Banner and Logo Contest Voting!

Hey folks, it’s time for the eagerly awaited Logo and Banner Vote! It’s voting day and you didn’t even know! It should be a worldwide holiday, to be honest. There were fewer submissions than I had hoped for, but those that did come in proved we have some talented designers/artists out there. I’ve narrowed it down to a couple of submissions, so please vote for your favorite!

Note that I haven’t included designer names on this round, but will, upon being given permission, release names for the winner. If your submission isn’t on here, I’m sorry! Please only vote once!

So then, the submissions (if you have trouble seeing the whole thing, right click and say “view image” to see the whole thing):

Logo #1 (The Ball): Details include the the faces, which are off of the players themselves, the most notable one, The Yaya in the bottom right waiving the Catalan flag; the ball itself is the FCB crest ball.

Logo 1
Logo 1

Here’s a larger version of this one:

Logo1 Large

Logo #2: A stylistic approach, with both the full banner and the attendant smaller logo for use in other situations (Twitter, Facebook, etc). Please right click and view image to see the full size.

Logo 3
Logo 2

The logo:

Logo 3 smaller
Logo 2 smaller

Logo #3: A re-creation of the FCB’s fan-related look, using the stands of the Camp Nou during the Clásico as inspiration:

Logo #4
Logo 3

Logo #4: A blog-based concept using elements from the club crest.

Logo 5
Logo 4

The same in white:

Logo 5 in white
Logo 4 in white

So now the voting:

[polldaddy poll=2350213]

Obviously thank you so much to all the contributors, whether or not they made this final cut. Several of the decisions were hard to make. Either tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll have the fabulous joke banners up.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater New York City area with his wife and daughter.


    1. btw…if you were selling the mouses (yes because mice is the plural of the living creature) in #4 I’d SOOOO buy one, lol.

  1. Barcaloco ( has a similar ball-type logo which is a shame, because I really like #1!

  2. No. 2
    Kevin said that the socio cards have the three cups printed on the back, I think that would make a great background.

    1. Yes. It shows you five, but the club is calling it the card of the three cups, referencing the big ones (Copa, Lliga, Europe). So there.

  3. I don’t mind the design. It’s the excellent content that makes me return every day. 😉

  4. Hahahaha I was the one asking for this post and my banners didn’t even make it XD, oh well there still the joke ones….

    The 1st one’s faces are funny haha but damn the 2nd one is nice! The third one is a good idea… Really well done….good job all those who made it here.
    I would vote the 2nd for banner and the 1st for the logo…

  5. I like #2 very much but the concepts of #1 is very good. If #1 can be developed a little bit further, it would be awesome.

  6. I always thought that I was the only Justin here. Stupid of me to think that considering I always had more than 2 Justins in all my classes in High School. Changing my name now.

    Anyway, I’m loving the 2nd one, though I don’t like how the letters “BFB” aren’t aligned. Kills my OC-ness. It gets my vote though.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.
      Glad I’m not completely crazy, because when I originally exported the file I thought the same thing. However, looking at the path alignments in illustrator I can assure you they are in fact aligned (as in vector/mathematically perfect on the same path, top and bottom).

      I think the layering is just making our brains trick us, which is interesting.

      Anyways if the design is actually chosen I’ll give it one last “polish” before it goes live. No reason to spend an hour or so tweaking spacings and details that, for the most part, go un-noticed. Especially if nobody likes the concept to begin with!

    2. Offside days, eklavya. We’ve talked before in previous liveblogs and the most recent one, I think, during El Clasico.

    3. Yeah, you’re the guy who always appears when matches are on but somehow isn’t here when the tacticts are being disscussed. Or that’s just me 🙂

  7. To cut in with a bit of news/rumor:

    –Looks like Henry is going to top the inaugural Castrol player rankings, which I am sure will rankle the bejeezus out of many here. 😀

    –The rumors linking Cuddly Toy and Arsenal will not go away. Sport noted the other day that Krkic doesn’t want a loan; that if he goes, he wants a for-real transfer.

    –Is Keirrison coming back? Benfica don’t seem to want him, having settled on their strike partnership. So why waste the roster spot?

    An entirely different bit of buzz says that everything is fine, and He Who Guardiola Doesn’t Want will be staying where he is.

    The trurh is somwhere in the middle, right?

    1. If Krkic had Walcott’s pace and skill running with the ball, there wouldn’t be any debate about his future with the club. It would be so bright, we’d need shades to watch him play. 😀

  8. More news:

    Milito is in the list of players for the Dynamo match! Wow. That’s a totally shocking. Seriously. The thought of Milito making his debut in such an important match is mind-boggling, though given that Chygrynskiy is also traveling with the team, it is probably for moral support during a massive, massive match that he’s being taken along rather than as part of the match plans.

    Still, awesome! Maybe we’ll see him against Espanyol on Saturday!

    1. I was just going to post the Milito news. My guess is that he returns with a “For Sale” tag around his neck. More than a few teams will be watching. There is pre-existing interest already from Zaragoza.

      But I just don’t see us keeping him for one second past the end of this season. Muniesa will be ready for more time, as will Botia. There is also the potential return of Adriano (still not Henrique to me).

      I could see Milito getting some time if we lay 2 or 3 goals on them, and the issue isn’t in any way in doubt.

    2. Love Gabi among our mopheaded defenders and hope we see him soon. If there’s any truth that he might go back to Z. w/ Diego in the Serie A, well, I’d rather not have Reyes at casa Milito, we’ll just put it that way.

  9. number 2 all the way! although I honestly thought they were all pretty darn good.

    In regards to the rumors, a swap involving Cesc and Bojan would be very interesting… I bet that’s the next rumor to start.

    1. All kinds of rumors floating around, including that we’re looking at this young DM, Abdou Traore, who currently plays for Bordeaux in Ligue 1.

      Of course, along with that rumor is the one that The Yaya is leaving, which we now know is nonsense. I love how Txiki dealt with that, by the by. And The Yaya manned up and said “I’m cool. Let’s play football.”

      As I said the first time Krkic’s name came up linked to Arsenal, I’d toss him into a Fabregas deal in two seconds. But given the size of the Premiership defenders, I just don’t see Wenger going for a player that Rio Ferdinand can hang from the rear-view mirror of his car.

    2. you heard it first here.
      second logo is pretty awesome. what’s up with the top of the “F” though? is there a reason for that? and will this affect the little image i use as a bookmark? i hope so!

    3. “player that Rio Ferdinand can hang from the rear-view mirror of his car” haha that made me chuckle. Honestly, I feel bad for Bojan, it’s just so strange how he has lost so much of the momentum he had coming into this season, and how Pedro! (deservedly so) is playing so much better than him. A sad tale, but ‘them’s the breaks’.

      ok, now I’m going to start a monster of a rumor: kerrison and bojan to go to arsenal for cesc plus 20 million euro. oh and we’ll throw in hleb free of charge.

    4. Aggression matters. Don’t forget that height-wise, P! and CT are the same. They aren’t that far off in weight, either. I do think that P! might be quicker than CT, but that doesn’t explain the difference in how they have developed. They do share the same quality of being easily bundled off the ball by a grownup, but P! moves in a way that precludes that possibility. And he’s always looking to shoot. Krkic moves like a striker who thinks that he’s bigger than he is, and wants to walk the ball into the net.

      In many ways, I still think that coming up too soon messed up Krkic’s development in a potentially fatal (for us) way.

      Hleb. That was a loan, right? What happens at the end of it, because there’s no way his ass is coming back, right? And I’m not sure that Stuttgart is all that enamored of him.

    5. I totally agree, honestly I’m sure Messi isn’t much taller than Bojan, but it’s all about the anticipation to attack. Right now Pedro! has got that in spades, and he is like an energizer bunny out there. I’ve said before, I’m hopeful he matures into a real ‘threat’, possibly becoming the permanent third point in our attacking trident. I had my doubts about him at first, but you can’t argue with goals and assists.

      and yeah Hleb was a loan, and i think WE still pay his salary somehow. we need to drop him like a bad habit. add that to the list of great things about this season. never having to see a lost wandering Hleb come onto the pitch at the 71st minute.

    6. i agree that the boje has plateaued recently and that his future seems uncertain, but its also unfair to compare him to pedro. pedro has 3 years of hope in the athletic squad, dying to make it to the big time. the boje went straight in at 17 years old, i think hes gotten a bit complacent, tack on less playing time which eventually led to lack of confidence and then the resulting dip in form.

      hes a tiny little guy, i saw him at a regal barcelona basquet match in november and hes… small. but we all know what other small dudes can do, i’m really not sure what to make of him, but he certainly isn’t exciting me that much. i hope he can pull it together, get his body weight up a bit and show some real fire on the pitch. but i’m not sure i’ll be able to shake the feeling that hes destined to be sold before he hits 20, which is just terribly unfair to him. he should still be playing with barça athletic for a couple more seasons, just like pedro.

  10. The Ibrahimovic view on friendlies when a country isn’t going to the Cup:

    “I would waste energy for nothing and make a useless sacrifice,” Ibrahimovic said. “I would rather spare my body. There are so many matches for Barcelona coming up and there’s so much I have to worry about.” But the 28-year-old forward doesn’t exclude a comeback. “I do not know what will happen in the future,” Ibrahimovic said. “We will have to see what happens next year.”

  11. logo #2 looks really cool. All the rest are nice though.

    what about the motto (lema)? 😉


    mine: henry makes the nicest runs … just kidding

  12. Logo 2 all the way.
    1) For the logo, try to change the position of the guy and the ball a bit lower from the F foot and the secong B and see how it looks. (Then may be we can play a game between the guy in your blog logo and the guy thats in my blog logo 😀 )

    2) For the banner, I am not sure about the barca logo as it seems to be out of context -from the design angle- If you still want it, may be you photoshop the contrast/transperancy of Barcelona Logo to customize it to the rest of the colors. Alco I think if you rotate it a bit it will look nicer with the whole banner structure, it looks so flat this way.

  13. Logo 2 (especially the small one)by a whisker. They should all be used somewhere on the blog though, Like #1 for player ratings, #4 for Comments, #3 for Live blog, etc. Nice work all!

    1. yeah….
      I think the 2nd should be the banner and the 1st the logo, but your idea is good too….

      Cant wait too see the joke ones….

  14. can somoeone explain the situation in our CL group? as in, who needs to do what to qualify.,..

    1. Barca 8pts
      Inter 6pts
      Rubin 6pts
      Dynamo 5pts

      If Rubin v Inter is a draw

      Inter/Rubin = 7pts, Barca 8pts so win or lose to Dyanamo we go through. A draw of 1-1 or 0-0 sees Inter with advantage 2-2 or more sees Rubin with advantage.

      Inter or Rubin win Inter or Rubin = 9pts and is assured passage. Then the Barca v Dynamo’s result matters.

      Any win puts Barca through.

      Barca loosing without scoring 1-0 also puts us through, loosing 2-0 though will put us out (assuming there was a winner in the Inter/Rubin game). If we score then they must win by 3 goals to put us out. Two peculiarities 1. if we lose 3-1 then it goes to extra time 2. If we draw and (Rubin wins their game we go through 2nd/Inter wins their game we go through first).

      So the only way we go out is if we lose AND someone wins from the Inter/Rubin.

      Inter go home if they lose, draw 2-2 or higher or if they Draw and Dynamo wins.

      Rubin goes home if they lose or draw 0-0 or 1-1, if they draw and Dynamo wins.

      Dynamo goes home if they loose or don’t win by more than 2 goals or 2-0.

      Anyone can go through.

  15. I like #2 and #3, could we do somekind of merge between the two?… just a thought!

    Or maybe a merge between the top 2.

    They all look great, though!

  16. #2 big legible edgy energy.
    Also molts gràcies to bfbfbs on the VV kit ~ UPS says my kiddie’s jersey is somewhere over Jersey as I reply.
    Yaya’s a stallion, Henry is a racehorse and Busi’s a colt; Ibra + Messi are titans; Laporta’s a billionaire buffoon & Pep, a mad scientist.
    Phipha Goddess of Phootball ought thunderbolt Fifi’s safe-deposit box; reconvene Capelli; anoint Iker capitan over Kaká, Xabi, Sergio & Higuaín; and shipwreck the rest on some Iberian isle. EE today is personality-disordered and its disturbing. I want a real royal rivalry.
    I’d rather play on a snowy pitch than shovel my snowed-in driveway, but I’ll do the second today and enjoy the first via the blaugrana pasamañana.

    1. I’m going to be shoveling my ass off as well, SoccerMom. They’re predicting 6-10″ for us. Rock.

      But it’s winter, so bring it. There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.

    2. Wow.. my head started aching just trying to understand what you wrote.. I thought the site’s main language was English! 😀

    1. I actually saw different iterations of this a while ago and linked them back during The Offside days. Didn’t know people still used Adium, but then again I’m not a Mac user at all.

  17. Completely off topic, but: Anyone else excited (as a neutral) about the Bayern v. Juventus match?

    1. I’m excited about it, but mainly because it means my one friend (Bayern Fan) will stop mouthing off about it with my other friend (Juve fan).

      Anyways, I’ll take Juventus in a December game in Turin any day all day.

    2. I was excited about the 1st leg a lot but it wasn’t very exciting in the end so no I’m not that much excited to put it blantly.

    3. The stakes are much higher this time around, though, with Bayern needing a win to advance to the next round. This is, in effect, a knock out match in Turin. Expect Bayern to come out firing.

    4. i think there’s a john here now that actually is cule…but there is also our old friend madridista john…i need less generic screen names please, i’m confused.

  18. It’s us vs EE for WPOY award


    Andres Iniesta
    Lionel Messi
    Thong Boy
    Xavi Hernandez

  19. Well I can’t vote, but I like no. 3 a whole lot. Figure out a spot to put the site name, and bang-o.

    We would never sell CT for 8m. Problem is thatwe can’t send him to the B team now, because he’s a first-teamer in his head, even if he isn’t playing. Arsenal is lso really looking for someone, because it’s looking as if Eduardo isn’t going to be anything like what he was.

    1. actually i like them all, for different reasons, but i like 2 and 3 simply for the shape/dimensions, they are better as banners.

  20. Love #3 as a banner (although the middle line in the F is a bit long), but the logo on #2 is nice.

  21. Does anyone else find a lovely symmetry in our Depor win? The last time we won at the Riazor, Giuly (by the by, the only player whose jersey I have) popped in the winner.

    This time out P!, the new Giuly, was the difference maker in the winning goal. Very cool.

    1. That’s a nice little bit of “make the situation work for you” but it is telling about how hard it is to win at the Riazor.

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