Thursday news, a.k.a. “Let’s forget about Sevilla, shall we?”

Feeling the love: The weather was cold, wet and crappy in Barcelona, but that didn’t stop some 6,000 fans from turning up at first-team practice at the MiniEstadi, cheering like crazy and going nuts over practice session goals, as if they were the real mccoy. Is this a bit of guilt for the merciless (and unwarranted) riding of Txignotatallnasty during the Copa match against Sevilla?


We’re number one!: We’re tops in the world club rankings, which take into account all competitions. Now this shouldn’t be a surprise, given that we have kicked ass and taken names on all fronts, but it still warms my heart to see. Here’s the Top 5 list:

1. FC Barcelona (Spain) 4.341,0 points
2. Chelsea FC (England) 4.292,0
3. Manchester United FC (England) 4.291,0
4. Shakhtyor Donetsk (Ukraine) 4.275,0
5. SV Werder Bremen (Germany) 4.272,0

What about the kids?. Ah, those pesky regulations. Coming off contract soon is, essentially, the club’s bright, shining future: Thiago, Assulin, Dos Santos and Victor Vasquez. Now, expect none of them to make a move, but people will run stories that are hand-wringing and stuff. No worries. They’d be crazy to go anywhere, if you ask me.

Help! Police!: Because of the love that we inspire in one and all, extra police will be on hand during our weekend match in Tenerife, just to control the Beatles-like hysteria that our lads inspire. Pretty funny, if you ask me.

Scarface in the house? Presidential candidate Sandro Rosell, in the “chicken in every pot” category, says that Franck Ribery, already rumored to be signed, sealed and delivered to the EE, will be on his “to do” list if he becomes president. Yep. Gotcha. Not sure that the front-runner has to try to gild his personal lily, but what the hell, right?

Yes, it’s a slow news day. So what. Expect updates as things happen, folks.

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By Kxevin

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  1. Interesting that Shakhtar and Werder should be on that list. I guess their Europa Cup participation put them there.

  2. I dunno, maybe a loan for Assulin wouldn’t be a bad idea. Thiago, however, is going no where at all. We would be crazy, Thiago, JDS and Busquets have future midfield written all over them. Vasquez on the other hand I don’t remember much about.

    1. I think he would on the left wing, as the Henry replacement. Dynamic, goal scoring and able to beat defenders one on one. He also passes well. I was excited about the rumor when it first came up, what seems like years ago now. He seems suddenly fragile, eh?

    2. Hmmm I didn’t realize he was a winger, I thought he was more of a attacking midfielder. But knowing that now it seems like it would be a good fit. However all I ever read is about how he is best friends with Zidane and its almost guaranteed he’s going to the E.E.

    3. Well…he is short, fast, good on the left wing, decent shot, great passer and has excellent close control. He could probably switch around with Messi and could play a trequartista/false 9.

    4. Oh like butter on toast!! Only now I’m not too keen on him.Not with his crazy price tag anyway. Prefer to see more of jeffren!

  3. By the by…with Bojan still not ready and Ibra suspended, it highlights (at least to me) how useful Keirisson could be.

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