Barça – Bayern, as a matter of comeback

Let’s not call this a preview, shall we? No matter what happens today, I am proud of my team. I love our club and no defeat, no matter how big, can change that.

Last summer I predicted we would get the league back, and we will. I also said that other team would get their decima. Ha, ha. With end of the world narrowly avoided yesterday, it is now our turn to stage a comeback. Is it possible? Do you believe? Here are ten eleven reasons why you should:

1. The Camp Nou. One hundred thousand Catalan throats will spur us on to victory.

2. Make no mistake. Our club still houses the most talented players in the world. And we’re playing for our pride. We’re gonna deixem some pell. If anyone can do it, we can. We will go at the Germans with a vengeance.

3. Look what we did to Milan

4. Speaking of which, Xavi said that his generation still owed us a remontada. I’m sorry, mr. Hernandez i Creus, since we failed to come back from semi-final losses at Stamford Bridge (2012) and at the Giuseppe Meazza (2010), you owe us two.

5. Honestly, an all-German final? You might no longer be Europe’s most hated football nation, but don’t push it. I don’t think we are quite ready for this yet.

6. Football is part skill, part condition, part strength and a big part psychological. If we get an early goal, anything is possible. If we get two, they will get nervous. If we get three, they will p their p’s. If we get four, they will crumble. If we get five, I don’t think they will come back alive. If we get si…Huh? What’s that you say, we only need five? Well, allright then!

7. For the people that doubt our defense, I have two words: Victor Valdes. Seriously, if I were the coach I would hypnotize our goalkeeper some five minutes before the game and tell him we are playing the final. That’s a fail-proof tactic, right there. Tito, call me.

8. It’s all mathematics, man! Hot-damn, have you never heard of an algorythm? We won in 2008/9. Went out in the semis in 2009/10. Won in 2010/11. Went out in the semis in 2011/12. See where I am going…?

9.  Other football clubs might have hundreds of millions of euros worth of players in their squads, when Barça come knocking on their doors they still ruin their own pitch just to slow us down. Chelsea lets the grass grow high enough to hide a herd of elephants. Milan instructs their players to eat five kilos of brown beans each the night before so they can do the nasty all over the San Siro on the morning of. And Bayern Munich decided to flood their field so badly that the water was up to our poor little midget’s knees. Don’t fret, it’s their prerogative. Our weaknesses are for us to deal with. Take it as a compliment, since these tactics are employed against no other club. Today we are playing on our own pitch.

10. Bayern Munich, please. This team has come back from cancer.

11. Lionel Andrés Messi AKA la Pulga atómica AKA la Pulga diabólica AKA Golden Ballz AKA the best player in the whole damned world, ever! Need I say more?


Visca Barça!

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Culé since way before football boots were of the neon yellow and lizard green variety, Levon is a deep thinker with increasingly shallow thoughts. He lives in Barcelona with his gorgeous wife and daughter. The lucky bastard...


  1. Enzo
    May 1, 2013

    I’m quoting there its some good issues. When a player is so dominant that the success of the team is tied in with him and whose form covers the deficiencies in the rest of the team. Its so bad that when people found out Messi wasn’t playing they gave up hope. The true definition of a one man team. Predictable and thus exposed. False 9 is dead formation now like 4 4 2.

  2. May 1, 2013

    Holy crap, some insane comments on here today. Didn’t expect this on BFB.

    • Momo
      May 1, 2013

      We were owned. People aren’t used to seeing barca at the end of something like that. I fully expected this reaction.

  3. pr17
    May 1, 2013

    Cmon people.
    I actually feel with a bit of tweaking we can still be contendors again. We may not be the supreme team in europe (notwithstanding inter’s and chelsea’s CL triumphs)that everyone looks to beat but we could be like AC MIlan circa 2002-2007 which was a competitor every year.

    I dont think we should splurge on Neymar. Maybe Sergio aguero would be a better fit.

    Couple of players need to get the boot – With sadness i say Villa, Alves (Messi wold be most dejected) and maybe Alexis.

    Abidal maybe doesnt deserve a contract extension considering his shape and fitness. I am not a adriano fan too considering number of injuries he has.

    Xavi needs to reduce his playing time. He needs to assume sebastian kehl kind of role (good holdup player). Time to thrust cesc and thiago into spotlight.

    Some baffling decisions by tito but i stand by his decisions yesterday. We were jaded and were right to wave the flag.

  4. Chiu
    May 1, 2013

    – Congratulation Bayern and BVB for making it all german final!

    – So sad to see my team looked powerless and have to get eliminated with 7-0 aggregate. I dont know what’s wrong with our team. Time for level headed evaluation, some changes on tactics, personel (I mean some players, not Tito) and fitness issue probably. And we will surely come back stronger next season.

    – Last week Iniesta said there’s no bad season if we win the liga. That’s true. The expectation for this team was crazily high and even winning la liga is not enough now and felt like we’re relegated to segunda (after i read some comments above). It hurts; we felt the same pain; but the pain will slowly washed away once we seal the liga. Support your team through success and failure. That’s what the real fans all about. Especially in this particular space (BFB), I believe all people here are true cules, we are all die-hard cules. Keep united in supporting our team

    Keep the faith Cules! Visca Barca forever!

  5. BA
    May 1, 2013

    “”Barcelona’s Champions League humbling by Bayern Munich on Wednesday will not prompt wholesale changes to the squad and the 7-0 aggregate reverse would have been avoided had the team not been decimated by injury, coach Tito Vilanova said.”

    “I don’t think we need to change any players,” a subdued Vilanova told a news conference.””

    this is very disconcerting to hear. it makes me think Tito doesn’t quite grasp the scope of the problems the squad is facing. there were *7* World Cup winners on the pitch today, 2 often-starting Brazilian wing-backs, and a $23m signing. the idea that that team couldn’t possibly compete with the likes even of Bayern Munich is laughable. that they didn’t compete with them SHOULD NOT BE down simply to the likes of missing a few players through injury.

    even if you say “well, we were missing the best player in the world”; who’s fault is it that the team we played could do nothing more than meekly capitulate without him?

    • May 2, 2013

      That comment kind of worried me as well, but then I thought that the priority right now is the league.

      If we want the players focused on that, we want the coach to dismiss any talk of changes while we still have five games to go, right?

      Review’s up, guys!

  6. Barcaman
    May 2, 2013

    First time poster – but an avid follower of the blog. I was a general football fan with no affiliations or love for one club until I was captivated by Pep’s Barca in 08/09 season and since then, I’ve been in love with this club. I am no statistician nor that good at analyzing tactics and other aspects of the game but it is obvious that we’ve been on a downward trajectory for the last couple of years due to a dynamic interplay of many factors – cancer issues, adaptation of other teams on how to play us, negative effects of messidependecia, slow counter-reaction by our team to the barca antidote etc. But today, we lacked a cutting edge and incision. We’ve got huge amounts of talent – if the players really wanted it that bad then we could have seen a couple of goals, a comeback may be a stretch but a goal or two shouldn’t be too much to ask. Don’t tell me a determined Iniesta cannot create some magic that could give David Villa, Cesc or whoever a decent chance on goal. However good Javi Martinez is at marking him, Ini could daze him if he really wanted. But the collective didn’t have it in them, and for whatever reason, the team (and also the individual players) never tried hard enough.Back to the drawing board. Yes, we need change, but I don’t think firing Tito or selling players and getting rid Rosell (could we donate him to Madrid? jk)is the automatic answer.It’s not that simple. And this result hurts, but blaming this individual or that helps anything. What makes BFB unique is usually the intelligence of the conversations, usually backed up by logical reasons. But for some reason, we’re just casting stones at the management/players. Give credit where it is due, then really explain why you believe getting rid of Tito (and getting who?) is the best option for us – keep in mind all the factors that come into play (the continuity issue, keeping up with the Barca tradition, adjustment issues – being a wonderful manager for some other team doesn’t necessarily imply the same case with Barca – ask Mourinho, Villas Boaz, Benitez etc). I think Tito deserves another season to make his case – then we can judge him properly. And the way we were toothless without Messi, Neymar would be welcome, and of course we ought to shore up our defence + Gk. But come on folks, this is an embarrassing result but we’re acting too spoiled based on our reactions. At the beginning of the season, our mods were super-pessimistic, so were most of the readers, winning La Liga should be a consolation. Although we whimpered out of Europe (really painful), we can rise up and learn from this. Let us just not make clarion calls for extreme changes, so to speak. Some chill pill fellas! Kxevin, Euler, Blitzen, Levon, NZM et al …what are your thoughts on the game/semis and our weaknesses/proposed changes to this team?

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