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  1. blaze0fglory
    April 6, 2013

    Abi returns
    Fab reworks his magic x 3
    Alexis scores two
    We have a clean sheet
    Bartra and montoya start and play well.
    The Manita is back

    And the best part

    Even dos santos gets playing time.

    Best league game in a long time.

    • 0sh0
      April 6, 2013

      And the dos santos part is really funny.

    • April 6, 2013

      And he did well, too (JDS). Happy for him.

  2. 0sh0
    April 6, 2013

    Spot on! Couldn’t have written it better myself.

    • 0sh0
      April 6, 2013

      I hadn’t commented here before. But following for some time. Hello everybody. Boom shakalaka.

    • April 6, 2013

      Welcome to the family, 0sh0! it seems like you picked a quiet weekend to show your face, so to speak.

    • blaze0fglory
      April 6, 2013

      Welcome OshO. You’ll love it here.

      Was Cesc’s celebration ”silencing his critics”? Even alexis did it.

      Couldn’t watch after the young talisman Deulofeu came on. How did he play? Somebody! Levon, your take?

    • ooga aga
      April 7, 2013

      he was alright…he’s obviously quick, but as we have seen in previous outings, he tries to do a bit too much. dribbles right up into the defenses’s face/feet when there is nobody to help. maybe just youthful exuberance. against bigger teams, i dont see him making a difference…saying this because i have seen folks in other forums suggesting he play vs PSG. no way.

    • Ryan
      April 7, 2013

      He’s got 18 goals in la Segunda, so I’d rate him over a full season there rather than 20 minutes here. Hopefully he’s fine with another season in Barca B with some call-ups to the first team, as he’s still so young.

    • ooga aga
      April 7, 2013

      didnt say he has no future. i think he does…in the future. he needs to marinate a bit more.

  3. rg23
    April 6, 2013

    I’ve been a long time lurker on this blog. Absolute love the community here and the different opinions/discussions that arise from it.
    Just wanted to say hi to you all. You are doing a great job.
    I’ve been meaning to join the conversations for a long time, but have just been too lazy to create an account. The return of King Eric finally pushed me to do so.
    What a great day for cules indeed.

    Sad to see that Kxevin won’t be as active on this blog as before. But tonight sort of affirms what he has said for a long time. No Messi, no problem. The system will create the goals… a manita in this case (as long as we play the way we want to play, no one can stop us).
    Still hoping Messi is back for PSG though. That game is going to be complicated.

    And oh yeah… Someone said it wonderfully…
    Abidal 2 – Cancer 0

    In your face Cancer! Don’t mess with the king…

    • April 7, 2013

      Welcome to the lurker Club, I’m long time lurker just like you … i feel u bro

  4. April 7, 2013

    Dunno, but if Bartra is playing so well why isn’t he being put up against our weak opponents?! uhmm duh there’s so many of them

    It’s just annoying that Roura & Tito can’t see the obvious no-more, or they’ve been ignoring it?! & for what?!
    Any average Cule can predict puyol will pickup an injury along the way very soon, or YC accumulation on pique. & now Maschy is gone.

    Why do we have to wait till last minute to figure it all out?! Ufff it’s absurd

    • ooga aga
      April 7, 2013

      well, let me rationalize now…bartra played 2 matches in a row now…and a few minutes of PSG. i agree he should have played more by now but i also know that i am not at training and am not seeing what the coaches are…things such as…how consistent is his first touch, how is his stamina, etc etc. remember he was also injured in mid November (3-4wks) and again in early March (2wks) and who knows the true details of his recovery…

      he made some good plays agains mallorca but i cant say he was super tested. i think you might be wrong that we have ‘so many’ weak opponents. Liga is a strong league.

      what you might think is obvious…might very well not be…

  5. elacule
    April 7, 2013

    hi ~

    just a quick post appreciating the articulate nature of the community here, united by love of the club, being expressed in so many voices. i feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon this club, this blog, this “little world” – one of my favorite parts of the bigger world.

    it was such a beautiful and powerful moment when King Eric came on, and seeing him at the back made me so happy, hopeful, and momentarily secure. It was clear last season how much he was missed, and this season, well, we’ve all been waiting and wondering, haven’t we? what an incredible achievement for him. thank you for the photo-essay. i loved the sound of the Camp Nou as he warmed up, came on, and then his first touch of the ball. Imagine being him, feeling all that vibration and love!

    on a different topic – others have addressed this over time, but i have to chime in about the level of apparent resentment put onto FCB “out there.” what brought it to mind tonight was listening to coverage of the “bouncie-ball” NCAA semi-finals (i’m a UofL graduate, so was glued to the set as they eked out against an amazing Wichita team a place in the final – go cards!). The level of compassion for the experience of coaches and players is so different. There is much less of the kind of repetitive negativity that has become commonplace when listening to commentators calling Barca matches and others discussing the team. Amidst comments acknowledging the team’s success, it seems like there are insanely repetitive digs at individual players, at the team via constant questions of its ability to stay at such a high level, etc. It just really hit me – there is a way to appreciate each team’s play without putting down anyone. I just have to turn the sound off watching UCL matches on fox sports networks because of the obnoxious harping on our players (particularly Mascherano, for some reason).

    it’s such a gift to be able to appreciate this club and this current team. when i first started watching footy i was extremely ill (still am, but less in a barely-clinging-to-life way these days), and it amazed me that in many ways the game resembles a river. characterized by flow and movement on different levels – on the pitch, certainly, but then also between generations, across international and club borders, and with each club having some kind of cultural terrain or context. that’s what drew me into FCB the most – the aliveness of the play, the fluidity, the beauty – then to discover that it’s informed and supported through the cultural identity of the Catalan people, the anti-fascist place of refuge and hope, the identity of Mes Que Un Club, — well, that’s the kind of thing that just builds a home in my heart.

    so, this got long after all, but thank you all for making this blog such a fascinating community. i don’t really have any technical prowess, but love trying to understand more by following the analysis of the matches. it’s a great gift – collectively created.

    oh, and i noticed that someone was saying an account would help with access to liveblog. could someone say how much it would cost? i’d be glad to help with a targeted donation, and perhaps others would, too.

    ela ~

    • Bill
      April 7, 2013

      Welcome, and well said. I too cannot stand some of those commentators. They would harp on an action Busquets or Alves did 3 years ago and define those two guys by it, and sometimes the whole team. I constantly watch players from other teams do much worse, yet their actions are ignored. It’s true that success does bring contempt.

    • elacule
      April 7, 2013

      thanks, Bill.

      It’s true what you’re saying about Dani and particularly Busquets – you almost never hear them talk about what an incredible player he is. do they not pay attention at all? it seems lazy, careless, and kind of stupid of them to just harp when they could be actually paying attention and making meaningful comments.

      for that matter, has anyone else noticed that some announcers rarely make any really insightful comments about strategy or even the flow of play, more just saying the names of players over and over, yelling when there’s a goal, or gossiping when things seem slow. sometimes there’s discussion of statistics or history – which is tolerable filler, in some ways, though i wish they would just be quiet if they don’t have anything real to say. (pardon my venting.)

    • Blau-Grenade
      April 7, 2013

      Hey Ela, It is free to participate in the liveblog. Just click on the liveblog, enter your name, and type your comments. A mod can let you in after yoru first comment. Look forward to your participation.

    • elacule
      April 7, 2013

      thank you, Blau-Grenade,

      i understand that it’s free to participate, but have read comments that people can’t get in during big games, because there are too many people clicked in, and that an account would change that. what i was trying to say is that i’m willing to donate toward having the support necessary folks could participate. Also, i suspect others might be willing to do so, if the target amount is known and doable. seems there are a lot of us who read this blog often but don’t say much.

      although i would love to participate, my cognitive flexibility doesn’t stretch enough to watch, read, and type at the same time. i do sometimes read a bit, because i love the feeling of having some connection with others watching. also, if i can’t get a stream, then it’s useful to at least follow along and know what’s happening.

      (because of being ill, i don’t usually have the power to get out even to a bar to watch, much less to a match, so it’s the closest i get to the feeling of community, other than just knowing it’s out there. — at the same time, i totally appreciate its value for everyone who wants to participate!)

  6. Jafri
    April 7, 2013

    Abi replaced Pique… Did he play at CB?

    • ooga aga
      April 7, 2013


  7. ooga aga
    April 7, 2013

    dont know if it was captured on camera, but a nice moment was during the lead up to a mallorca corner kick, giovani dos santos was talking to abidal and they were giving each other some love. former teammates and all. (GDS: “dude! you’re not supposed to be here” Abidal: “No mames guey!”) other mallorca players were coming over (again while they were waiting for the corner to be taken) and giving abidal some love. great to see.

    giovani dos santos looked good, even dangerous, in the first 5 min, but soon after i think we realized we just needed to keep him from getting the ball. and we pretty much had things on lock down the rest of the 1st half. i think GDS will find a better team especially if Mallorca is relegated.

    • April 7, 2013

      Awww, that’s lovely. We didn’t see that on my stream, but after the game we did see Eric and Gio having a cuddle and other Barça players came over to chat with him as well. It was sweet.

    • nzm
      April 7, 2013

      Giovani has really pulled up his socks and started to play since Manzano took over the team again.

      Before then, he was a lazy little shit, barely running for the ball and seldom tracking back over the halfway line in defence. Manzano also adjusted his role on the pitch and gave him the play-maker responsibility.

      I watched their match vs. Rayo and was impressed enough by Gio’s performance to give him MotM.

      In this game vs. Barca, Mallorca was thoroughly outclassed. Gio hardly got the ball.

      I don’t think that he’s Barca quality, but he will be a good player. The best thing for him is to stay with Mallorca next season and help to bring them up again, if they get demoted. He left Racing (albeit on loan) after they were demoted – it’s time for him to show some loyalty.

  8. Tebzat
    April 7, 2013


    • Ryan
      April 7, 2013

      Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves- Mallorca are bottom of the table. It was great to see both Cesc and Alexis add several goals to their league tally, and hopefully boost their confidence for the vital PSG game though!

    • ooga aga
      April 7, 2013

      tebzat refers to the PSG match.

  9. April 7, 2013

    Welcome to all the new people!

  10. Ryan
    April 7, 2013

    It was so nice to see Abi out there! And he even made two nice passes to the left wing, when I would’ve been happy with him just making simple passes for his cameo.

  11. April 7, 2013

    Review’s up y’all!

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