Arsene Wenger, the Pot, and the Kettle

I’m sure that this will get me into hot water with a few Gunners fans, but it’s worth discussing. It’s a fairly important part of not just Barcelona’s plans for the future and Arsenal’s plans for the present, but also the entire concept of how teams approach the concept of a transfer season. Politics, as always, play a huge part in this little game, especially from Barça’s perspective.

Apparently Arsene Wenger sent a message in writing to both Barcelona and Real Madrid demanding they cease discussing any potential Cesc Fabregas transfer in the coming summer, saying that he isn’t making statements that Messi or Kaka should sign for Arsenal in the coming weeks. There are, of course, interesting side notes to be made about such a statement, which, on the surface, is a perfectly valid statement coming from a manager attempting to protect what he and his club view as their primary asset.

Naturally such a statement from Wenger makes most cules laugh because of the obvious point that Cesc is a product of Barça’s youth academy who, because of a discrepancy in laws between Spain and England, jumped ship for the opportunity to earn more money at an earlier age than he otherwise would have. Exploiting a loophole in the law is, of course, perfectly legal and can sometimes be perfectly acceptable from a moral standpoint, but if that’s what Wenger did in luring both Cesc and later Fran Merida from Barça’s youth ranks–if it’s merely exploiting a loophole–then unsettling Cesc Fabregas is nothing more than exploiting a situation for personal gain and as long as no laws are broken, I find it laughable that Arsenal is on any firmer territory than Barcelona.

That personal gain I mentioned is, at least for Barça, in the form of a presidential election coming up this summer. Cesc, because he’s a native Catalan and a Barça youth product who made it big, has become the dangling carrot for those who want to take over from Joan Laporta. It just happens to have a back end tax of thirty plus million euros, of course, but hey, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, right? What’s apparent from Wenger’s statements is that he’s afraid that a richer club with a strong connection to a player can actually unsettle someone who has been made captain at a club he’s contracted to until 2016. Sounds like Arsenal swooping in for a young player who has questions about his future at the club and wants to earn money in the immediate future, right?

Another part of Wenger’s fear, beside losing a key member of his squad, may be that he’s obligated to spend a large portion of whatever money he receives, meaning that the sale of Cesc would lead to several new players arriving and that would further unsettle his squad, which he appears to have a lot of confidence in. Personally, I’m inclined to pass on Cesc because, while he’s a fantastic player, he’s prohibitively expensive, is obviously being used as a political tool, and chose to make his name beyond the confines of the Camp Nou. Let him, then, continue on his path to whatever glory he believes awaits him with Arsenal (and I’m the kind of guy that wishes him plenty of it). Instead of spending more than €30m on a player from our own cantera, let him become an Arsenal legend and we’ll promote JDS and Thiago over the coming years at the massive cost of €0 in transfer fees. Perhaps they are not as good as Cesc and perhaps they never will be, but loyalty to the club should be paid back in this case with loyalty to the player, especially considering the talent those two have exhibited. It makes good business sense and is also a good example to set for our young ones.

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Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


    • leon
      January 10, 2010

      People arguing football is a global game yet criticising arsenal for importing foreign players – Spanish teams were importing foreigners en masses long before arsenal ever did – it was only fifteen years ago that bergkamp was our only foreign player – get your historical facts right first. a

    • leon
      January 10, 2010

      We will get the best out of him, wear him out and sell him for a huge sum and on our terms just like we did with Henry. How did Hleb get on by the way ? More money than sense.

      • Vj
        January 10, 2010

        Still won’t win any trophies, but who cares anyway..

        • Boat Forever
          January 10, 2010

          At least Thierry Henry helped us win the most prestigious club-level trophy called CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!

          We are jealous that you used Henry’s best years and then exploited his fame with us but we are at the same time VERY, VERY happy that Henry helped us win our 3rd CL 🙂

    • Alex Hleb
      January 10, 2010

      Barca have tried to poach Arsenals youngsters this season who had yet to sign professional terms, Benik Afobe and scouting others, your point is irrelevant.

      Wenger is asking for courtesy, not to use the press and the political nonsense to talk about his player every week. They haven’t even contacted the club and are nowhere near putting in a bid, it is completley underhand.

      If they want to it is only a phonecall away to put in a bid, and believe me it won’t be 30m euro’s, are you insane. He is the best young midfielder in the world, Madrid would drop 50m in a heartbeat for him.

      • January 10, 2010

        – “Barca have tried to poach Arsenals youngsters this season” Another example that shows you have no idea what kind of quality Barca has in their youth academy. Benik Afoba? you are kidding right? 🙂

        – Wenger may not know that there is some kind of freedom of speech that allow anyone to say whatever they want. Again, Wenger panic cry shows that he doesnt trust Cesc loyalty as a player, nor his club quality to tempt their players to stay when a club like Barca come calling. As I mentioned before, there is a reason why Barca does not care a shit if Arsen said that he want to sign any Barcelona player (beside the children). They believe in their players loyalty. Arsenal coach is insulting his player and his club this way, not Barcelona.

        – “He is the best young midfielder in the world” not even close. Thats one of the reasons he is not a starter for Spain NT. Not even a second option as he comes behind Silva as an AM. And thats one of the reasons why Lot of Barca fans dont want him back as in our youth academy we have better. He was overrated by some Barca journalists and candidates just to earn more voices by signing him during the lection period, nothing more. He is the best Midfielder in the world the same as Rooney is the best striker in the world and Ferdinand the best defender and England National team the best team. An EPL stuff.

  1. vicsoc8
    January 10, 2010

    I have to agree with you regarding Cesc. He’s a great player and would definitely bring something to the team. I do think he’ll return to the Camp Nou sometime in his career, but I think it’s premature to bring him back this summer.

    There are several reasons for this:
    1. We have more pressing concerns. Specifically a world class LW. I’d be much more inclined to support a president who recognized this need and started promising to bring in someone world class for the position.
    2. If we don’t lose any midfielders, Cesc unnecessarily crowds the midfield. Xavi is usually the first person penciled into the starting XI. Iniesta is injured a lot, but when he’s playing well he’s world class. Yaya and Busquets are both quality, and it’s hard to justify having them split time (Busquets makes mistakes, but he’s steadily improving). Keita is aging, but has a few more years in him. Add in Thiago and JDS breaking into the team, and I don’t see where he fits.
    3. He has six more years on his contract. Seriously, let’s just wait until he’ll be cheaper.

    Like I said, I think he’ll return eventually, but right now he’d be a bit overkill.

    As for Wenger, you reap what you sow.

  2. Kxevin
    January 10, 2010

    Arsenal is self-righteous. Frankly, every big club in the world is. Duh. We are, for saying “We’re just saying that it would be nice, we aren’t tapping him up or anything.”

    They are, for saying “Barcelona is evil for trying to tap up our captain and icon.”

    Because everyone has done it, and everyone will do it again. Gunners fans howl in outrage, but if Wenger said “Boy, it sure would be nice to have me some Messi in the Emirates,” what Arsenal fan wouldn’t agree with that?

    It’s pointless, until it has a point. And it will have a point when the relevant parties (Messi, both clubs, respective agents) decide that it is to have a point. Until that time, it’s like someone on a hot day saying “Boy, an ice cream cone sure would be nice.”

    Although that might not be the best analogy, because you can go and get an ice cream cone. And it will cost a damn sight less than 50mn Euros.

    In my estimation, Arsene Wenger needs to just shut it, because the only thing that he is doing, in his self-righteous scattering of missives hither and yon, is admitting the possibility that he might not be able to hold his prized acquisition.

    They got Fabregas from us, because he was greedy, and looked at a future of sharing pitch time with Xavi and Iniesta and said “Screw that.” Rock on. That’s certainly his right. And if Arsenal can get us to pay 50mn for something that used to be ours in the first place, that would be a bit of business along the lines of gaining Manhattan for a passel of beads and shiny trinkets. Even politics don’t make businessmen that monstrously stupid …. I hope.

    As Isaiah notes, we have Assulin, we have Thiago and we have Dos Santos, not to mention Iniesta, who looks to be Xavi’s heir apparent in a manner more effective than Fabregas.

    So I confess to not getting why Wenger’s dudgeon is so stratospheric, unless it’s guilt that maybe, just maybe, Fabregas is looking over our way and thinking “Hmmm, 6 trophies sure would have been nice. Wonder what we’re going to win this season over here?”

    Players want accolades, money and championships. Henry joined us to get the Champions League silver that he wasn’t going to get with Arsenal. And he got it. As a side goes on without winning silver, it becomes more difficult to hold on to talent. That’s just life. If Fabregas wants to leave Arsenal, letter-writing campaigns won’t keep it from happening. Trophies and success will.

    • vicsoc8
      January 10, 2010

      Interesting that you see Iniesta as Xavi’s heir, as I consider him to have more of an attacking player and not quite as much of an engine room type of player. It would be interesting if he evolved into a Xavi-like role, as he has great vision. My only worry with that is that he draws the foul too often, which can interrupt our flow.

      Right now I’d say Dos Santos plays like Xavi, while I see Thiago as more attacking (I’m thinking mix of Iniesta and Ronaldinho).

      This could be semi-blasphemy, but I think Busquets could be Xavi’s heir. Xavi used to play further back, and I think we could all agree Busquets is more effective with someone else covering his ass. If Busquets could shake his coltish love of flair for flair’s sake and just pass the ball, could he be Xavi’s heir?

      • January 10, 2010

        I think that Iniesta gets tired of getting bashed about, and Xavi gets older, the two will begin to change positions. You could see some of it in the Sevilla Copa match.

        You could be right about Busquets. But we have some time with that one. He’ll need to learn to keep his head up, and accept passes in a position to do something with the ball. Too often he takes a pass facing away from the offense, which puts a hitch in our get-along, so to speak.

      • Ace
        January 10, 2010

        Busquets certainly has some killer through balls like the assist on Ibra’s second goal.

      • vicsoc8
        January 10, 2010

        Agreed with that Kxevin. The other thing he does that really bothers me is he often puts his team mates in difficult situations because he likes to play the difficult passes because he can. He needs to understand that he needs to put his team mates in good positions, and often that takes only an easy pass.

    • really?
      January 10, 2010

      Irrational reasoning once again – flawed most certainly – you have missed the point. I don’t understand why Wenger is so upset barca fans cry – are you sure? really? Then you are lying to yourself.

  3. matt
    January 10, 2010

    Fabregas will go back to barcelona and they will see some on his peak years.Arsene knows this and respects Barcelona.Barcelona do not show any respect to the man who let cesc play at such a young age and turned him into a world class player. He will play for Barcelona and he will be great and you can thank arsene wenger for that.

  4. jake
    January 10, 2010

    because barcelona could NEVER create a world class player on their own, right matt? 😉

  5. Harry Barracuda
    January 10, 2010

    What a load of cack. Arsenal don’t need your money, but like any other business, a Ronaldo-sized bumper offer will seal the deal.

    All we are complaining about is your continual and pathetic squealing in Marca and AS that gets reported in the English press.

    Instead of acting like a bunch of pink rinsed grannies at a bingo hall fighting over who’s got a line, act like men and put your money where your mouth is, or shut the fuck up.

    If you start faxing big offers to Arsenal, I’m sure they will get read, and if you keep upping them, eventually one will be accepted.

    • January 10, 2010

      Actually, that possibility is what many of us fear. Fabregas doesn’t start regularly for Spain, because of our two present midfielders, Xavi and Iniesta. So why would we pay a bumper layout for him, unless presidential candidates get silly? Hope that doesn’t happen. We all agree that Fabregas has talent. But at present, given who we have in the side, he wouldn’t get a ton of consistent playing time.

      Will he come eventually? Who knows. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

      And I’d hope that you wouldn’t trust the English press, the same people who “reported” that Guardiola has linked his contract renewal to the arrival of Fabregas. 😀

    • Jnice
      January 10, 2010

      Marca and AS=Madrid, not us. Sorry.

  6. Harry Barracuda
    January 10, 2010

    Oh and by the way, Henry joined you to minimise the financial damage from his divorce. He would not have left Arsenal otherwise.

    Are you living in cloud cuckoo land?

    • Sam
      January 10, 2010

      My, my… aren’t we sensitive today? 🙂

      • January 10, 2010

        And I’m sure that he considers the 6 trophies a rather tidy go-with. 😀

  7. Lady Arsenal
    January 10, 2010

    As an Arsenal fan, I admit that I feel uneasy about a big club being able to approach young players and their families before signing an ‘adult’ contract with their smaller club, and avoid having to pay any compensation. But I don’t think that in any way equates to openly courting a player under a fixed long-term contract. Especially when the media choose to focus on that type of story so readily, a comment by someone at Barca could potentially lower the value of shares at other clubs, not to mention affect the playing staff. There should be a responsibiliity not to damage other clubs’ interests, breach of which must be punishable. Global football is bigger than the interests of one club and its ‘political’ theatrics.

    Incidentally, what is this? who are you writing for? Is this a barcelona blog for american ‘fans’? if you are american, and you think you are a barcelona ‘fan’, then I laugh in your face. Barcelona fans are catalan, they live, breathe Barca. you kind of like watching soccer a bit, pick Barcelona, and then think you can call yourself fans. You are an embarassment. Barca are the most overrated club in the world. They have no history. Before Cruyff they were average. Aside from the perennially tedious idea of catalan independence, there is no more importance attached to this club than there is to Swindon Town. All this cynical PR nonsense really shouldn’t be taken at face value.

    • Kxevin
      January 10, 2010

      Actually, this is a blog that follows and covers Barcelona football. The people who come here cover many stripes, just like Arsenal fans.

      Some of us are socis, voting members of the club who go to as many matches at the Camp Nou as we can. Some came to the club more recently.

      Not that any of it matters. If a club gets in your heart, you are a fan, even if you’ve never seen said entity play live. I’d recommend the book, “Barca: A People’s Passion,” by Jimmy Burns to understand the club history, as well as some of the roots of its fans. It would help to keep you from making misguided statements such as “if you are american, and you think you are a barcelona ‘fan’, then I laugh in your face. Barcelona fans are catalan, they live, breathe Barca. you kind of like watching soccer a bit, pick Barcelona, and then think you can call yourself fans.”

      Because there are Barcelonans who don’t give a whit about Barca, just as there are people who live the shadow of The Emirates and could care less about Arsenal. It comes with the territory.

      Thanks for the visit.

    • BarcaFan
      January 10, 2010

      So if we cannot be fans of Barcelona because we are not Catalans, Fabregas can be an Arsenal headliner even if he is Catalan?

      Typical. Stop poaching.

    • vicsoc8
      January 10, 2010

      “if you are american, and you think you are a barcelona ‘fan’, then I laugh in your face. Barcelona fans are catalan, they live, breathe Barca. you kind of like watching soccer a bit, pick Barcelona, and then think you can call yourself fans. You are an embarassment.”

      What you fail to mention is that Barcelona (and in fact Catalunya) have a long history of accepting “foreigners” who adopt the ideals of the culture and champion its goals and causes. Catalunya historically has been very accepting of immigrants and has been more than willing to let the integrate. Barcelona has followed the same path.

      If you had taken the time to learn the history, you wouldn’t make such ignorant comments.

      • El Tel
        January 10, 2010

        And, of course, FCB was founded by a foreigner.

  8. majatt
    January 10, 2010

    Best ways to deal with crazies, ignore or laugh at em.

  9. jordi
    January 10, 2010

    Genuine question here.How does the “Cesc Radar” work? Is it some kind of tingly feeling you gooners get when the name is but whispered?

    • Liza
      January 10, 2010

      They have spies watching every football blog, waiting for the name (or any other associated with their club) to be mentioned. I’m actually half-convinced this is true. 🙂

    • A Girl A Gunner
      January 10, 2010

      Errr.. News aggregators?

  10. Lady Arsenal
    January 10, 2010

    “Not that any of it matters. If a club gets in your heart, you are a fan, even if you’ve never seen said entity play live.”

    I’m afraid that’s why you’ll never understand what football means, as opposed to football as a brand. Football is tribal, you represent your locality, bringing people together to feel proud to be from a particular place. For the vast majority of football clubs, this is the reality. But here you take the exception of a few glamorised elite clubs and take it to be the norm.

    You are welcome to feel as indignantly righteous as you so wish, the fact remains you do not understand the nature of football and its importance in society. Your opinions are therefore of no interest to me, or anyone who knows the game. If you went to the bars of Barcelona with your theories you’d be laughed out of the door. You wouldn’t BELONG.

    • January 10, 2010

      I have never seen more self-righteous ignorance anywhere in my life before.Your comment/s on the hold is truly appalling and I doubt you actually believe what u just said. I have the feeling your just a kid who is jealous of the prospects of what FCBarcelona stands for. I shall be the one laughing in your face when you actually learn what Més que un club” stands for…

    • LOL-at-Arse
      January 10, 2010

      How many ‘local’ players from ‘your area’ or ‘your nation’ does your team, Arsenal’s starting 11 have?

      1? 2?

      Go tell Arsenal’s starting 11 that they don’t BELONG.

    • Cesc for FCB- or bust!
      January 10, 2010

      I sense some resentment. Who care’s if were American, Canadian, British, French, Spanish, etc. If we like a sport and never miss a game (I mean NEVER) and follow the teams every move, and LIVE AND BREATH Barca; I would say were fans. Do you think you’re better because you live in England and follow Arsenal?

      Get over it. This world is GLOBAL, every sport is GLOBAL, now your idiotic statements have gone GLOBAL.

      And you call yourself a Lady!

    • Ethan
      January 10, 2010

      Woman, your ignorance disgusts me. Im american, yet i live and breath Barca. I visit Barcelona every few months as i have great catalan friends, as well as my sister that lives there, who is american. I go to matches all the time, ive been going even when we werent winning. My love for the club goes to my love for the people, my friends there, their culture, food and atmosphere that is truly unmatched anywhere else in the world. I support Barca because they are more than a club. They represent a culture, a way of living, ideals and respect to the beautiful game of futbol. My point is, just because i have had the opportunities to live and spend alot of time in barcelona, does not make me any more of a true fan than someone who is never able to make it to a game or that wonderful city. What it represent you will never know, because you obviously have no idea about the history and culture of the city. Glad you understand the Franco years and everything that shows for the Catalan people and their culture. How accepting of people they are, and how they would never Laugh in my face at a bar, they actually great me with joy and happiness that i could find their culture beautiful, and support what they represent. They are passionate people, with love and open arms for all kinds, what they stand for after all those years of oppression you clearly will never understand. I feel sorry for you, goodluck learning what supporting a club actually means.

  11. drew
    January 10, 2010

    Isaiah, now look what you’ve done! hahaha i hope this doesnt become another comment thread ala our infamous pole of who should we sign(mascherano, cesc, suarez).
    i didnt know MARCA and AS were our papers but neither does that other person.
    i laugh at those who say only catalans can be barca fans and especially not americans, its like saying how can an english or londoner root for arsenal when they only have one or two englishmen…? oh well

  12. BarcaFan
    January 10, 2010

    Why are so many Arsenal fans posting here?
    What is this? Attack of the trophy-less?
    Keep our youth academy product, we don’t need him.

  13. katalini5
    January 10, 2010

    Oh I see, Arsenal, aka Land of the Local Lads.

  14. Pyro9
    January 10, 2010

    Wow Harry there’s no need to get feisty over something that may not even happen. Cesc will eventually come back to Barcelona I mean who wouldn’t want to return to their home city where their family is and where they grew up?

  15. January 10, 2010

    Hmmm like every1 here is pulling all-nighters.

    Getting back to 2day’s match i wanna see a lineup of
    Alves, Piqué, Puyol, Abidal;
    Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta;
    Messi, Henry.Pedro

    My prediction: Tenerife Barça 3

  16. Well-endowed gooner
    January 10, 2010

    As Lady Arsenal said before, there’s a difference between signing a player who hasn’t signed a contract, and trying to unsettle and tap up a player who’s on a long-term contract. There are actual regulations prohibiting such behaviour (re: Ashley Cole to Chelsea). The first is immoral but legal. The second is illegal.

    I must disagree with Lady Arsenal’s xenophobia, though. As an Arsenal fan, I’m BIG enough to welcome fans of all creeds and nationalities – even fucking poms.

    • January 10, 2010

      Finally a gooner I mean gunners fan i can respect and actually made some sense,

  17. January 10, 2010

    On a positive note both our Africans Keita and Toure got in contact with Pep and the players to inform them of their individual situations,Both are stated to be in good care/security.

  18. Sean
    January 10, 2010

    Lady Arsenal, I think you will find that a fair few Arsenal fans are US based. I am a Liverpool fan from Liverpool and have the greatest respect for Arsenal and Wenger who I happen to think is the finest Manager the League has ever seen. If he had Fergusons resources in the past he would easily eclipse him. Ferguson could not have done the job Wenger has in terms of having to sell players year on year.

    However, the writer here makes a very good point and one that is perfectly valid in my opinion.

  19. jordi
    January 10, 2010

    Arsenal havent had a local captain since 2002 😀 .Soon it will be 10 years. Fun fact, Arenal also played against Portsmouth, the 1st game in english topflight history in which there was not a single english player in the 22 startig players :O These small facts must eat up these proud pontificating local gooners,no?

  20. Sean
    January 10, 2010

    And as BarcaFan says, they dont really need him with Xavi and Iniesta. A recent interview with Gerrard said they were the best he has ever played against…..End of argument really

  21. troopgun
    January 10, 2010

    Let me ask you morons something. Cesc has been with Barca before he was 16, and with arsenal since he was 16. Which stage of the youth academy do you learn more?

    He’s just as much an arsenal youth as he is a barca youth. Maybe more. DNA my fukcing ass

  22. Audi
    January 10, 2010

    That is an absolutely ludicrous post. When Wenger offered Fabregas a contract he was given a choice, nothing mroe. At the time, few players made it through your youth ranks and so Cesc thought he had a real chance of first team football if he left for Arsenal. Second, for a president of a football club to go on and on about how he wants to sign an Arsenal player is absolutely disrespectful. Puyol and Xavi go on and on about how cesc has Barca “DNA”. When Madrid kept talking about Figo, what did you do? That’s right. Case closed.

  23. Joel
    January 10, 2010

    Of course, tapping up a player under contract is illegal, but don’t let that interfere with the purity of your argument. What Arsenal did was legal, but offensive to Barca. Barca breaks the law of football. If Arsenal started weekly tapping up Messi, you’d see the distinction.

    The other difference is that Cesc could have stayed at Barca, but he chose to leave. Now he does not want to go back. Why won’t Barca shut up?

  24. jnelson
    January 10, 2010

    HAHA its fuckin funny how many trolls come here whenever fabregas is mentioned. I for one do not want him. As a matter of fact, I would be proud if we developed canteranos and let them become legends at all the “big” clubs, including our own of course. I would especially enjoy beating them all, but not as much as waving at them from a huge ass bus carrying six trophies through the streets of London HAHA. Why does every troll have to assume this is a blog used by Americans? The majority of users are from countries other than the U.S., now am I right? Holla Sweden, Kuwait, etc.. I miss the flags from the offsides. Trolls can hate all they want but it will never bother me. It just so happens we are the only team in the history of fuckin futbol to win all six competitions that we were entered in. When you throw in Messi’s and the gang’s individual awards…what? i can’t hear you. Visca el Barca…bitches

  25. vicsoc8
    January 10, 2010

    I would say, judging by the severity of the response here, that there are a lot of Arsenal fans out there who are very insecure concerning Fabregas’ future.

    If you’re sure he won’t leave, why do you react so violently at the very mention of the subject? Especially when most Barcelona fans are stating we would rather he didn’t come?

  26. Didim
    January 10, 2010

    Long time fan of this blog, just didn’t post much. but damn. look what you’ve done Isaiah.. Now I need some Hector pills… 😀

  27. January 10, 2010

    Holy crap, did this post get linked to on some nutter Arsenal forum? Where are all these people coming from? A few points:

    1. Arsenal fans, we are in agreement. We (most of us here anyway) do not want Cesc — he will be a very expensive bench-warmer. You want him to continue to lead the team. Purely as a sporting matter, we all agree then. As a political matter, yes, I think it is unseemly that his name comes up in rumors so often but it’s really not the end of the world. It happens all the time.

    2. On whether you can be a Barca fan outside Barcelona: goddamn, this is a stupid argument. Football is a global sport today, and has been since the 1970s. Sorry to break it to you.

    3. The easiest way to ensure that Cesc stays at Arsenal will be to win trophies. That’s got nothing to do with Barca and the murky politics of presidential elections, and everything to do with your team’s failures (“failures” being a relative term; 18 teams in the EPL would love to trade in their problems for Arsenal’s).

    • leon
      January 10, 2010

      The difference here is that taking advantage of a legal loop hole is legal and tapping up players is not. If Cesc was so highly rated by the Spanish they should have shown the same faith – Cesc is an arsenal player and they should respect it.

  28. Catalanblood
    January 10, 2010

    Apparently, football is about local tribal people feeling the pride of being part of a particular place, and defending it against other local tribes… I just forgot ot point out that these “local tribes” are represented by foreigners who live from different countries. Arsenal being one of the worst, has the local Londoners.

    Woohoo let’s go self-contradicting statements!

    The only thing tribal about football is the fact that people are still myopic, self-righteous, and xenophobic about a sport that is extremely global.

    I’m quite shocked Lady Arsenal’s statements. Maybe I can argue that football is for men only, since men started playing in the first place but that’s just equally dumb. Maybe I’ve been immersed in the BFB community so much that I forgot that there are still people who think that way.

  29. Liza
    January 10, 2010

    Wow. I almost had to stop reading the comments, it made me so frustrated. There is no arguing with people when all they want to do is rant at you for perceived injustices, so I’m not going to respond since it would be like running into a brick wall. I’m just shocked at the speed with which this kind of poster arrives at the “scene of the crime.” *Sigh.*

    I haven’t watched a lot of Arsenal football, so I don’t really feel much of a connection to any of their players, including Cesc. I agree with most of the people on here– we don’t need Cesc for any reason other than the sentimental. I can understand the annoyance of hearing rumors about a valuable player week in and week out, but every big club with big players deals with that. It’s just the way the system works now– the bigger the player gets, the more hype that surrounds him, the more rumors that will appear. Sorry, that’s the way it works. DEAL.

  30. Barcadude
    January 10, 2010

    To Arsenal Fans maybe you guys could read this, from an arsenal blog:
    love that article by Martin from arsenal offside. And maybe you could go put your angst to good ol’ jack instead.. we all know ’bout him 😀

  31. martha focker
    January 10, 2010

    Barca think it is ok to tap up players – they have done it for years. They use the press, they use their own players, they even use bloggers now – how very Web2.0.

    In term of Cesc they have taken it very personally. Those Catalans certainly know how to position that chip on their shoulders when it comes to one of their own.

    But the real problem is how Barca and Real, both heading towards new presidential elections this summer, mug off their fans by presidential candidates promising they will do this – they will do that. La Porta promised Beckham when he first ran. To his credit he got Ronaldihno, The whole thing is a cock show – namely which candidate will act like the biggest cock making the biggest promises not based in any fact. They use players, the media and would probably pimp their mothers to win these power broker positions.

    So Wenger’s pre-emptive strike make both Barca and Real candidates trouser their cocks when it comes to Cesc.

    Barca is a great football club and have an exquisite team but they are run by a cock and if history is anything to go by in a few months time the camp nou will have another one running the show.

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      You surely don’t know your stuff do you? It’s ‘Laporta’ and he has to relinquish his post as the President this summer, his two terms are up. It definitely doesn’t have something to do with history..

      • martha focker
        January 10, 2010

        VJ you idiot i never said LaPorta was running again – I simply referred to when he first ran. typical dumb ass Barca fan

  32. A Girl A Gunner
    January 10, 2010

    I think what Arsenal fans are trying to say is that the public courting of Cesc by Barcelona FC has reached the limit. A news snippet here and there is well and fine, and not unexpected, particularly since Cesc is now one of football’s finest, regardless of age, of club, of country.

    But when club presidentiables froth at the mouth with verbal diarrhea about his “Barcelona DNA”, and that he would be returning to BCN at every other opportunity, it does get tiresome.

    The Cesc to Barca transfer is a sore point with the Arsenal faithful for obvious reasons. Many an Arsenal supporter could and would tell you of our attachment to Cesc because week in, week out for the last five years or so, (through his rather extraordinary hairstyles (a mullet, a boy band boy, a frost-tipped faux-hawk), we have watched him grow.

    You have your icons at Barcelona, Cesc is one of ours at Arsenal. We saw him come through the ranks and stamp a firm foothold on the first team; and were witness to how an impetuous hothead (confronting Ballack, Lampard, Mark Hughes) grew into an old head on young shoulders (Ch Lge v. AC Milan).

    It is no accident that for the last three months, he has been the club’s official fan’s player of the month. If Henry was the golden boy of Highbury, Cesc is the Grove’s darling. He loves Arsenal; we love him.

    We are not nearly so myopic as to believe he will be with the club forever, but based on contractual terms, the return, however, certain (sniff) is not imminent. The good people of your club ought to respect that.

    You raise the point, “…. as long as no laws are broken…”, so perhaps, a revisit of English FA and FIFA rules over illicit talks on a possible move to rivals is proper.

    • Barcadude
      January 10, 2010

      We understand and respect that, but too bad “The good people of your (barca) club” sometimes doesn’t. and I wouldn’t say all of them are “good”.

      • A Girl A Gunner
        January 10, 2010

        More’s the pity. But it really boggles the mind how the proper channels are ignored. For all that our AW signs young players, he has never been accused of orchestrating an underhanded deal. I suppose that is Le Prof’s le boeuf too. Haha.

        Meanwhile, we shall enjoy our Capitan and his magia.

        • Vj
          January 10, 2010

          Ahem.. ever heard of Chamakh? Wenger is being accused of doing the same thing..

          • A Girl A Gunner
            January 10, 2010

            I suppose you are talking about Triaud’s alleged statements in September, of which nothing was heard from again.

            Correct me if I am wrong, but has AW not said over recent days that the Gunners have not re-opened talks with Chamakh? You are also conveniently forgetting that Chamakh is a free agent in the summer, hence, it is reasonable for negotiations on his possible sale to begin now or in the near future. Cesc, on the other hand, is under contract until 2014.

            Chamakh- 4 months, Cesc- 4 years. It does not require a genius to figure out the difference.

          • Vj
            January 10, 2010

            Even so, your argument of ‘never been accused’ does go for a toss doesn’t it?

  33. king gooner
    January 10, 2010

    hey jnelson!suck my d**k!please god may we meet you in the champions league-you’re due one almighty shafting son!a bigger bunch of hypocritical fans i’ve never come across-with the poss exception of MANURE..please explain what your attitude was when the madristas started tapping uo figo?fine was it?so you’d be happy if man city or chelsea come in with a shed load of money(more than you’ll ever have)& start tapping up messi constantly through the press.yeah!i though so!!tossers….

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      Can’t beat Everton or win a single trophy, and wanting to ‘shaft’ us.. You were schooled by the team which we schooled last term in the CL final.. Pity the fool..

      • really?
        January 10, 2010

        Rather petty – how well did you perform in the copa del rey How far back do you want to go? I think everyone will agree that we schooled Milan at the san siro and they schooled you in the cl final properly that was ! Real slapping. Hope you’re old enough to remember that.

        • Vj
          January 10, 2010

          Honey, we WON the Copa del Rey last time round.. I want to ask you How far back do you wanna go? Since 94, we have won the champions league twice and as far as I remember, we certainly did beat Arsenal in a final..

          As far as transitive arguments go ( A beats B, B beats C -> A is better than C), it’d be better if you pick teams in the same era..

      • Blaugrana561
        January 10, 2010

        hahaha, i respect arsenal, their project and how they have grown since the arrival of arsene wenger, but, all these comments just make it obvious that you arsenal fans THINK that you cant do jackshit without cesc. its hilarious, because i know its not true. he is your captain and an icon, it can be also said that he has grown at arsenal, just as much as at barcelona, but in saying that, you cannot believe that a player will stay at a club, that has won NOTHING in the past 5 years and are inconsistent in their play. You also have alot of other players doing well and 30+mil can bring in a quality striker and goalkeeper.(yes,you fucking KNOW you need it.) I dont want fabregas at barca, i would much rather a LW, 30+mil for a sub isnt the best idea one can make. In my opinion arsenal fans should shut the fuck up, because until you gain respect from other clubs by winning, you will always be as shit as portsmouth. lol at “shaft”. get the hell of bfb and pray for a trophy.

    • Bobby O
      January 10, 2010

      I was going to send a message telling everyone to stop talking rubbish and stick to commenting on what you know most about… then king g**ner started telling another bloke to “suck my dick” “due a good shafting”… guess as an ARSEnal fan that is what you know most about… that and running…

  34. v-redd
    January 10, 2010

    I read a couple of the comments and first off, the AArsenal fan who said your not ‘real fans’ is downright wrong. I myself am an american gooner and I will die for Arsenal, I can respectfully call myself a fan. And I have to disagree with the blog. I read the blog because I respect Barca and what it stands for, beautiful football. BUT the main disagreement is the fact that you compared what Barca is doing right now regarding cesc to us tapping him up at a young age. Its very very different, the main diff being that esc said NO and he said it SEVERAL TIMES! as a kid, if he said no, we left, why the hell do you guys keep goin after him then? thats the difference. and about the money that Wenger would HAVE to spend, yea he would HAVE to spend it, but there are a million other things that he could spend the transfer money on from anywhere to the stadium to the contract extensions to the youth team, and why not tap up a couple more barca youth members 😛 last part was a joke hahahahaha

  35. silent stan
    January 10, 2010

    that clubs would want cesc is obvious. what is also obvious is that this article completely fails to address the rights or definitely wrongs of the public courting of players by spains big two. which is the real reason for wengers ire. the ‘tempting’ of cesc as a teen is no comparison to the lack of class displayed by real and barca in their continual public statements on players like cesc, henry, ronaldo, nistleroy, et al.
    the fact is barca and real behave badly and with total disrespect for other clubs

  36. arpeggios
    January 10, 2010

    he’s a whinger alrite..ill give u that..he moans like a drain this season especially..but thats not the point..the point is every single player minus thierry (bless him) has stated publicly-cesc..come to barca.. and not just players, pep, laporta..everyone at the club..what did michel do?nothing. imagine wenger doing that..platini wud be so pissed and wud slate him publicly.seriously, legendary footballer, absolute rubbish of a politician.

    • Blaugrana561
      January 10, 2010

      its funny how you say that, because wenger is doing the exact same thing with chamakh. fabregas is simply a political pawn, and ANY team in the world would want him, there is no denying his talent. Your point is valid, because why the fuck would barca need him? he would just replace busi or sum random on the bench. :L

  37. Nave
    January 10, 2010

    Ahsan, this is for you.
    1. “Most of barca fans dont want cesc and its a political thing”. Mate, talk some sense. If most of barca fans dont want Cesc then why before the elections you managmenet go on and on about getting Cesc. You dont know, let me tell you. because they know they all you Barca fans are so much into Cesc that you will Vote like mad for who ever say that he will sign Cesc. If Barca fans dont want him then there is no point of mentioning his name and it shouldnt make any difference to elections. It shouldnt be political issue at all if CESC is not wanted by you fans. You just hear his name and vote. I feel sorry for you.
    2. I agree with you about fans.
    3. I also agree with you here, but mate Ronaldo won trophies with Man U but what happened. First i think Arsenal need to win some thing and then we will see if it makes any difference.

    In the end, if its not for Barca fans voting like mad for who ever mentions big players, this whole thing woildnt happen.

    Also, i am surprised with the Author, who can see so much into Wengers mind and understands all the hidden meaning of Wengers statement, well done mate you are a genious.

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      I am surprised with the Poster, who knows so much about our politics and can accurately predict the winner based on whether he/she can bring Cesc or not.. well done mate you not only are a ‘genious’, you are a true genius..

      • Blaugrana561
        January 10, 2010

        Vj, back off a tad man. the guy has a good point, and it should be respected. unlike other arsenal fans here. In response though, the candidates arent providing options. The whole fabregas thing is generalized in the candidates, because they all say they want him, what i think you missed in your post, is that, its understandable that many fans would vote because of cesc, but the minority that doesnt, should not be accounted for when you say “if its not for Barca fans voting like mad for who ever mentions big players, this whole thing woildnt happen.” and it should also be mentioned that every fan in the world would want a big name signing. even you.

  38. Barcadude
    January 10, 2010

    The thing is that Barca, Madrid, and the majority of the clubs in the Spanish league is run by President that are elected and the transfers has a lot of political influence in it. You see the case of Ronaldinho-Rossell, the Traffic Deal-Keirrison, Henrique that quickly loaned out by Pep himself. and there is the Sport Director position that sometimes make the deals by them self – just like the Avram Grant-mourinho deal in Chelsea, if I’m not mistaken. So the Coach/manager doesn’t really have full control, especially in the Election Years.
    IF Pep Guardiola himself have all the control, for instance like Ferguson or Wenger, would he try to lure Fabregas the way the Presidents of RM and Barca did? I don’t think so.
    So the candidates from Barca (Rossell, and maybe the others Goddall,ferer), and the RM president is trying to win the Fans to get their credits, through the media, and it is bad IMO that they don’t respect others.
    But thats Politics, every Election is a Battle.

  39. Helge
    January 10, 2010

    Wow. A lot more Arsenal fans are reading this blog than I supposed 😉

    Anyway, to the Cesc question: We don’t need Cesc as long as Xavi plays on top level. It would be a waste of talent to sign him now. I will be very satisfied if Arsenal keeps him for 3 or 4 more years and then it’ll depend on the development of Thiago and JDS whether we actually need him or not. If Thiago and JDS have stepped ub, you shall feel free to keep Cesc a gunner for life. I’d be fine with it.
    But I will certainly despise Cesc if he joins Real Mierda. They can certainly offer him more money than Arsenal, so let’s hope that Cesc has really grown at Arsenal… I can understand our (Barca’s) point of view to the Cesc question, but the most ridiculous and crackbrained part about it is Real Madrid trying to sign him by any means so that he cannot join us in some years. That’s their motivation, the Spanish press wrote about it and it matches their character. Plus, they’ve got a midfield of Kaka, Xabi Alonso, Lass Diarra, CRon (well, sometimes he’s a forward, but he can also be seen as a right offensive midfielder) and some other almost world class players. So I can imagine Real Madrid trying to lure him away from Arsenal, make him sit on their bench for half the season and still being happy about it.

    My conclusion: Let Cesc play for at least 3 more years at Arsenal. Then we can talk about his situation again… Maybe Aaron Ramsey – a true gunner – could be his successor at Arsenal. Maybe it won’t hurt Arsenal as much as right now if they lose Cesc then.
    But Cesc shouldn’t be abused for presidential elections and he shall never join Real Madrid.

    • Griff
      January 10, 2010

      How is Aaron Ramsey a “true gunner”? He was bought from Cardiff for 5m when he was 17 (two years ago). He had already played an FA Cup final for Cardiff.

      Both Fabregas and Ramsey are Gunners now – and since Cesc was at Arsenal at an earlier age, and has been there for much longer now, then he’s probably more of a Gunner than Ramsey so far!

      • Boat Forever
        January 10, 2010

        He meant Ramsey is a “true” gunner!! A sarcastic get-back for Lady Arsenal fan that was 😉

  40. lettraggad
    January 10, 2010

    What Real and Barca do is unheard of actually .. They show no respect what so ever to other clubs by publicly courting their playrs in total breach of the transfer laws off course other teams scout and destabilise players too but the way the spanish clubs conduct their business through socalled “newspapers”is nothing less than embarrasing. And I fail to see how you dont see that simply because you happen to support Barca. So what if Fabregas was in the Barcelona Academy .. Arsenal shaped him into what he is the talent was Fabregas and he had a good schooling .. but look at Barcelonas A-team its blatantly obvious Fabregas wouldnt have been promoted.. In fact odds are that had he stayed he could be plying his trade for another club spanish club rather than Barca. Wenger saw his talent and nurtured it , he even shipped out Patrick Viera to aid Fabregas development .and this year we changed formation to better accomodate him. When Fabregas was snatched by Arsenal i was a Barcafan and I had no idea who Fabregas was noone spoke about him.. we were all raving about Xavis potential and the new kid Iniesta .. the one who was thought to be a worldbeater from the academy was Babangida ho had broken the scoring charts. With Xavi and Iniesta way ahead of Fabregas he simply wouldnt be what you see now.. so back off. 🙂

  41. Barcadude
    January 10, 2010

    And one of the Main things that Drives these Elections is the Transfer Targets. You see Ramon (madrid) had a lot of target : Kaka, Crynaldo etc. and he won because of that. In the end he looked like an ass at the end of his Run not only he didn’t get any of them, he was forced to Resign.
    And right NOW Cesc is the Hot List for Everyone. If one President Candidate says “we would do everything to sign Cesc and a couple of star players”, and the other says, “nah.. We shouldn’t go for Cesc, he is to expensive and we already have players in his position, lets buy someone else (thats not a star)”, who wouldn’t be tempted to vote for the former?
    so maybe the logical thing for the other candidate is to go for cesc as well?… I’m just hoping that this all goes well, and Pep to stay.. 😀

    • Barcadude
      January 10, 2010

      and like Helge said: I don’t think Barca Fans would want Cesc go to Madrid.

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      Actually, he had to step down after having been accused in a vote-rigging scandal..


  42. January 10, 2010

    I think Barcelona has to send a reply to Wenger message suggesting that the two clubs announce an Ethical agreement based on two Key points:

    – The two clubs are not responsible and do not approve any media rumors and they insure that any interest in any player will lead to an initial contact with the respective club testing the well to sell before contacting the player or his agent. The Clubs are not responsible of what anyone outside the clubs boards say or do, whether he is a candidate or a journal or a fan and the other team has the right to take legal actions against that person -if possible- as an individual as he is not a part of the decision making of the club.

    – The two clubs commit themselves not to poacher any player from the other club without the acceptance of his current club whether this player is a first team member or a youth who is finding his way up through the two teams youth ranks.

    Barcelona has to announce that they sent this Message to Wenger on public. Let’s see how he will respond to that as any respond will be for the best of Barcelona.

  43. ElShowDeJason
    January 10, 2010

    Even if this blog were all Americans, how can you discount someone’s knowledge or love of football.
    United States has people from all over the world in it, and now you’re shocked that some of us enjoy the most popular sport in the world?

    Also, Miss “football is tribal” can you do me a favor, and look up what company outfits the very proudly english Arsenal? What country are they from? Really? That’s crazy…

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      And who wears those outfits? Londoners playing for Arsenal are a rare commodity these days..

      Isn’t it ironic that Arsenal’s majority stakeholder is an American? While some of us, who you believe do not belong and laugh at, are socis and OWN the club we love..

      As for us having no history, take your head out of our ass.. We have more ‘history’ than English clubs will ever have – from our identity to the club logo.. It’s what makes us more than a club..

      • j
        January 10, 2010

        Perhaps you’d like to brush up on your barca history vj…, because your history is intertwined with english football and its clubs.., seeing as englishmen founded barcelona. Indeed an englishman was your first president.
        As for your crest, i believe it carries the St George’s cross.., thats the national flag for England.

        And kudos on the nausiating ‘more than just a club’ usage.., you proved my point entirely.

        • Vj
          January 10, 2010

          Yes I’m aware of all that.. It certainly does mean that we have history doesn’t it?

          And I find the phrase ‘Arsenal play beautiful football’ more nauseating.. I can remember a time when the term ‘Boring, Boring Arsenal’ more prevalent.. Suddenly, a couple of youngsters start completing a few passes and people (especially the Britpress) are left fawning at them.. And then they get hammered, and they blame everyone else but themselves.. I find that truly nauseating.. But hey, thats my 2 cents..

        • Un culer angles
          January 10, 2010

          St. George is not just the patron saint of England. He is also patron saint of Catalunya (amongst other countries/regions/cities/towns etc. across the globe), which is why his cross is on the Barça, next to the Catalan flag.

          Also,as far as I’m aware, the club was founded by a Swiss (not English) business man, Joan Gamper.

          Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the English influence on the club; if it weren’t for Englishmen spreading the game to other countries, we’d have no club to support. Also, one of the earliest Barça coaches was English, as was one of the club’s most well-loved (Bobby Robson).

          Yet the club came to stand for Catalan cultural values, and to represent, for many, the region (or nation, depending who you ask) itself.

          Recently, however, the club has picked up a following outside the borders of its own country, partly due to its success, and (hopefully) partly due to the values for which the club stands.

          Obviously, Barça has become something that extends beyond just football and regional boundaries – and to some extent, this is true of Arsenal too. It’s not just north Londoners that support Arsenal, and it’s not just (or even) Londoners who play for the club.

          What I’m saying is that both clubs have a strong sense of local history and identity, yet are lucky to count on supporters who didn’t grow up in Barcelona or Highbury/Holloway. Furthermore, both play fantastic football, and haven’t felt the need to compromise the game’s beauty in the face of the diminishing emphasis on technical skill and the increasing emphasis on physical strength.

          I admit that the Fàbregas affair has a slightly unsavoury tint to it, but many culers (Barcelona fans) still feel angry at Arsenal for their perceived ‘theft’ from us.

          The fact is, he is a product of both Barcelona and Arsenal’s academy, and probably feels like both a barceloní and a Londoner. Ultimatley, even though we’re not actually doing anything illegal, we shouldn’t be pursuing him publically like this. If he wants to come back, he will be welcomed, and I’m sure would slot into the team. If not, we have great youth players who may or may not turn out to be as good as Fàbregas.

          I would encourage everyone to relax and appreciate that both Barcelona and Arsenal fans support fantastic clubs.


  44. j
    January 10, 2010

    I must say, that the self reightousness spewed forth by barcelona and its fans, is simply unmatched anywhere else in world football.
    Enough of the cries of ‘poaching, poaching, oh the humanity, poaching…., Enough, when your best player was lured from his playstation at the age of 13!

    I must say, that to compare the successful negotitation with a player not under contract, to the blatant and cyncical, not to mention highly disrespectful, tapping up of a contracted player, to be utterly ridiculous.

    I have a great respect for barca. I love the city too and the catalan region. I’ve spent plenty of time there, have friends who live in the region, hell, i’ve even attended games at the camp nou, which is something most of the contributors on this page will never do!
    But every single day the traditions of a great club are eroded by unscrupulous politicians. Men like laporta shame barcelona football club.
    Your club’s bahaviour is not befitting a club of its history and standing. Its behaviour disrespectful, cynical and unnecessary. And no different to what got chelsea banned for recently!

    The crux of this whole matter is simple. Barcelona and its fans just cannot stand the fact that a player would rather have gone someplace else. The current scheme to take cesc back has nothinbg to do with the fact of needing him, but rather to reverse that perceieved wrong.

    That a club of arsenal’s tradition, heritage, scope and standing is being so reguarly disrespecting to make that happen.., is simply unacceptable.
    Respect.., its a simple thing. Barcelona would do well to remember that the next time they spew lines about barcelona DNA.

    Have a good day.

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      So you mean to say that if we don’t visit the Camp Nou, it would make us any less as fans? Well if you don’t know, some of those ‘fans’ are the first to wave their handkerchiefs when something goes bad – Even booing their own players instead of supporting them in tough times.. I’m belong to a better class of fans.. Even if I never complete my ‘pilgrimage’ to the Camp Nou, it still wouldn’t make me any less of a Culé as them..

      • really?
        January 10, 2010

        You cannot claim to be a fan if you have never made a pilgrimage to watch your team play simple. Anybody can be an armchair supporter.

        • nope
          January 11, 2010

          Kind of a big FU to poor people, huh?

      • Helge
        January 10, 2010

        I don’t think j said that, he simply stated something that is possibly a fact: The majority of us won’t go to a match in the Camp Nou. But he didn’t valuate it.
        Nonetheless, if someone thinks it’s necessary to visit a match from your team to be a real fan, that’s bs and I have to agree with you. Some of these visitors are not even fans at all, as they might go there just to be seen. I know it from my local club, especially in the VIP area there are a lot of entrepreneurs who kind a fake interest in the club to improve their image and so on. They are cetainly not as much of a fan as people who live and die for their club but maybe don’t have the money to attend a match. You can be very emotional and passionate about a club, that makes you a bigger fan than visiting the stadium.

        • Vj
          January 10, 2010

          Well, he didn’t have to flaunt that..

          Take my post as a reply to the nit below..

  45. really?
    January 10, 2010

    You have clearly missed the point with you article. For years and I’m talking way before cesc or Merida, both real Madrid and barca have openly courted Arsenal players. The fact that Arsene exploited a loophole does not hide the fact that Barcelona courting cesc in the way they have is consistent with their behaviour. arrogant and irresponsible.

  46. arseboi
    January 10, 2010

    “im suprised a lot of arsenal fans read this”….cos its on newsnow-arsenal you muppet.

  47. Bod
    January 10, 2010

    Don’t care where you’re from or who you support….just glad that you Americans realise that football (not ‘soccer’) is the world game and not one of your home grown oddities!!

    Was the original Fabregas ‘sale’ to Arsenal part of a deal that saw Gio van Bronkhorst go the other way? A 16 year old as make-weight in a deal for a Dutch international??…

    Gio’s still playing too – someone who deserves a lot of respect from fans of Arsenal, Barcelona, Feyenoord, Rangers and Dutch fans…

  48. really?
    January 10, 2010

    The arrogance of barca and the author of this blog is hilarious. Many players have left Barcelona for Madrid and vice versa. Everyone knows that the clubs use the press and have their own publications and agendas to get the rumour mill going.

    Barcelona have improved massively since they loaned davids all those years ago, having been in Madrid’s shadow for ages. Too bad they have increasingly become as repulsive as Madrid

  49. Adam
    January 10, 2010

    How do you know why Cesc left Barcelona? Could it have been that he wanted to fulfill his potential at an earlier age? Let’s face it, this article is based on bias, conjecture and the sort of warped rationale that clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid employ all the time to justify their underhand ways. The man who wrote this is a moron.

  50. Steel Reserve
    January 10, 2010

    People please, its not the fact thata you are not local catalans that has us rubbishing your idiot opinions it is because you are yanks.

    Everybody knows what idiots you americans are and how proud to show everybody what idiots you are. We will never listen to your saccer opinions because you do understand the game.

    You even held a World Cup in your country and 70% of your population did not even know what the World Cup was let alone that it was on in your country at the time. Go shove another few Big Macs down your gullet and pipe down.

    Cesc will be at Arsenal for several more years, he will have been playing regular football ie 60 odd matches a season for 9-10 years before ARSENE WENGER decides when he goes much like all the other burnouts he has sold Barca(Petit, Overmars, Henry, Hleb etc), at this stage the ugly Madrid monster with all the cash will still be interested and you will have to outbid them making one all round winner THE ARSENAL.

    • Catalanblood
      January 10, 2010

      Hey I’m not a yank. Actually, a lot of us here aren’t yanks.

    • England sucks!
      January 10, 2010

      Too bad Yanks hold a majority stake in Man U, Liverpool, and hold a stake in Arsenal. If it wasnt for us Yanks, the premiere league would be in Bankruptcy!

  51. January 10, 2010

    As, usual I dont get into the erritated troll/Ranting ordit for those who visit another club blog just to intult. But I still cant see the reason for all this madness.

    1) If Arsenal doesnt want to sell Cesc, and if Cesc is loyal to Arsenal, then there is no case here. Let Wenger and “The Sun” claim all day and night that they want Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Puyol (you name it), I will not care less as I know that the team will not sell them and they are loyal enough to the club that they will not force their way out. If thats not the case at Arsenal, thats not Barcelona problem. I didnt even blame Arsenal for tempting children to leave their home and move to London, the boys made a choice, they carry the responsibility of it. Period. So there is no way that Arsenal have the right to blame Barcelona for dealing with grown up.

    2) Arsenal is trying to sign a player from westham at the moment. The same kind of news talking about Cesc to BArcelona is taking place regarding Cole and Arsenal. He tried the same think when he tried to hunt a player who is approaching the end of his contract in Frace (Shamakh or however you write it).

    3) Adam said:”How do you know why Cesc left Barcelona? Could it have been that he wanted to fulfill his potential at an earlier age? ” fair enough. But then “How do you know why Cesc want to come back to Barcelona? Can it have been that he want to fulfill his potential at this stage of his career? ” thats if he wants to move. If not, then as I mentioned above, there is no case.

    Calm down, and have some common sense.

    • January 10, 2010

      *As, usual I dont get into the erritated troll/Ranting orbit for those who visit another club blog just to insult. But I still cant see the reason for all this madness.

  52. JL
    January 10, 2010

    In your article you conveniently skate over the fact that what barcelona and real madrid do every couple of days with the newspapers marca and as is contrary to both FIFA and UEFA regulations. When signing Fabregas, Arsenal were within the rules. Cry about it being immoral if you want but, unlike barca and real, Arsenal is not a club funded by the government (another direct contravention of FIFA regulations) or by oligarchs. Arsenal is a viable business which operates at a constant profit, admitedly to the detriment of the trophy cabinet. Essentially the way real and barca behave detracts from the great football they play. They are now seen in the same light as chelsea…do anything to win…break any rule if necessary. Fines are pointless for clubs like these. If the authorities werent so afraid of you they would ban you from European football and place transfer embargos.

    Until they grow a pair, this blatant cheating wont stop. It is tapping-up…plain and simple.

    • really?
      January 10, 2010

      true jl. The authorities won’t do anything about it Platini is a tosser.

      chelsea are ruining the game he said and those evil citeh lot too – really? what about real madrid and barca being able to spunk cash when they are in serious debt? – apparently that’s ok cos they are not in the English League.

  53. really?
    January 10, 2010

    got no problems at all wherever you hail from but if you don’t know where greggs bakery is in relation to Arsenal you are not a fan – unfortunately that is geographical fact and would affect overseas supporters – proximity is important but not everything admittedly.

    every fan is biased but not to the point of blinkered stupidity – this article is so not what the headline suggests and highlights the author’s obvious shortcomings.

    Supposedly one of the greatest clubs in the world and they show little class – such a shame that you would defend such behaviour.

  54. gooner82
    January 10, 2010

    if cesc was going to leave i would much rather he went to real for free than sell him to you c**ts for £100 million

  55. GoonerC
    January 10, 2010

    VJ, frstly you talk about the Socis and how wonderful the tradition of them owning the club is and then you accuse them of waving the white flg and booing the players!

    I personally see Lady Arsenal’s point to a degree. I think to TRULY support a club you need to go to games. I think this about Arsenal fans who live in London but never make any effort to go and support the team but sit in pubs moaning at Wenger and the team. Obviously you can support a club in as much as you want them to win, and read up about their history to use in online arguments, but you will never truly know what it means to support your club, to go home and away to support them through thick and thin. There is no point getting all angry about this, it is just a fact.

    I really think Barca fans who “don’t want fabregas” really haven’t seen him play enough. He would certainly push Xavi and Iniesta and is younger. Obviously those two are unbelievable and I took great pleasure in seeing them dick all over United in the Champs League this year, but you are being a little short sighted dismissing Cesc.

    I agree that these things happen, but it is surely fair enough for Wenger to get a little pissed off?

    On a different note I personally love watching Barca play and sincerely hope you win the league ahead of Real Madrid’s mercenaries. I think Barca vs Arsenal in the Champs League would be an incredible tie pitching the two best footballing sides in Europe against each other.

    One more thing – can’t beat Everton? We beat them 6-1 at Goodison Park earlier this season. I believe you drew with Villereal recently but I certainly wont be going around saying you “can’t” beat them. To be honest the only person on this site who I take issue with is VJ, who is clearly very misguided.

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      I said ‘some’.. read before you post! There was a class of supporters called Boixos Nois, who would go to all the games, create a ruckus and had the audacity to attack Laporta! You think those people are fit to be called fans? God help you if you think so..

      As for Everton, that’s exactly my point, you put in way too much Jekyll and Hyde performances to even think about winning in the Champions League.. One time Arsenal blows away the opposition, then gets blown away when it really matters – against Utd in the CL semi, and against Chelsea at home..

      I’m not going around telling all these things but when someone comes up with a phrase like ‘King gooner’ did, I’m obliged to tell them that the team he/she supports has not won anything for a long time to be that cocky..

      • GoonerC
        January 10, 2010

        The English league is an exceptionally hard one. Every team is droping points home and away (Chelsea drew 2-2 at home against Everton a couple of weeks ago). I agree with the point about inconsistency, but it is important to put it in the context of every team being inconsistent.

        As for not even thinking about winning the Champions League, that is a ridiculous comment. It is a cup competition, Porto won it a few years back, and Liverpool won it when they came 5th in the League! We have a chance of winning it. I am not saying we will, but it is certainly within the realms of possibility!

        • Vj
          January 10, 2010

          The point I’m trying to make is (if you still can’t get it) is that Serious Cl contenders raise their game when they need to, Chelsea did it against you, Real did so against Valencia, and I could go on.. Arsenal have this distinct lack of consistency(spine?) to not come up with the goods when they need to.. And putting the blame on something else (look below for an example).

      • really?
        January 10, 2010

        We can be as cocky as we want. I suppose when barca go away to other grounds the fans of the opposition simply stay at home because their teams are not worthy to be on the same patch of grass as messi.

        Clearly a blinkered individual. We actually lost 5 first team players when we played against man u. You on the other hand lost at home in the first leg of the copa del rey with your full strength team out.

        jog on.

        • Vj
          January 10, 2010

          Um.. jog back to the Barca-Sevilla liveblog, check our starting lineup and see how many players really are from the first team..

  56. Laporta
    January 10, 2010

    Dont worry. We will not pay that amount of money to buy the whole club of Arsenal 😀

    • really?
      January 10, 2010

      Success is not the sole reason why people support a club.

      Come out of Madrid’s shadow after a seriously long wilderness and all of a sudden these”fans” are berating so called poorer clubs.

      Do you live anywhere near the ground? and how good is your Catalan?

  57. Jimmeny Bean
    January 10, 2010

    Your english is really exceptional for a spaniard.

  58. Helge
    January 10, 2010

    Wow. Who the hell linked this article on I guess it wasn’t the best of ideas… or is searching the whole world wide web automatically?

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      Any story with Arsenal related keywords in it gets linked in Arsenal Newsnow – A link aggregator.. Again, Not our fault!

  59. gooner
    January 10, 2010

    i bet you’re all playing FIFA/FM and reading tranfer-rumours every day, with your girlie/gay-haircut after your heroes and with your beloved barca-shirt with Messi on the back.

    do you know what football is? Football is England, not USA. you dont know how to support a club. ever heard of hooligans? 20 000 yesterday? Arsenal always sell out.

    • Catalanblood
      January 10, 2010

      I agree 100%. Football is England. Everything outside of it, is just plain imitation.

      I find that there is completely no point in arguing here.

  60. Boat Forever
    January 10, 2010

    That would be more fine for us… Real dooming into eternal depths of debts!? SWEET!! And we would still have our JDS & Thiago, not to mention Iniesta & Busi 🙂

    • Boat Forever
      January 10, 2010

      This was in reply to some gunner fan wishing they should cash in on Fabregas by selling to Real Madrid, thereby leaving us c**ts(:P) bitter!!!

      • jnelson
        January 11, 2010

        HAHA all too funny. But really, who says “cloud cuckoo land”? Is that some sort of pop culture reference or what? Ha..ha..ha

        • ScotchEggsRule
          January 13, 2010

          Vj & Jnelson, your two kids are nothing more than a very poor pair of wind up merchants. As for “Cloud Cuckoo Land” it is a very often used term in the UK for adults who don’t want to swear when they are talking about people who “don’t have a clue” allow me to give you an example “jnelson you are living in cloud cuckoo land!” Simple eh? Well for most maybe, your level of understanding on the subject will probably require a little more explaining, run along sunshine.

  61. Bundy
    January 10, 2010

    tbh the arsenal fan based posters seem to show no class at all.

    I am though a little confused as to what Arsenal fans are really complaining about.

    Is it the media articles or players/staff comments?

    I would like to point out, is it a coincidence that most of the time the Barcelona players comment about Cesc are during international breaks? maybe Cesc is a human afterall and he actually spends time with some of the players from the Barcelona and maybe they are friends. I don’t think friends intend to lure their own friends illegaly, tbh I think in general barcelona players intend to complement Cesc on the fact that he is good enough to improve at team that is winning everything.

    Also, Newspapers do their job, they are part of the media NOT barcelona. IMO, people once again are hooked by the media and don’t realise that.

    I beleive Wenger is a great coach , a visionary, but tbh he gets involved with the media and he has created his own problem and same goes with Arsenal. The signing of Cesc is not the problem, actually falling for the media is the real problem.

  62. really?
    January 10, 2010

    Bundy you don’t get it. Barca have a press machine which operates in the same way as Real Madrid a fact and you would know it to be true if you have been to either city.

    Nobody is falling for the media – the fact that these ludicrous stories and rumours are copied and pasted everywhere are the problem. They are designed to do one thing and that is to unsettle a player.

    The special catalan DNA and all that jazz is crap. It is barca’s elevated position in World football that they feel gives them license to act irresponsibly. Using players and the press to do it is pathetic. I’m sure all the americans saw footage of that kid who was supposedly in an air balloon or something – story was false family got found out and punished.

    Barca leak shite to the press all the time and ought to be punished for falsifying correspondence – yes they do and yes they are not the only club to do it – I was there for a couple of months so I know what I’m going on about.

    I wonder do you ever hear about Bilbao leaking stories about all their basque players at other clubs having basque DNA and needing/wanting to come home – no you don’t.

    Bloggers who want to provoke something better have been through the Nou Camp to chuck it this much – if not shut your bandwagon jumping gobs. An armchair supporter is one thing but an armchair supporter in another continent/time zone whatever know your level.

    • Clarence
      January 10, 2010

      You are a joke. What difference does it make if they are in a different timezone? So listen, Spain and most countries in the Middle East have nearly the same timezone. So does that mean it is better to be an “armchair supporter” from the Middle East than an “armchair supporter” from North America? MORON!!!!!!

    • Bundy
      January 11, 2010

      sorry mate but I think you are going a bit crazy there.

      Yes, I already know how certain newspapers work for and support certain clubs yadda yadda. But mate the newspaper is not part of the club at all.

      I recommend you don’t react to what the media do, plain and simple, the media wants you to react and especially in a bad way, full stop, all people have to do is ignore it full stop, that is exactly what Wenger is not doing.

      I’m sorry but media articles are more than likely not illegal and stories like you aparently say occur happen everywhere and in all genres.

      Also, there is no reason to start calling me belittling names, especially when I don’t give a damn, I would send you 50 cents if I could so you can call somebody who cares. Hey I happen to enjoy watching football, especially when Barcelona fc play and I also like Arsenal too tbh.

  63. adam
    January 10, 2010

    As a fan of pure football teams like Arsenal and Barcelona, I can see both sides of the arguement.
    Cesc was taken at a young age before signing a contract and Arsenal got away with it, whilst Barca got some compensation for Fran. Catalans are proud people and see Cesc as their own.
    All I would say bigger problems are out there like the Manchester City of this world that could pay £100M for Messi or Cesc and dwarf the amount of future spending from our great clubs.

  64. David H
    January 10, 2010

    It’s appalling how many glory hunters are on here. I am 100 % sure that when Barca decline to the point where they are not in the cl (it’ll be a long time before that happens), 90 percent of the fraud “fans” on here will stop supporting them. And anyone who calls this game “soccer” is not even a football fan.

  65. January 10, 2010


    Isaiah, this post was just begging for a troll invasion. (Its due to the newsfeeds we are signed on to BTW). I’d say something but its happened before in the past and its useless to even try to argue with someone not willing to rationalize anything. We asked for the invasion though. How DARE we even talk about Cesc and Wenger?!?

    – Lets just get to the Live Blog for today’s game and skip this shit, huh?

  66. Jim
    January 10, 2010

    This thread makes pretty depressing reading. Time for a new topic Isaiah to take attention away from it 🙂

    What I would say to Arsenal fans is stick around and you’ll see that we have our disagreements about our own team ( and are often quite hard on them ) but try to conduct them in a reasonable non abusive manner. We’re not particularly proud of the politics that surround the club at this election time but we are proud of most of what goes on at FCB, whether its the UNICEF shirt tie in, the bringing through of our own youngsters or the type of football that our club plays no matter what.

    For what its worth, there are a lot of people on this blog, myself included who have a lot of respect for Arsenal and the way you play the game. Stay and debate football with us and you’ll be welcome but please try to avoid abuse or aggressive comments.

  67. mike in africa
    January 10, 2010

    whoever wrote this article is missing the point. wenger is not saying that he’s angry that barca or madrid want cesc; but is not happy about with the usage of media as the channel… got it?

  68. Kevin
    January 10, 2010

    Reading the sequence of comments generated from this post was depressing. There are people from both camps who should be ashamed of the vitriol and mean-spiritedness of their comments.

    Arsenal fans know that Fabregas is a lifelong Barcelona fan and we all understand/accept that one day he will play for Barcelona. We just want to delay that as long as possible.

    What we get really angry about is the constant “release” of reports that he join Barcelona. We recognise that this is often a political ploy for a presidential candidate to garner votes. Regardless it is annoying and reflects poorly on the club. Having said that Real Madrid are far worse.

    One additional comment regarding the media. While English clubs and agents use the newspapers to start rumours, the Spanish sports papers, Marca and El Mundo Deportivo, as widely considered (at least outside of Spain) to be the “official” mouthpieces of Real Madrid and Barcelona respecitively.

    VJ: So you get nauseated by the phrase “Arsenal play beautiful football”. Well, I am sorry about that. However, the reality is that it is not just a few youngsters. It is now a philosophy, established by Arsene Wenger, within the club from the youth teams through to the first team. Having grown up watching the “Boring, boring Arsenal”, I am overjoyed to watch and support a team that now plays football the way it should be. Are we happy that they do not do it every day (like yesterday’s Everton match), absolutely not. We are greedy and want to see victories using glorious football every time.

    All I will say is that fans of football should relish the opportunity of watching teams like Arsenal and Barcelona that strive to play football as it should be rather than the clogging, agricultural style of football as personified by the teams managed by people like Sam Alladyce.

    • January 10, 2010

      Thank you i can see you are removing the totally out of line comments

  69. January 10, 2010

    I fine you Gooners should worry about your african players who are in the ACN than Cesc who is home safe…They are more pressing issues to argue about than all this.

  70. basil faulty
    January 10, 2010

    why is your blog not in spanish? glory hunting english boy.

    • nope
      January 11, 2010

      Because people all over the world speak English and it serves as a common language between fans of the club.

  71. Keano
    January 10, 2010

    I remember that catchphrase ‘1 nil to the arsenal’-in 1997 they decided to get some culture. So don’t talk about “Arsenal play beautiful football”. Arsenal are far too soft and get bullied way too easy.Spice boys

  72. Clockendrider
    January 10, 2010

    Barcelona, a brief explanation of why Fabregas won’t be going to your provincial club for a few years.
    1. Fabregas is under contract at Arsenal and understands the value of integrity and honour. Clearly he would be the only person at your football club who does hence would be somewhat lonely.
    2. Arsenal are not interested in selling.
    3. We only sell players to you when they are past their sell by date (Overmars, Henry) or no longer of use (Petit, Hleb). Fabregas does not fall into this category.

    Now cut along, there’s a good boy…

    • majatt (Maximus)
      January 10, 2010

      As much as your argument makes sense, I can’t help but shake the feeling that Barca has won the champions league 3 times, including beating Arsenal in a final and Arsenal haven’t won the EPL in years.

      So yes, we are all happy to cut along and thank you for calling us good boys we appreciate the recognition. Thanks for Henry especially, not sure we could have won 6 titles in one year without him. Oh and thanks for Sylvinho as well he was quite useful in winning the Champions League Final. Even hleb we should thank you for he was good for rotation during the season.

      You didn’t mention it but you are welcome, we know you appreciate the money to pay off the debt from the stadium.

  73. majatt (Maximus)
    January 10, 2010

    Wow, I think this thread is a stern argument for making the comments section authenticated so there must be a sign up. I’m all for discussion but this got well out of hand.

    Such a simple issue at the end of the day, if the media keeps asking Barca player’s “would you like to Cesc to play for Barca?” they will keep saying “yes”. Cesc responds with a polite as possible “I’m happy at Arsenal and I want to win things here”. The real impropriety is Presidents/Potential presidents going on about it. Even in that case, Moratti has said he would like Messi, City/Kolo Toure have said they would like Yaya. It happens but the MEDIA keeps pushing the Cesc issue with questions and posits so it seems like a ‘big issue’.

    All of that being said Messi, Fabregas and Pique played together as kids so there being a link there is only natural.

    On the issue of fans from other regions, I think that is a silly argument. Wenger is French, Barca was founded by an Englishman, Arsenal’s Captain is from Barca etc.

  74. LOL-at-Arse
    January 10, 2010


  75. Kxevin
    January 10, 2010

    I think that Ramzi’s comments summed things up best.

    But fans are, by their very nature, myopic. That means Arsenal fans and Barca fans. They say we’re tapping up Fabregas. We say that Arsenal snatched him away thanks to a loophole, and if he wants to come “home,” and people talk about it, what’s the harm?

    There’s no common ground, so things will remain as they are. As has been noted, people have talked openly about how nice it would be to have Fabregas in the colors. Fabregas has said “I’m with Arsenal, and happy here.” So that’s that, until it isn’t.

    Press foolishness is precisely that. Wenger’s letter writing has esclated the matter to a point that makes it more serious than it was, really. As I posted above, success keeps players. If Fabregas wants to leave for another club, he will make those desires known, and he will depart. Until then, it’s all just speculative nattering.

    And any club who pays 50m for him, including Barca, I will label as having done a bad bit of business.

    One last thing about the fan/bandwagon hopper, etc business. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has the right to dictate who is and isn’t a fan. I live in Chicago, get to 3-6 Barca matches per season (my best year was 8), and speak Catalan with growing facility. Does this mean that I am more of a fan than someone who lives in Barcelona, but doesn’t care about the club? Or someone who lives in India, and loves the club but can’t get to matches?

    No. Hell no. As for the comment about taking my multi-culti football fandom theory to bars in Barcelona, where I will find myself laughed out of them, actually the reverse has happened. People are fascinated when they find out where I am from, how much I love the club and that I am a soci. One La Vanguardia article about a piece that I wrote called me a “cule Americano.” Note, not “Dipshit American who doesn’t know the country or the language and hence, can’t be a REAL fan.”

    Fans are everywhere. You just have to love the club that you support.

    • Helge
      January 10, 2010

      Couldn’t have said it any better – not even in my native language.

    • Eduard
      January 12, 2010

      Can you send me a link or post a link to that article?

      I can’t believe people are getting all worked up about all this media articles. There’s no reason to be derrogeratory toward anybody. Even calling Arsenal fans Gooners, they are Gunners.
      the Arsenal fans that have come in an started insulting Cules and generalizing them are no better. This is a blog and not all bloggers represent the thoughts and opinions of all cules. Just

      chill out.

  76. UAI
    January 10, 2010

    “jumped ship for the opportunity to earn more money at an earlier age than he otherwise would have. ”

    This is pure speculation and opinion on your part Isaiah, you stated it like it was fact

    • January 11, 2010

      No, it’s not speculation. What I was talking about was him leaving Barça for a professional contract at the age of 16, which is against the law in Spain. I don’t see what’s speculative about that.

      I have to assume that what you were talking about were all of Cesc’s motives, which are, of course, unknown to me. But it is fact that he had could not make money in Spain at that age, whereas in England he could. Perhaps the problem you’re having with the sentence is the word “more” before “money”, which was perhaps a bad choice on my part.

  77. January 10, 2010

    Goddamn, other than a couple of reasonable Arsenal fans (this Kevin chap for one), the vitriol coming from these people is a little disgusting. There’s no point arguing — we’ve had some very vehement disagreements on this blog amongst ourselves, but we tend to keep it civil and don’t use the language and tone that apparently comes naturally to this subset of fans.

    Also, not everyone here is American. Not even close. I’m from Pakistan where football is hardly played! (And when it IS played…yikes). As I said earlier, football is a global sport today…I follow American basketball teams (who unfortunately don’t win anything) and the Pakistan cricket team (ditto) and Russian tennis players (too bad he recently retired and never fulfilled his potential) and Barca (who make up slightly for the disappointments the other three give me regularly). Is that so bad?

    • Helge
      January 10, 2010

      What about Davidenko? He kicks ass recently 😉

      • January 10, 2010

        Safin is/was my guy. If he had taken the game seriously, he could’ve won 5-8 grand slams, I have no doubt about it.

    • Vj
      January 10, 2010

      How did you all conspire to lose the second test against Australia? My jaw was on the floor when I saw the result..

        • January 10, 2010

          Was it a math test or a geography test? What was the first test on? 😉

          • Vj
            January 10, 2010

            What else? Predicting lineups and stuff.. 🙂

          • January 10, 2010

            Haha. The test was basically “Can you keep your brain farts to a bare minimum for the next three hours after dominating Australia in Australia for three days?”. And sadly the answer was no.

            For the non-cricket fans here, basically there are three forms of cricket: T20 (last three and a bit hours, the newest form), 50 overs (lasts about 7-8 hours) and tests (five days). Test cricket is what Americans etc make fun of when they make fun of cricket, but for cricket fans, it is the highest and purest form of the game.

  78. king gooner
    January 10, 2010

    keano you wanker-stick to your MANURE blogs!!!

  79. king gooner
    January 10, 2010

    lol -at arse-stupid barkers!woof1woof!have only one player-messi-scared he might piss off to some clubs with money i.e-real madrid(now that would be sweet!)or perhaps man city or what about chelsea-money talks as you bunch of pimps should know,hey???

  80. Cesc Pistol
    January 11, 2010

    While I don’t really care for foolish and pointless arguments nor for trolls (surely some of the ‘gooners’ were!) I have to mention that Arsene Wenger doesn’t always do what is legal. Or perhaps you have forgotten that Arsenal was sued and lost the case for tapping up Merida?

    Personally, I don’t care much for morality, the law or Cesc (I’d rather he not come) but just to get the facts right, what Arsene does in tapping up younger players from other youth systems is neither morally nor legally correct.

    As a side note to Kevin (and everyone else): I’m (Cesc Pistol/CP) different from another poster on this blog “Cesc Blanc”.
    (BTW Cesc Blanc/CB: your nick seems like you want Cesc to be a Madridsta?)

  81. ScotchEggsRule
    January 13, 2010

    The simple fact is the directors of Barcelona and Madrid are world reknowned for being the biggest bunch of tossers in the world game. They ARE breaking the rules of football by constantly trying (and failing) to tap up Fabregas, that IS against the laws AND spirit of the game but nothing is done about it. Arsenal have maintained a dignified stance while LaPorta et al are hitching their skirts and grabbing their ankles for the collective sheep that believe thier constant lies just to keep hold of their seat of power. Just to note, we paid for Merida and it was all above board and legal. If your management and coaches didn’t have the intelligence or foresite to see his ability and nurture it then more fool them. Shame it will cost them £80 million plus to rectify that problem. Cheers Catalunyan’s, we cannot lose in this situation.

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