It’s All Over But the Crying: Barcelona – Malaga Liveblog

By blitzen

Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. Levon, that is a monster article on VV. I haven’t found a time to read it as I’m on holiday and busy travelling. It reminds me of the kind of article that the writers on SB Nation Silver Screen and Roll put out on regular basis. Amazing work! If you have a time, do check out some of their articles.

  2. Apologies for bringing back this topical but I didn’t have a chance to reply.

    @ Calvin

    Yes, Chiggy was sold by Rosell but he didn’t really show any promise and hardly played and didn’t impress one bit when he did get a chance. Pep did given him chances and Pep wanted to give him more chances but Rosell thought it was better to sell him.

    It was wrong by Rosell but like I mentioned above, be never impressed. And hasn’t light up the football world till today.

    On the other hand with Abidal, he wasn’t given minutes by Tito, not even when the league’s is in the bag. It’s clear that Tito doesn’t fancy Abidal so it looks more likely that it was Tito’s decision.

    And besides Chiggy, when has Rosell sold a player? With Abidal it was clear that Tito doesn’t want Abidal. Ok maybe the manager doesn’t have full control but isn’t it obvious that Tito is the one letting Abidal go?

    1. I don’t think it was clear at all that Tito didn’t want Abidal. He played him as soon as he possibly could and continued to play him in most Liga matches until he got injured.

      Also considering Tito said “I’m employee, I work with squad at my disposal” it doesn’t sound like he has a whole lot of say in transfers at the moment.

  3. It looks that Kevin is right that Abidal will get a late match cameo. I would’ve preferred him to go out and then get a standing ovation though.
    That is how it is usually done. I don’t understand how he still doesn’t get a start. Unbelievable stuff.

    And Thiago still isn’t good enough to get a start. It looks like both Rosell (many things) and Tito (100 points and therefore be better than Pep last season) put their ego first instead of the team.

    1. Thiago is with the spain under 21-NT
      Speak for yourself, But i want the 100 points, And many cules do.
      And by the way, He doesn’t need the 100 points to be better than pep last season, The fact we actually won it, Is enough.

    2. Never did I imply that I represented you or anyone else here in that we don’t care about the 100 points.

      We’re champions! That’s what matters. 100 points is just a bonus. And it’s not like a record number of points because we’re sharing it with Madrid.

      Tito’s method of getting 100 points
      1) limits the chances for the squad players and youngsters to get vital minutes for them to
      – gain experience
      – and for the coaching staff to evaluate whether they’re up to it.
      2) as a result of 1, we still don’t know whether those players still have a place in the team next season. We might end up like this season where the same players are being played irregardless of form and lack of rotation and rest for the key players to keep them fresh for the business end of the season because like this season, we don’t know whether the squad and young players can handle it.

    3. We should be very careful in reading more into this situation. It is very doubtful that the Thiago non-start means anything except he has some important matches coming up with the Spain U-21s, coupled with the looming end of the season and quest for 100.

      More than ego, the depth of the animus between the two big Liga sides is not to be underestimated. Matching their gaudy points total while also scooping up Liga is huge in the eyes of many, and should it. It’s a hell of an accomplishment, that allows a record-setting club to end the season in record style.

      There is also behind-the-scenes political stuff going on. Vilanova had his reasons for his XI. It was a fine, stylish win and an excellent way to cap off a very successful season.

  4. That fabregas goal was messi style!, He’s starting to get the hang of the false 9 thing.
    A hundred points, And with a bang! 🙂

  5. I liked that tribute.
    Least they could have done.
    Thank God they did it.

  6. From @LeeRoden:

    Tito Vilanova: “I’ve spoken with Victor various times and we agreed he wouldn’t start this game. As I understand, it won’t be his last’

    Storm, meet teacup.

    1. Iniesta: “Valdes? There’s no Valdes case. He has a contract for another year, he wants to continue… I’m delighted he’ll stay another year”

  7. From @barcastuff:

    Vilanova: “Thiago is and will be a key player for Barça. He needs to make a decision. There’s strong competition, but I believe in him.”

    1. He believes in him so much, that Thiago can’t even be a starter for these dead-rubber games. Villanova should really think before speaking.

  8. For those in the USA with DVRs:
    beIN Sport’s English channel is showing Barca B vs Villarreal in their condensed “90-in-30” format Monday morning at 2am (at least in the East Coast).

    1. Thanks Kxevin! I’m baffled that I missed that.

      By the way, I also see that beIN’s streaming thing is up, but not available for Comcast, which I think you also have. I’m not clear if they’ll show all the Segunda games.

    1. Great piece.
      Am i the only one who doesn’t want neymar to have it easy at barca and struggle at the beginning?
      Let’s look at it this way, What alexis went through to finally reach his potential a few months ago, I think it strengthened him as a football player, He’ll never think to give less than 100% on the pitch in the future, I don’t think he ever want to experience the frustration he had to go through ever again.
      If neymar starts kicking-ass and taking names from the start,I think it will accelerate his decay and hunger, And his peak will come much sooner than it’s supposed to be, And it’s something known for Brazilian superstars.
      Of course i don’t want to him to suffer as much as alexis, Obviously that was a bit too much, But i don’t want him to have it easy, And that actually is going to be harder than anyone thinks, Since he’ll be surrounded by the best players in the word, And the best of all time.

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