CWC Final LiveBlog: Barça – Estudiantes

CWC Cake. Ingredients required: six cups of team play, one dash of individual brilliance, and a partridge in a pear tree.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


    No YAYA for the FINAL!!!
    No way and i mean no way is there an excuse for this one ladies and gents. Busquets has definetly gone ahead of the YAYA in Guardiola’s pecking order.

    P.S Lets just say being a catalan and a masia product might help busquets chances a liiiitle bit.

    We will win this game but seriously WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!

  2. W.T.F for the second time I type!



    W.T.Fudge?! I will hope that Pep really is just pitying the fools.

  3. Okay,okay. Breathe everyone. There is a logical explanation for this. Pep must have:

    1) seen this video representing Yaya ^

    2) realised that if Yaya is on the pitch, the field might explode and the players might spontaneously combust. They can’t handle that much awesome.

    He pities the fools, so he’s giving Estudiantes about 60-70 minutes to pray and hope for salvation. Or time to Choose Their Own Method of Barca-style Annnilihation. They obviously turned to page 33a instead of page 33yaya.

    Yaya will come on when they have been sufficiently prepared

  4. Yep, whats happening to Yaya is definately a shame. I’m afraid it may be time for him to go somewhere else. He said he is young, strong, fit and ready to play. And we can all see clearly that he has command of his area.

  5. dont see how yaya wont leave. one of the best players in the world at his position, just an immense player, especially if he is inspired, and yet he is not a regular starter. if i were him i would leave for the sake of my career. on the other hand maybe something is happening we dont all know about. maybe he will play more later in the season.

  6. SMH at Sergi scoring thanks to the great assist from Yaya and then proceeds to celebrate while not acknowledging Yaya, how ungrateful.

  7. No Toure again…. I’m not even mad but won’t watch the game out of principle.

    Looks like Toure will just have too settle for the bench role for this season I mean how can he compete with the likes of Sergi? What a joke.
    Maybe Guardiola will field him for the Copa games to add insult too injury


  9. WOW!

    Eternity, here we come 🙂

    by the way, Jeffren, has he always been that paceful or was his opponent so slow? It was crazy how he ran past his opponents, just like that.

  10. Great pictures of Pep crying tears of joy! He even seems to feel a bit ashamed of the success he’s experienced in his first years as a professional coach. Could it be that he’s more overwhelmed than he was after the CL Final?

  11. oh god what joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!loved it…finally we have the last remaining cup!!..during celebrations did anyone see how yaya was almost alone , and guordiola never hugged him/patted him..not even other teammates were hugging yaya! (am i imaginng things because i dont want to see yaya go)what went wrong? 🙁

  12. Oh no ! It doesn’t get better than this. What’ll we do now?

    Only fitting that this team go down in history. Over the last year they have played some of the best football I have ever seen.

    Anyone else get a lump in the throat watching Guardiola crack up? I just feel part of it somehow. Half a season telling everyone around me how good this team was and them telling me that we’d get our comeuppance when we met the EPL teams. Now everyone’s a Barca fan and has been for years !

    And thanks to all on this blog for the ups and downs along the way. It’s been great being part of the fun . . . . and the tension. Well done to Kxevin and Isaiah.

  13. Everyone knows that Pedro! scored because I was in the washroom! 😛 Lol, jk

    Seriously though, I totally called it. I said Xavi was going to score in the 88th min, but it was P! instead. All hail me! 😀

    1. i hail you for the p! Goal then…but messi one was all me and peanuts….

      Nan jk! Its all thanks to everyone on this blog! Well done everyone! 😀

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