Liga Liveblog: Barça – Espanyol

Ladies and gentleman, start your engines and get crankin’. Peanut jokes not allowed.

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. i want to see us rip them apart,. i hate espanyol more than EE. last years games made my blood boil. particularly them beating us at home.

    i want them destroyed. therefore = YAYA

    1. My friend was in Barcelona for this match, so she went and wore one of my jerseys. Clearly she jinxed them, but the good news is, the jersey is safely at home with me and she is nowhere near Spain. 😀

      I’m hoping we’re up at least 4-0 at half-time, so that I can run out and grab some lunch (I’m at work).

  2. We’re going to play Atlante of Mexico on Wednesday. If we think we have mighty mites, they have some seriously tiny midfielders, such as 5’6″ Fernando Navarro. Admittedly they’re tricky, but if we go out to win, we’ll win.

    1. i just finished watching that. told you about el hobbit. they also have ex real madrid/inter midfielder/winger solari on the team and a center striker named rafa marquez

  3. what’s up with the peanut jokes? 🙁

    About the line-up, I guess we can afford to play without keiteee today

  4. I think we all like this line-up a lot 🙂

    Remember the reactions to the Kiev line-up? Now imagine we don’t win today… it would show that Pep should rather never listen to our ideas again.

    But I hope for a convincing win that proves that we are good line-up makers 🙂

  5. lol after last week when cr94 won that penalty and then benzema scored from encroaching on the box, marca and AS are their hypocritical selves.not to mention the week before when canella had a goal disallowed that was valid.

    1. Are they calling it a Villarato yet? HA. Whatevs. Its not like Xavi was crying for the call. He fell, Iturralde called it, end of story.

      Hope Villa brings back the Iker-face!

  6. Placing any equivalence between what Xavi did (stumbling in the box and not even asking for a penalty), and the bullshit that Cristiano Ronaldo and his ilk pull every week is partisan blindness at its best.

    1. Prediction for the match: Real play well, Valencia win by a solid play while also playing well, Madridistas happy as long as they can pretend it was a “moral victory” 😉 😛

  7. oh the yaya, how we missed you.


    stupid higuain.

    1. seriously.

      here’s a great pic of puyi looking like zoolander.


    1. I stopped watching, every time I actually payed attention to the screen EE scored, so I stopped. Would’ve been nice if Valencia coulda pulled out the tie.

  8. Hey everyone, I missed the match…will probably not watch the wednesday one too…so we gotta win without peanuts and magic jokes….sorry… 😀

    1. Atlante looks good (watching the Auckland game now), but I think it’s safe to assume they’ll play differently against us. Should be interesting.

  9. Actually, Higuain is the only player from Real Madrid who I really like… but if he continues scoring like that, I’ll have to change my mind!
    Now, Real Madrid got 3 points from their visit to Mestalla, whereas we got only 1 point. So we better get away with 3 points from el Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

  10. I was absolutely disgusted with the way valencia played. I mean come on they opened up and let them do what ever they wanted. I promise u that if it was us they were up against, they would be much more organized and competent. If you look at every goal the EE scored, you can see it was direct result of sluggish play on valencia. I guess i should be used to it by now, that teams would play their hearts out and defend like crazy when the play against us, but give the EE lots of space and even help them out by making mistakes. And i know we should be flattered by that because that makes us the most feared team in the league. And i am proud of that fact.

    1. kallo, Teams defend like crazy against us because the have no other option, although valencia didn’t park the bus against us any way,even when we trashed them 4-0 at home last season because they have their attacking style and they dont change it, but teams open the feild when they play EE because marcello and co. cant maintain the ball as long as we do, when you give the ball away frequently the other team is going to attack and as they do so they open the field, that’s how it works, not only with EE, every single team in Europe play this way except us of course, thats why Barca belongs to another planet.

    2. I understand your point. But what made me disgusted was, that they completely gave up on defensive organization. I know they have to attack since their the home team. but if you look at the second goal for instance, marcelo of all people dribbles from the left flank to the right, going past( i think 3) players and plays higuain in on goal. Every player he went past made a half assed challenge on him. It was the same with the first goal. If it was messi instead of marcelo they would be running in fireman mode and putting in reckless tackles everyone of them. All i`m saying is real madrid benefits from teams not playing up to the same level as they play against us, and that infuriates me.

    3. as far as i remember valencia opened up against you as much as they did against , they actually out played you , how about giving us some credits eh ?

      and you might not watch a lot of ” EE” games but let me tell you Marcelo is a very good dribbler , take it from a madridista 🙂

    4. Come on lets be honest, if valencia gave us the same space we would have killed them. thats why they marked us tight and hacked us down when ever we got away. Every team that play against never goes 100% toe to toe with us. When we played them earlier this season, they flooded the midfield and counterattacked even though it was their home stadium. Against you guys they have no fear, so they didn’t bother with flooding the midfield and proceeded to build attacking moves deep from their own penalty box. That is something they would never have done against us. And against us they were way more focused and alert, then they were against you. I would go as far as saying that they were sluggish and incompetent tonight.

  11. the ugliest 2nd half I’ve seen in a long time! I’m still surprised we could get a way with three points, Is it fatigue?? It’s better be,
    and what frustrates me even more, is the second match, with the display EE showed tonight I cant see them dropping many points this season, if they keep it up or even get better, we’d better watch out! next week a 2 points difference is very likely, and I don’t like it.
    remember that EE has already played Atletico, seville, Barca ,and Velancia away so their second leg is going to be much easier “theoretically”

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