Champions League Draw: It’s Stuttgart

So we drew Stuttgart. You know what I think:

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Speaking of, here’s a thought: What if we had shown as much patience with Hleb as we show with Krkic?

    1. Hleb’s attitude suck arse. If he was worth the patience, then he would have gotten it. Instead of being quiet and quietly working/doing his job, he started mouthing off to the media and saying how much he missed Arsenal.

      FYI, Henry also missed Arsenal, but stayed at worked for his arse off for us!

    2. ya tat’s right. but even when he was with us, he made no effort to learn the language which is a very important thing when being in a team like ours.. and speaking of Bojan, he is still 18 years old.. if u dont be patient towards a teenager, then with whom would you be???

    3. Bojan’s 19.
      You do have a point about his age, but by now you’d think he’d be loaned out. Sure, he does alright as a sub for Messi and Henry, and does well in the CDR, but imagine what the could be learning at a club where he played more. He’d never lose the Barca style, but he’d gain confidence and mature.

    1. Sometimes there are articles with such poor organization and flawed logic that you have to throw away that rabid rage that they incite in you, because if you decide to analyze and tear down their arguments you realize they don’t really have one. Just straw men and self-servicing platitudes.

    2. Be serious, they were already at the bottom of the well, then again I thought I saw a shovel….

    3. Yum…barf snacks:

      “…not before losing to Numancia in the first week of La Liga.”

      “…obsessively possessive football.”

      I think we should enter the later in the BFB lexicon. And serve some fresh OPF to “Numdrid” in the next classico. ooh I hope we get EE in the CL Knockouts (that’s still possilbe yes?)…now that would be a triplete to rival last year’s.

    4. Protection goes after R16 so we ‘could’ get them next round…I’d rather it be in the Bernabeu….

    5. this article surely is from a madridista, but i enjoy hearing what they have to say to boost their morale or spirit or anything while we shut up and work our butt off to win all trophies. WE WILL WIN IT ALL!!!!!!

  2. Well they won’t roll over for us, but they may be easier than some of the other options.

    At least we won’t be playing in Russia in February.

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah OH MY GOD!!!!! WHEN I KNEW STUTTGART WAS A POSSIBLE NEXT ROUND I WAS HOPING THIS WOULD HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he plays and we just demoralize hiM!!!!!!

    1. oh wow, and I just read that article on

      so much flawed logic, I can’t even begin to deconstruct its arguments.

      but the best part was: “how many youth system graduates are starters”

      Answer: 7!!!

      hahaha, show me ONE team in THE WORLD that starts 7 youth system players at a time and win all the time

    1. Beat the entire barcelona defence, and do a back pass to Valdes instead of shooting in the goal.

    2. he would have to do a bicycle kick from the center circle while apologizing to us for being a waste of money. Oh, and the apology would have to be Catalan.

    3. Nice link Bill,

      For him to regain my support he would have to do 2 things. First apologize for talking shit about fcb and second, learn how to speak Catalan. But still, he would not be allowed back in Catalonia.

    4. 1. Clench the ball in his butt cheeks, smoke The Yaya, Puyol, Pique, Abidal and Valdes one-on-one, then crap it out like a turd, just over the goal line, while singing the Barca Himno in Catalan.

      2. Score an own goal to make up for the above transgression.

      3. Bring me a shrubbery.

      4. Never mind. He can’t.

    5. i wish there were more futbol articles in the nytimes. well written.

      “But Madrid reckons that it is a viable deal, and, like every other club in the Champions League, can start reducing its debts through prize money that is guaranteed to be 33 percent more over this and the next three seasons.

      This is because soccer’s big television and sponsorship deals are locked into the period of prosperity that existed before the global financial crash.

      The recession, presumably, will hit the sport somewhere down the road. Soccer lives for the now, and if there are bankruptcies in the system none of them have been declared during 2009.”

    6. they may sometimes be well written, but the NY Times football coverage is absymal, frequent mistakes include mixing up Yoann Gourcuff and Yohan Gouffran.

  4. mourinho is meeting chelsea again, beckham is going back to old trafford, benzema back to lyon

    but obviously the most earth shattering match up is this one. haha hleb

  5. A real madrid fan bends facts to defend Madrid and attack Barca, hardly new is it? Nor is it quite that new for to put out sensationalist articles to generate pageviews.

    The issue of debt however is certainly not as black and white as it seems. Not all debt is bad and being in debt can sometimes and in certain limits implies a more positive operating strategy than being completely free of debt.

    In terms of the draw I think Hleb would definitely be one of the main threats though with Stuttgart we shouldn’t face too many problems imposing our style of play as they too are a team thats better in possession and attack rather than defense.

    Sad thing is that Italy again got a really tough draw and wouldn’t be a surprise if none survive. Though that’s not to say they can’t make it, the current Chelsea don’t work too differently from what Mourinho left with, he knows Ancelotti well and they definitely have the quality to implement his strategy. Milan obviously have a much tougher challenge though Milan in CL and Dinho’s improving form are always a danger, same can be said of Porto. Overall Spain was the luckiest in the draw though with EE you never know 😉

    1. word. not black & white at all but you can hardly call flo flo’s machinations a “positive operating strategy.” too much cash is a bad thing too.

      i’d love to see an angry dinho.

  6. Hahaha. No but seriously, this gave me a case of the giggles, which I’m trying to keep down to a minimum since I’m at work. Hee.

    Not really relevant to the story, but I saw this picture, and it made me laugh too:

    I think I’m just in giggle mode b/c it’s Friday and its been a long week.

    Anyway – back to the topic, I hope Lyon does well against EE. I hope Lyon puts a scare in them, Alcorcon style.

  7. Hleb thought it was a joke.


    1. He, he….did yo see that other headline “Gerard Piqué: “I’ve stopped being a mother in the field” ”

      …as lons you keep being a mutha on the feild that’s OK.

  8. It looks like there will be plenty of weaker teams advancing to the next round: Olympiacos/Bourdeaux, Bayern/Fiorentina, CSKA Moscow/Sevilla (If you believe Sevilla will fall in the early rounds yet again). I’m not so sure about Arsenal, first having arguably the weakest group and now drawing Porto. Their league play is great, but I think they could be bounced in either this round or the next. Inter/Chelsea, ManU/Milan are decent matches, but just as with Sevilla, the last couple of years suggest the English sides heavy favorites. Lyon/EE? Please. Somehow EE will get keep getting manageable draws and scrap their way into the finals.

    So how about Olympiacos, Bayern, Sevilla, Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU, EE, Barca? Of course the next round would be Arsenal/Olympiacos, EE/Bayern, Chelsea/Sevilla, ManU/Barca.

  9. The future is dark!!!

    1. On that apologist piece of rubbish that mondal wrote, as someone said its just to generate controversy. I remember seeing a bio on mondal like a facebook page and he said (wait for it…..) Madrid lifting the 2002 cl was his favourite memory as well as figo being his favourite player.Thought it was sepp blatter’s bio for a moment. This guy is clearly sick that perez vision and money hasn’t caused barca to crumble. And on eto’o, he was rejected by madrid-so they shud stop the b*tching and enjoy the wonderful spectacle barca are giving them

  10. Sorry if I’ve missed this somewhere but is the final of the World Club Championship on TV anywhere in the UK?

  11. UEFA conspiracy!? Good heavens no! It’s a Kxevin conspiracy! HE wanted Lyon last year.He got it. Sttugart this time. Done it again!

    1. I did want Inter in the Champions League, figuring that as long as I was in Barcelona, I might as well have the chance to boo Eto’o. But the folks in the stadium did a far better job at it than I did.

      Can’t say that I would have picked the Sevilla/Valencia gauntlet for CdR. On the other hand, if we successfully traverse it, the rest is cake, all day and all night, right?

    2. I dunno Kxevin, EE is still in the competitio— oh wait.


      Beware of Alcorcon: the team that could and did

    3. a poet with truth and words. brilliantly said and I completely agree. The Sevilla test is a difficult one though.

  12. And where the hell’s my kick-ass CWC final preview? I need time to get geeked. Veron is talking big, giant-ass piles of shit. Sounds like they’re going to get all physical and stuff, which is probably the best shot that they have, I think.

    1. other blogs are calling this game a close one. They’re going to play us like Man City and Kazan played against us.

  13. i’m not sure if it’s correct to say we’ve been hlebbed; surely it’s only after we’ve been hlebbed that you could say that and not before we hleb.

  14. Dunno whats the deal with everyone thinking that Inter’s match up is great.

    Its not.

    Both of these defensive teams can keep their buses parked and it can be a 2 v 2 match between eto’o milito vs drogba anelka

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