Liga Liveblog: Barça-Sevilla

Celebrate the weekend the only way we know how: a liveblog! Boxing rules apply: Keep it clean, above the waist, return to your corner when the ref tells you to. Also, keep up with my all-day football-watching blitz via Twitter.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Hectored myself: Excellent spreadsheet from Ignacio Soriguera’s Twitter account (nachosuri):

    Not sure I agree with all of the fees as listed (€2m for Hleb while he’s on loan? Did Stuttgart really pay that!?), but definitely a good resource to have.

  2. Lol Robinho came on as a sub in the 5th minute and got subbed off at 60.I sure and glad we didnt sign him *touch wood*. What a moody player.

    1. and he went straight to the locker room when he got subbed off. he’s too good to sit on the bench

    1. Don’t count your chickens mate…

      I guarantee you RM will WIN this match.

      Remember my last prediction was correct 😛

    2. Well when you spend enough money to launch a space shuttle on players, you shud be winning handy

  3. same line-up as the midweek game except valdes for pinto. where the hell is pedro!? he hasnt played in a while

  4. valdes
    alves pique puyol abidal
    xavi busi iniesta
    messi ibra henry

    I GOT THE LINEUP RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yes I aggree Pedro should be on for Henry who in fairness to him is trying but just isn’t doing it for us at the moment and hasn’t for a while. Regarding Robhino it would be interesting to see how much we offered for him. He’s useless.

  6. Good match by the team! As I said in the LiveBlog, we were going after every ball and we dominated huge chunks of time/space. We still need to score faster but thats because Ibra stank today.

    Abidal MOTM

    Aaah, Sweet Revenge Sweet

  7. Oh Yes ! Great game all round. Grabbed the middle and didn’t let it go and the full backs had great games which made the difference.

    Felt sorry for Ibra who was trying but his first couple of yards are pretty slow.

  8. Abidal should be arrested for raping the entire Sevilla team. Was that not the most dominant performance you’ve ever seen from any defender? It was 100% perfect.
    Great team performance too. We were completely carrying Ibra but everyone else was top notch. One or two holy shit moments from Marquez when he came on and Busquets overdone it once or twice in the first half but he was better as the game progressed.
    Pedro made a difference when he came on.

    Henry did another 6 or 7 drag-and-cross moves with no one in the centre. Notice, when Ibra broke down the left in the second half, he looked up, saw no one and kept possession.

    Valdes was great again whenever called upon.
    I’m delighted.

    1. agree 100% with you..
      abidal was amazing for the whole match whereas messi, iniesta and xavi fade at times.
      abidal surely Man of the Match!!
      was he goofing around with pep or some staff during the match when he went to the touchline to get a drink?

      henry played good too..
      but didn’t have ibra to play to in the middle sometimes.
      and looked lost at times.he kept on playing too close to ibra in the middle..

      and thank god muniesa just signed a pro contract
      hopefully he gets playing time over marquez and chiggy

  9. I have to say also Abidal MOTM, though before I got here to post I thought I was being original. He is also more shortest-ever player review:


    Honorable mentions include: Busquets, for playing well-above his standard and hopefully he will maintain that; Henry, for putting on as good a show as we can expect; and Iniesta, for being a one-man show and will surely be our main man in the midfielder in the near future…sorry Xavi (what a pass from him though).

    Bad games: Ibra, for reasons that I think are pretty obvious. How about Pedro scoring, and showing the Big Swede up? He’ll get better. Then there’s Alves. Poor distribution, and his crosses are just…gone, at the moment.

  10. Awesome match, Abidal with an assist and noone passed him on his flank. farkin legendary. 🙂

    Ibra sucked today though, hopefully it wont take AS LONG to settle in as henry did.

    MOTM abidal

  11. Busquets had a quality game. That’s two in a row now, a new record!

    Abidal put on a clinic in defending and dominating a flank.

    Henry was mediocre, but credit to him for tiring out Sevilla’s defense so Pedro could come on and take advantage of the tired legs.

    I was disappointed with Ibra. He just didn’t challenge balls in the air enough and didn’t show that hunger to win the ball back. I didn’t see the hunger to score – Xavi had to push him out of the way once!

    a 4-0 win is nice, but it’s so much better when we play well.

  12. Ah! I had to leave after the second half, for my sis-in-laws birthday dinner. But I called it! 4-0. YES!

    Where’s our Madridista friend?

  13. Abidal — Rock solid at the back. Two great runs going forward. Controlled the left flank. Knocked Capel on his arse. I give it a 10.

  14. Nowwww Alfredo Relanos wants to say that Madrid has not yet reached the level of Barça. Ya think?

  15. Ahh, Gotta love Geri 😀

    “Messi is superior in that he has a direct approach and doesn’t use so much fussiness. I don’t believe he (Ronaldo) would be good for Barça.
    -Gerard Pique on the Lionel Messi-Cristiano Ronaldo debate

    The full excepts are below, from :

    “Pique was also asked about former team-mate Ronaldo. Debate continues to rage over whether the most expensive player in the world is better that Lionel Messi, who lifted the FIFA World Player award for 2009.

    Pique believes the Argentinian playmaker is superior, and insists Ronaldo would not fit into the Barcelona team. “Messi is superior in that he has a direct approach and doesn’t use so much fussiness,” he said.

    “Ronaldo uses more feints, bicycle kicks. I don’t believe he would be good for Barça. I think it would be very hard for him to fit in because he is a player who needs to feel important and know that he is vital for his team.

    “At Barça we are all important but no one is indispensable. We know that Messi is fundamental, the best in the world, but he doesn’t need reminding of that every two minutes.”

    “Every two minutes”, huh? That’s one minute, 58 seconds longer than I expected 😀

  16. today is really a day to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!
    we were brilliant in almost every minute! BARCA!!!!!

    1. My 4 cumulative levels of happiness:

      1. Barca wins.
      2. Madrid loses.
      3. The above two happen in the same match.
      4. The match is played the Bernabeu.

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