Dilluns, Dilluns – Sometimes it just turns out that way

It’s been a busy, busy Monday at the Blaugrana Corporation.

It started off with an official team photo, in the cold at Camp Nou, with Alves as the resident clown trying to invoke the best smiles out of everyone:


Oh my – don’t our boys scrub up well?  Bonus Abidal sighting!  Funny how most of them can’t fix their own ties.

The team then took to the Mini Estadi for the practice session before tomorrow’s trip to the Basque Country.


Messi then glammed up to attend Marca’s Awards Ceremony where former Barcelona player and 1960 Ballon D’Or winner, Luis Suárez, slapped him on the cheek and presented him with the Golden Shoe for his last season’s record 50 Liga goals:


Marca also did something very cute when they also gave Messi a miniature Golden Shoe for the about-to-be-born Mini-Me(ssi) – a.k.a. Thiago, who, if he is born tomorrow may also get the name Diego. Dios Doble.

The investment into the next Messi has already started

Today also marks 10 years since Iniesta first stepped onto the pitch as a young Senior player:

Balling in Bruges

Doth spake Iniesta: “I felt very comfortable that day. There were a lot of B team players who went on the trip, because we had already got through to the next round.  It’s a dream to make your first team debut – thank you Van Gaal. I’d been training with them since the start of the season and I think I played a decent game”.

Shock! Horror!  Messi to miss a game!

Our #10, together with Valdès, Alba, Xavi and Pedro, will not be travelling to Vitoria to play Segunda B side Alavès in the first Copa del Rey match for the season.  Does this mean that we’ll see an Alexis – Villa – Tello attack, or will Tito have another surprise to foist upon us?

Barça leaves Barcelona around 11am tomorrow (Tuesday) to play at 10pm.  Tito has already given his approval to the Alavès pitch, saying that it is a “good field”.

Players travelling are:  Pinto, Oier, Montoya, Alves, Bartra, Mascherano, Adriano, Busquets, Song, Dos Santos, S.Roberto, Cesc, Iniesta, Alexis, Villa and Tello.

5 Blaugrana players are listed among the 23 players on the extended Ballon D’Or list:  Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Piqué and Busquets.

The full list is: Aguero, Balotelli, Benzema, Buffon, Busquets, Casillas, Drogba, Falcao, Ibrahimovic, Iniesta, Messi, Neuer, Neymar, Oezil, Piqué, Pirlo, Ramos, Ronaldo, Rooney, Touré, Van Persie, Xabi Alonso and Xavi.

Pep Guardiola is also one of the 10 finalists for Football Manager of the Year, along with Del Bosque, Di Matteo, Sir Alex, Jupp Heynckes, Juergen Klopp, Jogi Loew, Roberto Mancini, Mourinho and Prandelli.

Barcelona B player, Gerard Deulofeu, also made it onto the Finalist List for the Golden Boy Award, which you can vote for here: Tuttosport (although the real voting is done by 30 sports journalists.)

Under the guise of “wanting to improve on our services to you and better transparency”, FC Barcelona socis are being asked to complete a club census to increase the amount of information that the club will know about each of its members.

Upon filling out the online form, we were greeted with this list of employment options: Hot ones only
Now – which one did I select?

Finally – to all of you in Sandy’s path:  stay safe and dry.


  1. Meanwhile, NBC is the Premiership’s new home. An excellent story is here:


    What does it all mean? We shall see soon enough. Clearly the Peacock wants football in the worst way, as it outbid Fox by a factor of 3. Note the number of games that will be shown LIVE on the network channel, rather than the cable-only NBC Sports, or other outlets.

    It also means that finding Prem matches will be a bit of a hassle as, continuing a trend it established with its Olympic coverage, NBC will be using ALL of its outlets, including MSNBC and CNBC, during very busy league periods, to ensure that it can show as much live content as possible. Wow.

    1. Although I like the idea of NBC having the games on their non-cable channels I can’t help feeling bad for FSC. Say what you will about their pundits, FSC has been THE leader in bringing football global in the U.S. They were clearly visionary in seeing the global transition of “soccer” to the States. They brought us more games and competitions than any other broadcaster. I feel for their survival after reading the article you posted. The article is right when speculating that beINsport will gain more appeal and that will mark the downfall of FSC. Sad really. I can’t believe in this day and age that FSC didn’t know that NBC was putting together a very tough bid. Maybe they were relying on their history and relationship with the PL to see them through the bidding process. In the end, money talks. 🙁

  2. Those suits make them look like public schoolboys. Especially Mascherano, for some reason.

    And yay for Busquets being included in the list for the Ballon d’Or! About time he got the recognition he deserves.

    And as I said on twitter, cules must be the only fans who get mad when one of their players is *on* the Ballon d’Or list! People are already complaining about Pique being on there.

    1. I don’t know what’s going on in the Twitter verse but the more Barça players the better. But Pique had a below par season. So I don’t really think he deserves it.

      A 4 week 6 match tournament doesn’t define the whole season. I always rate a player by his consistency. I remember a player called Pini Zahivic I think. Great Euro 2000 but just had a good run of games at the Euros. There are many other examples but I just can’t think of any atm.

    2. If you went by consistency only, then some of those other players shouldn’t be there too. 🙂

      You have to remember who is voting for these people – football managers and national team captains from around the world.

      Most of them wouldn’t know who were the best players in a season because a lot of them wouldn’t be seeing all the games being played.

      Their location on Earth means that some will only get to see certain leagues – mainly EPL which seems to have the biggest market share.

      Some of them will vote for countrymen and some will vote for their idols, or people who they admire and who play in their positions on the pitch.

      The Euro competition this year would also have helped some of those players to be nominated – 8 out of 23 are from the Spanish squad and 3 are Italians.

      The rest consists of a sprinkling of stars from the major leagues and some African and South American reps.

      Happy-chance proportional demographics, or a result of swayed voting?

      The published results from last year showed some laughable results. Some managers and captains voted identically and, in some cases, for obscure players. Who did fill out their forms? 🙂

      We just have to hope that the results aren’t diluted enough to prevent the most deserved player from winning the damn thing!

  3. -I was watching that match. Ivanovic was a
    straight red no doubt. But the Torres 2nd
    yellow was a mistake. I reckon it was more
    due to the recent attention to diving that
    made Clattenburg be happy to punish a
    player for diving.

    Now that diving is a hot topic, referees
    seem to not give the players (fouled
    players) any benefit of doubt.

    -This Chelsea team is far more subdued compared to those in the Mourinho era who surrounded the referee for every decision against them, in every match. They used to be bullies.

    -In the few matches that I’ve watched Man
    Utd play, I must say that Rafael da Silva is
    one hell of a dirty player. Thought so a few
    years back and still is. I thought that he
    would’ve matured by now but he is still
    reckless and dirty.

  4. I’m quite gutted that there are not more B players selected.. Was hoping to see Rafinha in action. I guess Tito is the same as Pep in handling the Copa matches.

    How many B team players are allowed in a match? There is a limit if I recall correctly. 5 if I’m not mistaken.

    If it really is 5 then Tello, S. Roberto, Rafinha, Ilie , Dongoo and Geri should fight for the 5 spots.

    We’re not in the semi final order final sonwe can definitely give the youngsters more play time.

    Song had to play at DM or CB. Which ever Totowa feels should be the position for him in the long run. Song needs to feel comfortable first in 1 position before they trying him out elsewhere.
    Villa and Alexis needs goals.

  5. Nzm, Blitzen, Jnice and whoever is following Barça B. Can you guys help me? What is happening with Espinosa? I haven’t been following the Barça B news in months and he wasn’t even in the line up in their last match?

    Injured or dropped?

    But even he hardly featured last season. Did he regress or he just didn’t fit into Eusobio’s plans?
    I’ve always been impressed with him 2-3 seasons ago. Not so in this pre season though.

    1. If he gets time, it’s as a sub around the 75th minute of the games – like recently in both 3-0 wins against Sporting and Hercules.

      Eusebio doesn’t seem that enamoured with him, for some reason. He’s just turned 20 too, so I imagine that if it’s not going to happen for him in the next season or two, he’ll start looking elsewhere for more match time.

  6. NZM, Thanks for putting this thread together! Much appreciated. I’m so glad you joined the BFB team!

  7. How in the HELL does Puyol NOT know how to tie a tie by now! C’mon! LMAO. He had to give it to Pique to do it. Same with Cesc although to be fair I only saw Villa helping him out with his collar. I had to wear ties when I played sports in Junior High School!

    1. Hahaha. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t know how to tie his tie. He did go to the Fifa gala in shorts and a t-shirt holding the CL trophy once but this time it might just be his elbow injury not giving him full mobility.

    1. As long as everybody understands that NZM is m babe, anybody can assign any title in the world to all the lovely ladies here.

  8. We have to be very careful about perceptions here. Just because Pique got benched by Pep frequently because Pep didn’t like his extra-curricular activities doesn’t mean that the guy actually had a bad season. All players need consistent minutes to perform at their best, but Pique wasn’t getting them. He didn’t just become good at the euros all of a sudden. Pep simply preferred Mascherano. He had his reasons, but this season we can all see that Pique is clearly better.

    It reminds me of how many dismissed the Yaya as being off form in his last season with us. He wasn’t. He just got the same treatment as Pique. Having the coach’s confidence plus minutes is very important for most players. Not only is the Yaya on the ballon d’or list, he has been one of the most outstanding players in the premier league the last two seasons.

  9. Am i the only one noticing how Dani Alves seems a little disconnected from the others? Maybe i’m reading too much into his body language but, it seems he hasn’t been his bubbly self for a while now 🙁

  10. haha! all are looking superb.but they took that much time for getting ready for only those few moments.Also congrats to Messi for the golden boot

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