We need a replacement, as in NOW


Anims Tito. Like Kxevin beautifully wrote, it’s personal. Cancer is the number one killer in the world to whom all of us have lost loved ones.

Having said that, let’s talk replacements before one is appointed.

Jordi Roura
Jordi Roura

Pros: A Masía product who enjoyed a brief spell in Barça’s first team in 1988, Jordi Roura has been part of our technical staff since 2009. After analyzing opponents under Guardiola, he was promoted to assistant when Tito took charge of the team. Knows our squad intimately.

Cons: It is hard to judge from the outside, but not many culés were impressed by our dip in form once illness took Tito away from us last year. In his defense, he was put in a situation he didn’t ask for and we still finished with a record-equalling hundred point haul.

Probability 4/10: While our last head coach was promoted from within, rumor has it that the club has chosen to look elsewhere this time.

Verdict 5/10: Although I’d rather have Jordi as an assistant than Sarah Palin as vice-president, does he really have the tactical clout and personality to be our leading man?

Marcelo Bielsa

Pros: The best coach in the world, according to none other than Josep Guardiola, is known to be an obssessive analyst and statistician of the game. Owner of one of the most extensive soccer libraries in the world, Marcelo “el Loco” Bielsa employs innovative methods and has his teams play attractive, attacking football. His theory that midfielders in the defense are better at launching counter attacks is said to have provided Pep with the inspiration to convert Javier Mascherano to a center back. As an added bonus, mad man Bielsa hails from Rosario, Argentina, the hometown of a certain footballer you might have heard of.

Cons: His teams are often erratic, mixing good results with bad ones. He led a wildly talented Argentina to a first round exit at the 2002 World Cup, only to win an Olympic title two years later. Under his guidance Bilbao reached two finals in one season yet failed to qualify for the Champion’s League. His last season with the Basque club ended in a disappointment, as the players got tired of his intensive ways.

Probability 7/10: Available, widely respected and possessor of a fine footballing philosophy not incompatible with our current squad.

Verdict 7/10: Known for his intense pressing game, Bielsa might just be the one who could fix our defensive problems. However, the risk of a massive burnout a la Athletic Club might make him a short term solution.


Australia v Saudi Arabia: 2014 FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers Third Round
Frank Rijkaard

Pros: A majestic midfielder who played under Cruijff, Sacchi and Van Gaal, Frank Rijkaard delivered us our first European success of the milenium. One of the more classy managers at press conferences, Frank knows his way around the Camp Nou and is adored by his players.

Cons: Mainly adored by his players because he lets them party until 10h in the morning and foresake training. Rijkaard’s Barça started to fall apart when his assistant Henk Ten Cate left to become head coach at Ajax. Famously inspired Holland to miss five penalties in a single game to lose our semi-final against Italy at Euro 2000 and is the proud coach who got the Eredivisie’s Sparta Rotterdam relegated for the first time in its hundred year history.

Probability 1/10: Despite his availability, Rijkaard’s close association with Joan Laporta and Johan Cruijff means his appointment is improbable, to say the least.

Verdict 2/10: The legions of fans who are calling for Frank’s return on SPORT’s message boards should keep in mind that he has failed at every other team he has coached. Let’s not ruin his legend by asking him to spoil our current chances for success.

Olympiacos FC v Xanthi FC - Greek Superleague
Ernesto Valverde

Pros: Ex-Barça player Ernesto Valverde has been quite the successful manager, reaching the UEFA Cup final with a modest Espanyol and winning two Greek league titles with Olimpiacos FC.

Cons: Looks like an accountant, not a football coach. Still a very young manager, Ernesto has had little to no experience with any star players.

Probability 3/10: Has just signed on as new head coach of Athletic Bilbao, the club where he has spent the majority of his career as a player.

Verdict 3/10: Although we should follow his career with great interest, at this moment Valverde is too lightweight to lead one of the biggest football clubs of the world.


Jupp Heynkes
Jupp Heynkes

Pros: Coming off of the back of an historic season with Bayern Munich in which he won the Bundesliga, the DFB-Bokal and the Champions League, Jupp Heynkes is considered to be one of Europe’s top coaches. An avid follower of Spanish football, he has coached three different Spanish clubs during his career and knows F.C. Barcelona like the back of his hand, a fact his team demonstrated by giving us a 7-0 as-whupping not so long ago. Most impressively coaxed complete performances out of egomaniacal  star player Arjen Robben, in which the Dutchman passed and tracked back for consecutive games in addition to scoring in both the semis and the final. Heynkes has previously won a CL-trophy with Real M*drid in the 97/98 season, although this might very well be considered a con.

Cons: For all of the brilliance of last season, Heynkes has won only three league titles in almost twenty-five years as a coach. He also failed to win the league with Real M*drid in 97/98, although this might very well be considered a pro.

Probability 1/10: Promised his wife he wouldn’t coach this year. Do not count on the German to break his word.

Verdict 9/10: Represents his teams with class and his amazing accomplishment of last season will see him earn instant respect among our players.

Ronald Koeman
Ronald Koeman

Pros: Widely popular in Barcelona, “Snowflake” is a blaugrana legend, one of the most classy defenders to ever play the game and scorer of the only goal in the final of our first successful European Cup campaign. As a manager he led Ajax to two Eredivisie titles and later added another one with PSV Eindhoven. Won domestic cups with Benfica and Valencia, and is currently hailed in Holland for performing miracles with a young Feyenoord squad.

Cons: His very pragmatic coaching philosophy made it so he had no qualms to abandon Ajax’s house style, switching from their traditional 4-3-3 to 4-4-2.  Not known for his loyalty, his very pragmatic lifestyle philosophy made it so he has played for and coached Holland’s three big clubs, once famously ditching PSV mid-season only to get canned at Valencia a couple of months later.

Probability 2/10: Piped as a future Barcelona coach at the promising start of his managerial career, his star has dwindled over the last years. And although he would undoubtedly abandon his young bucks at Feyenoord and sell his granny for even half a chance of coaching at the Camp Nou, I don’t see it happening.

Verdict 4/10: Koeman might not be the worst choice as a manager, but he definitely wouldn’t the best. And although he always speaks very fondly of his days of Barcelona, he put his culé credentials at risk by one day claiming he would coach M*drid if given the chance. I prefer we keep away from Tintin and wish him the best of luck – elsewhere.

Michael Laudrup

Pros: One of the most graceful players in Barcelona’s history, Michael Laudrup has been a moderately successful manager. Widely lauded for taking Getafe to the Copa del Rey final and to the Europa League’s QF with an unprecedented attractive football, he is currently the crême du jour of the British media for bringing Swansea City its first ever title in their one-hundred year existence. The Dane remains as elegant as in his playing days, and my girlfriend thinks he is handsome.

Cons: Has been decidedly unsuccessful with Spartak Moscow and RSD Mallorca, although some quote the fact that he kept the latter out of the clutches of relegation as quite an achievement. Also, when the arrival of Romario converted Laudrup into the fourth wheel on Johan Cruijff’s dream mobile, Michael abandoned us for those slimy-faced, white t-shirt wearing, gentlemanlier than thou, vomit-inducing capital bastards that other Spanish team.

Probability 5/10: Has just renewed his contract with Swansea. However, if anyone is interested in paying the rumored 6M euro buy-out clause, he might be willing to entertain offers.

Verdict 6/10: Michael seems like a talented young manager, and although he has never coached a title contender, he has plenty of experience in Europe’s top clubs. Whether he has the charisma to win over the dressing room would remain to be seen, but we could certainly do worse than contracting this Danish legend.


Frank de Boer
Frank De Boer

Pros: Frank De Boer has often been rumored to be the bastard son of Johan Cruijff and Louis Van Gaal, having played the majority of his very successful career under these two coaches. After taking over for Ajax he has won three straight league titles while staying true to the 4-3-3 formation and playing style that Barcelona (Cruijff) modeled their game after. After 144 games in the blaugrana shirt, he is no stranger to the inner workings of our club.

Cons: I suspect Frank De Boer’s Dutch accent to be as atrocious as Van Gaal’s, although he does not share his mentor’s crude and boorish behavior. Despite victories over both of Manchester’s juggernauts, De Boer’s young Ajax team has been somewhat disappointing in Europe.

Probability 5/10: An Ajax youth product, it might be hard to tempt Frank away from the Arena. His closeness to Johan Cruijff could prove another stumbling block for the current administration

Verdict 9/10: I personally think that this is the most exciting young coach in the game today. His achievement at Ajax is nothing short of amazing, especially when taking into account the turmoil the Amsterdam club has been in and De Boer’s dedication to youth players and attractive football according to the club’s traditions. I see Frank de Boer as a logical future Barcelona coach and hope that one day he will make the jump.

Luis Enrique
Luis Enrique

Pros: Another Barça legend, this merengue-turned-culé was one of the most fiery participants in the yearly clásicos, and now views the Camp Nou as his home. He excelled as a coach of Barcelona B, missing out on the chance of promotion due to Spanish Football Federation regulations. Revered by Barcelona fans and players alike, Lucho is a logical candidate for the head coaching position.

Cons: Failed spectacularly as a manager of AS Roma, getting booted out of the Europa League by the mighty SK Slovan Bratislava and missing out on qualification for European football.

Probability 7/10: Luis Enrique would have been a shoe-in had the position opened up a few months ago, but he has recently been appointment as head coach for Celta de Vigo. Further complicating matters is that he has taken Barça starlet Rafinha with him on loan, a player who is rumored to be more talented than his older brother and will need significant minutes to further his development. Would the head-strong and straightforward Asturian abandon Celta de Vigo while the ink on his contract is still wet? Stranger things have happened in the world of competitive football.

UPDATE: El Mundo Deportivo and TV3 are reporting that Luis Enrique will indeed be our new head coach.

Verdict 8/10: Most of us would love to see Lucho at the head of our club sooner or later. It now looks like it is going to be sooner rather than later.


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By Levon

Culé since way before football boots were of the neon yellow and lizard green variety, Levon is a deep thinker with increasingly shallow thoughts. He lives in Barcelona with his gorgeous wife and daughter. The lucky bastard...


  1. Appreciate the effort, it was funny and informative at the same time ! I for one think that the only pros for Luis Enrique relate to his days as a player not as a manager/coach. Now, Laudrup gets me excited !

  2. Apparently Celta Vigo never formally registered Luis Enrique as their coach with the RFEF, so the regulations have not come into effect. It seems extremely likely that Lucho will be our next coach, and I for one am thrilled!

    Everyone knows I am a huge fan of Lucho as a player, and he did a brilliant job with Barça B. If you haven’t already, read this interview he gave with Barça TV at the end of the historic season when he took the B team to 3rd position in the Segunda:


    It gives you a really good insight into how Lucho thinks and how he motivates his team. If anyone can get the best out of Sergi Roberto and Bartra, it will be him!

    I will be a little sad that he will most likely stay off twitter and not send me pics of his food anymore, though. 🙁

  3. ‘Lucho’ rumors are going wild on twitter and who is ‘Tata’ Marino?

    Lucho would be the best candidate coz he know the club, sorry Celta.

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerardo_Martino

      Head coach at Newell’s right now, in Argentina. Coaching nerds like him a lot. Can’t say that I have heard of him, had to do some research. MARCA says we are in talks with him. I would trust the TV3/MD duo before Marca, though. Generally, things are leaked there as a sort of trial balloon, or just because.

      One thing for sure is that the deal is all but done. No way Rosell says announcement early next week if someone wasn’t already pretty much nailed down.

    2. Yes, it seems that they had a contingency plan during Tito’s last relapse. If they did, it only makes sense that it was with a person with intimate links to the club.

    1. Hmmm, Champions League semi-finalist, record-setting Liga champion, just signed most talented attacker probably since Messi, still have one of best lineups in the world, anchored by the most prolific goalscorer in history ….

      A great many teams would take such a “bad period.” Perspective and calmness are most important for cules right now.

    2. I think the problem lies more in the fact that we need someone who can command the respect of such a group of successful players.

    3. Like I just said on twitter, our older players know Lucho because they played with him. Our youngest ones were coached by him. All respect him. What could be more perfect?

    4. It would have been fun to see Lucho face up to Mourinho during a clasico. He’d rip off the finger that poked a Barcelona eye!

    5. does anyone remember taht spoof video of pep chatting with lucho at a training, in spanish, it was linked in this forum years ago, i cant find it anywhere! it’s where pep is going on and on complaining about people talking with their mouth full, and then Lucho starts yammering with a mouthful of idontknowwhat, it is the funniest thing ever. maybe you had to be there.

    6. “just signed most talented attacker probably since Messi”

      let’s leave the Neymar triumphalism til after he’s actually done something for the club, shall we?

      and if we’re counting “signing big players” as a part of success, well, los Blancos have had a HUGELY successful past few years then haven’t they?

    7. Disagree, talent and accomplishment are two very different things. Lots of people can have talent, while not all of them become accomplished. Talent refers to quality and potential for achievement. In that realm, Neymar is indeed the most talented attacking player since Messi. No need to wait until he has done something for the club.

      It’s funny how people were saying he would be found out in the Confederations Cup, then “He did that against Japan, but wait til he sees a real team.” Then “Well, wait until he sees Spain.” Nothing left to say, except let’s see what he can do at Barça.

      I just don’t know what kind of expectations cules have when people can’t get excited about us buying a player with talent like Neymar. Really.

      It isn’t triumphalism to say that Neymar is a huge talent. It’s a simple statement of fact.

    8. Finally, a cule who i actually positive. I saw a atletico fan on twitter who tweeted something like ‘if barca can buy neymar for 57 million, they dont have problems’ eventhough we have problems, a coach who is leaving because cancer, we aren’t in the dramatic situation some people thiink we are in. y’all act like we are back in Gasparts era!


    1. Tebzat, welcome to BfB!

      Yes, they have been through a lot, but it takes a very strong personality to lead these players.

      Also, could you please not write in all-caps? It is the internet equivalent of SCREAMING.

  5. Thanks Levon! I watched many Swansea games last season because of Laudrup and I liked his style. Swansea with their low budget where a pain in the ass for all the big teams in England, so I would be very excited if Laudrup was appointed. Lucho and FDB would also be great!


  6. I would be apprehensive in appointing Lucho as our manager. No doubt he was a wonderful player. But given his record at AS Roma and Rosell looming over his head, I fear he will play safe with tactics. And that is what we do not require at the moment. This is a good opportunity to hire someone completely new (Bielsa or Martino) to shake up things (not radical changes) and inject some much required freshness to our squad and style.

    1. Don’t worry, I don’t think that Luis Enrique has the personality to “play it safe”.

      Bielsa would be an interesting choice, but I am wary of all the negative noise that came out of Bilbao during his last season there.

      Although I know nothing of Martino think it is a very bad idea to entrust one of the biggest clubs in the world to a manager who has not worked in Europe before.

    2. Looks more and more likely that he’s going to be the one.

      One important criteria for selection should be a coach who would know how to extract the maximum out of the Messi-Neymar duo. Vilanova had months to prepare and analyze how to play the two of them together. If it’s Lucho, then I hope he has the necessary skills to do so.

  7. I’d say we can probably rule out De Boer, Sport is reporting that he didn’t have very positive things to say about the long-term success of a Messi/Neymar relationship. Ego clash.

    1. thanks for the link !

      “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”

      I am going to have to start watching Bayern’s games now..oh well…

  8. I think laudrup and luis Enrique r good,especially Enrique.At Roma they wanted him to play like barca but the problem was he didnt barca players.U cant expect people or teams to be the same just because u want them to be

  9. So it’s gonna be between Lucho and Bielsa. I don’t think Rosell will sign a dutch coach for us right now. He will finally have his own coach, and I figure he will want to choose someone that has nothing to do with Cruyff. As Ramzi said on Twitter, Bielsa would be something great or something awful, and it would probably burn out the team with his genious madness. Whoever they choose, visca el Barça!
    Sport says that Vilanova will probably have a job with the club, I don’t know if now or when he beats the disease.

    And though we have to focus in ourselves now, let’s not forget that every club that Mourinho left, had serious physical difficulties the next season after his leaving because of the way he trained them (periodizacion táctica): http://www.futbolcomplejo.com/articulos-1/sobre-la-periodizaci%C3%B3n-t%C3%A1ctica-de-mourinho/#.Ueq-itJg9I8

  10. -Frank Rijkaard messed up big time in my back yard. The Euro 2000 penalty. I still remember that afternoon before the match like it was last month. The whole town was orange and the fountain too.

    And he managed to ruin the club I would’ve love to join as a kid, Sparta. I remember them having a couple of good players namely Nourdin Boukhari, ex Ajax player.

    Frank is basically a failure as a coach everywhere else so I do not want him back.

    Besides those points, another important thing is that he is too laid back. We need an intense coach. I do not like to have these type of coaches. I’m remember during his period at this club, the training was too laid back.

    6th choice. De Boer. Perfect start to his managing career but I don’t think he’s capable of leading a club of this magnitude.

    5th choice. Bielsa. They had a chance to sign him last summer but didn’t so I don’t think there fond of him this time around either. I don’t buy the burn out talks. The players here are used to high intensity pressing game under Pep and the players here are a few classes above to those he had at his disposal at Athletic (no disrespect but the players here are world’s edited players so they will cope better).

    Players will respect and fear him.

    – 4th choice. Laudrup. Love him. Beautiful elegant player. The players will respect him as he’s a legend.

    Another plus point is that he has the Ajax Barca connection too.

    Definitely possible for him to join but I thought that he just rejected Madrid not too long ago citing inexperience as the issue.

    Could be that he just wasn’t interested and was politely rejecting Perez 🙂

    – 3rd choice. Lucho just joined Celta. I doubt their board and fans would be happy to let him go. Unheard of players or coaches making u-turns like that. Football contracts can easily be broken but I doubt anyone has the audacity and ability for all parties involved to agree to terminate it after only a few days.

    2nd choice. Klopp. Young, exciting and likes to work with young players.

    – 1st choice. Jupp Hynkes. No explanations needed. However was a Madrid coach and I doubt he will break his words. Players will respect and fear him.

    1. On the beginning when you were talking about the penalty from rijkaard about Euro 2000, was that the italy vs the netherlands match? Ugh, that match was such a mess. Agreeing with your list though.

    2. Jupp was basicly dishonourable discharged at Madrid via a famous Radio Interview. He still have an unfinished business to settle with Madrid.

    3. @Xavi

      Yes that’s the one. Horrible day for the city. If I was the mayor, I would ban him from entering for those 2 mistakes he commited (NL & Sparta) 🙂


      I didn’t know he had a poor history with Madrid. I guess he has 2 unsettled businesses. With Madrid and Bayern for not putting more faith into him. I am sure he would love to get back at both of them.

  11. Levon, why didn’t you include AvB? I thought he was rumored to be short listed as well. A front runner actually.

    I like him but I somehow think he will invited too many media attention. And he could be a Mourinho agent 🙂

    And I don’t fancy the Argentine coach either. No experience in Europe and I read that he’s more defensive minded.

    1. AVB is an interesting option who I actually hadn’t thought of. Rumored buy-out clause is 13M, though.

      Heynkes would be a very good choice. He certainly had no problems exploiting our weaknesses when we met.

      I have something of a weak spot for Klopp but I hear he is very loyal and I doubt he will leave Dortmund any time soon.

    2. Bale has just said that he would like to continue to grow with AVB. Wouldn’t that be nice if AVB coached Barca and brought Bale with him…?

      Now seriously, it would be incredibly hypocritical of AVB to leave Spurs at this point after fighting so hard to keep Bale and the integrity of his team.

    3. I don’t think we can afford Bale (fee and wages) and I wouldn’t even want him here. I don’t think he suits our style. What can he bring besides those explosive shots?

      I know Klopp is loyal but he must know himself that there is 0.1% chance of BvB wrestling the league from Bayern anytime soon, 2-3 seasons.

  12. Excellent piece, Levon! (BUT… read below)

    I’d vote for Lucho too. I wouldn’t attach that much importance to his spell at Roma; and, IIRC, Roma’s board wanted him to stay, but he didn’t want to. As blitzen says, our older players played with him (he was one of the captains) and the young ones were coached by him with much success.

    Your post should’ve been perfect but for the fact that you forgot Mourinho! As an As reader has commented, «We sign Morinho, madridistas won’t know whom to support, they’ll all go crazy, and their brains will explode». You didn’y think of it, eh?

  13. Klopp and Heynckes are top candidates for me.

    A Heynckes appointment would make so much poetic justice.
    Heynckes was shoved out after a historic season to make way for Pep.
    If Barca were to appoint him, and his knowledge about us and our game cannot be disputed, it’d be great. Only downside is he is old.

    Klopp would be fantastic, but doesn’t look like he is going to leave dortmund. But he’d really be amazing.

    I think the most important thing is that whoever is our new coach, must understand that he is taking over the world’s best team with the world’s best player at his peak. Expectations will be sky high and so we will need a manager with thick skin and super strong character to go along with quality, of course.

    Lucho though seems to be the strongest rumour.

    1. Of course, the language aspect is obviously a factor that I chose not to get into. We can always hire a translator. I vote for mourinho. 😉

  14. I would love it to have Jupp or Klopp (both are awesome) but i dont think that will happen. Lucho would also be great. A Barcelona legend who knows our youth and coached Barcelona B amazingly. Actually i like all the options. (except Rijkaard) Frank de Boer would be amazing, but he wants to stay at Ajax, for now. Maybe in the future.

  15. We need somebody who will recognize that Xavi is getting old and who will be his backup.Somebody who knows that we have never had a good defence but good system to defend.

    side note: I believe that our biggest problem with our defence is having two attacking full backs.Abidal and alves complimented each other

  16. Well for your sake, Levon, I hope it’s not Laudrup.

    Bielsa scares me. He may be the best thing since sliced bread but he still scares me.

    Heynckes strikes me as a smart man; he won’t go back on his word to his wife.

    I would like Lucho, although I rather liked the idea of Rafinha developing under him at Celta and it would suck for Celta.

    1. Hahaha that’s okay, mom4, I prefer it to be Laudrup than the neighbor!

      I think Lucho has a 3M release clause, so I don’t know how much it would suck for Celta…maybe they would prefer the money?

      However, what would concern me is Rafinha’s situation in case Luis Enrique comes to Barça.

    2. lol Levon. You better not move into a villa in a exotic location as Laudrup might just pop up and buy one next door.

  17. If you look at the changes that Laudrup made to Swansea when he took over, they were somewhat similar to what Tito seemed to be doing last year. Namely, taking a very patient, possession focused side, and making them a bit more direct and quicker to threaten. I think he would be a good choice, but I don’t see it happening.

  18. Hope the new coach brings a defender with him. The players are probably not happy coming out of their comfort zone and the understanding they had with Tito so, hopefully they can sign a coach the players know and feel comfortable around and who doesn’t change things around too much eg, Lucho.

    There is an open letter on fcb catalan page from Tito, very touching.

  19. We already have a great base, And last season’s la liga is enough of a proof, We only need someone who can add and improve what tito has done so far, And the best coach to ensure such continuity is luis enrique.
    When i first heard the rumors that pep won’t renew with us, I remember feeling scared, But once i knew tito will take over him, I felt ‘calmness’ within me, And luis brings me a similar feeling.

  20. Is he already registered as a Celta coach for the upcoming season?
    How does it work coaching two teams before the season even started? Is it within the rules?

    1. It is not allowed to work for two different clubs in La Liga. But that rule only applies to registered coaches. Lucho is not registered on the RFEF yet. Rumours say he has a 3M clause. But will he want to break it? I don’t think that would help to our relationships with Celta and little clubs around Spain. What would that do to Rafinha who was loaned to Celta because of Lucho.

      Apart from that he looks as our most likely options.
      Bielsa, Martino and Laudrup also are options according to MD and Sports.

  21. Culetoon, any info you might want to share on this subject, according to media inside Catalunya unavailable to most of us? What’s your take on this?

    1. All the local media speculations revolve around Luís Enrique and Tata Martino. As Kxevin said, the fact that TV3 (and EMD) say it’s Luís Enrique makes it much more plausible. And he’s my favorite too. As I said above echoing blitzen, our older players played with him (he was one of the captains) and the young ones were coached by him with great success. Moreover, he’s got a strong character and another important —perhaps key— plus is that he knows already, and very well, the ins and outs of the Club. It’s a no-brainer for me.

  22. Apart from Lucho or Oscar i’d be suprised if any Coach who’s currently employed will be avaible.

    I don’t know nothing about Gerardo Martino only watched a couple of Games from his time as Paraguay coach and it wasn’t pleasent to watch. Often striked me as way to defensive and sparkless unlike Bielsa’s Chile.

    Probably the best option i’m quite unsure towards Don Jupp as i feel his tenure at Bayern is vastly overrated.
    He’s a quite decent Coach and his main strenghts are his fitness preparations and his relaxed fatheresque relationship with his players.

    I like Lucho and I’m sure he’ll handle the younger masiaplayers better than Tito did but i don’t think he’ll help the team evolve as everything speaks about continuity around him. Prefer a rather later reunion than now.

  23. Here’s the nice thing about choosing a new man in charge… one would think, anyone would take the job. (unlike that hiring a CB endeavor).

    I like Bielsa, I think the team needs a shaking up. Other teams have entirely caught up to our style as is, Bielsa may bring something new, a plan B in tough matches where we seem out of ideas. Also he would understand Messi, and Neymar’s “south american style.”

  24. Hey gang,

    Came here as soon as I heard the news today … oh boy.

    Anims Tito.

    Kxevin for Most Beautiful Writer on Beautiful Game.

    Euler for FCB Coach!

  25. The two front runners are Luis Enrique and “Tata” Martino. Nobody else is in with a shot. Club wants to have it all done by Monday, and is apparently talking to/negotiating with both.

    People have been doing some investigating on Martino, and he is of the Bielsa school (as is Guardiola). Vertical, pressing, pretty much the game that we used to play. He is also available, being presently out of coaching (unlike Enrique). I reckon he would certainly be the easiest call, and one that, being an Argentine, I can’t imagine that Messi would be too disappointed with.

    Something about Martino here:


    1. “That has ensured that on the pitch, his team has looked very much like Bielsa’s…Likewise as well, the physical demands of that Bielsistic approach meant that Newell’s almost withered away at the end.”

      …Oh man, our team is going to get ground down by the end of the season with this guy.

    2. It will, as it did under Guardiola, take longer than a season to grind the team down. But yes, that approach is high-pressure, high effort, high intensity.

    3. Yes, but the team might have never fully recovered from being ground down by the end of Guardiola’s tenure. That wasn’t too long ago…

  26. i would like luis enrique a lot, he knows the club, knows the players the only downside for me is that i was really interested in seeing celta vigo this season.

    i am also ok with bielsa or the tata martin, or how they call him – apparently messi’s father likes him a lot :), anyways.. they all seem devoted and cerebral coaches… i am ok with having one two years of trials and changes at the club, a changing of the guard maybe sooner – and a rebuilding of the team.

    its not a must to win every year..

    1. Any coach coming in and not winning anything with this team won’t be around long enough to regret it.

      I find myself in the (unusual) position of not knowing any of the candidates well enough to have a preference. Huge decision though and good luck to whoever gets it. They’re going to need it.

  27. From Tito to Tata?
    Thanks, but please!
    And I can’t believe some in BFB want AVB.
    The only thing he’s got going for himself is his cool abbreviation.

  28. A list of Barça misfortunes —and overcomings— during the last 60 years (in spanish) at:


    And remember that one of our presidents, Josep Sunyol, was executed by firing squad, and without trial, after being captured by Franco’s militia in 1936. Barça board honored him as «absent president» until the entrance of Franco’s troops in Barcelona in 1939.

    1. Cancer generally doesn’t come at a convenient time. Vilanova had the treatments and was passed fit. He proceeded with pre-season plans. Sources who saw Vilanova in person, such as Graham Hunter, said he looked great, almost as good as before his treatment last year, vibrant and full of energy.

      So I rather imagine the news must have been as big a blow to him as it was to the team, which probably had a Plan B in place since the treatment because you just never know with cancer.

      But it strikes that the timing is what the timing is, in this case. Because the one thing that life does, is it just happens at its own pace, when and where it wants.

    2. When I read my comment again, I see that the timing has been re iterated, which was not my intention. I only wanted to point out another manager who is top class in my book and who happened to take up a new job recently. I thought you’d have seen that.

    3. Ah! Nope. I’m far too literal these days. Ugh.

      I think that we wouldn’t have been able to outbid City for Pellegrini, who would probably have been looking for something outside the Liga, at any rate.

    4. We never know when it will strike but yeah I get what you’re trying to say. I feel the same way. The timing was horrible for the club but there is nothing anyone can do. It just would’ve been a little easier for the club if it was 1 month ago. It’s just the way life is, unpredictable.

  29. I just hope that whoever the club appoints, will do well.

    I adore Bielsa. But still I hope it wont be him. Bielsa’s teams always have a defensive issue. We already have it, and his way of playing might just increase it. But he is the man of movements, and I dont have any doubt he would find ways to further improve our attack. But defence is important in a long liga campaign and in CL

    I would have loved it if Klopp was available. But he wont.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  30. Anims Tito Vilanova.
    Now we can certainly close the chapter on the Guardiola era. Tito was a big part of it and we now find ourselves looking for a new coach which carries with it, a lingering sensation of sort of starting from scratch.
    But instead of naming names, I thought I’d take a bit of my Cule paranoia and use it to list down the main guidelines, I think, a new coach would do well to follow. Because when roSell named Tito after Pep quit, a lot of the panic and chaos became calmer and started to look more reassuring, as we knew that continuity would be given priority.
    The new coach must know that he is inheriting possibly the world’s best team. And that carries with it an enormous responsibility to win. Constantly. He must know that he needn’t change much, as much as he needs to get the best out of the gargantuan talent pool he has access to. He must be a great motivator as many times last season we witnessed a Barcelona side that just thought they had to show up to win. He needs to instill that ‘Pep’ish intensity to treat every game as it were a final. He needs to entertain. He needs to know he has a Messi at his peak and a Neymar who has just joined to learn and succeed European football. Above all The new coach needs to have the respect of his players and understand what it means to represent Barcelona. Be it in the press room or the football pitch. I have no doubt that we will get a good coach, as Rosell’s legacy (ass) is on the line and he will try his best to protect it. I hope he lets the new coach do his job and I hope that Tito recovers and continues to contribute all the knowledge he has back in to the club and team we all love.
    I don’t know anything about this Tata Marino or even Lucho’s managerial prowess for that matter and so I won’t speculate on names. I do know that we could be happier and more hopeful fans if we could move on from viewing Pep and his time as a benchmark for everything and everyone. Barcelona will continue. And it needs our support.

    1. Comment of the Day. Thank you.

      I feel like that Treble season permeates everything, from the view of a coach who I don’t feel left the team particularly well-equipped to compete for much of anything, to transfers of want-away players.

      History is useful in that it can provide information, but hobbling in that, improperly used, it becomes this absurd yardstick, like great-grandparents scoffing at a bus and saying “Back in my day, we had to walk 50 miles to school.”

      We also see it in some media outlets paying attention to retired participants of a sport, a particularly pervasive thing in football and Formula One. As Gang of Four titled a recording, “History’s Bunk!” History also makes us see nefarious things where there might not be, and hidden meanings in things that are innocent.

      The club put out a bit on Sergi Roberto, called “The Patient Midfielder.” I assumed it to be face value, talking about his path to the first team, etc. Others see it as a slap at the now-gone Thiago. Who knows?

      We also see this in the presence of expectations, and disappointment in not having had those expectations met. So some cules say “We lost to Bayern 7-0 and still haven’t bought a CB. This club is stupid!” Others say, “We have signed a bright young talent, and won the Liga in record style, after not winning it the year before. The trend is good.”

      Let’s deal with each day, each player as it comes.

    2. Well said on history. It offers much to learn from. Improperly used, it does become an absurd yardstick.
      Your first para, the part from – I feel…want away players I did not get. Please do explain.

  31. Ive been a barcelona supporter since 1999 when we were very bad( I call it the promise of saviola era). Im mentioning it because we all have to remember that barcelona are a recycling team.Whatever happens we will always be ok.Whichever coach that comes we will be ok

  32. barcastuff ‏@barcastuff

    Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina (30) will join Napoli on loan this season. Next year, he will move to Barcelona on a permanent deal. [md]

    Seems fair to me.

    1. Might be MD whistling past the graveyard, trying to buttress their insistence that Reina was coming to the club this season.

    1. What will we be showing next, RM highlights? For me, Bayern kicked the crap out of us last season along the way to a team goal. That makes them a rival, if not quite an enemy yet. Just my (very) personal view.

    2. There have been many many occasions in the past when excellent goals, assists, or other highlights have been posted in this space without regard to team or player. The only reason you are objecting is because this features an ex-player that many of us have an abiding interest in.

      If you want to limit the discussion to Barça-only, then perhaps we should also impose a ban on talking about other sports, like basketball for example.

      Thanks for the clip, barca96.

    3. No, it bothers me because that team is an enemy, and an enemy that pantsed us in full view of the world.

      If you are going to take after every contrary opinion, you’re going to have a lot of work to do this season, and the comment about limiting the discussion to Barça only is out of left field. There is nothing like that suggested or implied in my comment, which is simply ME from my view, making an observation. We should be able to deal with such things. The comment made it abundantly clear that is was my view, as in “Just my (very) personal view.”

      I confess to not getting the aggressive, overblown reaction at all.

  33. Any word on U.S. television for our mid-week friendly? I have checked the various footy outlets, and nothing showing up for me.

    1. Well, Tete is a very common nickname in Catalunya… And Toto in Italy, I think.

  34. Noted.

    Just one thing though. He may be an ex player but he did something nice there. I may be a Barca fan but I’m also a football fan and that was beautiful and I will appreciate it irregardless it’s not from a Barca player.

  35. Senor Culetoon. You said yesterday that you will post something tomorrow . It’s already past midnight for me which makes it 2 days 🙂

    1. But I posted it yesterday, in my first comment in this post!

      Anyway, I said that, amidst all that sadness about Tito, I read a comment by an As reader that made me smile. It said: «We sign Morinho, madridistas won’t know whom to support, they’ll all go crazy, and their brains will explode».

    1. Wow, a decade since our fate took a turn. The one and only magician! If only… 🙁

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