Liga Liveblog: El Clasico

Do it and do it wild style:

By Isaiah

Isaiah is a co-founder and lead writer for Barcelona Football Blog. He currently lives in the greater Philadelphia area.


  1. Fantastic game from the back 4, simply incredible last ditch tackling and covering in the face of the attacking pace and guile.

  2. Wow, Puyol was definitely our Man of the Match!!!

    Can’t describe his performance with words, I’m still too excited 😀

    Visca el Barca

  3. Fucking awesome. I couldn’t be doing the liveblog thing during such an important match because I was too nervous.

    Ibra’s finish was the awesomeness.
    Puyol was a deity.
    Pique owned Ronaldo.
    Valdes was fantastic whenever anything got past.
    Busquets was a stinking pile of shit. (AS PER USUAL) I hate to say.

    1. i don’t even remember what happened, next thing i know i wake up next to this strange guy whose name is miguel and he tells us we eloped. clearly i was knocked out through that whole game

    2. tells me***** i’m still recovering from those 90 mins ok grammar part of my brain slowly repairing

  4. I have never seen our defense play so incredible, for 90 minutes straight. they won the game for us. Messi had an epic fail, dont know what is up with him as he keeps doing that, but damn what a finish by IBRA! He was absurd to control that pass so well and put it in, yes it was an amazing cross, but without the unbelievable skill that he has, most other players would have missed that. VISCA EL BARCA!!!

    1. Agree competely. I’m enjoying this victory the more I relish it. Yeah we alsways want to destroy RM offensively, but this is satisfying in a whole nother way. The most awesome defense in a game I have seen.

    2. Messi was very mixed. Some of what he did, I thought, YES. But he lived up to his criticisms so completely. He couldn’t finish one on one, he held the ball too long. His involvement, at times, was great. He, Xavi, and Iniesta, after we went a man down, were critical players in the possession and foul-drawing game that helped us win. But I just don’t know what was up with Messi, or what’s been up with him.

      Puyol stole my heart.

  5. Carles Puyol: Man or Machine?

    easily CaveMan of the Match. it’s performances like that that force me to think he’s worth putting in the starting lineup for the Clasico until he’s using a walker. putting his life on the line for every challenge. i love him.

    1. Football (the American type) fans could watch this game and know the value of a guy like Puyol. The most exciting moments in the game were his clutch tackles. Even before we went one up, he was, as Kevin would say, the beating heart of Barcelona FC. You just can’t reproduce the amazement that his shutdowns produced.

  6. I’m Ashamed I ever doubted Ibra! I love him..

    LEADERS again.. loving it.. I didn’t think we’d win at Halftime..

    Puyol and VV Men OTM.. Valdes deserves a callup.. Alves stepped and produced 2 or 3 amazing crosses after playing like shit for long periods.. Busi did ok, he didn’t deserve to go off after only two challenges.. Loved the way we shut them down after being down for the last 20 minutes or so..

    Usain must’ve been proud at how fast FloFlo ‘Bolt’ed.. Credit to Madrid and Kaka they really gave us more than a run for our money..

    Two fantastic results! Two clean sheets! I’m in heaven.. And now I don’t envy Kxevin.. I couldn’t have survived at the Camp Nou.. I had atleast 3 Heart Attacks and Strokes during the match!

    Visca Barca!

    1. *not 2 challenges, a yellow for handball when a player is already cautioned (with not many fouls) is harsh IMO..

    1. I thought Busquets was not terrible. He had some bad moments (did anyone see that spin move??), and we’ve seen better. The second yellow was just stupid. He did have some moments, though, where he was drawing fouls and imposing himself on the game like we all want him to do.

      But I was thinking the whole time about an old, old game I saw on Barca TV featuring a young Xavi Hernandez, and remembering how un-influential he was in that game. I was thinking about the Xavi’s role in those games, and looking at what Busquets was doing then. If Pep says “Busquets is just a kid,” and trusting him like he does, I trust Pep. Xavi is his heir, and Pep sees that. Perhaps he also sees in Busquets something we don’t.

  7. fact – titi leaves and we score (¿what the hell has the guy done to earn a starting role? anyobody please answer) 🙁

    puyi/valdes MVP that is too bad

    1. For once I agree. I think starting Pedro! and putting Messi in the middle to play a proper false-9 would have created a much better game for us.

  8. Whats up with Messi not capitalizing on his one-on-one chances these days? Beginning to get a little worried.

  9. Messi played brilliantly except for the one-on-one miss. I don’t understand the criticism against him. Especially when Busquets was sent off, it was really heartening to see him defend in his own half. He was a constant threat going forward. A couple of times he could’ve passed instead of running straight ahead, but it’s no big deal in the larger scheme of things. He was our third best player today behind Puyol and Pique.

    1. Yap, I gotta agree. And one shouldn’t forget that Messi has been constantly fouled and tackled by two or more players. If he scored that goal in 89th min, he might have been Man of the Match (for the Catalan newspapers, not for us yet).

      I’m not worried about Messi’s performance. Plus, Crynaldo didn’t use his one on one chance either. So shall we start questioning their talent?…

    2. I disagree. Messi had some flashes of brilliance, but in all those moments, he was doing something that is not his job. Usually, it was possession. I can’t think of one instance in which he created (or created an opportunity to create) an opportunity, and he definitely did not put awsy his chances…and that’s really his job. In general, he did not wreak havoc more than any other player that at one point or another ran into or around the box.

      Somebody said awhile ago that Messi’s future was in the midfield, and I definitely saw it today. As I said, he had flashes of brilliance, and they were all in moments in which he pulled the team out of very tightly-tied knots. He showed me why he, Xavi, and Iniesta are put in the same category sometimes. When he did pass (not enough on “critical” offense), it was pure class.

      Overall, I could say that about the whole team…how many times was one player surrounded by three or four EE players, and like magic, more Barca players appeared and we got the ball somewhere else under our control? The string-pulling we did today was absolutely beautiful, even if we didn’t threaten the goal constantly. This year we definitely have a different team.

  10. *–talking-with-the-enemy

    read the comments for many fine lols

  11. How many shots did RM actually get through to Valdes? Passes that went long excluded. I can only think of one, and it rolled right to him.

    And what were people’s thoughts on the Busquets cards? I thought the first one was very questionable, and the second one might’ve been, but I didn’t get a good look at it. I knew the first one was coming as soon as it happened though, after the yellow Lass got.

  12. Lets not blame anyone. I was annoyed at Busi and he deserved to go but it was a spur of the moment decision to handle. Didn’t think he was bad otherwise for such a big game. For me the team gets a 10 for sheer effort. (Sorry, didn’t mean to influence the review!)

    Best for me ( apart from Puyol) were Xavi, Iniesta and Messi. How do they keep the ball? When we went down to 10 they just took over.

  13. diarra should be out of the football fields for-fucking-ever, for the sake of the beauty of the sport.

    1. Whoa, now. I think Lass is one of the most skillful players the EE has. That he wears “10” is quite telling. He impressed the hell out of me in the 2-6 clasico.

      Okay, he gave up the third goal…but I’m always impressed by Lass if I’m impressed with anyone on the other side.

  14. Pelligrini says “Madrid were superior in every way”… riiiiiiiigggght. Does superior in every way include finishing your chances? You can take that shit and run with it, Manuel.

    As for Busquets, that 2nd yellow was definitely deserved. I was so mad with him because that red fucked us for awhile. And Yaya was warming up to go in for Busi too.

    Also, I was pissed Messi didn’t make it 2-0, but he had an outstanding game IMO. Held the ball extremely well and had some beautiful moments.

    Pique and especially Puyol…. beasts. Victor Veeezy as well. He should at least be 3rd keeper for Spain.

    And I think Marca is claiming Cristiano should have gotten a pk, if so, then that is ridiculous.

    1. Marca is grinding their teeth on this victory, as is to be expected:

      -Ibra did not forgive, going through on a tight (but still legal) non-offside play.
      -Madrid claim there was a PK on Barca.
      -First and foremost: Real Madrid has never played better!

  15. i blame Pep a bit for waiting so long to put Yaya on for Busquets after he picked up his 1st yellow and looked as though he could get another at any time. if we’re looking to assign criticism. with a full 11 i think we could have gone for a 2nd or 3rd goal.

    1. To be fair, Yaya was warming up and was probably about a couple of mins from coming in.

      Busquets needs to chill out with his little tricks in the midfield, though.

  16. Well personally I am happy to hear that many Madrid fans think they’ve played their best game thus far (they’d know better than me).

    Personally if we can play without starting Ibra or Yaya and while Real Madrid are playing their best game yet and STILL BEAT THEM, then we have the potential to be champions.

  17. Well guys, madridistas believed they had the “better chances” when we beat them 2-0 at the camp nou last year too.Even though they parked the bus and did fuck all.

  18. Its been said, it will keep being said: Puyol is a man-beast, and should get the credit for this win. Man of the Match hands down, not a doubt in my mind. Puyol was a mad-man out there. He was everywhere.

    Ibra is a stud. He does what he gets paid to do. Period. Crynaldo did nothing for 65 minutes. Ibra won his first clasico in 5! you you like them apples?

    Busi played well until he was very harshly sent off.

    If that is a yellow, Diarra shoulda have been off in the first half.

    I’m so happy, i could keep analyzing, but I’d rather go drink!

    Visca el Barca!

    1. in hindsight Pedro! shoulda started over Henry… Henry was fucking lazy today. Without Ibra, we don’t win this game…

  19. Ok guys, fantastic win but it’s time to think about what we are going to do on the left wing. If titi can’t get up for a big game like el Classico, then what does he really have left in the tank?this season may depend on one thing, is P! ready to be our full time guy out there or do we pay for a Silva/ Suarez. If we can figure that out, we have a real shot at big thins again this year.

    Busi will be a big factor come January, as he will most likely start 5/6 games in a row, so give him a bit more time before we go into panic mode.

    Yes Messi missed a glorius opportunity late on, but his impact goes beyond the stat sheet. He was manmarked by 2-3 EE players at all times, and at least 4 of thier cards were because of fouls on our beautiful #10.

    I am very happy with the puyol situation at the moment, it is remenicent of how the Yankees are with Mariano Rivera, some were skeptical about extending thy old man, but the Yankees did, and he played a huge part of thier post season glory. Well el capitan proved the nay sayers wrong again by showing that his extention was the right move.

    Finally, I think we need to give Kaka some due, he is clearly the most dangerous player Madrid has, and we will need to adjust for future games. I have a feelin we may have 2 games left in the bernabau, one will be the return match an the other will hopefully be sometime in late may.

    1. To take the Puyol/baseball analogy further, is it just a coincidence that he shares the last name with the best baseball player in the world right now? Albert Pujols.

    2. Wouldn’t it be absolutely sensational if that game was against Madrid? I’d prefer someone else to rip them a new one and perhaps get Sevilla or Chelsea but Madrid would fantastic :D.

    3. I have a feeling we have 3 matches more in Madrid. Against EE in the semifinals, against EE in the league, and against someone else in the final.

  20. Iniesta explicó al término del duelo por qué mandó callar a Cristiano Ronaldo: “Me dijo que no me tirara y le dije que se callara, porque él no es el más indicado para hablar de eso”, indicó.

    this is under Iniesta explica por qué mandó callar a Cristiano Ronaldo on el mundo..

    And it means:
    he told me not to dive, and i told him to shut up, because he is not the most suitable person to speak of this
    iniesta on why he told CR to shut up

    1. I had never seen Andres argue with anyone in my life and I’m one of his bigger fans, I always watch his games closely. Same thing happened with Xavi in last CL’s final. Crynaldo always brings the worst anyone has lol Ghostface arguing OMFG!!!!!

  21. ex-realmadridista huntelaar w/ a brace to win the game for milan…both in extra time. he came in in extra time. hopefully he gets more minutes. van basten reincarnate. if van basten were dead that is.

  22. Well done. Back to top even when we are not at our best. I think it would have been better if we started Ibra even if not perfectly fit. We had no reference in offense and we invited RM to the game. Yet, it was also clear that Messi was playing more as a striker than Henry he was on the left.

    Puyol is the man of the season, not just the match. That’s what the word LEADER means. Leading by example.

    Busquets was good today, he covered lot of space. The card is another lesson on his way to develop.

    Alves was good and bad. Abidal is still the most reliable guy for his role.

    Pique is the reason why we scored that goal from A to Z. we won the ball, started the offense set up, moved forward toward the box pulling Pepe toward him and releasing Ibra while Ramos -in a stupid behavior- kept monitoring the guy on his left rather than the guy in the box. Without Pique involvement, that wouldn’t have been a goal.

    Keita was also a beast and Messi-Iniesta-Xavi did a brilliant work, especially after the red card.

    Thats the Ibra I’ve been talking about since a long time. Period.

    Drogba-tizing the statement: Not calling Valdes in the national team is a F***** disgrace!

    RM played a great game squeezing the field and putting pressure on our Midfields. Credit to them as well.

    1. one tactical question mark.. with no one playing on the right flank, it was all upon Alves to do all the work from defense to offence which left alot of space for CR, Arbeloa, and Marcello, i think thats why he appeared shaky both defensively and offensively. his crosses in the first half was awful, thats out of question.
      I never expected RM to play such a match they were brilliant and we were average, thats why we won 1-0 ONLY 😉

  23. While we wait for Isaiah’s preview….:

    VALDES: 9 Incredible game by VV! Saved our asses quite some times. Nothing much to say except that Del Bosque is stupidest git ever if he doesn’t call VV for spain.

    ALVES: 6.5 This one is tough… Sucked in the 1st half but made two crazily good passes in the 2nd half. That cross for Ibra was outstanding. You still sucked in the 1st though…left a big gap which we would have been scored through hadn’t it been for…

    CARLES PUYOL: 10 Had he left the club we would have lost by two three goals. Was OUTSTANDING during the whole game. No messing around! He was beaten by Crynaldo because of his pace early on but made him pay for the rest of match.

    PIQUE: 7.5 Also had a great night! Kaka is probably still under shock by how camly he was handled by Pique. However he gave EE too much space (1st half) and we would have conceded hadn’t it been for Puyol.

    ABIDAL: 8.5 Wow, he owned anyone who came from there. Almost scored! Wasn’t he supposed to be injured?

    INIESTA: 7.5 Owned lots of EE today, great on counters! However he lacked the directness we needed. I don’t like him on the wing but he drifted back towards Xavi quite some times.

    XAVI: 8.5 Now that’s directness. Great pass for Abidal! Not much to say, did what he does best and did good.

    KEITA: n/a I’m not a reviewer and Keita is freaking hard to review!! Had a good match but I don’t wanna rate him….to hard…

    MESSI: 7.5 Good game overall, got fouled a lot but still managed to work stuff out. Shouldn’t have missed that last chance though…wonder what’s wrong…

    HENRY: 6 Didn’t get any good balls and was pretty quiet. Can’t blame him much cause we sucked in the 1st half. Drifted to the wing and had a shot. Would have been better if Ibra had played in the center and him on the wing.

    Did K forget someone? Oh yeah!

    BUSI: 5.5 Was doing OK, but that 360 he tried bugged the bugs outta me. I got pissed when he was sent off but I think now he will be more carefull and will keep it simple……right?

    IBRA: 8 Came on and we came alive. Brilliant finishing! Who says he doesn’t come up in big matches…

    The YAYA: 7.5 Came on, killed some EE, but didn’t have much to do….

    Pep: 7.5 the starting XI didn’t click properly but fixed it quick!

    Team: 7.5 – 8 bad in the 1st half, excellent in the 2nd…played well with only 10 men

    Ray ray and Phil Schoen: 7.5 bugged the crap out of me in the 1st half but his “THE REF WANTS MESSI TO RUN” cracked me up…hahaha….

    KXEVIN :10 that lucky *******! 😀

    CORRINE: 20 LOL ‘that’ joke was funny xD congrats on getting married to Miguel. Oh and +10 points for calling me eklavYAYA.

    Me: 3 was behind all along and didn’t make the peanuts joke…. 🙁

    Oh and Reaper : -10 for not watching the match lol

    1. OMG I almsot forgot:
      RANDOM GUY IN THE STADIUM: 84557644 For shouting out ‘YAYA!!’. Im not inventing this..i heard someone shout it…

    2. During the match (after The Yaya came on) someone shouted “YAYA!!” and The Yaya likes that and since The Yaya’s vote counts 84556175 times more than mine, that random supporter gets that much rating…

    1. well atleti is always the same … “una de cal y otra de arena”

      can anyone translate this properly???

  24. Just back from celebrating at the fountain at the top of La Rambla. And I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it was. I just can’t.

    And seeing it live gives a new perspective. Someone called Henry lazy. Not hardly. It is so difficult to understand what these guys do via TV. Henry worked his ass off. Do you think that Ibra gets behind fresh defenders?

    Busquets made a dumb play, but he was pretty good. He just isn’t The Yaya, and never will be. And a word about close control. You have no idea, from TV, what it means. I didn’t. It’s like controlling a round ball while you’re on a crowded subway car, and the guys around you want the ball. What Messi, Xavi and Iniesta do officially boggles my mind.

    This was so much more amazing than the amazing Inter match. We played like men. Especially VV, Puyol and Pique. But you know what? The EE did have better chances than we did. Benzema sent a couple over the bar. If they are as clinical as we are, I’m crying in my cups right now.

    They had the better chances, but we converted one of those crazy-ass high wire act goals that we so, then manned up on defense. The difference that The Yaya made was amazing.

    What a week, what a pair of matches, particularly tonite’s escape act.

    Oh, and Ibra just did a post-match interview in Spanish. He’s been here how long? Just saying, Hleb.

  25. btw… When Ibra scored, did you see that he didn’t realize what he had done??? The goal celebration was really akward, it took him some time to realize 😀

  26. AND kevin: did you sing: o le le , o la la , ser del barça és , el millor que hi ha??? it really is

  27. Casillas: “Nos vamos con cara de tontos”


    Heh. The post-match comments are gold. Love that Iniesta told the big crybaby to stuff it.

    1. nice pic.

      casillas is saying, “i’ll take it in whatever hole from either one of puyol or pique.”

      somebody link me the iniesta outburst.

  28. 2, 5, 9, 12, 16, 19.

    That ain’t lotto. Those are our December match dates, with Xerez, Dynamo, Espanyol, World Club cup, etc. Wow.

    Poipoi, I was singing and screaming my fool head off. During the anthem, I was roughly under the C in Batca under the giant Forca Barca banner being held up in the north goal. Staggering. I’m over the moon.

    1. he needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut… and that in order to score you have to send the ball out of the goalie’s reach lol

    2. I wouldm’t sell Thong Boy short. He was in our asses most of the time he was out there. If hehad the spine of Rooney or Messi, he would be unstoppable. I hate every neutron of every inch of ground that he walks on, but he’s got some for sure talent.

    3. Agreed with kxevin, he’s a great player. He does earn the name Crynaldo, but he’s always dangerous, and definitely scared me more than anyone else on their squad today.

    4. i’m not the biggest cron fan but i think we need to give him a bit more credit haha. during the final, it was clear he was on all cylinders until samu scored the first goal and we gained control of the game. today was one of his first games in 8 weeks. even then he looked dangerous at times.

      i hope for both teams to be complete and fully fit for the next clasico!

    5. I hope we meet in the Champions League before that. Or maybe the clasico could take place between the two semifinal legs, us vs them. That would be fun. And extremely exhausting.

  29. For those interested, here’s my take on the game on my blog:


  30. silly comment of the day and I’m out

    that one-on-one chance thong boy missed … paris hilton would have scored it 😉

  31. Madrid thinking that they had better chances than we did and deserved a draw is just their eternal optimism. The Real Madrid mentality is also of superiority and it’s something that should be admired.
    For the entire summer, pretty much no one in world football was talking about us because EE had turned everything around into “look what we are doing”.
    It’s their thing and they are pretty good at it.
    If they go out of the copa… they’ll be fresher for the league.
    If they lose 1st spot to us… then we have to be looking over our should.

    We are on top and we can build from there. Most important thing is that we keep winning the easy matches and man up for the big boys like we’ve done against Inter and EE.

  32. will kxevin be doing the rating this time? or isaiah?
    i think kxevin will give us a new dimension to his review because he was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The only thing he can add is:

      Stadium experience: 10/10
      stadium food: 3/10
      after-party: too drunk to remember/10

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