A Brief Vacation

Brooklyn in the Snow (Wikimedia)
Brooklyn in the Snow (Wikimedia)

It’s winter now and our beloved blaugrana are about to play a friendly in Kuwait against Kazma Sporting Club before a well-deserved break. Four of our stars–Xaviniesta, Messi, and Dani Alves–will be missing as they’re attending the FIFA Player of the Year gala, so they’ll be missing from action today. Messi will also be missing the Argentina friendly tomorrow thanks to an agreement with Maradona.

In response to all this, I’m going to go on a brief vacation, to re-energize after the long haul of the first half of the season and to focus on some important domestic matters (health care reform, the unemployment rate, etc). I’ll still be around and I’ll be doing some writing in the background as well as working to get the site’s new design up and running, but I won’t be doing daily posts and I probably won’t even be reading Sport and EMD (much less Marca) for much of what’s left of 2009.

Kevin will remain and will be posting when he sees fit and, as I said, there will be something coming from me in the next few days (I need a vacation so badly–I just wrote “new fext days”!), so stay in touch and have a wonderful end of the year and, if you’re in a part of the world where this is possible, stay warm and have a snowball fight or two (in Times Square!).

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Match is on at 2130GMT, by the by, if anyone wants to look for a stream. There will be no LiveBlog, because CandyAss Jenkins there is on vacation, and some of us are working for a living. 😀

    But know that the match against Kazma will jingle the club’s cash registers to the tune of 2 million Euros. Yay!

    1. 2 million for one game? That sounds about right for the greatest team in the world.

      OT but, I have come to the conclusion that we don’t need to buy anybody for left wing and we should start platooning and rotating jeffren and pedro into that role, and let Henry go the way of the buffalo. Pedro now has the confidence to be a starter (he already had the talent) and Jeffren is sure to be an amazing attacking force for us. So I say, no Robinho, no Suarez, no anybody. Let us dip into the quarry : )

    1. Oops… jumped the gun. I think he will come on in the 2nd half when Pep puts on an entirely different XI including Thiago and Jonathan.

    2. Oops, I was right the first time, that group will be starting.

      Pinto, Batra, Marquez, Thiago, Jeffren, V. Vazquez, Bojan, Milito, Maxwell, Jonathan, Txigrinski or something like that

    3. so bojan,jeffren and valquez are strikers?
      Whos barta? What a funny name haha 😀 he’s playing RB then? And marquez as DM? Wtfudge?

    4. Paying 2 Mio euros to not see Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, Dani Alves and so far also Henry, Zlatan, Pedro, Yaya, Puyol, Piqué ?

      They gotta be happy 🙂

    1. I don’t think they mean ‘crack’ as in the drug. They mean he’s a star-an amazing player. It’s kinda like when people in English say : ‘He’s the man’ or ‘he’s the sh*t’. In other Spanish-speaking countries, though not exculsively, it’s common to say that “so-and-so es un crack!”

  2. I live in Orlando, Fl and for christmas I’ll be at my parents in W.Palm Beach. Surfing for Christmas anyone?

  3. Wow that last pass was pure class.. i don’t know to whom it was or by whom but damn that was grade A work right there

  4. LMAO Did that dude from Kazma take away the ball from his own teammate?

    oh and they scored..bad defense there by Barca..

  5. Would love it if anyone could give a brief rundown of the game or point me in the direction of a place where I could download it for later tonight.

    Chygrynskiy at DM? – How’d that work out?
    How’d Milito look?
    Any youngsters stand out?

    1. imo this is what I saw:

      typical barca game where we owned possession, we looked great in defense for the most part. I thought chygrynskiy filled in well at dm, although the Kazma didn’t have much of an attack. Milito seemed to be doing just fine. Jeffren was the focus of our attack for most of the first half and then when he got injured it shifted to Bojan. Bojan had multiple occasions to put the ball into the back of the net and finished a great chip shot right over the goalies head towards the end of the game. But seriously he could have had a hat trick with the opportunities he had.

      the goal kazma scored was just a brilliant effort of individual performance. a Kazma forward intercepted the ball and just blew through our back line and had a one on one with pinto and buried it on the far post. Chygy looked particularly bad at this moment getting caught flat-footed and tried this thing I’ve noticed with him where he plants a foot and extends his other to try and deflect the ball from the attacker. I think this is one of his flaws in technique because the Kazma guy BLEW past him.

      all in all, an okay game our defense only looked silly in that moment. and for me the outstanding player was jeffren before he got injured. he is so quick and dangerous!

  6. Game over, 1-1. It could have been 100-1, to be honest. I’d be happy with this result, though, if it weren’t for Jeffren’s injury. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious.

  7. Kxevin, I’m one of the commentators at the Inter Offside. I had a couple of questions to ask you. If you don’t mind, could you get in touch with me via email? I’m sure you’ll have access to my id. Thanks!

  8. ThongBOY gets the Puskas award.. It’s a F***ing Disgrace.. They gave it to the Best Fluke!!

    It’s rigged!! Sepp Blatter Kiss my @$$..

  9. Puskas award must have been voted by the fans… otherwise, I can’t explain this result. It was a great shot, yeah, but it was simply a shot from wide range, neither with a spectacular spin nor did he hit the angle of the goal…

  10. FIFPro World XI

    Casillas, Terry, Vidic?!,Evra, ALVES, XAVI, INIESTA, Gerrard, Messi ,ThongBoy, Torres..

    1. What the fudge is vidic doing after being turned insideout by Eto’o inthe final?! And Pique was better than Terry anyway! Oh this fifaworldpro is all crap anyway, we already have the best team in footballing history

  11. How the F*** are Puyol and Eto’o left out?

    Another F***ing Disgrace!!

    No Drogba? Yet Another F***ing Disgrace!!!

    1. thank god iniesta’s sister cuts his hair short otherwise he would have returned with how weird hairstyle (hes standing next to crynaldo)

    1. How the hell did you figure it out so fast?!?!! Haha 😀
      I tried my best but I couldn’t think of anything…

  12. Who got the Presidential Award? I’m watching with no sound so I couldn’t hear what the LOVELY lady had to say..

    1. “The 1,073 points he obtained in the vote, participated in by the coaches and captains of 147 national teams, saw him win by a clear margin ahead of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo in second (352 points) and Spain’s Xavi (196), Brazil’s Kaka (190) and Spain’s Andres Iniesta (134).”

    1. WTF!? Douchebag coaches & captains!! How could they vote for Thongboy ahead of Xavi!?! I was hoping Xavi would even win the WPOTY let alone standing third… I call FOUL!!

  13. I remember CR had something with 900 last year. But dunno how many Messi received then. Anybody remembers?

    1. Ah, once again wikipedia solves 😀

      Leo Messi has gained the most points ever with Kaka coming really close in 2007 (1047).
      He is also the player with the highest absolute advantage over the runner-up, but relatively seen, Ronaldinho’s had the biggest edge over the runner-up when he won the award in 2005.

    1. yea that’s what bothered me the most about this list. I am sorry but even if Iniesta had played 10% last season, he still would have owned that guy

      what the hell did kaka do anyway geeeeeeez fuck that guy

    2. Seriously… the biggest disapointment was Kaka ahead of Iniesta.

      I can see why Prem fan girls vote for Crynaldo… but who was voting for Kaka? people that haven’t watched soccer since 2007?

      I will admit, that in 2007 he owned all. He (NOT Milan, but he himself) won the Champion’s league. And he got all the rewards that came with that performance. But seriously, that was 2 years ago. He hasn’t done shit since then…

      Iniesta has been the most consistant player over the last 2 and a half season, and last season really began imposing his game on the world stage….

      I. Call. Bullshit.

  14. So, in other words, Barça got 1403 [cantera] points and EE got 542 [$$$] points. Nice.

    Congrats to Messi and to Barça!

  15. quote from thongboy (just making nice for the media? or sincere? i guess no one can deny The Truth.)

    “Messi ha sido el mejor, pero Xavi e Iniesta también se merecen este premio, porque también han jugado muy bien y lo han ganado todo. Si tuviera tres premios, se los daría a los tres. El Barça lo ha ganado todo este año y tanto Messi, como Xavi e Iniesta, se merecen estar aquí” and

    “Los logros hablan por sí solos, el Barça es el mejor equipo del momento, todos sabemos que tiene un sistema de juego concreto y sus jugadores llevan muchos años juntos, es un excelente equipo”

    “Messi has been the best, but xavi and iniesta also deserve this prize, because they have also played very well and have won everything. If I had 3 prizes, I would give them to these 3. Barca has won everything this year and Messi, as well as xavi and iniesta,deserve to be here.”

    “The achievements speak for themselves, Barca is the best team at the moment, they have a very concrete system of play and their players have been together many years. It is an excellent team.”

  16. FIFA revealed who voted for whom: *http://www.fifa.com/mm/document/classic/awards/01/15/14/83/resultsfwpg09menforfifa.com.pdf

    Casillas voted for Cristiano Kaka and Messi in that order 😀 Lucio voted for Drogba, Eto’o, Ibra in that order 😀 Pretty funny how people just vote for their buddies or refused to vote for their countries rival lol.

  17. I think barcelona should try a different formation:
    —-Puyol Pique Chigrinskyi—-

    With the main subs as Marquez, Keita, and Henry/Ibrahimovic.

  18. And for easy games:
    —Gai Assulin-Thiago—–

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