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from Graph Jam
from Graph Jam

As most of you are aware, there’s this guy named Kevin that does the reviews for this here website. And some of you smart readers are even aware that during those reviews, he rates the players in each match. What you probably aren’t aware of is that there’s a bookish nerdboy collecting those ratings and putting them through the ringer and come up with averages, medians, and some analysis. That Peter Parker-esque science geek is, of course, me.

Each week I feed Kevin’s ratings into my number crunching machine, carefully calibrated to understand exactly the emotions involved in these integers. The machine is, of course Excel. And it does fairly simple mathematical operations. The first KRS is here.

So, then, to the numbers themselves, with the highest average rating at the top and the median rating in parentheses (these are for all competitive matches, not just league matches and do not include the matches I reviewed in Kevin’s place):
Abidal, Eric    7.88    (8.00)
Valdes, Victor    7.23    (7.00)
Puyol, Carles    7.14    (7.00)
Xavi    7.04    (6.50)
Pinto, Jose Manuel    7.00    (7.00)
Toure, Yaya    6.88    (7.00)
Messi, Lionel    6.86    (7.00)
Keita, Seydou    6.86    (7.00)
Guardiola    6.80    (7.00)
Ibrahimovic, Zlatan    6.68    (7.00)
Pedro    6.56    (7.00)
Pique, Gerard    6.48    (6.00)
Dani Alves    6.38    (7.00)
Iniesta, Andres    6.06    (6.00)
Fontas    6.00    (6.00)
Team    5.88    (5.00)
Chygrynskiy, Dmytro    5.88    (5.50)
Suarez, Jeffren    5.80    (5.00)
Dos Santos, Jonathan    5.50    (5.50)
Busquets, Sergio    5.35    (6.00)
Henry, Thierry    5.17    (5.00)
Maxwell    5.11    (5.00)
Assulin, Gai    5.00    (5.00)
Krkic, Bojan    4.55    (4.00)
Marquez, Rafael    4.00    (4.00)

The aberrations like Pinto are because they had very few appearances and usually only in the Copa del Rey.

Abidal is our best player by quite a bit and Marquez our worst. Busi, who was in last in the previous KRS, has move up steadily with some better performances and fewer backwards headers. The team average dipped from 5.91 to 5.88 while the average of all individual performances also dipped to 6.41 (median of 6).

Home league average: 6.48 (up from 6.28)
Away league average: 6.51 (down from 6.92)
Best average league performance: at Racing, 7.43 team average (team rating of 8 that day, same as before)
Best league performance by team: at Depor (9)
Worst average league performance: vs Almeria, 5.57 team average (team rating of 4 that day)
Worst league performance by team: at Valencia (3)
Best home player: Keita and Xavi (7.67)
Best away player: Abidal (8.60)
Those who have received 10s: Valdes (1), Pique (1), Puyol (1), Xavi (1), Messi (1), Keita (1), Abidal (1, UEFA Super Cup),
Worst rating of the year: 2 (Messi at Valencia)

Make of these numbers what you will, of course.  I think they’re fairly accurate as to how players have been performing over the course of the season. Comments below, as usual.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. FIRST of all, LOL at that venn diagram..

    The ratings are fair enough IMO..

    Messi once got a 2 at Valencia? Oh yeah he might’ve still being stoned after playing for Argentina at the time..

  2. Shit, those numbers are WAY off. I love Henry, and meant to give him some more 10s, to bring up his average score. 😀

    Isaiah, thanks for that, and I do have to say that if asked, I think that match in and match out, Abidal has been the most consistently good among the starting XI.

    It’s also interesting to aee Henry moving down the ratings.

  3. Interestingly enough, Henry went down in number (5.29 to 5.17) but stayed at the same spot relative to the others (5th from last).

  4. haha, brilliant diagram, Isaiah 🙂

    I think one should somehow consider the amount of played matches in this rating, to give it more significance. But I don’t know HOW exactly, simply multiplying each number by games played wouldn’t be fair, either…

    It’s quite interesting that the BEST TEAM that we’ve ever seen on this planet get’s an average rating of about 58% to perfection. I guess all universes would collide if any team ever played to a 80% perfection or more.

    Kind a off-topic, but: one should give Guardiola a Medal of Honour for his achievements! And I think he deserves better ratings, in general. A coach should be judged on his titles more than a player, because he cannot really have influence on a bad day from his players, as long as a coach gets all the desired titles, I think he’s had a perfect season.

  5. Also interesting would be the standard deviations, which would be a good measure of a player’s consistency. For example, Busquets would have a rather high one, and Abidal a rather low one.

    Finally, if somebody here is a really bored statistician/econometrician, they can try to work out which players’ ratings correlate most closely to Barça’s performance (though surely the causation runs both ways)…

    1. That’s a good idea, and it is easy to calculate it with Excel. What do you think about it, Isaiah?

  6. It all looks pretty much how I expected it to, interesting to look at it nonetheless.

    Somewhat surprised to see Yaya over Keita though, or even in a similar range.

  7. Cool that the Best Player on the Planet has 6 players rated above him…all more “defensive” players (sortof in Xavi’s case). This isn’t your baby brother’s blog.

    1. Hmmm. That IS interesting. I think that our defense has been the key to our success, really. You can score 4 or 5 goals, but if you give up 4 or 5, what have you done? I think we all agree that one of the more delightful parts about our club is that it can win 6-1, or 1-0.

      But I also think that defense is less subject to player form fluctuations. Postitioning is positioning.

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