Liga Liveblog: Tenerife – Barça

Ah, a glorious winter day and we’ve got some football on tap. Great! Liveblog time, yay! Remember to keep it civil and try to keep it fun.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


    1. Man! The snow isn’t stopping here! Stop damnit! Its been snow-raining here all weekend! Just when the holidays ended…sigh…

  1. All I hear is the sound of my furnace running, trying to stay ahead of 8 degrees temps, with big SW winds.

  2. Barca better win tonight and buy David Villa tomorrow. Also the boy Capell for Sevilla would be a good winger for us too.

    1. Yes, he was, and he returned to Sevilla due to being anxious away from home. A while later, I believe he had declared himself a Madridsta. But I may be mistaking him for someone else…

    2. He was, but for an extremely short period of time while he was 12. He then returned to Sevilla. Certainly doesn’t fall into the “Barça youth product” category.

      I’m barely watching, but it looks like Mallorca is at least playing with RM, if not putting them under too much pressure. And as I say that, Granero “hoists a Jolly Roger” according to Phil Schoen for 2-0.

      Person not celebrating with his team: you guessed it, #9. Awesome.

    3. Haha, I thought he was actually complaining “Why the hell didn’t you play the ball to me, I wanted to score that goal!”.

      It was fun to see him gesturing that way, he simply doesn’t stop with this stupid, egoistic behaviour. And in the end, this will have negative impact on the whole team.

  3. I don’t think so but am open to correction on that. He’s been handy a few years now and wouldn’t cost the earth either. And I think we should forget about signing Cesc too I’m sick of hearing about it and in fairness 50 – 60 million for sa bench warmer is way too much.

  4. What seems to get lost in all of these transfer rumors is a discussion of the positions that we need to fill. Even before name dropping, we should ask ourselves “Where are the holes in the squad?”

    My answer does not include the mid-field. Instead, I wonder who we could get to support Messi and Pedro! as a winger, since I am assuming that Henry is in decline and there is no turning back for him. Also, with our new use of the central forward, who’s our Ibra back-up? Because when Ibra’s on the bench the team plays differently. Is that what we want? Or do we want to maintain the same tactics but with a younger up and coming back-up?

    These are the discussions that I wish we had, rather than focusing on specific names.

  5. The boy Capell is a winger. Well if he gets homesick then we should move for Silva as we need a decent left winger. But not consider signing Robinho as the boy is trouble i feel.

  6. The ref for today is Perez Lasa, who I know absolutely nothing about, but who is seen here being awesome. He’s been around for a while, so someone here is bound to know who he is and what his style is like.

  7. line up


    valdes, alves, puyol, marquez, maxwell

    sergio b, xavi, inista

    messi, bojan, henry

  8. I go the lineup exactly right! Except for the 3 people I said would start that didn’t! But I got it right!

    This means a mega lineup in the Copa. No Bojan on Wednesday.

  9. Bojan with the full fledged lineup! Common kid nows the time to prove yourself!!! Go do it!!

    Also, agreed about the LiveBlog. Lets keep it nice and comfy 🙂

    1. your wish was granted, he proved to be, in my opinion, more influential than when pedro plays.

  10. What the fuck happened with the last post? There was hatred and nervousness from the “Gunners” against any notion that Fabregas’ name was mentioned. Oh my God do they seem worried.
    I can think of probably 10 players that I’d prefer to have in my team.
    I do strongly dislike the ‘ticket’ players every election time.
    It’s a pity that Laporta can’t run again this term. Has been our best ever president

  11. I’m prepared for a great display from Messi,don’t let me down Leo. I’m watching on sky sports with that Madrid supporting bollix jerry armstrong commentating.

  12. 3 assist by Bojan, 3 goals by Messi (all assisted by Bojan) and an assist, a goal by El Capitan, a goal by Pedro (well technically an o.g, but it should count for him), and a great game overall!
    Some points:
    – was Messi in the midfield at the end?
    – they were a threat early, but what did we do to turn the game around? was it the goal?
    – Henry has such bad luck.
    – I think Bojan’s ability right now is his quick mind as a young one and all the skills he has acquired from teammates.

  13. yes good win alright and probably the best game i ever saw from bojan all credit to the lad.

  14. *

    Please don’t tell me AS is trying to talk more about some type of villarato by saying that while everyone else had to face winter in Spain, they set it up so that Barça would play in the lovely Canary Islands where the weather is better than the rest of Spain. Pleasee. How ridiculous is that?

  15. it is always such a joy see iniesta play! but he was absolutely on fire tonight, that play when he dribbled like 6 guys and passed with 3 fingers was insane. and bojan did very well btw, good for him. I like how he constanly moves and looks for passes, he sure runs more than ibra. 3 messi and almost one for titi 😉

    keita scored twice vs angola tonight

    1. In English the term “tres dedos” sounds hilarious (three fingers). We just say “outside of the boot/foot” or something. Anyone have a more specific term in English?

  16. The only thing that annoyed me about today’s match besides the play of the entire team the opening 30 minutes was Henry. Not his play, because he played well, but all of his gestures and body language. I notice this EVERY SINGLE GAME, but every time he makes a run and doesn’t get a ball or every time someone crosses it and it doesn’t go to him, there he is with his hands out or dropping his head or some sort of nonsense. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    I forgot what game it was, but he wasn’t even in the box for the cross, then made a late run while being marked and of course he still put his hands out as if to say, “Hey! I was open.” I hate when players do that, and Henry is one of the top offenders. He got mad at Messi today at some point, and Messi shouted out to him as if to say, “What is the matter, now?” Other than that, he worked hard and all that, but he really has to cut that shit out.

    Didn’t think we were all that good today, but great contribution by Messi and Bojan. Also, Iniesta played well and Henry worked hard.

    1. i know exactly what you saying. but for me, his reaction is usually quite a bit worse when he’s in bad form and in pain; when he plays ai’ight, he complains less and usually just get on with the game.

  17. Busquets is so frustrating to watch. He makes a good play, then immediately makes a bad play, then makes a good play, ad infinitum.

    Bojan played well, and didn’t try to score himself every single time he was near the goal. He still made mistakes and should be playing better, but I hope this is a confidence boost for him.

    Iniesta and Henry seem to be coming back into form, and this can only be a good sign for the rest of the season.

    However I thought as a team we looked fairly poor today. We started off horribly and never took control of the game. I also thought Xavi was somewhat off – are these things linked?

  18. Meanwhile, Seydou Keita came of the bench for Mali and scored twice and won a penalty as they came back from being down 4-0 to Angola. Congratulations to Keita, but I hope he isn’t being utilized if he is still injured.

  19. What I forgot about is how fast Bojan is, his acceleration gave him the space for the first assist and his accel/speed got him the 2nd.

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