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It’s break time, so let’s have a bit of fun.


By Kxevin

In my fantasy life, I’m a Barca-crazed contributor over at Barcelona Football Blog. In my real life, I’m a full-time journalist at the Chicago Tribune, based in Chicago, Illinois.


  1. When I see Keita, all I can think of is him pouring water over his family jewels in the CWC final.

    I would’ve gone off the field too, that shit hurts

  2. Oh man. Should I say it? Should I say it? It’s too easy, but oh so wrong.

    I’m going to regret this.

    “Day’s never finished,
    Mastuh got me workin’,
    Someday mastuh set me free.”

  3. abidal: man! my right leg hurts after all this training
    henry: yea, my left leg hurts. i’m getting to old for this.
    keita: what are you guys talking about? are your muscles not made of iron? i’m just getting warmed up. let’s run some more.

  4. Keita – “1, 2, 3 KICK…”
    Yaya – “Wtf dude!”
    Keita – “1, 2, 3 KICK…”
    Henry – “MY THIGH!”
    Keita – “1, 2, 3 KICK…whats that guys?”

  5. Dear Mother,

    I feel like I do not belong in this club. To begin with, many of the fans dislike me. My first season here, I did my best to fit into the team as the fans berated me for not scoring a thousand goals. My second season here was terrific, yet I still got picked on by the fans. This season, I am constantly dealing with injury and I have no chance to impress the fans. Worse yet, my own teammates don’t pass the ball to me as often as they should. As if that wasn’t enough, they fart on me and kick my head while I train. And sometimes I get the feeling that they mess with my lunch because they are always giggling at me while I eat. (I’ve checked my nose for boogies).

    Hope to see you soon
    –Thierry Henry

  6. right now in the main stage “lionel ritchie” keitee and the keitettes performing their new dance hit: “el chiki chiki” !!

    …Y el chiki chiki se baila así: 1-el sevilla, 2-el milán, 3-el sporting, 4-el alcorcón…

  7. Pep: “alright guys. Abidal, Keita give me that K. No Abidal, you need to stand up. It looks like an X now. And Henry, that’s not how to do the lowercase r. Turn around. Dammit you guys, its been 30 mintues and u havnt been able to correctly spell the first two letter’s of Bojan’s surname.”

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