FCB vs. Alaves – Match Comments Post

The return match – winner gets to play Cordoba in the next round.

Interesting line-up:  Pinto Montoya Puyol Mascherano Adriano Dos Santos Song Sergi Roberto Tello Villa Thiago

Bench:  Oier Planas Cesc Pedro Deulofeu


    1. We were going to go because it was Eur9 up in the high, cheap seats, but it’s too damn cold!

      Yes, we’re wusses. We spent the money on seeing Skyfall instead. 🙂

    2. Can’t be wusses for Osasuna game! Is one allowed in the CN with thermoses? Thinking coffee, a little Frangelico…

  1. In theory, this lineup + our lead should do it. In practice, this is a 3rd div. team playing in the venue of their dreams. Something unthinkable could happen. Puyi better whip those lads in shape.

    1. I’d like P for Thiago, too. No need for him to play too much just coming off of such a long injury.

  2. I’d say the only reasonable difference between Alba and Adriano is that Alba wouldn’t seem out of place in a Alvin and the Chipmunks picture!

  3. How was that offside? Unless it took a touch of their player at the front post tangling with Song!

    1. But this is Copa, no? Villa has now scored 301 pro goals, including the national team. Still, impressive record. He’s been so good for so long 🙂

  4. if Deulofeu’s skill level can come to match his confidence, we’ll be in good shape.

    put another way: if he can actually be as good as he thinks he is, we’ll be in good shape. otherwise it’s just sort of funny.

    1. the kid is special though. He is brave enough to take on defenders nearly every time he gets the ball. As soon as he learns when to pass and when to take on his man, he’ll be almost unplayable

    2. He started like crap but he had some nice moves later on. Almost scored, too. Needs to learn when to pass, indeed. Or just needs to learn to pass more, hehe.

  5. Did Thiago play LW like he did in the CWC last year?

    Would anyone like to do a rating for the player’s performances?
    Im interested to know how the young’uns and fringe players did.

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