The Danger of Hype

I logged on to my internet browsing machine this morning and found my way quickly to Sport, where the top headline of the moment jumped out at me: “In Argentina, Barça finds the new Messi” (El Barça encuentra el nuevo Messi en Argentina) along with the subheading of “He’s from Rosario like Leo and he’s 12”. There is no shortage of danger in this type of absurdity, not only from the particular player’s viewpoint, but from a club’s, too.

This kid, Guido Vadala*, is apparently really good and is working out with Barça right now to see if he’ll join the cantera. That he’s from the same town in Argentina and has some skills obviously means he should be compared to the best player on the planet, right? Messi may be the new Maradona (he isn’t), but at least Maradona has retired and is no longer playing professionally. Leo, on the other hand, is about to embark on his first World Cup adventure as the biggest name on Argentina’s national team. Oh and he’s twenty-two freaking years old. Leo doesn’t even have a wife or kids yet, but he has an heir apparent? Didn’t he just move out of his parents’ house?

These comparisons mean that Guido Vadala will have relentless pressure on him from the age of twelve (you know, right when you’re learning what boobs are and enjoy watching Spongebob Squarepants without the influence of drugs) and that Barça will be forced by the hype machine to consider him a viable option years before they might otherwise do so. None of that is good. A child of 12 should not be thrust into the international spotlight for any reason. I mean, it worked out for Danny Bonaduce, right?

If you see another Barça blogger just starting up and they’ve got some talent, they’re obviously The Next Isaiah/Kevin/Hector. And we’ll have to visit them and tear them apart for something or other. Especially if they’re 12.

Liveblog at 4pm, folks. Stop by.

*Kid’s more likely to be a star on Jersey Shore than at Barça, with a name like that.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    1. I saw this kid playing in the park a few months ago. He’s going to be the next Peyton Manning of the NBA. He’s going to be sick–the next Pele of the NHL. Kid is two, I think.

    2. Lol Isiah.. What i dont understand is how he ended up in the papers.. Cant the scouts use some common sense and keep it on the dl?

  1. I don’t know if you guys have seen this but it’s really touching. It made me almost cry and by “almost cry” I mean sob.

    it’s an interview with Eto’o the part that is sad/beautiful/touching is when they show him videos of FCB fans watching Eto’o highlights.

    1. Wow, that brought a tear to my eye and I am at work. Kinda hard to explain to cowrokers why your eyes are red while watching soccer highlights.

      THANKS A LOT TUTOMATE!@!@#!#@!#!

    2. It’s funny how most of the people interviewed were like ” Eto’o is awesome I love him but oh well he’s gotta go.” shows how much they believed it to be Pep’s decision and how almost everyone was like don’t question pep. Kinda how we were.

    3. You can see it as the first signs of me being dead inside, but that video did not evoke a single emotion from me.. I don’t know why.. Maybe I’ll find out after I kill a few puppies..

    1. Thanks I meant to do that woops.

      Line up

      pinto alves chygnasty milito max
      thiago iniesta Marquez
      Pedro bojan messi

  2. barca doesn’t need to do anything they don’t want to do, not sure about this ‘being forced cuz of the hype’ thing… the comparison is perfectly understandable (especially by the media), since the boy is an argentine being scouted by barca, at such a young age and from the same town.

    however, i’d like to know how small he is; whether he’s left-footed, has amazing dribbling ability and close-control, has good vision while also able to finish. wait… sounds like i’m describing maradona here… sorry.

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