Silbatos and You: The Chygrynskiy Affair

Sergio Busquets is no mama’s boy. You know that cause he’s been a badass during a Champions League final. I mean, I’m sure he loves his mom, but I don’t think he runs crying to him whenever something bad happens or there’s some criticism of him. He’s not like me, after all. But I’m sure he understand the power of the silbato, the whistle from the stands that Spaniards seem to have perfected.

One trip to the Bernabeu will convince you anyone born on the Iberian Peninsula is born with a whistle in their throat that they can go to town on whenever they want. And they always want to when someone makes mistakes in matches. What Busi understands, perhaps better than we’d like to admit, is that you can’t deride your own player for making a few mistakes. I know he was purchased for way too much money, but I concur with Busi on the idea that whistling at Chygrynskiy whenever he touched the ball after his absurd foul on Diego Capel (regardless of your thoughts on whether it was in or out of the box, it was absurd) and his generally lackluster play throughout the Sevilla match on Tuesday.

I’m a fan of the club, first and foremost, so, like Busi, I agree that socios like myself should make up their own minds about this, but if you’re going to whistle at a player like Chygrynskiy because someone else thought he was worth 25million euros, you’re going to get a stinker on your hands. He’s not going to recover from that mistake, at least not until the next match. And that’s not being much of a fan, if you ask me. Let him have it amongst friends or via the internet (like at our site!), but when you whistle at someone actually on the field, you whistle at the team, a unit comprised of many aspects of the team. But yeah, I’m of the opinion that one should go to matches to cheer for one’s team and boo the living daylights out of the opposing team.

Whistle at the ref, at the opposing coach, at opposing fans, at the freakin’ Boise State marching band, but why at your own player when you’re in the stands? It’s not about respect or a player’s feelings, it’s about love of the team. I want all of our players to succeed, especially the ones that cost €25m. Should we have whistled Abidal’s somewhat poor performances 2 years ago and set him on a course like that of Hleb? I don’t think so. When you pick up your match ticket, it should be hexed by Hermione Granger to remove the whistle from your throat. Pick up a vuvuzela or something instead, homes.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


  1. Yeah, I was pissed with Chygrynskiy during and after the match, but whistling him every time he touched the ball was ridiculous.

    Here is a short video on it: *

  2. Whistling an own player is very bad. I guess the frustration might have been brewing for a while based on Pep’s selection of players and reached a tipping point when the penalty was given. As a result Chygrynsky was the unfortunate victim of the circumstances but I believe the whole team was to blame for the whistles.

  3. Txigusedtobenasty is a big boy. He can take it. You take the job, you take the shit, too, and that’s part of it.

    Blow-Granite is right in that he was taking one for the team, so to speak, and with that penalty concession, he became the bright, shining example and target for the side’s impotence. That’s life. Fans pay their money, and they can do what they want.

    My only problem with fans’ whistling is that they’re selective. If an attacker is having a shit match, they never get whistled. Can anyone see Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets or Krkic getting whistled, even if they deserve it? Nope. It’s always open season on fresh meat, no matter how expensive.

  4. This whole thing an excuse to post a picture of Emma Watson?

    So I can’t figure out what qualities Chygrynskiy has that meant the team needed to drop $25 mil, Henrique and Caceras to get this guy playing time, but then again I haven’t led any teams to six championships. Even on PES. Still, not entirely sure about the Chygryn move.

    1. I think that somebody wanted him, somebody else knew that somebody wanted him, and they got the price that they wanted.

      I like what Txigrinski does. I think that 25m is a lotta dosh for him. On the other hand, he is the best attack starter that we have from the back, already. Imagine how he will be when he improves.

      Another way to think of it is with the midfield packing/pressure that we’re seeing now, what’s the value of having a centerback who can accurately bypass all that stuff, as Txigrinski can.

      So maybe Guardiola isn’t so crazy, after all. Could he have foreseen this new way of attacking us?

    1. True, Colin. But notice that Pique has to bring the ball up a ways before he can distribute a ball that Txigrinski can just fire away on, and drop at someone’s feet. That’s an interesting quality to have at the back.

  5. I could not agree more about its wrong to treat a barcelona
    player that way during game’s.

    But unlike other ppl, i dont see a future for Txig as barcelona
    player. And trust me am not Txig hater, I SO WANTED a tall, strong
    young, full back next to Pique fo the future to dominate the world.
    Txig has all that pluss passing skills.

    But what i did not know about him and its so clear now, is the fact
    He’s to slow, TO TO TO TO TO slow.
    Being fast defender is extra spec quality needed in barcelona
    Back line, cause your ofthen left to cover much space as barca

    Txig can learn alot and grow, but he’ll never be faster player
    With experience he’ll learn to position better, but alone
    wont be enough to become world class player on the big stage

    Pique is not that faster, but enough fast so it dont get noticed
    or become a weak point in his Overal game.

    1. Good point, Bashir. I wonder about that myself. You almost have to play to not get outrun, so you don’t have the positional freedom that a gazelle such as Abidal has. A back line of Alves, Pique, Txigrinski and Maxwell, against a fast club, would get beaten like a gong the instant the other side went on the attack.

      What I also don’t like is that he gets caught out, and just sticks a leg out, rather than trying to get that big-ass body in position.

      But I’m not ready to write him off in Barcelona yet. I still have visions of he and Pique, flanked by Alves and Abidal, dishing passes and raising hell.

      What’s also interesting is that Pique isn’t a whit faster, but seems to understand what to do with his body to offset (most of the time) the pace deficiency.

      The other question is, is he better than Botia and Muniesa?

    2. Isn’t that what you wrote in a review (when he came on for Pique) after we won the league last season? Or was it Isaiah..?

    3. From what I’ve seen Botia is decent, but nothing special. He could make a good backup, but I think it’s more likely that he’ll ply his trade elsewhere.

      Muniesa however is on the path to being a big time player. Can’t wait to see him continue to develop.

    4. Where did you read that? I consider Botia to be one who finally cuts of Puyol’s playing time. Muniesa, as good as he is, has only played in the B team with a few matches in the A team. Botia has been doing well so far in a pretty much nonsense team, so let’s see what he can do with us.
      Anyway, Muniesa and Botia are not the only ones, Fontas was good in the pre-season too.One thing I’m liking is that these “latest” B-players are not all small like Messi,Iniesta etc…

      Muniesa is 1.83 (6ft)
      Botia is 1.87
      etc etc

    5. I didn’t read these things anywhere, I came to my own conclusions from seeing them play.

      Botia is 20, Muniesa is 17. I believe Muniesa is the youngest player to feature for Barca Athletic this season.

    6. Hmmm, well let’s hope we can have a back line of Alves,Pique,Botia,Muniesa in about 3 years time. 🙂

    7. i’m of the exact same notions, not that impressed with botia but muniesa at 17 has already shown potential to be a world class defender one day.

      though the one who seems the most ready to play is fontas, i’d have taken him of chygjlkj134sky.

    8. He is a bit slow, but saying that he can’t develop into a faster player is not necessarily true. It could be that he just needs conditioning and time in the barca squad may actually improve this very aspect of his play.

  6. On an unrelated note…

    I don’t think it’s hard to fathom that Henry will leave this season. I’ve been debating who I’d like to come in and take his place. I just had and idea, and it’s either a semi-revelation or idiotic.

    What if we bring in Hulk from Porto for the LW? He would be a converted striker, can score, has both power and finesse, and is pretty good from what I’ve seen. Not to mention that his style is often to move to the flanks, so it wouldn’t be too hard of a transition for him.

    Brilliant or Moronic?

    1. We need somebody who can spread the play/and make plays on the left wing, like Ronaldinho. At this point any player who is even half of what he was during his prime would be fantastic to have.

    2. Henry is SO gone at the end of this season. The Who? is the big, giant question, isn’t it? The Ribery rumors won’t go away, and I certainly wouldn’t mind that option.

      One blaspheming part of me wonders if selling Dos Santos was the right decision. It certainly was in terms of the club and what it stands for, which ends that debate. Sure could use a dude like that, though, who was looking (when he wasn’t shit) like a mini R10 in our system, which admittedly gives people lots of space because they’re running around in the space created by the likes of Messi, Iniesta and Xavi.

    3. Yeah but wasn’t he really a CAM? He left us at a hat trick in the position in his final match… 😐

    4. Couldn’t agree with you more here Kxevin. If only he could’ve been more patient. However his story serves as a warning to our other youth players, let’s hope they heed it.

      News is that Mesut Ozil still wants to play for Barcelona, and is actively saying so. honestly I just don’t see where he would fit though.

  7. Sport says to get ready for more controversy. Why? Because the next referee that’s gonna ref our match v Tenerife is none other than Carlos Delgado Ferrerio. The guy who reffed the Malaga match. The guy who didn’t send off Welington but sent off Tito Vilanova for “protesting with a loud voice and raising his arms in the air at one of my decisions”


    Im other news, Pedro!, being the classy guy that he is, says he won’t celebrate if he scores against Tenerife–who are situated in his hometown, Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Awesomeness.

    1. A slightly more complete story:

      Frighteningly, the lead bus took the brunt of the machine gun fire, which lasted about 15 minutes. The rebels thought that the players would be on the lead bus. Had they been, the toll would have been significantly worse. 6 players are injured, a few very seriously. Togo will be pulling out of the ACN almost for sure, which could lead to more teams pulling out, as there are more matches scheduled for that strife-laden area of Angola.—players-injured.html

    2. Apparently it wasn’t an organized effort more like terrorist individuals. The masked shooters would have done much much more damage had they realized the lead bus had only luggage

    3. Why Ghana?? I hope Mali and Ivory Coast pull out so we get the Yaya and Keita back and sevilla can finally worry

    4. Cuz Ghana is where my parents were born, lol. But yeah Ivory Coast and the rest, too.

      Don’t forget, Sevilla would feel more at ease knowing they had Kanoute and Zakora back.

  8. From the little I’ve seen I like the look of Muniesa.

    I’m afraid though that, as I said at the time, both Bojan and Dos Santos were promoted way above their ability by Rijkard in R10 ‘s final season and at the risk of being controversial (again) I reckon that their playing time at his expense (despite his poor attitude ) cost us the title. They are good players, no more than that I’m afraid.

  9. Hear hear. This article is particularly salient at the moment, during this Eagles-Cowboys playoff game. My mother changes out of her Eagles shirt and goes to sleep before halftime, after screaming at the top of her lung at every first down conceded in the first quarter and a half, saying she no longer cares given the 20-point deficit at the half. She isn’t a fan.

    It’s always bugged me about the (presumably) Spanish fans that attend Barcelona games when it seems like half the stadium is waving white flags by the end of some games. For me, that’s shameful, particularly given the year we had last year.

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