Barça – Levante Match Comments Post

It’s a preview (drum roll)! It’s a minute-by-minute report (tens of voices saying “Aaaah”)! No, it’s a (trumpets blazing from somewhere up high) match comment thread!

Ok, so after the somewhat underwhelming opening line of this “quote”, “unquote”, article, a quick look on @barcastuff tells me that Tata will employ the following line-up: Pinto, Montoya, Puyol, Bartra, Adriano, Song, Sergi Roberto, Iniesta, Alexis, Cesc & Tello.

I’ll certainly be happy for Messi to get some rest and I guess that having won 1-4 in Valencia last week pretty much makes this match a formality. Not that I care about winning the Copa, mind you. What I do care about is 1) Ibi getting more minutes, 2) as a midfielder and 3) not breaking anything.

Other than that, the match is yours to comment on!

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By Levon

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  1. I wonder if Affelay will get a look in and if he does, will he play in midfield or the front line. Also hoping Dongou makes an appearance at some point during the match.

    Messi destroyed them last time with through balls from midfield, wonder if thats the game plan again and if yes, then who plays that role ? Fabregas ? or does Sergi Roberto get to show some more creativity ?

    Looking forward to reading the comments..Thanks Levon for setting this up

  2. Iniesta off at half time. Hope he’s not injured. Wise move from Tata to remove him even if he’s not.

    1. Puyi scored! From a corner. That’s our 3rd in 4 matches. Must be some sort of record.

  3. Did you ever think there would be a time when a coach could rest 9 of 11 starters from the weekend match, not play Messi AND not have any B-teamers in the side?

    I didn’t.

    The two missions were:

    1. Don’t ship 4 goals against
    2. No injuries

    Mission accomplished. The 5-1 was a nice bonus. The team took the match seriously. Can’t wait to get home to watch it.

  4. Barca running out of substitutes. And that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say.
    WTG Tata. Good night y’all.

  5. Enjoyed the match but not Gerry Armstrong’s commentary. Kept going on about weakness from set pieces after their goal. It was Puyol’s man and he slipped on a sodden pitch for goodness’ sake. Even then it was only deflected in. Man irritates me.

    I also liked the short time Masch got in midfield. He looked good although no pressure by then. I’d still like yo see him get a match or two there as sub for Busi. I know he doesn’t have the tight control but he looks comfortable if he keeps it simple.

  6. Missed the match. Read on you guys’ twitters that both Mascherano and Afellay played in midfield, very interesting. Squad is looking really good now, world’s best starting XI (of course) and the reserve XI is not bad at all.

    Looking forward to the next game, and already the CL tie, MCity is on a killing streak.

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