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By blitzen

Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. What the hell. It had really started feeling like last year but the other way around – we had the Liga in our pocket after half the season while Madrid had beaten us both Supercopa and Copa in actual head-to-head meetings. The difference between us and Madrid from last year is that in the end they actually went to the Camp Nou and beat us there, making their league title morally “deserved”. This season we have two draws and two losses in head-to-head meetings with Madrid in matches that actually mattered. If we manage to capitalize on our big Liga lead the title will still have a sour taste – we were concentrated enough to win against the little teams but we couldn’t beat our true rival. And if Madrid manages to win the CL, that’ll just render the Liga totally worthless.

    So in essence, we need to win the CL to really feel like this season was succesful. And I can’t see how we can get past Milan to do that. Today we just looked completely without any confidence whatsoever. Madrid has really turned the tables on us mentally, now it’s us losing even before kick-off…

  2. I agree wit Arthur great spot about the tactics employed against us but I do have one question regarding playing the same formation our way. If we playing a False 9 formation and no one is occupying their defenders how would this mistake leading to a through ball come about. You said it yourself they don’t care if we have the ball and without a proper number 9 making runs to at least move their defenders out of position how much pressure are they really under that would cause that mistep or mistake giving us an inch to play the perfect pass?

  3. After this lose,I wonder if I’d be able to go sit and watch a barca vs depor,granada,osasuna,celta vigo,betis…etc game again,victories in those games will be shallow ones. Its official! End of the era of the false-9! Barca needs a new coach with a new approach. Barca’s Tiki taka has been figured out! It pains me when our wingers work the ball to the wing only to cut it back to the crowded middle cos our striker who is not even tall and is suppose to be in the box at the end of the crosses is playing false 9 in midfield,getting a traditional number 9 like falcao who is good with the head over neymar will be fine. END OF AN ERA?

    1. Agree. See my comments above. We don’t even need a striker who can run far. In fact we don’t want him to run far. A big unit like Mario Gomez would be fantastic, shuffling into the box to head or toe poke will suit me fine. Suddenly it won’t be such a good idea for Mou to concede the flanks.

  4. i don’t know why we’re wondering how we’ve been so bad of late.

    we need defenders, and we need a manager.

    can’t win big games without them.

  5. We just broke another record.
    It was 1962 when the last time we conceded 12/13 in a row.
    And here’s Deportivo to finally bring an end to it.

    1. We play two attacking wing backs. Brazil couldn’t pull it off in 1982 yet we keep doing it in 2013.

  6. I just realized we conceded the same header 3 times. Twice Varane, Once Ramos. We are like an all you an eat buffet during set pieces.

  7. And what do our defenders do when we get set pieces? Zero. Has a Barca defender headed a goal this year?

  8. Well, its not February anymore, so much for inches. Many players are in poor form – Pedro (just not a threat at all), Masch (poor positioning, keeps people onside), Thiago (still too many careless passes), Pique (looks slower and more importantly, clumsier, than usual) – I could go on. These are all good players, but far from top 5 in the world in current form. We’ve seen what they’re capable of. There are also serious tactical issues – lack of pressing, no one making runs behind opposition defenses, etc. We need a real manager, and a top class CB. They may come back and thrash Milan, in which case I will happily eat my words, but I wouldn’t bet my mortgage money on

  9. Some over the top reactions in my opinion. Not saying everything is great or that we’re going to win the CL blah blah, but the level of criticism and bitching is out of whack. You’d forget we’re essentially guaranteed to win La Liga this year (and all those saying “can we even hold on there?”, I hope you’re willing to put money behind those views). Maybe we get knocked out against Milan, maybe we don’t, but it doesn’t mean it’s a failure of a season. Christ, since when is Barca entitled to win trophies? La Liga is a BFD and (as long as the big guns are rested next weekend) I still believe beating Milan is possible.

    Criticizing your team is one thing, but the level of vitriol here lately is disheartening to say the least.

    1. Preach it, Brother Ahsan!

      It’s all making me nervous, but I think I saw some good things today (although Jordi (above) is right- Barca seems to have become an all you can eat buffet for set pieces)

  10. I am not goin to harp about discussions as u guys are much better …pace matters …hence I say get Adriano in the front three along with villa and messi ..have iniesta busi and busquets along with Alves piqué masch and alba …pedro is not pedro!! anymore And busquets are good tacklers ,readers of the game ..which helps even though they lack a bit in pace …I was very comfortable with masch cos he has pace ..

    Alves. Piqué. Masch Alba /abidal

    Song. Busi

    Adriano. Messi. Villa
    I prefer abidal if he is fit cos he is defensively easily our best, helps us in the air ,and makes up for villa not defending in his flank

  11. Nobody is saying that we are entitled to win every single trophy out there.
    We don’t bash the results.
    We criticize their attitude, we disagree with the line-ups, we disagree with their lack of heart, desire, commitment.
    This is all probably due to not having a coach to guide, but nevertheless, i am one of those who cares about the way how we win and not just win for the sake of it.
    I hope you do as well, cause i see this pattern as a long term problem.
    Add to that that the calls are not going our way, like they were at the first half of the season.

    1. How can it be a “long term” problem if until 3 weeks ago, everything was fine?

      I can’t comment on the players’ attitude, since I’m not in the dressing room. I do concede that their energy levels seem to be low, but that could be due to any number of factors that have nothing to do with commitment/attitude.

  12. Not everything was fine. We all agreed that there were a lot of games which we would have lost if it was last season, and only due to luck, calls going our way and right time subs from Tito that made them wins from certain defeats.
    I dont have to be in the dressing room to point out at something so obvious, to bad that you wont admit that you are probably witnessing the same. They think, at least that’s my impression that they are living in the past glory and thinking that it will win us games. Yes it will, but not against big teams.
    We had tiki-taka in the past as well, just that we had fit Villa at one time, ibra for half a season, and prior to that Eto’o and Henry up front who did something in the end of that tiki-taka.

  13. Here is a question. In 10-11 season we did not concede that many set-piece goals even with Abidal out in later stage. Now with about the same number of hobbits in our squad we are conceding goals in every set pieces, it seems. Is it just a lack of concentration that causes problem?

    However I remember our opponents simply out-jumped us many times.
    Celtic player over Alba, Varane did twice, ball went over Thiago’s head in FK lead to a goal in Malaga copa game. Milan’s first goal was aimed over Alba in FK, but deflected. Why do our opponents suddenly find miss-match so easily?

  14. Once we equalised, our attitude changed. We looked more than content with the draw, but at the same time didnt see that, each and every time RM got the ball, there was danger looming.
    With a good ref call, we would not have lost it, but did we deserve a draw? – I dont think so – with this kind of attitude, we had to lose. I really dont know if its the players or the instructions. There were so many moments, when the midfield could have played the ball forwards, but they just kept possession – where – in our own half.
    It was very painful to watch – our great players playing like a poor team. We need the coach.

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