Copa Liveblog: Sevilla-Barça

Kicking off at 3:45pm. Keep it family-friendly, por favor.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Uh oh… Gotta disagree with this one by Pep. Its all the big guns minus Valdes. If we get eliminated from the CDR, we’re going out swinging.

    Pinto; Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal; Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta; Messi, Ibrahimovic y Henry.

  2. El Barça jugarà amb Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Ibrahimovic, Messi i Henry.

    Well, that answers the questions about how serious Pep is.

  3. Locked, loaded and ready to fire.
    4-1 to Barca. You heard it here first.
    Isaiah – stick to your 1-1 prediction please.

  4. OMG this is going to be a cracker.

    1. You are right, Valdes isnt playing. Marca had him in the starting lineup but removed him now.

  5. Marca: VALDÉS; ALVES, PIQUÉ, PUYOL, ABIDAL; BUSQUETS, XAVI, INIESTA; MESSI, HENRY E IBRAHIMOVIC Pinto, Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Ibrahimovic, Messi y Henry.


  7. Wow!…i must say i did NOT expect such a powerful line up!
    weird though that two hours before the game chose the telling of Messi to Henry on sunday’s match as its first subject.. #-o

  8. from the earlier thread if you didnt see it:

    This just in: it is being reported that last week prior to Bojan’s resurgence of form Pep took him out to Chuck-E-Cheese’s for dinner. While the dinner went well enough, it is said that the true breakthrough came when Pep jumped in the pit of balls with Bojan, proving once again that Pep is excellent at connecting with his players.

  9. En el banquillo azulgrana habrá Valdés, Chygrynskiy, Milito, Maxwell, Jonathan, Pedro y Bojan.

  10. Does the pressure from the media have such a big influence on Pep’s line-up making? Or do you think he would have seeded these players anyway, even if the press hadn’t been criticizing him so much for his starting eleven in the first leg?
    But if we don’t prevail with this line-up, the media will criticize even more. Bad situation for Pep…

    1. Helge,
      I dont think he is affected much by what the media says. He is only working to defend whatever what was won last season.
      Starting the kids in this match will give the squad the idea, at least subconsciously, that it is ok to lose. I think that is what he is trying to avoid.

      I have a feeling we will be the first to retain the Champions League this year.

  11. Pep pretty much just said: “its on like Donkey Kong, fools”. This just turned into a must win. Our “invincibility” status is now on the line. No excuses of playing kids or nothing. Our best 11 against their best 11 (injuries and absences considered).

    Bring it on.

  12. shit! i forgot this game could go into extra time. i shoulda dvr’d the show after the game. geez. gotta time my lunch break just right.

    what a line up. pep ain’t fucking around. we win and then what? we get knocked out during the final because everybody’ll be on international leave? gonna be a great game today, though.

  13. Man I wish we got Filipe from Deportivo. He scored the first and set up the second of Deportivo’s goals against Valencia today.

  14. Here is a translation of Cruyff’s blog translated to english. Wise word from the ol’ man!


  15. LOL. What a toothless and uninspired team. one shot on goal, no shots inside the box. Out you go…

    1. It’s funny cuz our goal came from outside the box.
      Plz if ur goin to hate, at least try to provide facts cuz u look like an idiot right now.

  16. I hope the review for this one will be called “aka Take the shot take the shot oh please just take the shot”

    1. I don’t care who wins it as long as the E.E. is out I’m happy. Now we can focus, play less matches, stay rested for the HUGE challenges ahead of us.

  17. show some respect people, i feel as sick and as bad as everyone, but sevilla played very well today and we need to learn how to lose with respect for opponents just as we do when we win.

    1. agreed, they deservedly knocked us out. they beat us fair and square. the best of luck to them.

  18. I think I pulled all of my hair out today, so I’ll have to stay home until it grows back…but separating out the barca fan from the soccer fan, it was fun to watch. Sucks to have that first title disappear, but I think we can get this together and produce some botanical football, as Ray “chunks of broccoli” Hudson would say.

  19. I’m actually okay with the result. We played some brilliant football during parts of the match, we hit the post, we had chances but we lacked the bit of luck that would have given us the needed goal last season. At least I won’t blame the team for this performance, and neither Pep for his decisions.
    And we’ll have 4 less games during the next 4 weeks now that we are out of the Copa. More time to concentrate on the CL and la Liga. More time for some players to rest, only bad thing about it is less playing time for the youth products 🙁

    And even though I wouldn’t wish the worst for Sevilla FC, I hope we will beat them on Saturday. A 3-0 would be welcome 🙂

    1. Oh we will be beat them. We beat them today, we just didn’t advance. We will be out for blood on Sunday.

    2. Agree word for word. The only thing I’m worried about is will the players take this loss. Hope they don’t take it to heart to much.

    3. Don’t forget, we didn’t ‘lose’ today. We came into their house and won 1-0. We didn’t advance, but that’s ok, they played harder in the first leg, and we were arrogant to think we could beat them with a defensive line that wouldn’t be fit for a high school.

  20. My thoughts:

    Boils down to being punished for the stinker of a second half in the Camp Nou.

    The second half this game however was certainly good, I noticed there wasn’t as much splashing so the passes were better and the close control was good.

    Weren’t too many chances, Ibra’s in the first half and Messi’s chip and then the rushed shot late on. They were both very difficult but scoring chances like those are what made him WPotY.

    The switch to 3-2-5 came a bit late.

    We won the game just didn’t win the tie, I’m disappointed but not angry, we can’t win every game and they certainly went out and tried.

    I lost a bit of respect for Sevilla (not that they need my respect) that ‘rugby challenge’ as it was called was totally ridiculous. Romaric at the end was also horrible and went laughing to the bench afterwards, we got 3 mins added time and the ball was in play for maybe 15 seconds.

    Moving forward there are less games to play now which is bad for the likes of Thiago as Madrid are too close to play reserves regularly. The reduced schedule can’t hurt us much other than being able to loose the odd game to wake up players without going out (if we had won today for example).

    1. I agree with your comments on their physical play. They played aggressive and they played dirty. It was pretty ugly and I can’t with previous commenter’s posts on crediting sevilla at all. I think they played well for about 30 minutes of the first half, but it was obvious that once we began to control the match they were left with nothing but to foul hard and foul often. All credit to them for the first leg, but for most of today they played disgusting football and are lucky to have advanced.

  21. Well atleast we didnt lose 4-0 to a 3rd division team 🙂 . Anyway less matches and stress should be good for us, though poor Pinto wont get many if any games from now.

  22. How disappointing. Oh well, we still have the Champions League and La Liga, which are the only ones most people care about. If we win La Liga, we will play in the Spanish Supercopa so thats still cool.

    1. I think the officiating definitely favored us today, for once in such a long time, but referee mistakes and our own mental problems put us in a hole in the first leg.

    2. I think we got to stop surrounding the referee when a call doesn’t go our way and is the wrong call. Keep your dignity people.

  23. Okay, yes, I’m sad that we are out, but Puyol is a freakin’ beast! I just had to put that out there. The time where he stopped a goal by having a perfectly weighted tackle (so he wouldn’t score an own goal), the numerous tackles and steals, and the guiding of late attacks brought me to awe. The dude is unbelievable.
    Zlatan needs to start being a man though. Just gotta man up to the occasion.
    Sevilla’s behaviour toward the end of the match disgusted me. The goalkeeper pretending he was hurt by Henry handing him the ball, Romaric’s huge scene, and others should be compared, and I hate to say this considering what kind of team Sevilla is, to Real Madrid.

  24. I was immensely proud of the team. They tried their absolute hardest, and the second half was the most spirited and aggressive I’ve seen them play in a long, long time. Yes, we are out of the CDR, and credit to Sevilla for the play over 180 mins — they did what they had to. But I am proud of the guys. Messi was just unbelievable, Iniesta is close to being back to his best, and Xavi put his crappy first half behind him to put in a much better second. If those three are on song, I’m happy.

    And man, was it a fun game to watch or what.

    1. That’s what i’m trying to say–i see “botanical football” in the future thanks to this match. And yeah, fun to watch in a way that it hasn’t been for a while. It sucks to have the main point be to defend every title instead of waiting to see what great stuff is possible, so I actually feel ok about this.

      Would like to see Ibra keep his cool a bit better. And less overthinking in the last 10 yards…like everyone else has said. But still.

  25. Well if we look back, we can see it’s all Chygrinsky’s fault. He screewed our first trophy of many more to come screewed.

  26. As I said before the match, not too troubled that we’re out… although we as Barca fans are lucky that this is a feeling we haven’t known for a long time. I don’t quite know how to describe how it feels to be kicked out of a competition… I’ll have to ask my Madridista friends who have more experience at this. 🙁

  27. Very unfortunate, not disappointing though. I hope this brings the team up to a 110% for the Champions, and La Liga which are the ones I believe MOST Barca fans really look forward to repeating.

    Barça ! Barça ! Barça !

  28. Sorry everyone. I know that you’re all expecting a review tonight, but I just can’t do it. Not right now. I’m just too gutted and sad. I love this club so much. I know that we were bound to lose something. I know that we will probably lose again, that this last magical season was a once in a lifetime occurrence.

    None of which makes me feel any better. Goodnight.

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