Podcasting With Madridistas

So I had the honor of podcasting this week with Corey from the Real Madrid Offside page and Kevin Walker of the La Liga Weekly. It’s originally from here. Next time we’ll have to up my volume so that you can actually hear my extremely erudite points about Maxi Rodriguez having made his move to Liverpool like 8 months ago and me not realizing it until this past Wednesday. Brilliant!

Don’t forget, however, that we have two posts up from earlier today. Check them out–and all the commentary associated with them–here and here.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Maxi Rodriguez only made his move to Liverpool last week. Am I missing a joke or something? He signed as a free transfer as his deal was finished in the summer and wasn’t in Quique Sanchez Flores’ plans so they let him join Liverpool for free.

    1. What you’re missing is that I’m like a week behind as we’re discussing transfers and I’m thinking to myself “what about those Maxi Rodriguez to Liverpool rumors?” and it turns out he’s already made the move, I just didn’t realize it.

  2. We already played Atletic Bilbao away, 1-1 remember (the last min. goal by…Toquero, was it?)?

    Granted, they are tough and agressive–some might even say dirty* (though, I don’t think they mean it…unless it’s EE, but they have a guy who piss everyone off** ) but I feel better playing them at home.

    Really happy for Ronnie. He’s had a tough time at Milan, but is finally delivering. Granted the club were seriously screwed by Berlusconi when he sold Kaka’ for money that he didn’t even use to buy ONE single player, and Uncle Fester. Dude, intead of saying straight up they didn’t want to pay the transfer of Aly Cissoko of Marseille, they blamed his teeth. His TEETH. How ever much we complain about Laporta and Txiki (or the people will replace them) they can’t be bad as Milan’s…don’t even get me started with Juve.

    BUT, the Milan lab has been good for Ronnie. He’s fit and although he says it’s because he’s loved, it’s really paying off. Imagine if he put in the hard work he’s doing now when he was at his prime a few years back? It’s showing with poor Kaka’ at EE. He’s not half as fit as he was at Milan and it’s taking a toll on his form. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t really want any player to work out for EE, but I do want them to prove critics wrong–if I liked them pre-EE. Particularly, I want him to outshine Thong Boy.


    1. Thiago Silva doesn’t count. They actually reached a €10 million agreement in December 2008. Although because they had 2 non EU players at the time (Sheva and someotherguyIdon’tremember) he wasn’t (officially) a Milan player until July ’09.

  3. Maxi Rodriguez to Liverpool? WHaaaaaAAaaaT damn I’m way behind too. That’s really insane in the membrane.

  4. Kind of off topic, but I found the video of Guardiola at the concert where they were pleading for him to re-sign his contract (its been in the headlines lately, obviously before the press conference)


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