AC Milan vs FC Barcelona Liveblog

Today’s loveblob will once again be hosted by our friend Vj. Enjoy!

Starting XI: Valdés, Alves, Piqué, Mascherano, Adriano; Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta; Alexis, Messi & Neymar.

Bench: Pinto, Montoya, Bartra, Song, Cesc, Pedro, Tello.

Puyol, Oier, JDS, & Sergi Roberto do not make the squad.

By blitzen

Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. That looks like a mighty fine lineup! Only possible change I could think of would be Fabregas for Xavi to give us more directness against a probably very defensive opponent, but I’m no tactician…looking forward to this game a lot!

  2. In the end a draw is ok because we are still top of the group. However, I can’t help but feel disappointed with the result. We gifted the goal by some keystone cops defending. Seriously. What was that? Masch almost did it again later in the game. I’ve never been easy when there’s a ball high and long that gives the opposing player time to get under it with him there. The commentators were saying that our goal was gifted. I’d disagree. We forced that turnover by our pressing. Ours was an unforced error. I def thought Alexis should’ve connected harder with the volley he tried in the first half. He kinda just controlled it instead of going through it. If your going to try that you have to hit it a lot harder. Iniesta had a brilliant chance. Messi was so close, but stopped by a brilliant block. Wasn’t happy with some of the referee’s calls. Kaka’s handball was so blatant. That’s a straight Yellow in any league, any game. It would’ve made him less prone to pressure like he was. Muntari hacked 4 times before he was finally booked. Ridiculous. Emmerson(?), if that’s his name, came on late and should’ve been booked inside 30 seconds of coming on. You can’t hack a players achilles without getting any part of the ball and get away with it. Oh well. We played pretty good. Not enough fast movement with the ball for me and a few more balls like Messi’s to Adriano would’ve been nice. Speaking of, I thought that was buried. I jumped up so high and then yelled so loud in disbelief! Arghhhh!

  3. I know I’ve said it before and my thoughts about him at CB are well known, but this guy’s comments have always been sheer class. From Barcastuff :

    Mascherano: “Sadly, I made a mistake – another one – and the team suffers because of that. It just can’t happen in such an important game.”

    1. Yes. Never mind the fact that he gave Mexes a free header from a corner, although that is almost a weekly occurrence so we can’t really blame him.

  4. To me it looked like we wanted the draw, and they didn’t wanted to win. A point in Milan is always a good result, although when i compare this Milan with the one of the 90’s…it’s a shame not to beat them at the moment.

  5. If you ask me, when we play a team that despite the millions of euros of players on their squad are happy to ruin their own pitch whenever we come to town and then defend and lure on the counter for 90 minutes we should just pass them the ball and see what they want to do with it. If they still don’t take the game to us that is up to them.

  6. This is the narrative of the match:

    “With twenty minutes remaining, Adriano could have scored for the Liga side but wasted a fantastic opportunity. The Brazilian was picked out perfectly by Messi, after escaping the attentions of Kaka, but fired wide from close range.”

    Now remember that Kaka is an attacking midfielder and striker, and Adriano is a left back.
    Yeah, it was that kind of match. Mighty Milan, seven times European Champions, with Kaka, Robinho and Mario Balotelli, doing their best to emulate Osasuna. And their 80 000 tifosi enjoying it.

  7. Last season=Prince+El sharaawy+Muntari+Montolivo=2-0 in San siro.This season=Robinho+Baloteli(20mins)Prince=1-1san siro Improvements maybe maybe not.

    1. Last season we created zero chances. And the first goal was scored after the referee ignored a handball for which a Milan player had to stretch his arms in the air to reach. That was a horrible game.

  8. can we not pat ourselves on the back too hard about this? Milan are a solidly mid-table Italian team this season. just some perspective.

  9. Be careful! 🙂

    Not a horrible result at all but I will raise again the alarm of old habits in Europe haunting us. Still; early days and a point gained away.

  10. For a bus parking game, I thought it was pretty fun to watch. Barça had a lot of great chances. Milan might not be the best team, but their defense is fantastic. Poor finishing is always tough to watch, but at least there were opportunities. I thought Alves had a great pressing game. He picked quite a few pockets. Hard to make any decent crosses when there are 11 black and red shirts behind the 35.

    Defensively, well, there were a few mistakes. Maschy has been out for awhile though, and it seems smart to get him right back into a tough game, that is, if Martino is going to play him on Saturday. In the second half, he played a bit better. I wish he was a foot taller though.

    Does it seem like the squad turns pressing on and off at a whim? Is there some sort of strategy there that I don’t know about?

    Anything but a loss here is a good result, especially with all the shots we were creating through the bus.

    1. Milan have actually not been great defense wise this year. I read an article on whoscored prior to last weekend where they were in the top 5 goals conceded in Serie A. On the other hand they were not parking the bus in any of those matches.

  11. I enjoyed this game a lot. After some initial confusion at the beginning of each half, Barca was dominating the field and creating chances without giving them many of their own. I hope Messi will come into his own rhythm soon, he didn’t look as if he was particularly happy to be playing and wasted too many chances (both with shots and passes) – well, everyone at the front did yesterday but it’s rather uncommon with Messi.

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