Barça vs Zaragoza Liveblog

Barça’s starting line-up: Valdés, Alves, Cesc, Xavi, Alexis, Thiago, Bartra, Montoya, Adriano, Song and Tello

Subs: Oier, Pique, Abidal, Dos Santos, Sergi Roberto, Pedro and Villa

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Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. ooga aga
    April 14, 2013

    best thing that happened in this game was eric abidal in about the 82nd minute…he showed some great quickness there, a flash that made me very happpppy

    • April 14, 2013

      HAHAHAHA!!!!!! 😆

    • mom4
      April 14, 2013


    • kinukinu
      April 14, 2013

      Gah!!! He looked so normal to me until y’all pointed that out. Now I can’t unsee it! Poor Monty

  2. TITO
    April 14, 2013


  3. K_legit in Oz
    April 14, 2013

    This loveblob reached weird territory! Before I knew it we were discussion the pros and cons of having an older lady as a SO haha!
    This is what happens when its a comfy win!

  4. jmiddy05
    April 14, 2013

    C.Ronaldo reached 50 goals for the season today…does anyone know what Messi is on?

    • Chiu
      April 15, 2013

      we can let that individual record go to Ronaldo as long as we get double silver 🙂

      Messi should only play 3 more matches this season (2 semis and CL final if we knock Bayern out), imo

    • April 15, 2013

      Messi will play most of the matches once he is recovered. Which should happen before the first leg of semi’s.

  5. Chiu
    April 14, 2013

    9 points to go – Champion of LaLiga 🙂

    Campeone.. Campeone.. Ole.. Ole.. Ole….

  6. Laurentiu88
    April 15, 2013

    at one point i got annoyed with the sort of passes players were making, not the quick ground passes but air curved… then i remembered the old problem … the grasss is tall 🙂

    • lyd
      April 15, 2013

      don’t forget the flowers as well.

    • April 15, 2013

      Yeah, the pitch was very patchy and made for some imprecise passing. They handled it well after they got used to it, though.

  7. lyd
    April 15, 2013

    Good game from the lads. A comfortable away win without Iniesta, Busquetes, Messi, Pique shouldn’t taken lightly. Wish we had played more games this season with this lineup. Next up- Levante at Camp Nou. Expecting a similar lineup with Xavi rested and Villa starts instead of Tello perhaps.

    • ooga aga
      April 15, 2013

      copa catalunya wednesday vs nastic. i imagine we will send out all B-teamers

  8. Laurentiu88
    April 15, 2013

    hope or boys will be in a better physical shape by the time of bayern game. i will miss messi by then. so many days without him. hopefully bayern will face a messi that has not played a game in 20 days !! wow. it will be evil.:D

  9. TITO
    April 15, 2013

    Astonishing 300 games in a row with more than 50% possession in the last 5 years.
    That’s f..king unbelievable.

  10. April 15, 2013

    Abidal’s entrance and play demonstrated what has been absent of late on our back line: confidence.

    That run, where he calmly took the ball, strode past several Zaragoza players then calmly fed Alves, is what has been missing. Valdes is playing it long, Piques takes his runs a few steps too far, Alves likes being fancy. Abidal, like Puyol, just confidently rolls forward and does it.

    That kind of play also links back to front more effectively, and facilitatess pissession. If Abidal is up to playing next season, he should be considered for CB.

    — Thiago’s match was indicative of the patience required if young players. He will have okay matches, and he will have spectacular ones. But yesterday is closer to his truth than the poorer outings he has had.

    — Song dumped the Frylock ‘do and had his worst outing in a while. Coincidence?

    • Blau-Grenade
      April 15, 2013

      Abidal is not alone in this. Most people who undergo organ transplant go through this kind of pain and rehabilitation. Abidal, might have had access to better medical facilities/rehab facilities than most people can afford or have.

      It is unbelievable for me that Abidal is even able to be part of the first team with a liver transplant.

  11. April 15, 2013

    Friends, I hope somebody (may be Kxevin) will know something about what to do.
    I am from India. Till last season the liga was telecasted by Ten Sports – using a football special channel called – Ten Action and they managed to show lots of liga matches and never missed a big match, especially.
    This year, the contract has been bagged by ESPN Star Sports. They already have such a tight schedule, I wondered how they were going to show all this. Of course, they missed a lot of matches in the beginning and there were many days when they started showing matches after it got to nearly into the half time (including couple of Barca matches).
    In March 11 2013, they announced a new channel in India Star Sports 2 for liga matches. It was strange because the channel was not present in the channel list of almost all the cable tv or digital tv providers, bar one. By now, some cable operators have started showing this channel. It is still not available with the most prominent digital tv brands. Which means millions like me are missing liga matches. (Luckily, CLeague is still with Tensports)

    The second blow from ESPN SS is that, inspite of having this new channel, they are still not able to show all the liga matches. Last week, they didnt show the Barca match and this week they didnt show the Real Madrid match.

    Are the clubs, especially Barca and Real who have large fan following here – its millions, concerned or will they be concerned if they come to know this. I dont know what to do. I hate and am fed up of watching football over internet. I pay an expensive price for digital tv – just for football, dont watch TV otherwise – and am not able to watch liga matches.

    Any idea, please, friends.

    • April 15, 2013

      ditch your digital tv provider and watch all the matches online.
      i connect my laptop to my hdtv via hdmi cable and it looks pretty good. not the HD that im used to before i cancelled my satelllite tv but hey it works

    • hammeronmessi
      April 15, 2013

      my cable operator provides SS2 only when there is a barca or real match.
      other times they dont provide that.
      ESPN’s coverage of Calcio is pretty good though.

    • Alex
      April 15, 2013

      I ditched cable and satellite two years ago and have never missed a Barca match. The only downside is I can’t watch them live. I download the games in HD from Rojadirecta forums:


      Users upload the games typically 5-10 minutes after the game has ended (in HD most of the time). I paid a yearly $55 fee to, this seems to be one of the more popular file hosting sites used, and can download a full game in about 10 minutes. You can choose to not become a paid (premium) member of one of the file hosting sites, but that means your download speed will be throttled and it will take 1-2 hours or more to download one half, and you can only download on file at a time.

  12. georgjorge
    April 15, 2013

    Zaragoza weren’t in such good shape, but I’m still very happy for Thiago that he finally made an impression, as I still believe him to be crucial for the future of this team. He should get a fair share of opportunities to play over the next months as well.

    • April 15, 2013

      Zaragoza were in fine shape. But we were in better shape. Quality play has a way of making an opponent look bac. Sometimes you can try as hard as you like, but quality will always out, particularly when that quality attack is also based on possession.

      And don’t forget that there were three anomalies in yesterday’s match: Bartra, Thiago and Tello. Guarantee Zaragoza didn’t think that Thiago and Tello would be the ones to put the knives is.

  13. Jim
    April 15, 2013

    Thoughts go out to all those involved in Boston . Just so sad. My daughter ran the London marathon last year and it is just the most inspiring event to witness.

    • April 15, 2013

      I echo Jim’s sentiments. A friend at the office who runs marathons says that the 4-hour mark is the most common finishing time, which would explain the timing of the event.

      Everyone I have ever known who has run a first marathon has said there is nothing like the sense of pride and accomplishment. A friend’s son was running today. Did a 2:47 so was long gone, but man …. events such as this make you stop and think about how little it takes to change everything.

      For you Twitter folks who want updates, @bostonglobe is definitely worth a follow. They were out in force anyhow at the marathon, and are a veritable blizzard of details and information.

  14. K_legit in Oz
    April 15, 2013

    Thoughts go out to the people in Boston and to those in Uruzgan, Afghanistan where a bomb explosion today killed 30 people.

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