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By blitzen

Canadian, cule, corporate wage slave. Came late to the beautiful game, but fell under FCB's spell in 2006 and never looked back.


  1. Awful, awful, it’s Milan over and over.
    We are so predictable that my 5 old son probably knows what’s the best way to not let us score and if possible, to win the game.
    This is not anymore about tactics or lack of a coach during the game. The guy with 37 goals this season needs to be benched the second half and let Tello some minutes. He clearly is not interested to run or to press or to have a half a desent game like he can.
    The last weeks or so, every team with one or two shots during a game is certain that will score a goal. That’s the other predictability in our game. They don’t have to attack us, they just have to wait for a chance, shoot, and score. It’s so easy.

  2. something got clearly out of control. But what?
    The team lack everything at this important moment of the season. No defence, no attack, a midfield without ideas…

  3. That’s a striker Tello. He took on his defender 3 times. Caused the defense to shift left. The defense were waiting for Tello to shoot. He made the space and pass for Messi.

    1. Actually, if you look at it again, Messi created his own space. He stopped running with the Sevilla defence and this created the gap around him for Tello to slot the ball into.

      I feel that if Tello hadn’t seen that, Messi would have killed him!

    2. Difference for me was that Tello started looking up before crossing, something he’s guilty of not doing.

    3. Exactly right. Messi stopped running and let the Sevilla defenders go past him so he had a bubble of space. Tello had the choice of passing to Messi or to Villa, who was a step further forward and screaming for the ball as well. Tello correctly realized that Villa would have been shut down if he sent the ball to him, and passed to Messi.

      Or maybe he just didn’t want to get yelled at again. 😛

    4. Yeah, Blitzen. The other point for me being that if we have the two options for the pass, already the defence’s work is made harder. At last (sigh ! )

  4. That’s more like it!! Width, Pace, Urgency, Pressing! Where was this Barca vs Milan? Villa and Tello need to start the next few games. No question. Sanchez looked better today but Tello earned his spot with his second half performance.

  5. Please stop giving Tello so much credit .. Yes he made the difference this game, but he did exactly what any winger would’ve done. The more I see him play the more I’m sure than Cuenca does everything that he does but better. He’s misplaced/misplayed the ball 70% of the time, he’s a high risk high reward player who likes to hog the ball and take on players and shoot at every chance he gets.

    Instead, let’s talk about Thiago, who, in my opinion, had yet another stellar match. He’s really going into his own, very mature display and game overall. He’s REALLY good at crashing the box, taking on 2-3 defenders and laying the ball to open players. His ball control is immense too.

    P.S. Anybody see Di Maria’s hilarious red card?

    1. Tello is here now so why shouldn’t he be praised if he does good the same way he gets criticized when he does badly. Its like say Afellay is capable of playing more roles than player X in the current squad. Completely pointless at this stage of the season. Everything doesn’t have to be a competition. BTW Tello is faster stronger and a better finisher. So not everything.

    2. I never said he shouldn’t be praised, I just feel like he’s given way too much credit when he’s subbed and momentum of the game changes because we play different with him (or any winger).

      I might also dislike the guy for demanding the club that put him in professional scene to lower his buyout clause on his contract and general bad attitude. But hey, w.e.

    3. He needs a better first touch and to look up regularly rather than seeing hitting the byeline as an objective in itself but he is pure aggression as an attacker, isn’t afraid to use his pace and is a natural finisher. A keeper all day. Don’t want to get into comparisons with Cuenca except to say I doubt if he will come back to stay.

    4. Tello has made it pretty clear he wants to have an open door to be able to leave whenever he wants. Cuenca, has made it clear that he doesn’t even want to cosnider leaving.

      To me, personalities and players’ attitudes towards my club are very important, and good predictors of their future here.

      But yeah, we’ll see.

    5. I’m a big fan of Cuenca, but that’s not going to stop me from praising Tello when he does something intelligent. The important point for me is that he learned from his previous mistakes and made better choices this time. That makes me happy.

  6. Imo, credit to villa for opening space for messi, you can see from their combination that ends up when messi shot the ball over the post.significant!

    1. Heh, exactly. This is how the goal was created! 90% Messi and Villa and 10% Tello seeing the pass.

      Commentators on my stream were also criticizing defenders on Villa’s goal, but really, if you watch closely you see that Villa came at exact perfect time and caught the defender ball watching, sneaking from his blind spot. Now that’s a true striker.

    2. Yes, instinct for a striker to go for a right place at the right time. Villa as 1st eleven for Milan and Madrid games

    3. For sure, Villa is the best “forward” we have. I don’t consider Messi a “forward” because he helps build up play so much from the midfield (still best player and finisher obviously).

  7. Why should we not give him credit when he deserves so? A minute that he stepped on that field Sevilla players were aware of another threat, and not concentrate just on Messi.
    Tello is dangerous, adventurous, aggressive, arrogant, and that’s what makes an attacker in my book. The other team has to keep an eye on his movements, which leaves space for the rest. Of course our pitch suits him perfectly.
    Thiago was great, with AGAIN, some ridiculous giveaways which we are getting used game by game. But is something that will surely be treated properly with time.
    Song was marvelous.

    1. Agreed with your point of thiago and villa, but not with Tello. I dont think he contributed a lot to the team rather then running to the defender 2,3 times

    1. Actually, I think it does matter, and as I said in the loveblob that I’ll eventually post and raise a discussion about Valdez sometime soon, but it’s definitely something to talk about. Here’s another stat – out of 480 games with Barca Valdez conceded in 400.

    2. Not sure what point you’re making but if its about his quality maybe in fairness you should mention the record 5 Zamoras ?

    3. I don’t know what it’s about, I’m nobody to speak about goalkeepers because I know very little about them, which is why I’d like to raise a topic about it.

      But when was the last time Valdez has been a rock in between the posts? We play against opponents all the time whose goalkeepers are the only reason why we can’t put 5-10 goals into their net, on the other hand if there’s 4 shots on goal against us, 2 of them will probably go in. Amount of “soft” goals Valdez gives away has to be in the top 3 of top 20 clubs in the world.

    4. Tbh, I am not a fan of Valdez, but his techique to distribute the ball from back should be praised. Not mention his skill to close the space during one by one with striker.

    5. Why is this such a big deal? I would much rather a goalkeeper with safe hands than skilled feet. Even in the Barca system where we must build up play from the back. Goalkeeper’s #1 job is to stop goals, and second is to (in Barca system) help build up play.

    6. Hi, can you both please do me a favour and spell VALDES correctly? That’s how he spells it, and it bugs me when people constantly misspell it.

      Thanks in advance.

  8. It seems like a lot of people post on the site on mobile phones. @Kxevin and rest: is there by any chance an app or a mobile version coming? I asked this before and I got the “site works great on my phone” response, but I still think it’d be a huge step in a great direction. Reading site is fine on the phone, but replying and commenting is hard and a mess (from my experience).

    1. And I think there’s free worpress plugin that can renderer the site to be compatible with mobile.

      I can help with it if the admin want it, I already sent two msg suggesting free help in developing/maintaining the website but I didn’t got a response.

    2. Another thing before I forget: a way to see “new” and “unread” posts. Often when there’s multiple discussions on popular topics there will be 20 new comments but none at the bottom, and it’s hard to find them.

  9. People saying they would prefer Cuenca over Tello for our team right now, clearly need to stream some Ajax games or maybe watch some older Barca footage.

    Yes, he’s better with the ball and keeping possession, but we have plenty who can do that and, unfortunately, I can’t think of anything Cuenca does that you can’t get from Pedro, Alexis or Thiago. He also tends to drift inside and can be market out of the game by a good defender.

    Whereas Tello plays wider, has supreme speed and ability to skip past defenders (things we desperately need) and he’s always a threat. There’s nobody on the team that can do what Tello does on the left flank, except maybe Deulofeu.

    1. Really going to have to disagree with your assessment of Cuenca. He was the best crosser on the team last season, and often stayed wide, beat a man, and played a phenomenal cross in. He is more of a “classic” winger, which is a skill set we don’t really have in the team right now. Also don’t think he particularly drifts inside.

      I’m not arguing that he is better than Tello. I think we need both of them because they provide different qualities, both of which the team needs.

    2. For starters Pedro, Alexis and Thiago can’t play as deep on the wings as Cuenca. Even though Pedro is often asked to play far on the wings for tactical reasons he doesn’t offer great crosses and the decision making that Cuenca does. Same applies with Sanchez.

      Stream Ajax games? He’s played one game so far and it was right out of injury. We can assess his performance at Ajax once he has some serious minutes under his belt there.

      And, yes, of course we have plenty of players who can keep the ball posession. This is Barcelona. Posession is our game. Every single player must maintain posession. It doesn’t matter if it’s a forward or not. This is exactly why Tello doesn’t fit Barca system as well as Cuenca.

      It’s funn yyou mention Deulofeu. I really like that kid, I strongly believe he could have a very good season if he played Tello’s minutes this season. Great future he has.

    3. @Calvin, Artur

      Fair enough, he might have been the best crosser on the team, but that’s not really saying much when we only have one other crosser on the team (dani) who can be very inconsistent.

      This skill would’ve helped if our team wasn’t full of midgets, but as it stands, we don’t have the players to take advantage of those crosses except the occasional ball in the box that somehow manages to get through the defense and Dani can provide those.

      As for the width part, when I said he tends to drift inside I meant when he’s pressured by the defender, he tends to pass back or dribble inside. Maybe I’m wrong, I can’t say I have all the games he played for us fresh in my mind (it’s been a while) but that’s what I remember and what I’ve seen recently, that it’s not one of his strenghts to take defenders 1-on-1 on the outside, with speed. Maybe it’s the return from injury, maybe it’s the way he’s always been.

      The “static” width is useful as long as the defense falls for it and stretches to close in on the wingers, but the smart teams would just pack the box area and dare us to cross, so against them just hugging the touchline is not a particularly great skill to have if you can’t take advantage of it.

      That’s why I would prefer to play Pedro or Villa for their experience, Alexis for his defensive work or Tello for his speed and directness, instead of Cuenca.

      He played 3 games for Ajax, one in the league and 2 in Europe, one of them I had the pleasure to see in person.

  10. The problem with the crosses is that there’s nobody in the box to finish them, well, almost nobody.

    1. We have he best finisher in the world to finish anything hat comes his way, whether it’s on the ground or in air. Villa proved you wong today as well.

  11. He absolutely did not proved anything today. You should take a look at the whole season, not just one game.
    An outstanding finisher would have sensed where would have Inesta’s ball in the box (his pass, cross) gone and be there and sneak a goal. But nobody was there to benefit from it.

  12. great stuff from tello. he beat his marker several times and gave the defensive line something to worry about. his passing into the box wasnt 100 percent but he added some much needed width and pace on the left side. pleased with villa also for the goal. dani for his improvement. and messi for being messi. we all know what he’s saving his energy for. ill admit i almost fell asleep in the first half but the second half was very very pleasing to watch.

    we have to step it up a notch or two for midweek. here’s to the crazy weeks ahead. cheers

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