More Pep, a.k.a. “One more year! One more year! many zeros?

It’s official. Pep Guardiola will be returning for another season as our coach. He agreed to a one-year deal, and the paperwork will be signed this summer.

It’s all Xavi’s fault, as our galvanic midfielder said “I can’t imagine Barcelona without Guardiola. And if he doesn’t sign, I plan on sending every pass into the cheap seats until he does. Neener, neener.”

Which took care of that.

Now, the perspective on this signing is fascinating. The BritPress say the one-year agreement is just so that Manchester United can clear the decks for him, because really, what coach wouldn’t want to do his thing in the Premiership, right?

The homeboy perspective is that he’s committed his future to Barcelona, foreverandeverandeverandever. Word.

I’m just happy that this is resolved, for now.

“It was an unanimous decision that Pep should continue as coach,” said the King of Catalunya, at a press conference.

The club announced that the deal would be signed by Guardiola, and whoever came out on top in the upcoming presidential elections. One wonders if there is a “half-baked git” clause in the deal, that would render it moot if a meddling jackass helmed the club. But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

And true to form, Guardiola is living in the future not the past, musing that the renewal was because of potential greatness, rather than past glories. He added, “Sooner or later I know I will have to stop being coach of FC Barcelona and I know that I’m not going to be better off anywhere else.”

KOC said that we wanted to lock Guardiola up for a long time, but our coach’s preference is to sign short-term contracts.

“I believe you should for sign for short periods in which, as coach, you have to win things, win the players, win the fans.”

Boy, do I agree with that.

P.S. We have six, count ’em, six players on UEFA’s Team of the Decade, as voted by users. Xavi, Messi, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Alves and Puyol all made the cut.

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By Kxevin

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    1. Sweeeeet….Duuuude ;P

      So now if the socis vote some eejit to power, Pep walks out? That is some kinda responsibility for the socis!

  1. Nice.

    One year looks about all he can handle. These days he looks like he was just released from a prison camp. Can someone make sure the man eats? There should be a new position created in the organization just for that.

  2. The British tabloid press is a bit too full of themselves, their league and everything else. Why should Pep leave his financially healthy club with a young backbone of Valdes-Piqué-Iniesta-Messi for the next 5-8 years to coach a club that is 716 Million Pounds in debt? Could anyone from the British press be so kind and explain that? I guess it’s obviously because EVERYONE dreams to coach in the Premier League.

  3. The one year contract is the ““half-baked git” clause”. Pep is providing stability to the club through the presidential elections, while still retaining the possibility of leaving if some moron takes the presidential seat.

    Now our job as socis is to vote in someone who will keep Pep around for longer than that one year.

  4. kind of surprised actually as we all guessed guardiola was trying to cross his finger and look at the election outcome… but now we can rest assured we will have the best coach for another year!

  5. Fontas has been brought up into the first team as well. He can play defense or defensive midfielder as I understand. Expect to see him on the bench?

  6. TotalBarca reports that the DETAILS of his contract won’t be finalized until the new president comes in, so I’m guessing Guardiola just had enough of the media nonsense and hype and said yeah,i’ll stay,but on my terms,which i will decide once i know who the new boss is.

  7. There a pretty interesting poll going at

    It’s a question about who should be in the starting lineup: Titi or Pedro?

    Some commentators say that P! should start and that the numbers says it all.
    There’s a lesser amount who says that Titi should still be a starter.
    But a lot have weighted in saying that Titi should start and P! should still be our SUPERSUB in the last 30-20 minutes of the match.

    I agree 100% with the last one because P! is very young and still needs to mature football-wise but im sure that next year he’ll be in the starting XI.

    1. yeah i agree too
      im not in favor of P! starting. maybe next year.
      but up till now whenever he comes on as a sub he makes an impact.

  8. while obviously overjoyed at the confirmation that Pep will be able to see through his current project, cementing this Barca team’s place in the pantheon of all-time great club sides…. on a personal level i do from time to time worry about him. it’s plain for everyone to see that he’s noticeably thinner, grimmer and graying. the man is a workaholic who doesn’t do things by halves, and he recognizes that this job with it’s demands will take it’s toll on anyone, particularly someone so obsessed with football and who’s attention to detail is meticulous.

    as much as we love his drive and commitment and the way in which he pushes and guides the team (not to mention the fact that he’s got nearly a 75% win rate), when the time comes i think cules are going to be somewhat relieved to see him go for his sake. i’d rather Pep leave, or take a leave of absence for a season or 2, than suffer some kind of mental or physical breakdown. in all our high standards, let’s not forget that our players and managers aren’t machines that exist for us to make us feel better about our choice of club to support but real people just as susceptible to error and injury and depression as we are.

    so, to Pep: you’re home, stay as long as you can and no matter what we’re grateful for what you’ve brought, and continue to bring, to the club.

    1. It’s why I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d decided to step down. He’s the kind of coach who gets eaten up by his job. After a while, he just can’t take it, love of the club aside.

    2. Totally agree. We also have to remember that he has a very young family and he seems to be the type to take that into consideration.

    3. He does look visibly more worn but I hope he will learn to delegate more, we’ve seen all the videos of him talking players and even vilanova half to death.

      If he learns to delegate more and trusts his staff more the strain on him should lessen.

  9. you mean pep’s not going to man utd to act as assistant coach to sir alex ferguson? i lost that bet.

    pep is gangstarr. this bodes well for the continuity candidate; always has. do we keep things as they are now or do we bring about uncertainty and scare off the guy who won 6 trophies in his first 18 months as coach? he really is the king of catalunya.

  10. Great news the Pepster is staying. What is this with the Brit press saying he’s after the Utd job ? A club that just announced today its £719m in debt. Why in God’s name would he leave the best city in the world to go to grey Manchester with it’s extremely poor team instead of staying with the best team assembled in the history of the game( not counting the dreaded Marquez of course).

  11. nobody doubted that. Did anyone see the debt Man U have? it’s ridiculously high, I think the Rooney roomer might not be so difficult to become reality, even if he chooses a different club, they’ll probably have to try to make up that money somewhere.

  12. The Marca editorials on this theme were actually interesting for a change.

    – One noted (and I agree) that Laporta came out as the big winner in this afternoon’s presser. Why? Guardiola only made a verbal commitment. He did not sign anything. Its the new president who will have to negotiate the terms of Pep’s new contract. Granted, we have no reason to not trust Pep’s word that he will stay at least one more year. However, the big victory for Laporta is that photograph of him and Pep shaking hands, sealing a deal the old fashioned way without any of those pesky contracts. If Pep wins something again next year and Rosell is the President, Laporta will still have that photo to shove in Sandro’s face. “Yeah, it was me who sealed our savior, not you.” It was a public relations coup for Laporta.

    – Another speculated groundlessly that Pep’s true ambition is to hang around for four more years before partnering up with his BFF Manel Estiarte (arguably the greatest Water Polo player of all time and another life long Barca guy) for a run at the presidency with Estiarte for president and Pep for Technical Secretary/Supreme Overlord. Its totally made up at this time but I have to admit its a fun thing to speculate over. They are both remarkably smart and sophisticated persons with a life long devotion to the club. Sports men who are brilliant as managers and leaders. A ticket like that can present a big “up yours” to the typical politicians and business men who run for the presidency.

    All I know is that if Pep keeps winning, he can run for Supreme Dictator for Life of Catalunya and still win. Then again, many things can happen in four years.

    1. For all I know, Pep currently IS the Supreme Overlord at Barca.. but that thing about running for ‘Supreme Dictator for Life of Catalunya ‘ is all very exciting, if he keeps his health up..

  13. GeTying a barca tattoo tomorrow, thinking that it’s just gonna be the crest with mes que un club around it, I am open to any sweet ideas, like ghostface sliding into our corner at Stamford bridge!!!!!

  14. 1 – John, are you serious about that tattoo? I love this club second only to God and my family, but a tattoo? wow, haha.

    2 – Does ANYONE KNOW where I can find the video of Pep orchestrating from the sideline? It’s a video with clips of Pep coaching, and it’s set to a classical piece, either mozart or Beethoven.

    If you have the link, reply and post it here. I want to put it on one of my pages in honor of the renewal.

  15. Even at the risk of being Hectored, I just have to post this. Everyone know Sid Lowe? He’s a La Liga writer (amoungst other things, which, in fact, I’m getting to) on the Guardian. Well, he was commentating on the Athletic Bilbao v EE game and you just have to love this guy’s energy (particularly in the first couple of minutes)


    Wish he’d comment on Barca games…

    1. Yes he is the guy who always -before the season kick off- predict that Real will finish the league first and Barcelona second:)

      But I agree he has an amazing style in writing.

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