News of the Day: December 1, 2009

Today’s news, in brief:

-The next round of the Copa del Rey has been announced and the draw has pitted us against Sevilla in what will no doubt be a massive test. The first leg is in the Camp Nou and the second at the Sanchez Pizjuan, making it all the harder for us to progress. Not only that, though, but the winner, according to Sport, will go on to face the winner of the other mega clash in the round: ValenciaDepor. Wow. Real Madrid are, of course, facing Racing Santander after ther routine win over Alcorcon–waaaait.

Rafa Márquez renewed his contract with Barça on Monday, extending his stay with the club until 2012 and keeping his buyout clause at €100million. Whatever the other details of the deal, it appears that Guardiola trusts Rafa to return to the highest level and stay there for two more years; I think that means we too should trust him to do so. It does, however, bring into question Gabi Milito’s future at the club as he is our fifth CB.

-Speaking of, Gabi Milito has been given the medical all clear to begin playing again, just 581 days after his injury. He should be fairly fresh for his next match, though he was not included in the squad list for the trip to Xerez. Welcome back, Gabi!

-The squad list for Xerez: Valdés, Pinto, Abidal, Alves, Maxwell, Puyol, Chygtronic, Márquez, The Yaya, Xavi, Don Andres, Bojan, Pedro!, Jeffren, JDS, Henry, Keiteeeee, Messi, Ibra. My preview of the match will be up later this afternoon, but for now note the absences of Pique, Milito, and of course Busi and the inclusion of JDS and Chygnasty.

-This is so low on the list because I think MVP awards are straight up meaningless and stupid: Lionel Messi has won the Balon D’Or! Yay! He received the highest vote total in the history of the award (473 out of 480) and absolutely trouncing second placed Crydoodoopants. Did I really just write that? Jesus, I’m immature. Xavi came in third, Andres Iniesta came in fourth, and Samuel Eto’o came in fifth, to prove that winning team titles means you’re automatically the most valuable players in the world. Unless Florention Perez buys you for an excessive amount, of course, then you’re the second best. I do not like subjective individual awards in team sports, if you hadn’t noticed.

-If you missed the news yesterday, I’ve officially joined the 19th century by getting on Xbox Live with FIFA10. My gamertag is rockofthune; you should feel free to add me and then get psyched for a game with your blogging idol (that’d be me). I’m so awesome at video games that my skills were once compared to those of a mentally-challenged shellfish by a few friends. You have no chance to survive, make your time.

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By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Forget Fifa….get yourself some Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Now that my friend is what Xbox Live is for…

      why is everyone on the xbox? the ps3 is affordable now since the slim came out…

    2. Whoops! Despite my talking I don’t have a PS3. I only have the PS2 and I have to get “better” marks if I want to dream about the PS3….sighhh….

    3. PS3 ALL THE WAY. Blue ray, better graphics, games play better and oh ya, SONY DOESN’T CHARGE FOR ONLINE GAMING! TAKE THAT MICROSOFT! But yes Modern Warfare is pretty epic, though Fifa10 is by far the best Fifa ever produced, it is EPIC.

    4. The graphics are the same. 360 has better lightning but the PS3 has sharper textures. Xbox also has a better graphics card but thats on HD while PS3’s is on Blue-ray. The graphics are the same really but the obvious choice is PS3 of course, its the futur….

  2. great news for messi, as subjective as it may be, it’s an amazing accomplishment and it looks great for Barca to have 4 out of the top 5 players!

    also wonderful news for Gabi, we will now have a lot of center backs, i wonder how that will work with rotations and what not.

    I think we will be Sevilla’s first major challenge. I know they beat the tar out of E.E. but come on, the E.E. isn’t a serious “challenge” right?

    1. I know I was kidding, mostly.

      However, I think it was almost unanimous that Sunday was Madrid’s best game of the season. And I recall Iker really being the only one for Madrid showing some talent against Sevilla.

    2. We’ll have to wait and see, of course. I was brainstorming places to play him and I just don’t know where. He’s fully healthy in FIFA10 and I’m playing him regularly, that’s for sure.

      And I’m as good as Guardiola.

  3. FIFA 10 allows you to live vicariously through a digital version of our beloved blaugrana. Which is even worse than living vicariously through the team itself.

    In reality, I do both.

  4. For winning the FIFA 10 tournament at my school last week, I got a t-shirt, a FIFA 10 scarf(LOL), and the game. You would figure that the winner of the tournament would already have the game, no?

  5. In our last two fixtures with Sevilla, we have gotten 6 points, with 2 wins, 0 losses, 0 draws. 7 goals for, 0 against.
    (We whooped their asses the last two times we played them)

    That said, I am genuinely concerned about the 3 upcoming Sevilla matches. They are a really good team. Last year we steamrollered them without blinking, but last year we were firing on all cylinders. This season we are not. There are injuries. There are players out of form. There are too few players for key positions, and too many players for others. So, what we get out of those 3 games, we will work very hard for.

    1. hmmm, I think comparing our performance against them last year is irrelevant, because we are both different teams since then. I think it will be a hard fought battle on both sides. But we don’t really have any injuries right now to speak of, I don’t think are players are out of form (besides messi on his 1-on-1’s). All in all, I think we are a better team than last year. Seeing as we have not even lost a single league game, have dominated in copa. We have faltered a little in champions league, but thats because our competition this year is so hungry to knock us off the top. Last year we were surprising everyone with how amazing we were. Now they know, and they are prepared. So I think we can beat Sevilla, it won’t be pretty though, and we will probably concede some goals. But that’s ok, all that matters is: win baby, win.

    1. oh, I’m not arguing possibility, just difficulty.

      We can on any given day beat any team in the world.

      When we are on, we can DESTROY/HUMILIATE any team in the world.

  6. Sevilla then Valencia? Now who will be our next opponent in the CL after the group stage? I bet its Chelsea.

    The last “Aftonbladet” jokes is what they published based on Very close sources to Barcelona, Ibra and Messi (May be Pep himself?)Ibra and Messi are not talking to each other. Messi feels threatened by Ibra success and well whatever…

    Now there is one thing I am sure of: This Aftonbladet sources are as close to Ibra life as Iniesta to gangsters’ life.

    1. Well then take this one that beats them all:

      La Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Arsene wenger is so determinant to buy Balotelli from Inter. It seems that he splashed 20M on the negotiation table. Inter in the other hand is still not excited about such kind of deals.They “may” reconsider if Cesc was included in a cash+Cesc offer. Which means that both parties may need to wait till summer.

      Let me get my calculator…assuming that Cesc would cost Barca…50M and…Ballote..Damn! It seems that we bought the wrong striker while shopping in Milan last summer.

      Morratti cheated us. We paid 70 M for balotelli but then he sent us that ibra guy instead!

    2. *



      This one is classic:


  7. Well who’d have thunk it? I’m getting a month of Barca TV!! GOD DAMN!!! 😀 :DD.. Still no game live though..

    1. Still the internet came to my rescue.. I was ahead of you after all :P.. We win and it doesn’t matter..

    2. How bad we are, telling the result directly at the end of the game. I think from now and on we have to wait few days without mentioning the result, so you can enjoy watching it.

      But I am sure you already watched the game we played this week (Xerez – Barça), so its safe to talk about it and how nice it is to win 0-4 again.

      Do I sound mean now?:D

  8. “Perhaps the Catalan Authorities should add two more holidays in their calendar – To celebrate St. Carles and St. Victor” – Barca TV..

  9. I think P! is screwed by Fifa10. Its almost impossible for the youngsters to break into the 80s. And whats up with Xavi? They give him no strength on the ball. I mean Bojan can hold off defenders better on that game.

    Anyways, DAMNIT!!!! Why, o WHY do we have to play Sevilla next round?!!! In the Copa del Rey, one does not have to beat the best to be the best, but this year for us will definitely be a challenge. So…if Pep has faith in all our people, including Marquez, then C’mon Busi, Rafa, Milito, Henry! Let’s keep the faith.

  10. Seville. That’s probably impossible.
    Nearly as impossible as playing 90 minutes of keep-away from Mou-Mou’s Inter without Messi or Ibra.
    Or as impossible as tucking away 2 go-ahead points from an all-cylinders-firing No. 1 Real Madrid w/ Kaka and CRonaldo and the always underestimated Higuaín. While down a man for a full half hour.
    Keep the faith, soccerbabies.

    1. Yeah, but it’s not only because they’re awesome~!

      You may have heard ( 😛 ), but Laporta’s term as president ends this season, so the new Barca president obviously wants to make his own mark and not just continue what Laporta’s been doing.

      Think FloFlo and EE but not to THAT extreme (ha! that rhymed!). He literally bought a new team and sold the players that Calderon bought (Robben, Sneijder), to wipe away the remains of the his (Calderon) regime. Why else would he sell Robben, who, along with Higuain, was their match winner? That’s also why Calderon’s been saying Crynaldo was HIS signing, and bragging about it (not that anyone cares). Now I may (probably) am wrong, but I think that’s what’s been happening over at EE (fans of EE are welcome to confirm or deny this! )

      Word on our street is that Sandro Rosell is planning of being the new president. So he doesn’t mess up what’s looking like Dream Team II, Laporta is renewing all the players’ contracts, forcing him to keep the players (why in the world he’d want to sell them is beyond comprehension) and not go insane and buy a new team a la FloFlo. Rosell is also really keen on Fabregas* (hence the Cesc to Barca! He’s definitely coming to Barca! He’s practically already (not) signed campaign in the Catalan newspapers) Me thinks the real reason Pep’s not extending his contract (it expires at the end of this season) is that not only is he working himself to death, but I think he wants to see who’s gonna be in charge.

      No one wants to work for some power-hungry nutcase.

      *Screw Cesc! (no offense, but I already offended you). Don’t get me wrong. I love him and he’s an absolutely MAGNIFICENT player and midfielder and my fav. player on Arsenal, but we really don’t need him. The people who do either a) want control of Barca and is using him the ‘star’ signing or b) want him just because he’s really good and come from the Masia. If he wants to come to Barca (which he doesn’t, not in this stage of his career anyway), then he should say it himself.

      We all know my opinion on who should come to Barca instead (but also probably won’t because he’s loyal). Those gosh-darn lucky Valencia fans, I’m jealous 😛 !

      -Sincerely the David Silva to Barca Campaign manager.

    2. In Valencia later this month and plan on doing some Silva stalking @ the Mestalla. Will pass your message along!

  11. Isaiah and I had a cracking match of FIFA10 Barça v. Barça, the final score was 6-0 I believe lol? He crushed me… or did I crush him… hmmm

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