Um …. wow …. erm …. damn, Zlatan

For no other reason than this video needs to be preserved on this blog, for-freakin-EVAH!

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By Kxevin

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  1. Ridiculous, he probably could have been the karate kid OR a ballet dancer but instead he BANGS in goals!

  2. That shit was EPIC. Ref did not need to blow his whistle, he was just blown away and didnt know what else to do bc he didnt know if it was legal or not.

    1. Yeah, there was no dangerous play, even though his foot was at (tiny player) head height, it cleared both by a very safe margin. That pass deserved to be played if for historical purposes alone! Oh well…still wow.

  3. What’s the average height of players in La Liga? Like 5’2″ lol. Ibra looks like a grown man playing with a bunch of kids at times.

  4. *
    1:32 – the closest i will ever come to seeing yaya naked

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