Copa Liveblog: Barça – Sevilla

It’s our Three Kings Day match and I hope that we get a Bojan-style Epiphany, if you know what I mean (you don’t).

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


    1. MILITO!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Honestly a crazy interesting lineup. GAME TIME T-MINUS 39MINUTES!

    2. My Predicted Lineup yesterday.
      Alves – Marquez – Milito – Maxwell
      Dos Santos – Chygrynski – Iniesta
      Bojan – Ibra – Pedro!

  1. According to Marca:

    Alves Chyg Marquez Maxwell
    xavi Busquets Iniesta
    Messi Ibra Bojan

    1. Here is the marca link:

    1. He needs to see a psychologist, because it isn’t a lack of technique or physical fitness that is holding him back.

    2. Hes not big or fast enuff to be a cf.And before anyone says anthing about the wings, hes not technical enuff 4 there. Has to go, nuff said.Simply not up to the level required.

  2. our passing today was fucking attrocious. Just embarassing.
    I don’t really care about the loss since it’s just CDR, but our passing really sucked today, which worries me.
    My thoughts on Chygrynsky: I sure miss Caceres!
    Ibra did well in his appearance. Messi dribbled well, but his passing game sucked. Also, why was Messi playing CM w/ Xavi, and Iniesta playing RF? I thought iniestabdid very well, but really could have used some support.

  3. I looked again and again, bojan’s goal was legal, burrul is a turd, barely any contact by ibra

  4. Thought Thiago looked great, the rest were trash.

    Good cameo by Ibra.


    Doubt we will win in Sevilla, with that 2nd goal we dug ourselves into a whole. Had Milito still been in, he would’ve been on the side Txigi switched too and I doubt he would have grabbed Capel’s jersey all the way into the box. I mean how ridiculous is that? And the way he was putting Pinto in awkward positions, the fuck was that? We could have kept Caceres for that shit and we would have had more speed at least and saved some money.

    1. Thats what I said (about caceres)…
      Actually, I was always a big Caceres fan. Chygrynsky hasn’t convinced me he is worth 5mil, much less 25…
      And yeah, back passes where rediculous, and he could have let go outside the box, or just pulled him down completely, andbit would have still only been a yellow.
      Also, there was totally a penalty against Ibra. Burrul was Terrible

  5. Today I have lost all faith in pep and his decision making… Bojan?? 90 minutes?? really??? wow….

  6. Thought plus points were a decent effort by Thiago – obviously has bags of skill and i hadn’t seen him much before tonight.

    Also though Milito played a pretty impressive game after being out for so long. I was surprised he was subbed although it was probably decided beforehand. I’d rather Henry had been brought on for Bojan. I thought Iniesta was magnificent, first half especially.

    However, the same problem posed by an opposing team and we still haven’t solved it. We need to break against this tactic more quickly. They are pushing bodies up the field – there must be spaces beyond our midfield for our forwards to drop into to get the ball.

    Last thought. I felt Messi did well first half from his wide position but was less effective more centrally in the second and Alves depresses me sometimes with his use of the ball. However, by contrast Xavi’s pass to him for the disallowed goal was world class.

    Makes the next couple of weeks interesting though. Don’t think the A team will be getting much rest from now on.

  7. I’m actually a bit relieved that we have lost. This might turn out to be a plus for our Liga and CL campaign (I doubt that we can overturn this result at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, as we will maybe line-up with a sort of B team again since 3 days later it’s the Liga match which is more important, imo). If we reached the next round and maybe even the semis, our schedule would have been completely packed until mid february. That’s too much considering that Real Madrid won’t lose many points during these 2 months (prove me wrong, I’ll be fine^^).
    We have won everything last year, there’s no need to repeat it. Beating Real Madrid for la Liga’s title and not seeing them win the CL would make this season a very comfortable one 🙂

    Oh well, and after seeing that line-up, I said to my football-comrade “Sevilla’s gonna rip our defense apart”, I ran straight to the next gas station, brought me a Paysavecard and at least I’ve made 10€ into 92€ “thanks” to Chygrynskiy.

    PS: We shall never buy players from the former USSR ever again!!!

  8. On the chigrinsky i idea. Should the new president really be removing tixi if this was pep’s signing.

  9. Our success has made us spoiled.

    It’s about time that the glory hunters will be outed with shouts that the world is ending and that they’ve lost faith in Pep.

    The rest of us are buckling up for a long, bumpy second half of the season.

    1. Seriously. My god, 2nd loss of the season and people are already losing faith in Pep. That is just ludcirous. This competition has and always will be secondary to the League and the CL. Pep played a secondary team tonite and tbh I am not that suprised by the result. We have a thin squad as it is and with Keita and Yaya gone we should not be playing full strength teams in games like these. This competition gives the youth a chance to shine, if they succeed, fantastic, if not then so be it.

      It is MUCH more important to beat Sevilla in the league in a few weeks time. I just hope Pep doesnt play too strong a team in the 2nd leg next week.

      I think this puts into perspective exactly how difficult it was to win the treble last season. We had a lot of luck on our side last year, luck we just aint getting this time around…

    2. For example, pinto’s penalti save against mallorca.Last year he saved it, this year he couldnt, minor things like that separate success from failure.Before last year we didnt win the cup for 10 years, now we have it, and people expect to win it every year? And yet all is not lost, a remontada at the pizjuan isnt impossible.And people wonder why its impossible to be a SAF at Barca.

  10. HAHA if you think Pep’s gonna drop the CDR easily. Remember last season? Yea that’s what I said, too. Drop the CDR nobody cares we have better things to worry about etc. but Pep soldiered on.

    But hey hold on to your heads guys there’s still a chance we can come back from this. Last year Barca won 0-3 at the Pizjuan and if I recall correctly Sevilla was doing some good shit with their A squad around that time and we schooled them.

  11. i don´t why have Messi been so selfish this season.. once again he tries to go all the way while Ibra is free to finish it

    1. I still blame maradipshit..he was doing perfectly until he started showing up

      I mean.. I know they had some friendlies and whatnot throughout the season but during the summer when the WCQ started picking up he really went downhill

      and if you see the way Messi tends to play for Argentina–selfishly–then you might see why I blame that other jackass.

    2. i dont know that he has been “selfish” but desperate? i think once the team is losing he wants to just finish, make agoal, put things back in place, and therefore loses focus. He did have a clear pass to Ibrah, chose not to make it, and here we are, we lost.
      but really i blame Bojan.

    3. I actually thought that Messi had too tight of an angle to pass the Ibra on that. No way he knows Ibra’s there instinctively (they were almost running into each other on the field the whole time they were out there together, constantly trying to make the same runs) and so he can’t just one touch it to the open space. Not only that, but if Messi doesn’t take that shot, then what kind of a forward is he?

      I’m sad he missed it, but this time around I do not blame him for taking the shot. If Bojan were in the position, he probably would have passed it and we’d be lambasting him for doing so.

  12. How great was Ibra’s goal though? It was amazing, what a pass from Marquez and the chest control by Ibra to tap it around the keeper, and then the finish, outstanding!

    And then it cuts to Chygrynskiy pulling on Capel’s shirt and my joy went to sorrow.

  13. What really pisses me off is the fact that we could have completely destroyed Sevilla, but we didn’t. There were so many missed chances that my voice is sore from shouting “UGH!” so many times. When Sevilla scored the first goal, I thought, “What the hell is Maxwell thinking leaving Capel open, while Milito can deal with the guy who passed to Capel.” The second goal made me think that clearly you aren’t alert enough if someone can get to the penalty box almost right after the kickoff! The passing was not sharp at all, which led to many vulnerable counterattacks. When things started to go badly, I saw some players resort to diving and complaining to the ref instead of just getting on with it and get a goal. Maybe I’m being overreacting, maybe it was an unlucky game, but we should of came out tonight as winners, even if the ref still made those wrong calls. I’m certainly not calling for anybodies head, but I’m certainly calling for immediate improvement in finishing, passing, awareness, and communication. I’m completely positive we can break the pressure tactic that opponents apply without changing anything. We should of destroyed Villarreal by the first half and Sevilla (I didn’t see the first half, but I did see the second) should have ended largely in our favor.

  14. I’ll take a loss in the Copa over a loss in la Liga. I’m bummed we didn’t at least get the tie.

    And is it just me, or would this have been a great match for Jeffren? I think we needed more play on the left wing to spread play and leave some space in the middle for both Messi and Iniesta to exploit. Too bad he was injured.

    1. I was thinking that, too. We needed some pace on the left, instead of the ol’ “cut inside and pass” b.s. Bojan was doing.

  15. OT, but RE: Samuel Eto’o video. Here’s the same video with English subtitles.

    Part 1*

    Part 2: *

    In Part 2 at ~8:20, that guy must be the Catalan Kxevin. I’m certain Kxevin has typed that exact statement at some point or another during the Eto’o Transfer Saga.

    1. Man!… that was some heavy shit…

      I was watching that, and i forgot the whole transfer bullshit, and just remembered everything Eto’o gave us. Goal after goal. He is a unique player.

      I’m still taking Ibrahimovic over him every day of the week, but i will always remember Samu fondly. And Ronaldinho even more so…

    2. \\

      “The danger is that players become focused on their showreels at the expense of the game itself, or that young players learn how to flick the ball over their heads rather than learning about the shape of the game (and shape isn’t just a concern of defenders: I went to interview Samuel Eto’o once and found him watching what appeared to be a Middle Eastern league game on television. I asked what it was, to which he replied that he didn’t know, but that he would watch any football to study the pattern).”

      I had watched the video and this tidbit reminded me of it again…

    1. Three Kings Day is a day celebrating the arrival of the three kings bearing gift for the baby Jesus… In English, the day is usually called Epiphany.

      Nevertheless, Isaiah, January 6 is Three Kings Day… not today.

  16. We drew last saturday, and someone commented about losing faith in Pep, it happened again today. Man! no wonder Pep is reluctant to renew. Why not sell all the players and canteranos at the same time, we could then buy over the EE! sheesh silly fans!

    We lost, so what? It was CDR, and it was an experimenting lineup at best. Strangely I am not upset. Even if we go out of the cup next week, I still wouldn’t be, but I think this is the last loss we’ll see for sometime. chin up, its not the end of the world. and I like Thiago. Bojan is worrying though.

    1. I certainly haven’t lost faith in Pep, he is obviously the most brilliant manager out there right now. But what worries me is the overall ordinary play we have been exhibiting as of late. Going back to the club world cup championship where it took us 89 minutes to score one goal, and another 3947001343 minutes to score the second. The thing that bothers me most is in the first half we looked sharp, dangerous, and were attacking constantly. Something happened in the second half, I think Sevilla just decided to show up and we didn’t have an answer. So many shots on goal yet only one goal from a Rafa Marquez cross to Ibra?????

      We were playing a VERY open football team that barely had 11 players to put on the field, and we should have been able to dictate pace and tempo for 90 minutes and execute excellent build up plays with darting runs into the box. But we didn’t… and I don’t know why. That’s what worries me.

      Oh and it isn’t Ibra, it isn’t Messi, it isn’t ONE player. It just sucks we usually have to wait at least a full half most of the time to see one goal from the best team in the world (that’s right I said it – in the world!) We should have been up 3-0 at half, but there was so many missed chances, squandered passes, and runs that weren’t paid attention too by EVERYONE on the field. What worries me is last year it seemed we had that mojo, that special spark. I’m not saying last year we were a better team. We weren’t. But what I’m wondering is where did that spark go?


  17. 1) I think the temptation to lob it to Ibrahimovic from backfield, left, and right ultimately hurts us, regardless of the only goal scored. Last year, we didn’t try to get it to Eto’o within a few moments of our arrival around the box: we just passed it down the Xavi/Iniesta midfield line, like magic, and found space.

    2) I’ve made an important realization about soccer. One year you have the swagger, and the next year, though there’s only the smallest changes, though the most important parts remain, the swagger is gone, and you’re watching a totally different team.

    (Sigh). Come on Barca, in leg two.

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