides to coach their child’s youth team. He or she must choose the best players, but if he or she doesn’t give their child at least some significant minutes then what is the point of coaching in the first place.

  72. May 26, 2014

    BeIN says Alves+20m for Marquinhos, which would be a pretty nice bit of business, if true. Alves 31, trending downward and in last year of his contract. Also lose his salary.

    Still a rumor, but BeIN calling it an exclusive, and don’t forget that BeIN and PSG have the same owner.

    • ciaran
      May 26, 2014

      It’s a good deal but he still wouldn’t be my ideal solution unless we also sign another centreback which is likely I suppose.
      Alves’ wage is huge, more than any other foreigner except Neymar so getting rid of that will be similar to the Villa deal. If we get a value of around €15m then it’s great business.

    • Inamess
      May 26, 2014

      I think that this is going to happen, though I thought we were going to get Benatia. I think our club feels that they have to announce a major signing soon and this deal seems to send many of the right signals in that we are exchanging one aging Brazilian defender in decline for another one supposedly with much promise.

      My concern is the question of why PSG are doing this. Certainly they don’t prize Marquinhos all that highly if they are willing to pay top dollar for Luiz and unload one of their much publicized expensive recent signings for the future.

      • 86ed
        May 26, 2014

        They could try to sign both. I haven’t watched Roma play all season (even vs Milan) so I have no idea if Benatia is any good. I do think Hummels, whom I have watched, would make us very solid in the air, so maybe effort should be made to sign him.

    • 86ed
      May 26, 2014

      Would be a good deal if it goes through.

    • Rami
      May 26, 2014

      This news if actually true, Means that we’re willing to pay now for Marquinhos what we weren’t willing to pay last season, So the end result is that a needed signing was delayed an entire season….hmmm.
      In a nut shell the board weren’t willing to give zubi the green light financially, It took them a trophy-less season to finally decide to sign the paychecks.

      • May 26, 2014

        Exactly right, Rami. And people are finally twigging to the fact that a technical director only makes recommendations, but the board signs the checks.

        — To Inamess, PSG could be selling Marquinhos for a number of reasons. David Luiz is No. 1, meaning they are paying a player who, as Luiz is also durable, isn’t going to play much.

        We also don’t know what the full deal was with their FFP sanction. They might have to sell to buy, and might have salary restrictions in place. In that case, selling a player you don’t really want and getting a player you do want PLUS money is a great bit of business for them, as well.

        That’s what makes the Alves swap deal make sense. Both sides win.

        Of course, the entourage of Alves is saying that no talks have happened, the player barely even knows who PSG is, etc, etc.

        • Jim
          May 27, 2014

          Not really, imo. I think last year that was just the price PSG had to pay because money meant nothing and they were going to get the satisfaction of stopping us buying him. If we had offered more they might well have just topped our offer again and I think we knew that.

  73. 86ed
    May 26, 2014

    If two defenders and a defensive midfielder are signed, will it spell the end of Mascherano altogether?
    Let’s face it. He’s too short for the defense and turns 30 in a couple of weeks anyway. If de Laurentiis is will to dish out the dough, why not cash in? Yes he can be used to great effect as a destructive central defender, but so can Song and he was hardly ever used at all. It wasn’t his fault. Our last two coaches have been obsessed with keeping the painfully slow Busquets as the only holding midfielder, where it may have been more beneficial to have had both on the pitch.

    • Inamess
      May 26, 2014

      I would be very surprised if Masch or Song are on our team next year, but certainly agree that we must have a DM who can challenge Busquets for some minutes or give us a different look in some important matches. The obvious solution is to get someone who like Masch who can play CB or DM but the only top players that I know who can do this are Luiz and Javi Martinez.

      Does anyone know if we might be looking at other players this summer for a CB/DM and what possible options there might be out there for us to sign?

      • May 26, 2014

        Barça are rumored to be in talks with a team for a player, a DM, who is the unchallenged starter for a World Cup favorite, and was the starter at that position for his side in the Premiership.”

        If that rumor came out, people would be woozy with the rapture. Yet now, people want to show that player the door, in favor of whom, exactly? If we want a DM that would give a different look than Busquets, who better. If we want a destroyer DM to roam the space in front of a 3-man back line, easily able to slot into CB when necessary, who is also fast, durable and one of the best tacklers in the game right now … again, who better?

        I know that the fashion is that all of our present players suck except for Messi and Iniesta, and all should be sold for “much better” options. But that strikes me as rash.

        Strikes me that we should calm down. If Mascherano isn’t on this club next season, a player whom our new coach says has that stuff of captain material, it will be because the player himself wants to leave. Were I Enrique, I would be ensuring that such a thing doesn’t happen.

        Busquets spent way too much time this season being ineffective because he was tired, and fighting off various injuries. But with the team’s best traditional DM already its starting CB, what is a coach to do? So Busquets played. Match after match after match after match.

        If the team brings in 2 CBs as it should, then Busquets gets a sub, and the team gets a different look when Mascherano is in the lineup. It also gets somebody who is a sure passer, can make runs, wins balls and can help with the team’s high press, buying time for the back line on counters.

        Why the hurry to sell such a player?

        Song is a different matter, and a more distressing one. Song is an AM in a DM’s body who people thought was a CB. That’s just a crap situation. So he is a player who is surplus to requirements because we have plenty of AMs on the roster and in the pipeline. Song can indeed play DM, but with nowhere near the effectiveness or Mascherano or Busquets.

        It’s no coincidence that his best displays have come when he is farther up the pitch, rather than defending. So Song will be most likely be sold because he isn’t the right player when you play him at his natural position, as he was at Arsenal.

        The shame is that people see a large, strong black player with passing skills and think DM. Same thing happened with Toure Yaya, who was really in the pot fighting for a position with the likes of Iniesta and Xavi, rather than Busquets. Guardiola, I suspect, knew that. The common myth that Busquets chased him out of town persisted, rather than the more likely one, which is that (in addition to Yaya’s douche of an agent) Xavi/Iniesta chased him out of town.

        Racism? Nope. Typecasting? For sure. Ibrahimovic only at PSG stopped being typecast as the “big 9” instead of what he was, I reckon more correctly a 9.5, skills we saw flashes of at Barça, skills I wish that we were still seeing at Barça. Because when people talk about an ideal 9 for us, look no farther.

        • ciaran
          May 26, 2014

          I would say Arturo Vidal but you were asking a rhetorical question 🙂

          If we sell Song and Masch then we should sign Pogba or Vidal. Pogba again in an AM in a DM’s body but he started as a DM and could use his skill set as a DM in our system.
          Arturo Vidal is the best midfielder in the world in terms of his all around game. His goals and assists record would make a forward jealous and then he backs it up by being the best tackler in the game. Add to that he has played CB, RB, DM, AM & RM so would be able to slot in pretty much anywhere at a close to world class level.

          • May 26, 2014

            Which is why Vidal isn’t going anywhere unless he forces a move. And if the Sanchez rumors are true, Juve would be showing serious intent. No reason to leave.

        • Inamess
          May 26, 2014

          I don’t necessarily disagree with you on Song, but do probably on Mascherano. I do think that Song could make a significant contribution in our future, but am not convinced that the team wants him to stay.

          Mascherano is a great player who made important contributions to our side. It is a great testament that he was able to play at a position he had little experience with great competence, but I also would rather take 18 million from Napoli for a 30 year old player who will no longer be at CB and has yet to prove himself as a great DM for our team.

          As for the “racism” issue. I do not think it can be avoided, and I think many have at least thought about it.

          No, I do not think our club is “racist”, but I think unfortunately it has put featuring Catalan players over others since 2010 as a priority and I do think this is partially a result of rising Catalan nationalism.

          “More that a club” for many in Barcelona partially means that the team is a symbol for Catalan aspirations and probably always will be, but I think some of our recent moves have been partially motivated by these concerns.

          • Peter
            May 26, 2014

            As a matter of fact Mascherano has proven himself as a great normal-type DM, yes, for our team. It just takes a moment to consider what he does on the pitch and how he does it, and translate it into a midfield position. Plus in the couple of games that he was allowed to play as DM this season, he made a very decent sub for Busquets. And that’s the point I have been driving at for quite a bit this season – and I believe Kxevin thinks the same: Mascherano is not Busquets. Nobody is Busquets. On his in-form day Busquets on his own does what in Real is the job of Xabi Alonso and Khedira/Illaramendi together, what in City is done by Fernandinho and Toure Yaya(even though Yaya concentrates more on box-to-box performance).

            What Barcelona and by extension the culers need to understand that just because we have one friggin’ boss in midfield doesn’t mean we should discard everybody else as not worthy to sub him. On the contrary, we should realize that Barcelona has really great players who are misused – and then use them accordingly.

            P.S. Xabi Alonso is 32 going on 33. When he was 30 he won the Euro cup, scoring two goals vs France, and he won La Liga with Real.

          • May 26, 2014

            Yes. RAC1 said today, though as with all things in Silly Season, lord knows how they know, that Mascherano wants to stay. Given that Enrique seems to like him, we’ll have to see how that goes.

          • Inamess
            May 26, 2014

            Peter, again you make good points, but the truth is that Masch has been on our team for quite some time and has rarely been featured as a DM since his first season. If he would really be extremely effective in midfield then why haven’t we seen it yet.

            If you agree that our club are at least semi-competent then you have to ask why he hasn’t been featured more as a DM. You could argue that it is because he is just a great CB for our team and is much better there, but I don’t know if you could really say that either.

            I know this might sound hyperbolic, but do you think the coaches at the club have said:

            “We have the two best DMs in the world at our club. Mascherano would be an awesome alternative to Busquets at DM, but lets not feature him there at all in the next two seasons so we can always play him out of position.”

            It could also be that Masch is a world class DM and would start at DM on almost any other team, but those at Barcelona don’t favor him at this position on our squad. He had some opportunities there his first year, but since then he has acted as essentially Puyol’s replacement instead mostly because he is an excellent player and the club had more confidence in him at CB than at DM.

            I think with Pedro now it is a similar issue. He is a very good player but is now very limited in what he can do with our team against good sides. He might be able to score hat tricks at PSG or Liverpool against top domestic competition, but I think on our club with the limited space that attackers are usually given, there is only so much his particular skills can add.

            So I think Masch will be not be in our squad next year and I hope Pedro wil be elsewhere too for the reasons that most transfers go through: his particular skills will be more valued elsewhere than at Barcelona.

            If no one wants to give us good value for these players than I think it is fine if they stick around, but let’s see what happens this summer.

  74. Inamess
    May 26, 2014

    For those really into silly season rumors, here are two other interesting items:

    1) Rumors that PSG are also interested in Chelsea’s Petr Cech, which may support the idea that they are really pushing for a CL breakthrough next year.

    2) The other item is Chelsea’s supposed interest in Fabregas. I guess if they are going to sell their whole team to PSG, then they must get some new players to replace them. Is it possible that Mourinho sold Mata to get Fab? Seems like a pretty weak rumor to me, but you never know.

    • Inamess
      May 26, 2014

      It’s never a good idea for the club to listen to its fans in making player decisions, but I think the board are in a position in which they feel they have to make some changes fast in order to restore fan optimism. That is why this recent poll should not be ignored for those wondering about Fab’s future:

      “Fans of the club were asked as to whether Barcelona should sell the midfielder for a £40million fee from United and responded in a convincing manner; 84 per cent of fans said he should be sold, while just 16 per cent preferred to keep him, in a poll created by Sport.”

    • Peter
      May 26, 2014

      According to a true rumour Van Gaal has discarded signing Fabregas. That would leave Chelsea and Arsenal, which are the same rumours of last silly season. There was a moment when Fabregas posted an Instagram video of himself eating fish and enjoying the last days of holiday, and the rumour mill buzzed that he’s “fo’ sho'” going to England due to English voices in the background.

      This season he has been reviled – despite the fact that he has managed a very good season. As a matter of fact his assists and goals are equal to Iniesta and Xavi put together. That to me suggests the fans need a scapegoat and they just can’t make themselves find the fault with the old dogs.

      According to Transfermarkt Fabregas has logged 13 goals and 22 assists. Iniesta has 3 goals and 13 assists, Xavi 4 goals and 6 assists. Food for thought?

      • ciaran
        May 26, 2014

        When we were playing a more direct game, Cesc was our best midfielder. With good movement up front he is our most decisive passer except for Messi.
        I think selling him is crazy and I also think it won’t happen. I would like if they just renewed his contract and ended the speculation.

      • May 26, 2014

        Problem with Fabregas … well two, actually, are his price tag and the second-half tailspin. This last season was more of the same, with him kicking ass and taking names in the first half of the season, then petering out in the second.

        I have no explanation for it, even as I have a ready explanation(s) for why he is reviled.

        I do think, however, that if the team is going to retain the short-passing, triangle based style that people seem to crave, Fabregas isn’t the best fit for this club. If Enrique wants to go vertical, that’s a different story.

        • Peter
          May 26, 2014

          You had to use that word, didn’t ya… 😛

          Could it be that he just can’t last 90 minutes every three days? I’m looking at his greatest contributions in the 12-13 season, and they came during the autumn drive under Tito, when Thiago was injured. If you look at it, he seems to have been forcing himself and then he picked an injury – and his goals and assists dried up. But of course that was the season when there was as little rotation as possible and at some point he just couldn’t do more. Personal opinion, of course.

          This season he hasn’t really been given the chance. To me he seems to be suffocating in the pure possession play that has been imposed. And unfortunately I have to say it, he’s not been helped by the other creative midfielders in defensive duty, making him spend his limited energy reserve on trying to put out too many fires. Look at his yellow cards(even though at least three of them are completely undeserved – the one vs Celtic, he got it for a clean challenge in the final third), he’s in the same league as Busquets and Smascherano. What does that tell you?

  75. PrinceYuvi
    May 26, 2014

    A Proper Tallish defence can get us Set piece goals,
    that will offer all kinds of plan B’s to our attack.

    With a Proper defence in place our mids don’t have to indulge in too much possession.
    It’s a win win.

    Anybody happy Klopp didn’t come ?
    His High tempo playstyle is not sustainable for 50 + 15 NT games per season.
    Dortmund even slow down after 60 mins.
    They played the final of german cup on empty tank.

    Need a big squad & a Strong bench.
    I wish our sprites would learn when to switch gears.

  76. May 26, 2014

    I know that defense is the bogeyman, but I have yet to hear any suggestions about how this team is going to score the goals that it needs.

    Conceding some 20 fewer goals is impressive. Scoring 16 or so fewer is not.

    Signing CBs is important for depth and competition. But without addressing attack, nothing will have been done. My hope is that something happens to make sacred cows uncomfortable. We will see. Nothing makes a player put out like knowing his position is in jeopardy.

    • ciaran
      May 26, 2014

      I made a suggestion. It’s a certain Uruguayan who has been probably the best player in the world this season.
      We are never going to be a throw the ball into the box kind of team so with all due respect to the likes of Llorente who I think is a very good footballer I would back Suarez to get tonnes of goals alongside Neymar, Messi, Alexis or whoever else.

      • May 26, 2014

        He’s already said that he’s staying with Liverpool. It would also surprise me at any rate if he would come, given the presence of the players we already have.

        The Sanchez rumors are flying fast and furious now, latest being that he has agreed a deal with Juventus, who is now talking to us. First bid of 15 was laughed at, and it is expected that 25m would take him, or 20m and some talking about Llorente, Pogba or … Vidal. Probably only the first is a viable possibility, even in the fantasyland that is Silly Season.

        It will be interesting to see what Deulofeu brings to the side, for sure. And if Sanchez goes, replacing those goals and work rate will be a challenge.

        I don’t think that we will be able to make any inferences from how Celta attacked opponents this season, because the quality of players that we have changes everything.

        Hypothetical: What if Juventus said “Iniesta for Vidal?”

        • ciaran
          May 26, 2014

          If it was football manager I’d say thanks and start printing Vidal no.23 jerseys.

          • May 26, 2014

            How about in real life? Interesting notion, given what so many think of Vidal.

            Seems to me the team is going to have to find some way to get goals from midfield. Right now, it’s control the forwards, let Iniesta make his runs to nowhere, then either take the ball or foul him, don’t worry about Xavi or Busquets.

            Not sure what the solution is.

          • Jim
            May 27, 2014

            Maybe a bit of perspective here? I don’t watch the Italian league but it is in a poor state, their top team of last year beaten home and away in the last 16 of the CL and Juve won in a canter this year so let’s have a look in the WC but at the moment not sure how he stacks up against a WC, Euro, CL winner.

            Would he be effective in passing balls through the eye of a needle or dribbling through serried ranks of defenders at the top level ? Maybe, but we don’t know that at the moment. He’s 27 so he’s as good as he’s gonna get. This WC will make interesting , if boring, viewing for us , especially if the recent results for teams sitting back have been digested.

    • Peter
      May 26, 2014

      Here I have to disagree slightly, Kxevin. 🙂 Signing CBs and generally raising the height and physicality of the team helps not just for depth and competition. It would shift the paradigm of play of opponents as well. If Barcelona become better at not conceding from set pieces, teams would have to find another way to score. Second, these same CBs who supposedly would help conceding less would be almost as good on the other side of the pitch. Currently teams tend to play narrow vs Barcelona and concede corners left and right. An even slight increase of goals scored from set pieces and corners would force these same teams to play wider, which would stretch the opponent’s defence and open paths(hopefully).

      For me the goals are there, but they have to be unearthed from the slow build-up. It is the slow and static build-up that allows the other team to track back, configure and adopt defensive posture – and then close up the space that the strikers need in order to get in the box. The lack of movement of the midfield also put the stress on the strikers – both the pressure to score goals as well as the pressure on those same strikers from the opposing defence. When there are fewer threats, the defence can focus better on the remaining ones, with predictable results.

      Just as a reminder, according to Transfermarkt Xavi scored a total of 3 La Liga goals this season – one vs Levante in the first game, one vs Valladolid in the 8th and one vs Almeria in the 26th round. Iniesta scored a total of 3 goals – Granada, Osasuna and Real Madrid.

      • May 26, 2014

        We had 7 matches in which we didn’t score this season.

        — Last season, we had exactly none.
        — season before that, we had 2, both 0-0 draws
        — season before that, again 2
        — 2009-10 we had four, again all 0-0
        — 2008-09 we had 2

        The last time we had more matches that we didn’t score than this season was Rijkaard’s last season. No major silver then, either.

        Something is going on with our attack, irrespective of CBs. When you give up 20 fewer goals than a year in which you won the Liga and don’t grab any major silver, it’s time to look at the folks whose job it is to put the ball in the net.

        But to argue with myself, with proper CBs, maybe we don’t concede against Atleti. Maybe those 1-0 losses are 0-0 draws. Maybe.

        • Peter
          May 26, 2014

          Last season Messi scored 46 goals. This season he scored 28.
          Last season Alexis scored 8 goals, this season 19.
          Last season Cesc scored 11 goals, this season 9.
          Last season Pedro scored 7 goals, this seasons 15.
          Last season Tello scored 7, this season 1.

          Last season Xavi scored 5 and 9 assists, this season 3 and 2
          Last season Adriano scored 5, this season 3
          Last season Thiago scored 2.
          Last season Jordi Alba scored 2
          Last season Iniesta scored 3 and 16 assists, this season 3 and 9

          Pretty much confirms some of the suspicions.

      • Inamess
        May 26, 2014

        Totally agree. If Atleti concede a corner with a one goal lead near the end of a game to us, then no Athleti fan is really that worried.

        Do the same to Real, however, it is a different story and particularly for Atleti and Barca fans this year not a pretty sight.

      • Inamess
        May 26, 2014

        Kxevin, the other possibility is that teams have played us differently this year in that they have employed defensive fortresses to win games by keeping us from scoring and then winning or drawing on the one or two set pieces or counters we gave up. Even Real used that tactic in the Copa Final which is saying a lot given their offensive power.

        I was thinking of this season as similar to Pep’s last year in that something was tried to stop teams from using buses but was later discarded as a failure. Remember Pep used the 3 at the back approach, but it lead to so many successful counters that it was later abandoned.

        This year we tried Tata’s way at first, but then after we gave that up we just tried to win our old way but given our lack of ability to defend and take set pieces ended up having a lot of 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, or 1-1 games.

        I am not saying that 2 CBs who are good in the air solves all of our problems, but it has to be at least part of the solution.

    • 86ed
      May 26, 2014

      If we have more shutouts due to a better defence then I’d say we should sign someone like Klose who can core sloppy goals of any kind. Personally, I’d bring Eto’o back.
      You’re right in saying that more goals have to come from midfield. That’s not going to come from Busquets or Xavi, who’s only happy to pass the ball sideways anyway.

    • BA
      May 27, 2014

      players don’t score goals, systems do.

      i think it would be unfair and inaccurate to assume that our attacking players are going to perform the same for different coaches in different systems. last season we scored 100 goals in the league, with a GD of +67. that’s 23 *more* goals than Atleti and only 4 behind los Blancos. if you look at our attacking players on paper: Messi, Neymar, Pedro, Alexis, Cesc… those are all very near the absolute top players in their positions. they CAN score goals (even Messi, who even while looking bored got 41 goals in 46 apps). the bigger issue to me than just personnel is management of that personnel, the cohesion of the system we choose to play and the readiness to the players to accept it mentally. in the latter half of last season we had, essentially, none of that. most of this is Martino’s (the manager’s) fault, though the tumultuous nature of last year no doubt also took it’s toll.

      the idea that we would attempt to strengthen our attacking options (how much would Luis Suarez cost? 50m? 65m?), instead of revamping our midfield and overhauling our defense (we aren’t PSG or City and aren’t made of money) seems deeply misplaced.

      a new, more elastic system with a solid base of defense and more space provided by the midfield will ensure that we get the most out of the attackers we do have, who happen to be very very good. our tactical options in this regard, allowing opponents to stretch the game out, has been crippled for years now due to our poor defense and the decline of our forward pressing, but it’s the system that has been the root of our issues. so in this case, a better defense (in a different system) may very well result in a more prolific attack. buying more attacking players, given the squad that we have, is the least useful attempt at a solution.

  77. PrinceYuvi
    May 26, 2014

    A player is either good or bad.

    The fact that someone paid 50 M doesn’t make him a bad player,

    Or a 8 M deal doesn’t make him a good player.

    The market is inflated, cheap bargains are hard to find.
    New players are going to arrive soon,
    lets not trash them because of their price tags.

    • Inamess
      May 26, 2014

      Players should never be held responsible for what their clubs pay for them, just those at the club who approved the transfer.

  78. Inamess
    May 26, 2014

    Barca 2013-14: A season of Some Great Highs and Lows

    Worst matches of the season for me:

    Real Sociedad 1-3

    Celta Vigo 3-0

    Atleti 1-1 CL QF

    Sometimes a regular season loss is much more than a loss, and a win or a draw can be also be worse than a loss too.

    Most Satisfying Matches:

    Real Madrid 2-1

    Man City 2-0

    Villarreal: 3-2

    Totally interested in what others think!

    • Jamal102
      May 26, 2014

      Not sure but I know my favorite match for sure was
      Barcelona vs Elche 4-0.

      I was scared if our team could perform against the 2nd best defense in La Liga without Messi. And Pedro and Sanchez shone. Xavi missed a penalty.

      And Alexis did this.

      • Jamal102
        May 26, 2014

        Compare that game to the return game at Elche’s home…

      • Inamess
        May 26, 2014

        It would be interesting if we had a Messi-less season. Not saying I would want it to happen but as an experiment in an parallel universe it would be something to see.

        If it did really happen, however, Neymar and Sanchez would totally be different players, and I bet each could have close to Ballon d’or nominee performances. It is just a matter of who would be the best player to take Messi’s place.

        Maybe we can freeze Messi for a year and then bring him back and show him what our team can actually do without him and that he doesn’t always have to be “the man”.

  79. May 27, 2014

    Apparently the Benatia price has risen to 40m so we’re out, saith the rumor mill.

    — Bartomeu said yesterday that Sanchez isn’t on the market, and is part of our plans for next season. Direct quote, apparently.

    • ciaran
      May 27, 2014

      A lot is going to be told by the quality of out-fielder that we sign first. The quality of goalkeepers is good with ter Stegen signed up and any of the backups being linked but the defenders etc will tell us a lot more.
      Rumours yesterday of replacing Cesc with Ander Herrera which must be some kind of joke. Even Koke who is a great young talent isn’t of similar stature to our no.4.
      If we are to be serious about improving then we must improve both tactics and personnel. Yes Atletico achieved great things without great players but that’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Does anyone actually think that Atletico will win the league next season? I don’t.

      Once we start signing players I suppose we’ll get a good understanding of where we will be going next season. Marquinhos, twelve months later and at the same price as last summer, seems to make little sense unless the deal includes Dani Alves.
      We have been priced out of a move for practically every defensive target of the past 3 or 4 seasons but they must eventually sign the right player.

      • Inamess
        May 27, 2014

        Looks like we have been forced to buy really inflated time in the market as many teams are going all in to take advantage to what they have and add a little more to go for the CL trophy before FFP hits them all.

        Despite our club being torn apart this year over it, I guess its still good that we got Neymar because if he has a good WC then who knows what he would have went for.

        What do people know about Marquinhos year at PSG at season? I know that things didn’t quite work out. Was it that he thought he would get more minutes and then the team decided that he wasn’t as promising as they thought or more a Thiago thing in which the player feels like he wasn’t going to be given his chance soon enough.

        Also, how about your favorite game this season? I listed some of mine above, but if I had to chose 1 it would be 2-0 Man City.

      • Inamess
        May 27, 2014

        Looks like the club is in an impossible position in that it has to make the fans happy but can’t buy the players that it needs to. Maybe we should just admit that we won’t win the CL next year and just build for the future.

        1) If Marquinhos is good we buy him.
        2) Hope that Rafinha can also give us significant MF minutes
        3) Sell Pedro for a different striker option
        4) Keep Song

    • ciaran
      May 27, 2014

      I saw Bartomeu’s quotes in mundo deportivo.
      It is certainly more positive and shows him that he is wanted.
      Even if it is just PR at the very very least should mean that we are going to get a better fee than if we were to let everyone know that we didn’t want him.

      I’d love if we have Alexis Messi Neymar Deulofeu and 1 more forward who isn’t Pedro next season.

      • ciaran
        May 27, 2014

        Actually to make that more clear, if Deulofeu is going to be with the first team next season then I would want Pedro to be the one to make way.

    • barca96
      May 27, 2014

      I think he can be had for 35m. I heard he only wants to come to us so that’s a way to reduce the price.

      And we can always do another player + cash deal. JDS + Tello.

      If we do get him then Bartra will only be the 3rd choice CB. With Marco, I think he and Bartra can slug it out for the CB spot to partner Pique.

  80. The sports market is inflated. We have to get used to it I think (or have our respective governments employ more just tax policy for the 1%). 40 million is yesterday’s 20. Kind of reminds me of the art market. Just a few weeks ago, Christies (an art auction house in NYC) sold a record $745 million dollars worth of paintings. Arbitrary value = reflection of the growing discrepancy between the rich and poor.

    Silva aside, it’s not the players/clubs uniquely that are to blame, but rather the market, which is not isolated. The effect of oil money is obvious, but it does not answer (for me) what motivates oil barons. In a way, the structure of Barça reflects a more democratic approach to company ownership, which in turn is loosing out (money-wise) to a (literal) aristocracy, e.g., Real Madrid and the various oil barons.

    I won’t force feed you all anymore marxist readings of post-capitalist theory.

    • Inamess
      May 27, 2014

      Your explanation is a more accurate reading of what’s really going on than what you are going to read in most of the sports pages of your newspaper.

      The scenario I see is that some really rich oligarch has unfortunately come down with an illness so he has one year to win the CL before he meets his maker. That would be OK, I guess like Real for the last 15 years.

      The problem is what if 4 oligarchs have the same disease = insane transfer window.

      Maybe its good that Real got their Decima because it could hav been even worse.

      • May 27, 2014

        We have a number of complexities affecting how much we can spend on transfers, not least of which is our rather immense wage bill. We didn’t have to buy many of them, but 10-12m per season per player is still is a heavy load. And Messi is now making 20-22m per annum. Whoa.

        Couple that with having a different ownership structure and it means that the sugar daddy teams are going to always have the whip hand when it comes to transfers. We bid 40 for Benatia and Chelsea bid 42 while City bid 44. Then suddenly, Benatia is a 50m CB.

        Can anyone here countenance spending 50m for a CB? Exactly.

        And it isn’t as simple as rolling up with a wad of cash and rolling away with a CB. Someone on Twitter said that we could have bought Benatia for 25m without negotiating a couple of weeks ago. No way, no how. Of course a selling team is going to test the market, and because a few teams need CBs, the prices are going to be high. The simple question becomes what are we willing to pay.

        But at present, we are damned for NOT buying a player, and damned for spending too much for a player, right? Any time we spend more than 25m for a player, there is hand wringing, rending of garments and demands that the player PROVE he is worth all that money right away, or he sucks forever.

        Imagine a 50m CB and the first mistake that he makes …

        • ciaran
          May 27, 2014

          As well as a salary cap there should be a maximum value of a transfer related to the player’s salary or something.
          It has gotten totally out of hand and it’s only getting worse.
          FFP has been totally ignored by PSG and the fine is pointless.
          There will always be loopholes that accountants exploit but currently there’s nothing stopping a team asking for €200m for a player and another team paying it meaning that the rich stay successful.

          The only hope a small team has is to unearth a player that a big team wants

        • I totally agree with both of you. My commentary was more about the market in general as well, as in, football’s transfer market is not part of a vacuum. It reflects the global economy which has been moving down this type of road for quite some time. Moreover, it is inherently a luxury market. Contemporary owners show off their respective teams like one might a new car.

          It’s definitely not good for sport, but the cynic in me says that more regulation is probably not on the radar.

  81. barca96
    May 27, 2014

    I was thinking that if we buy Benatia and Marcos, we can play 3-4-3. I certainly enjoyed those times.

    Marcos – Pique – Benatia/Matthieu

    Or if we can only get Marcos;

    Bartra – Pique – Marcos/Matthieu

    • Inamess
      May 27, 2014

      Looks like we are going to miss out on Benatia, but what do you think of Marcos?

      Also BA made an interesting comment above in that maybe most of our recent problems arethe result of what many consider our strength: the midfield.

      In that sense may be the best “new” player on our squad next year could be Rafinha. Do you think he can have a breakthrough?

      Also if Xavi goes what are our options?

  82. I’m all for Benatia and Marcos, but I doubt they’ll do it. We need to spend for two transfer windows and lack of depth in the back has hurt us before.

    I’d like to echo the sentiment of keeping Masch. As others have said, he is a fantastic player and would provide us with a very different type of midfield for various, more physical games. This coupled with a CB better in the air, and I like our defense a lot.

    We were not bad defensively this season, it was offensively, and I think our lack of firepower in the air hampered our play. Look at Saturday’s final. Both regulation time goals were off of corners.

    We need a better press as well, and that means rotation, but also, and here I am repeating myself and others, a different midfield set up, one which might include Messi with a striker up front.

    • Inamess
      May 27, 2014

      If we keep Masch then in two years he will not be worth too much. Why not get 20 mil for him while we can.

      I don’t know why more of us aren’t supporting what I think is the better option: keeping Song. He is a good all purpose midfielder and with Rafinha coming and Xavi possibly going could also get his chance.

      If Rafinha deserves to get some good minutes next year because he may surprise us, why not give Song the same opportunity. Otherwise he leaves after basically being a tourist in Barcelona for two years without us really giving him enough of a chance to see what he can do.

      The only problem I think is that fans blame him for not being the Javi Martinez signing we should have made and he doesn’t have anyone to advocate for him to stay.

      • ciaran
        May 27, 2014

        I’m not against Alex Song at all but he isn’t a defensive player. He has pretended to be with some success but he would be great in a different team and I’m happy for him to go get that elsewhere. He and Sergi Roberto should by right be competing with Rafinha and on this season’s form I fancy Rafinha kicking on and becoming a really good player.
        At Arsenal, when Song found his niche he was a great central midfielder, creating numerous chances for his attackers while helping with the defensive duties. What we are asking him to be is the sole defensive player in midfield and that isn’t right. It’s not that he is a bad player, he just isn’t the player we need.

        I’m also not for Masch in midfield as I have concerns about his height if playing instead of Busquets, and before anyone says that Busquets isn’t great in the air he’s a hell of a lot better than Masch and we should be looking for players who are better not worse. He also isn’t as quick with the ball at his feet as Busquets and offers even less in an attacking sense. I believe that we need an alternative at DM that can either shoot from range or win headers in the box like Keita.
        My ideal transfer window sees both leave and replaced by 1 better player.

        • Jim
          May 27, 2014

          Yeah, the ball at his feet and quickness of movement is something I’d like to see before settling on him as Busi’s rotation partner. However, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, the guy has earned a shot at the role by playing out of position for us without squealing about it. He has also owned up in pressers when he has made mistakes and you could see in in that last match against Atletico when was caught the wrong side of the man he was marking how much he beat himself up about it.

          If he wants to go, fine, but let’s have a look at his speed of foot in the WC before thinking about jettisoning him. His selling price won’t go down over a WC and may go up considerably if Messi pulls of a magic act. As I remarked before he has a winner’s mentality which is useful in our side when it doesn’t tip over into impulsive action.

  83. Davour
    May 27, 2014

    Apparently, (according to Rac1) Marquinhos is now openly stating he wants to play at Barca next season, NOT at PSG, and Mundo claims his entourage says a deal is close.

    • ciaran
      May 27, 2014

      I read that. It certainly looks like he’ll be signed up. I assume Alves is moving in the other direction and would be more than happy to do it.
      With Alves – Silva – Luiz – Maxwell they’ll have a full Brazilian backline which is funny.

      Assuming this deal gets done I’d expect it to be followed up by the signing of Cuadrado at right back once the spot frees up. Like I said, the first signing will show us a lot.

    • Inamess
      May 27, 2014

      Looks like Marcos may be the Thiago of Brazilian defenders. Good to know that youth impatience can work in our favor too.

    • Davour
      May 27, 2014

      Yeah, and now he rejects this as false himself! Someone supposedly manipulated his voice. Ah, silly, silly…

  84. Inamess
    May 27, 2014

    News of the Day:

    In a bold move for the club, Paris Saint-Germain has announced that is has now bought the rights to over three million Brazilian boys ranging in age from 3 to 16.

    A spokesman of for the team explained the move:

    ” At PSG we don’t just look at ourselves as going for it all today, but also building for our future. Barca’s La Masia system is one way of doing it. We just think we can do it better.”

    Asked about whether he is worried about any FIFA retaliation, the spokesman explained his club’s reasoning:

    “If FIFA wants to fine us and give us a one year transfer ban, then that is OK. We have very good lawyers and are still in pretty good shape for now.”

  85. ciaran
    May 27, 2014

    Marquinhos on his official twitter denied the comments.

  86. Peter
    May 27, 2014

    Marquinhos’s “voice” on RAC1 was probably some lame joke. I don’t think Marquinhos would sound so… limited. He literally said “PSG No, Barça better”. In a way reminds me of this gem by Valdes 😛

    • May 27, 2014

      Oh, it gets even better …

      RAC1 said they called the hotel and asked for Marcos. They were connected with him, but it was the keeper, rather than the defender. And you can see a U21, giggling with rapture as he has on the Barcelona radio station. Probably even had a laugh with the defender Marcos about it later.

      RAC1 has apologized, and explained the mix-up.

    • Rami
      May 27, 2014

      No matter how many i rewatch this clip, It kills me every time hahahahaha

  87. Inamess
    May 27, 2014

    News of the Day

    In a move to take on the rich teams in Europe, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have announced a surprising merger. The new club will now be called “Atleticona” and will play one half of its home games in each of Spain’s largest cities.

    Details are still coming out for how the club will be run,but not surprisingly Diego Simeone has been named as the team’s manager and Lucho as one of his deputies.

    As for the executive decisions, all transfer moves will now be made by Athleti personnel, but Barca’s Andoni Zubizarreta will still be responsible for designing and choosing colors for the team’s logo and kit. The colors expected will be red, white, and blue.

    The new team also plans to take advantage of the many future stars that will come from its revamped youth academy now called “La Masia Con Cojones”.

    When asked how he plans to handle his talented fellow countryman,
    Simeone explained:

    “I am very excited to now be the coach of the best player in the world.”

    And how does Simeone expect to get the most out of this player:

    “I plan to visit Leo before the finals of the World Cup and make him an offer he can’t refuse. Fans can expect to see a lot more running and pressing next year.”

  88. Jamal102
    May 27, 2014

    Our former player Keita would be the ideal midfielder for us for next season..

    Does no one here deem Afellay capable of playing as striker next season? I feel bad for the kid.

    • ciaran
      May 27, 2014

      Afellay will surely move back to the Dutch league and find himself again. He was a very good player.

      Keita was never appreciated when he was here, except maybe by Kxevin. He was a super solid player who never made errors. He was humble and a great worker.

      The midfield is a conundrum really. We have Busquets, Masch, Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc & Rafinha all left even if we sell Song and loan Sergi. Xavi has two years left on his contract too but it’s possible that he may only stay one more year and we may have a ban next summer.
      Sergi Samper and Denis Suarez are waiting on the wings also but you can’t rely on a youngster’s development. That’s why I’d be tempted to sign someone

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