Celta Vigo vs Rey Abidal Liveblog

Join us for the liveblog, Return of the King edition!

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By blitzen

Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. We absolutely deserved nothing from this match.
    This is what you get when you enter the game like you dont care will you win or not.
    SO, now we AS fans are obliged to wait and see if our beloved players want to play football, or they will take a day off.
    So many zero’s tonight, i dont even want to comment about them, and they are dedicated to some players.

    1. I wouldn’t be too harsh on the team. They played very hard against Finland and France. Messi, Masch and Alexis went all the way to South America and played very intense games. I’d rather fall in the liga especially with the lead we have over EE and ATM than fall in CL. Besides, EE drew as well, so no harm done.


    2. Calmness has nothing to do with the support. When they do good you’ll praise them, when they don’t, you wont, that’s how it goes. It’s good to show some emotions from time to time.
      If you do support the team, you’ll criticize them when they don’t give at least 20% of their capabilities.
      RM match was later on, so we had no idea how that will end up.

    3. I agree with criticizing the team but, in this case, they were TIRED!!!! If this performance had happened after a week off, I’d be right there with you giving them grief. As it is, only Pinto and Abi did not play the mid week games.

    4. I was just watching our line-up again. Who was tired? The only player who actually did something in this game beside Tello? Yes, he was, and he still managed a goal and an assist.
      Let’s look at the other players and see who actually played on Tuesday. Pique against France and Alves (friendly), yes, that’s right, only them.
      You had Pinto, Montoya, Bartra, Song, Cesc, Thiago, Tello and Alexis quite rested for this game.
      And it didn’t had anything to do with tiredness, but with complacency, mostly from our midfield.

  2. the Vigo fans applauded abidal when he came out to warm up, and when he went back in to the locker room after warming up…the children near me (again, vigo fans) were saying “aaaa-bi, aaaaa-bi”

    when thiago came off for iniesta, iniesta got as big an ovation as any Vigo player. likewise, once the fans got done whistling Alexis, Villa came on and got about the same reception as Iniesta.

    the biggest whistles were reserved for Alexis and the ref. hard to figure which one is more unliked.

    great atmosphere in the stadium. unlike the match i saw in camp nou vs Rayo, the fans in Balaidos stay until after the players are all in the locker room, singing their songs.

    one thing you never pick up on the telly is the presence of seagulls. they were all over, and even swooped down a couple times at the level of the players.

    jonathan dos santos looked a lonely man, making his way from his seat to the locker room just before the end of the 1st and 2nd halves. he didnt like that the grass behind the goal made his sneakers wet.

    the game was sold out and i spent way more than i had planned on a scalped ticket. but its all good, Vigo is a beautiful city, very lush…i also plan on going to santiago de compestela. saludos desde espana.

    1. It is so nice to hear about your experience at the match. Look forward to the next one.

    2. LOL, about the seagulls–we actually did see them a lot on the TV coverage!

      Thanks for posting! Sounds like you had a great time.

      And now I really do feel sorry for JDS. 🙁

  3. I always judge a team by their pitch, and Vigo’s said “lets play football.” Deserved a draw, at the least.

  4. I call that a scheduling draw – after some very tough international games and before an important CL game; we could afford it, even if I definitely didn’t like the way we threw the game away at the end.

  5. Not sure what people expect from human beings. Those were tired players out there. Internationals were brutal. Messi was vomiting in Bolivia. Celta just sat around, conserving their strength and playing PlayStation.

    Still it took two errors for Celta to score. It happens. This team needs 15 points from 9 remaining matches.

    Of course Bartra and Thiago weren’t up to par. Hardly anyone was. Fabregas was terrible, Pique was a mess. Messi popped in and out, etc. Even with all that, it still took a mistake for Celta to equalize. It happens.

  6. – What a freekick from Cavani! One of the best of the season.

    – Bayern 9 – 2 Hamburg. WTF!! Are those Bayern players machines or what? How come they don’t have any after effects from the FIFA break? My goodness. Scary team to come up against in CL.

    1. I was just going to mention that game. If you’re asking how they don’t have any after effects from the FIFA break, the answer is easy – Germany played two easy games against Kazakhstan. No life-or-death games against France plus a very tough draw before that, and no game in La Paz at 3600 meter altitude plus the long trip from there to Barcelona

      Still, quite impressive result

  7. So happy for Messi. Whatever Ronaldo does, he will better it the very next season. Even if Ronaldo scored a hattrick, all the limelight would’ve gone to Messi 🙂

  8. Anyone who thinks that Alexis and Pedro don’t score enough goals should watch this game. Barca’s biggest threat is, of course, Messi (particularly when the CBs step up and create gaps). But he NEVER passes from left to right. Always feeds the left winger in the inside-left channel. Further, if the left winger does cut to the by-line (instead of shooting) everybody better get out of Messi’s way because he owns the near post.
    Whereas on the other side, Pedro and Alexis spend most of their time making runs inside to open up space for Dani (who then pumps the ball into the stands). The right wing really is a black hole as far as chances are concerned.

    1. In fact, it’s almost inconceivable that Pedro would have scored the goal for Barca that he scored for Spain, because that would have been messi’s ball.

  9. Pedro better watch out. Tello will soon get his spot. It seems this kid either scores or assists almost every time he play. Big improvement from last season and he risks shooting at goal although he might miss or get yelled at by Messi. More play time will give him even more experience. Pedro is good and I think the system of feed Messi is starting to affect him a bit. That and being on the ground almost as much as Alexis. I believe if he wasn’t a la masia product, he’d have been seeing more bench time.

    This was a decent result given how the players were tired and add to that, the porous defense. Could have won had they kept concentration but hey, no harm done. As we were in the standings thanks to Zaragoza. Can afford to relax a little in the liga but, to keep from complacency, they must keep the pressure up. Hope we get back a few more players v PSG and hope for a better match.

  10. Decent result. Wouldn’t have complained had we lost. This international break was the worst we had and a draw is a good result. What worries me most the way cesc and thiago played. Cesc should have stepped up last night. Some one needs to tell him that at barca his first job it to set a rhythm fo the game, especially with iniesta and xavi absent. Positives – montoya, did a decent job at LB and should start at Paris. Tello – won’t know whether PSG will allow him that kind of space but we should unleash him at sometime.

    1. He’s not going to do that from the left when his natural position was where Thiago was playing.

      Thiago was put on as the metronome last night and he didn’t do it.

      Cesc plays better games when Iniesta is on the pitch and he’s playing from the right. He switched last night when Ini came on, but by then the pattern was back to passing the ball aimlessly until the other team scores.

    2. I am also a bit concerned about Cesc. That he did not start in the need-to-win Milan second leg, but did in this not-so-need-to-win match when Iniesta, Villa, and Busquets were rested says to me that at this point in time, he is second-string.

      Sure he might play better when Iniesta is on the field, but that’s no excuse for a quiet performance. It’s not like he was playing in a totally unfamiliar role–he was still the most advanced midfielder, as he is when Iniesta plays in that left forward spot. Did he play more on the left side? If you look at average positions, he did so slightly, but in every game he plays he roams all over between the lines.

      Not that one can just compare anyone to Messi, but he was the MOTM without the help of Iniesta (or Xavi, or Villa, or Busquets). The most telling thing to me is that you would expect by style and by reputation that Cesc would be the guy to provide the key passes, but it was Messi who provided the assist on the first goal, and the killer pass that set HIMSELF up for the second goal.

      I thought Tello was more dangerous than Cesc on the day.

  11. I am okay with the result, how is the english saying: you can not have your cake and eat it. We can not demand match time for the youngsters and rotation and the expect everything to goes smoothly. Young players will make mistakes, that is part of the process. But i have to say that i was more disappointed with some of our senior players like Cesc and Pique who did make a lot of mistakes and made life difficult for bartra and Thiago. I would have prefered to see Bartra with masche and Thiago with ini

  12. Content with the draw. How many Celta players had to go hither and yon to play for their countries? We’re wounded, tired, and recovering from altitude sickness and yet we were still only one terribly blown penalty shout away from a win. We had the luxury of being able to afford to drop points and so we conserved our energy. I guess the only complaint I have is that if we had to drop points, I’d rather have done it with Messi restng for the Paris game (the record, albeit of very secondary importance, is pretty cool though). Thank you, Zaragoza, for lessening the impact of the draw.

    So this is a glimpse into the Xavi-less future (got better with Ini on the pitch at of course and Cesc and Thiago are rarely this poor)? I think we got an idea of the Xavi dependencia that not only Barca but Spain suffers this week. Enjoy it while we got it!

    Now on to Paris. I really hope Xavi and Alba are ready for this one.

  13. Is it quiet here because of Easters? Anyhow, I would like to wish those that celebrate it a Happy Easter!

  14. I find that one thing people have to comprehend is that we have a system, and players who play that system. As the players change, the system adapts to meet the skill sets of those different players.

    So. Xavi is Xavi. There is no other Xavi. The question becones how does the system adapt when Xavi isn’t there. Song isn’t Busquets. He would make a pretty poor Busquets, just as Iniesta would make a pretty inadequate Xavi.

    Folks should stop comparing a player who is in the XI, and playing in the same approximate area as another player, to that player.

    Ray Hudson was riding Song yesterday for “not creating danger.” I assume he means that every Barça player on the pitch is supposed to be a Messi surrogate. It’s an absurd standard. It is also illogical, as players are not interchangeable. Montoya isn’t Jordi Alba. Not as a player. As a human being. He has different skill sets, and will of necessity play the position differently than Alba.

    Individuals make up a team. Not interchangeable widgets. Sometimes, players don’t play well in ANY context. But other times players have very goid matches by their own standard, but are deemed poor because they didn’t perform the task EXACTLY as another player.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing about Song when Ray Hudson brought that “not creating danger” idea up. It was either you or Euler that brought up the statistic that Busquets has, what, three shots on target so far this season, or something absurd like that?

      Now, Busquets’ position is untouchable in this current squad. Peerless.

      As an Arsenal fan, however, I see in the brief glimpses of Song this season the kind of play that I’d always wanted out of him when he was at Arsenal. The dude is an excellent DM. I thought he turned in the kind of play-breaking, disruptive performance that I can hope to expect from him, and he’s played this role consistently. He’s not trying to play the “playmaker” role that he ventured into during his last two seasons at Arsenal–heck, I think he was Arsenal’s top assist man (!) last season, which speaks volume about the improvement Arsenal needed, and still needs, in that position.

      At Barca, Song plays only the role that he is good at. I can’t have any complaints about that. I’m glad his hair is black again, too–something about that blonde dye messed with his head, made him think he wore the number 10.

  15. Xavi and Puyol should retire from the NT. But I can see why Xavi, being Spain’s most important player ever, would want to keep adding to it’s history.
    Anyways for Paris, If Alba and Xavi are indeed fit..

    Alves Pique Masch Alba
    Xavi Busquets Iniesta
    Messi Sanchez

    I think we have it in us to settle the tie there.

    1. Neither of them would retire before going to Brazil for the world cup. It will probably be their last major milestone and they would be very motivated to be there.
      Besides Brazil is spectacular in itself. The thought of going there is romantic in itself.

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